tagLoving WivesPregnant Wish Date 03

Pregnant Wish Date 03


Dave, day three.

Today's plan was simply to be a cheating horny wife. I planned to go across the street to the Hilton, chose a participant and let him convert me into a slut-wife. I was going to be a very bad girl tonight.

As planned, I went shoe shopping found some nice suede heels. By 10pm I was in my deliciously slutty outfit ready to get completely fucked again. The heals worked very well with a white button down blouse, a pearl necklace, a ultra short red leather miny-skirt, pull up stockings, and a long brown leather jacket to keep all concealed.

The Hilton was set up with a bar and a disco.

I went to the disco and immediately saw and chose tonight's lucky winner. Walking up to this handsome man, I offered to buy him a drink. My pussy was already soaked and wanting to be fucked. I was becoming very very good at being one hell of a slut this week.

Two martinis were in hand quickly.

Moving with the beat, I offered my sexy moves for him to see as I moved with the beat of the music smiling seductively while looking deep into his eyes. Soon we were dancing slow in the darkest corner of the bar with my jacket open and his arms snaked around my back holding me tight as we danced erotically. I knew Dave could not resist the thought of bedding me down. I was one hot woman.

I could feel his cock grow in hot response to my moves. What man wouldn't be tuned up seeing a hot blond in a red miniskirt so short that the tops of her sexy stockings were visible while she danced erotically for him?

Dave noticed my ring, and asked "Why the ring"?

"Well, I am technically still married, but I have made a decision to end it. He doesn't know yet."

"I'm in town on business and tonight I am going to party and celebrate my choice for freedom."

"I've got to do this tonight before I change my mind." I answered looking deeply into the sole behind his eyes.

"Someone is going to get very very lucky tonight and be a part of my morph."

"I have only been with one person, and well ..... tonight, I will party with someone new." I cooed seductively into his ear before licking his ear afterwards.

Again looking deeply into his eyes I asked "Do you want to party with me?"

Then I kissed him. While still kissing I guided his hand up under my skirt.

"What do you think silly?" He answered

"Answer me" I begged. "Tell me."

"Yes, I want to fuck you Heather" He answered.

"I have a room across the street at the Hyatt. Buy me a nice stiff drink, I have to go to the Lady's, back in two minutes." I smiled naughtily while showing off my shapely legs and ass off before closing my coat as I backed away.

He smiled hungrily back to me, licked his lips as I slipped away from view.

I returned, with two waiting drinks at our corner of the bar.

With my back to the bar I kissed and held his warm body. He opened my coat and snaked his hands around my back. I reached behind for his hand and placed my silk panties in his hand.

"Souvenir, want more?" I purred.

I then took his other hand and deliberately led him to my naked pussy sliding my feet apart as he slid his finger into my sopping wet cunt.

My ass was gyrating with the music and the fingering I was getting, as I tongued him with deep kisses. Then I exploded with shivers into hot orgasm.

I was ready. Dave I demanded "Take me to my hotel and show me what I have been missing for all these years! Turn me into a slut-muffin tonight" I pleaded.

Dave placed my undies on the bar, finished his drink quickly.

"Yes my slut-muffin, lets go" He laughed.

And then he took the silk panties from the bar putting them in his shirt pocket. Hand in hand we left the bar as the barmaid watched us leave knowing that I was taking Dave to fuck him. I'm sure she had seen many couples pair up and leave to get laid.

In my room Dave manhandled me as I lost my coat. My blouse and bra disappeared quickly to the floor. Dave was surprised with the beauty he was turning into his slut-muffin.

I unzipped him and dropped to the floor to take his weapon in my mouth.

Fully ready after sucking him to hardness I stood up with my skirt still on, back to the wall; I lifted my skirt as he raised my spread open legs above his waist. He fucked me wildly banging me hard against the wall. Soon he was shooting hot potent seed deep into me while repeating loudly "take this slut-muffin" each time he bottomed out and unloaded his seed potent seed into my womb.

Dave hadn't taken the time to even undress before pounding his seed into me. But I didn't care one bit.

We continued to undress and fucked two more times before I kicked him out. Each time I whimpered as he shot bullets into my wanting cunt while comparing him to the only man who had ever fucked me before.

Dave was thrilled fucking a cute, beautiful, shapely young blond woman that had only ever been seen naked by one man in her life. He loved riding me bareback and planting his seed in my tender tight cunt.

Three days of complete sluttiness and my cunt was starting to ache. All the sex was tiring and wearing me down. But still, I had two more days of playing the wife and getting laid before I would be finished with my goal of planting all the seed I would need.

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