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Pregnant Pleasure


It was a typical October afternoon in London. The sky was grey and the rain drizzled down from time to time making the streets dark and damp. I had to go there on some sort of errand, I can't remember what exactly. My wife asked me to call around there with a booklet about childcare or something like that. Barry and Fiona lived in a large Edwardian house in Highgate, the sort where there is a flight of steps up to a front door with an imposing portico. She was in her early thirties, he was about the same age as me. I parked nearby and rushed through the pouring rain to ring the doorbell.

I was looking forward to seeing Fiona. I had always found her very attractive and I wondered if she had noticed that my heart skipped a beat and my nether regions stiffened a little when I saw her. I love my wife but we don't have a great relationship in the bedroom so I often find myself thinking about other women and occasionally, when the opportunity has presented itself on business trips, I have had wonderful casual sex with female colleagues in hotel rooms in distant places. I am a slim, attractive fifty and I like pretty, petite, younger women with minds and appetites of their own.

Fiona answered the door. She was pregnant and her bulge had grown quite large. She is a beautiful woman, about 5'6" in height, entrancing blue eyes and a slightly deep voice. She had mousy brown hair cut in a neat bob and she wore a white and blue maternity dress. She greeted me with a smile and, yes, my heart skipped a beat and something stirred down below, but I showed nothing, at least I don't think I did.

She led me into the softly lit and elegant drawing room. I sat in a black leather armchair next to the fireplace and she sat on a soft sofa nearby. We made polite conversation for a few minutes. She asked after my wife, I asked her about her pregnancy and how she was coping with the young child they already had.

"Oh, Annabelle, our nanny has taken him out shopping this afternoon. They won't be back for an hour or so. Would you like a drink?"

"Some tea would be fine," I replied. She smiled sweetly and went off to make it.

I relaxed in my chair thinking how well pregnancy suited her. She had that glow about her that pregnant women have and her ripe bulge somehow made her look even sexier than she normally did. Her pert little breasts looked more swollen and rounder than I remembered. She looked fantastic.

When she returned with a tray of tea things she stood close to one side of my chair. "Would you mind?" she said as she leaned across me to reach for a tea table which was on the other side of the chair. Of course, she could not reach it and she lurched across me. I caught the tray and delivered it safely to the table leaving her with both her hands on my legs.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I have become so clumsy since I have been pregnant." But she didn't move straight away and looked straight into my eyes, still with her hands on my thighs. The atmosphere was electric. I leaned forward slightly and kissed her very lightly on the lips. She pressed back very slightly.

"You look delicious," I said. She fixed me with her stare and her enigmatic smile as she stood up and brushed back and strand of hair that had fallen across her face.

"It is nice to know that I still have my admirers. Barry isn't interested in me since I have been pregnant. He is a bit squeamish about making love to a pregnant girl but I need a lot of comforting at the moment and I need a man who isn't afraid to do it."

I retained my composure, my expression didn't change. She was still standing so I stood up too and we faced each other for a moment. "Are you OK?" I asked.

"I am fine," she said. "Feel my bump," and she took my hand and pressed it against her swollen belly. I could feel something, I don't know if the baby moved or if it was a heart beat or if I just imagined it.

"It feels very good," I said, "and I am not squeamish. You look even more delicious than you normally do. If I were your man I would want to give you as much attention as you wanted."

"You always were a gentleman," she said and took a step towards me offering me her lips once again. Our kiss lasted for a long time but seemed too short. Her lips parted and the tip of my tongue found the tip of hers, nuzzled gently together for a time and then our tongues entwined as we enjoyed the touch and flavour of each other. As she drew away, I stroked the back of my hand from her waist up to her breast and then up to her nipple which I could feel hard and proud underneath her dress. I gave it a little squeeze between my finger and thumb.

Her mood suddenly changed. "We shouldn't be doing this. What about love and loyalty and marriage?" she said accusingly as though I had initiated all this.

I replied just as sternly. "A woman's needs should be looked after especially when she is pregnant. You have every right to do whatever you want. It's no one's business but your own." It was as though she had challenged my strength and found me reassuringly strong. She softened a little and I sensed that she was breathing slower and more deeply.

"Annabelle won't be back for another hour. I told her to phone me before she starts back. Let's go upstairs for a little while," and she took me by the hand and led me out of the room towards the staircase.

She took me into a spare bedroom that had a double bed with a brass frame against the opposite wall.

"So, you like pregnant ladies?" she asked looking deep into my eyes.

"I like this one," I replied and pulled her towards me kissing her deeply and urgently.

When our kiss broke she looked down at her chest. "Do you like my boobs?" she asked. "Not too big for you? Do you want to see?" And she pulled her dress off over her head. Now she was wearing only black knickers and a black bra. She was mind-bendingly beautiful and her ripening pot belly made her look even better. My cock was as hard as a rock already and I could feel my balls tingling as they filled with cream that I wanted to squirt into her. I ran my finger tips over her left breast. Her nipple was long and hard and pointing up towards my mouth.

"Let me help you," I said putting both my arms around her so that my hands could reach her bra clasp which I quickly undid. She caught the bra as it fell onto the top of her belly and threw the garment across the room. She leaned back at an angle still sitting on the edge of the bed so that I could get to her breasts more easily. I began to suck on her nipple. She was panting by now and staring at the ceiling with a delirious look on her face.

"Bight!" she said. "Bight it and twist it. Do whatever you want!" I bit it gently and twisted the other one between my thumb and forefinger then bit harder. She moaned loudly.

I loved her breasts but that was not where I wanted to be right now. I stood up and quickly removed my clothes. She leaned forward and stroked my cock from the base up to the tip. It was like a stream of electricity, my cock became bigger and harder than I had ever known it. It felt like an iron bar wrapped up in velvet. I wanted to plunge into her but I wanted to take her further first.

I knelt down on the floor between her legs with her huge swollen belly above me and pushed my lips against her pussy lips licking from bottom to top on first one side then the other. Then I slipped my tongue between her lips and tasted her sweet wetness. I loved the taste of her and the smell of her. I licked at first gently then more firmly moving in waves towards her clitoris. My tongue found her proud and erect little button and attended to it lovingly with the tip of my tongue.

I felt her orgasm build and kept licking bringing my forefinger up to her pussy and pushing it a little way inside. She came with an explosion, the orgasm making her shake and writhe. I sat back and waited her to recover. She stared at me deliriously. "That was so good. As I said, you are a gentleman."

"Kneel on the bed with your back to me," I commanded. She complied immediately without comment. I knelt on the bed behind her and stroked my hands over her back, lingering on her buttocks. I passed the flat of my hands over her back again and again. I reached underneath and ran my hands gently over her belly and then more firmly over her breasts where I lingered on her nipples pinching them cruelly. She whimpered. I brought my right hand round to her backside and stroked her pussy with my forefinger then ran my finger up to her arsehole. She whimpered again.

"Get inside, I need your cock," she said. I brought the head of my cock, hard and aching for her, up to her pussy lips and with a backward and forward motion I began to penetrate pausing when the head had slipped inside her lips. It was so warm and welcoming in there and the touch between us tingled with electricity. "That is so, so, so good," she gasped.

I pushed in further and further with a backwards and forward thrusting motion until I was deep inside her void. I stopped thrusting and stroked her back and her hair as she pushed back on my cock.

I began to pump in and out of her once again, slowly but insistently with a regular rhythm. I adjusted the angle until it was just right with my cock fitting tightly and comfortably inside her baby hole. I pumped and pumped, sliding in and out, in and out, as though I was intending to carry on for an hour, for the rest of the day, for ever. Her belly seemed to sway beneath her and she thrust back panting with pleasure.

We carried on for what seemed a long time. I felt very close to her as though it was not just her pussy I was fucking but her soul. After an age her breath began to quicken and I sensed her orgasm building. I allowed mine to build in harmony. She began to cum, writhing and screaming beneath me as my cock and balls tingled with my juices which I squirted into her depths with a long drawn-out gush.

She was resting her face on her arms as I withdrew and stood on the floor behind her. "God!" she sighed and turned to look at me with those incredible beautiful blue eyes. "You have filled me with cum. Look, its running all over the place. You have a lot of babies in you but you won't grow any in here at the moment," and she smiled.

We showered and dressed and a calm, tranquil and deeply satisfied mood enveloped us. She let me out of the door as Annabelle returned with her daughter. "Send me an SMS," she said.

We exchanged affectionate SMS for the next few weeks and at the predicted time she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Just over three weeks after the birth she sent me a SMS, "Cum c me Tues afternoon at 2."

On the following Tuesday I called round at Fiona's house. Once again, she was alone and she led me into the elegant drawing room.

She explained, "I want you inside me again. I haven't let Barry inside me since I gave birth and I want you to be the first. I want you to cum inside me with no protection at all. If you impregnate me, no one will know but I want to give it a chance. I want your seed in me; it seems right." We kissed and shortly after we fucked. About nine months later she gave birth once again and neither of us was quite sure who the father was.

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