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Premium Massage


This one is dedicated to LT, my muse who stimulates more than my writing. Many thanks go to her for her skillful proofreading and editing. Licks and kisses.


Jessica lay down on her stomach ready for her relaxing massage. Her masseur walked in and greeted her with a smile. "The usual please, Hector," Jessica requested.

Closing her eyes, she readied herself for total escape beneath his talented fingers. Hector began at her shoulders and neck.... kneading her tension away. Shortly his hands left her back. Then she felt some warm oil being poured onto her supple skin. She felt the touch of fingers return....funny; his touch felt a little different than it had a few moments ago. Jessica exhaled sharply when she realized that the small of her back had just been straddled. She could feel the material of his shorts on her back.... with a hint of his testicles rubbing through the thin material.

While he proceeded to rub the oil all around her back and neck, Jessica felt his crotch grind back against the top of her ass. The hands moved all the way up her arms as she felt a chest press against her back. Jessica let out a soft moan when she felt a soft warm breath on her ear and then a gentle lick and suckle on her earlobe...followed by a soft growl.

Smiling, Jessica asked, "How much did you pay Hector off?" for she now realized that this was not her appointed masseur, but her lover, Hans. Jessica felt a tingling sensation throughout her body realizing that Hans had surprised her by sneaking into the spa.

"Let's just say that he will enjoy his day off," Hans whispered, now lying fully on top of her with a growing erection resting between her cheeks.

The feeling of his oiled, muscular chest rubbing against her back while his hardening penis pressed up against her ass had begun to arouse Jessica to the point where she felt a slick trickle begin to run down the outside of her swelling lips.

Hans poured a little more oil onto her ass to get her cheeks even more lubricated as he ran his long and thick shaft along her crack, dipping in to caress her anus. The oil seeped inside her anus as she began to squirm, and she lifted her hips to grind his cock even harder.

Hans' slippery hands continued to caress Jessica's sides and shoulders. Jessica raised herself up onto her elbows as her breasts yearned for the attention they deserved. Needing no further invitation, Hans reached around and cupped her full and swelling breasts, teasing the nipples and getting them both nice and slick. Jessica's nipples were so hard that Hans could feel little bumps forming on her areolas.

Letting out a content sigh, Jessica opened her legs further and Hans kissed her neck and ear. "I want you," he whispered.

Still lying with her stomach flat on the table, Hans slipped his penis down her ass and let it glide between her very wet and slick lips and the sheet-covered table. Jessica moaned and pressed her pelvis down on the shaft as he continued to thrust it along her swollen lips and across her erect clit.

Jessica's heart was pounding and her breathing quickened as she lifted her hips up a bit and reached down to grasp Hans' thick cock. The oil had made it extremely slippery and she caressed her hand up and down, feeling every vein and tracing a finger along its helmet.

As she guided her hand to its base before guiding it into her eager vagina, Jessica reached for his engorged testicles. She gasped in delight to feel that Hans had shaved them bare for her. "They are sooo smooth," she squealed breathlessly.

Gently gripping his naked balls, Jessica began to guide Hans' penis into her hungry vagina.... very slowly in order to feel every inch of his entry until his pelvis was against her ass.

Hans lay on top of Jessica with his hard long cock deep inside of her for what seemed like an eternity. Jessica's vagina gripped every inch of his massive penis, savoring every sensation and reveling with every throb she felt. Hans then began to swivel his hips so that his penis begins to move in circles within her vagina. Jessica's knees dug into the massage table as she spread her legs wider.

While she supported herself on her arms, his hands freely roamed down her chest, gently grasping her pendulous breasts while tracing each erect nipple. Hans' right hand began to caress its way down her stomach. Jessica felt her abdomen twitch as she anticipated where his hand was going. Her clit eagerly accepted his fingers as they began to caress its hardness. Hans' fingers began to bathe her clit with the slippery slickness that flowed from her and mixed with the massage oils coating both of their bodies.

Jessica began to feel Hans pull his cock back out from the depths of her pussy as the muscles contracted around it... gripping it, trying to keep it inside of her. Hans slowly slipped it all the way out until Jessica could only feel the head barely inside her contracting lips. Desperately, Jessica began to push her ass back toward Hans' throbbing penis and he obliged her by entering her again, very slowly, an inch at a time, savoring every sensation that the friction of skin against the inside walls of her vagina.

Hans continued to caress Jessica's clit in circles while he began to glide in and out of her...each time a little bit faster and harder. Jessica's moans grew louder as she felt his testicles slapping against her lips with each thrust. Occasionally, they even brushed against her engorged clit, causing her to gasp.

Soon, Jessica's arms weakened and could no longer support her as her face slumped into the pillow. Hans reared his chest up and placed a hand on each of her hips while continuing to thrust his throbbing penis deep inside of her. Hans could feel Jessica's pussy contract all around his cock with each thrust. Jessica's moans made Hans even harder and he wanted her even more than ever.

She gasped when she felt some more warm oil dribbling onto her ass cheeks and then running down her crack and around the moving shaft of his penis. Jessica reached her right hand up to rub the oil around, feeling his hardness as it moved within her stretched lips. Jessica began to caress the oil onto her clit as she began to breath faster and whimper in delight.

Hans' fingers began to rub the oil all over her ass while he continued to plunge his cock into Jessica's pulsing pussy. He spread apart her cheeks to admire her glistening puckered anus. The oils made it very slick and Hans slowly ran a fingertip around the sphincter before gently slipping a finger inside. He withdrew his finger long enough to get more oil on it and then reentered, this time even deeper. Soon, she felt his finger going in and out of her ass at the same pace that his cock was sliding in and out of her vagina.

Realizing that he might cum too soon, Hans slowed down. He removed his finger from her ass, to her objections. "Please! Slide that finger back in!" Jessica begged. She quickly tried to catch her breath when she heard a soft humming sound, followed by a vibrating sensation on her puckered hole. Jessica moaned loudly when the vibrator began to slowly enter her ass. Hans' penis had stopped moving and he was enjoying the vibrations he could feel coming from deep inside her rectum. Jessica felt it too; both her rectum and vagina began to vibrate, causing contractions to start again as Hans began to pump his cock deeper into her vagina....faster and harder.

Hans' cock felt like it was on fire, and his semen seemed to be boiling in his swollen sack. The vibrations coming from Jessica's rectum caused their orgasms to build like never before and their hearts began to pound. Jessica rocked her hips back toward Hans to ensure that his cock went as deep as possible into her pussy, while the vibrator went deeper into her ass.

Hans could feel Jessica's body stiffen as her contractions around his penis intensified. Jessica screamed, "I'm cumming! Cum inside my pussy NOW!!!" Hans felt a surge as his cock exploded, filling her up. He groaned as his body stiffened and his movements ceased with his still throbbing penis buried to the hilt against Jessica's cervix.

Jessica's contractions continued, as if they are milking every drop. Her sphincter contracted around the vibrator as her body shook uncontrollably. "OHHH Hansss!" she cried.

Hans pulled the vibrator out causing Jessica to scream again as another spasm swept through her body. Jessica continued to pant, while squeezing her thighs together in an attempt to keep Hans' still very erect penis inside of her vagina. She hungered for more.

"Hans darling, I will let you go only if you promise to slip your beautiful cock into my ass," Jessica whispered, almost out of breath. Hearing such a wonderful invitation caused Hans to become even more aroused and his penis immediately regained its girth and rigidity.

Jessica relaxed her vagina to release Hans' cock reluctantly. She quickly spun around in order to wrap her lips around its thick head and then lowered her mouth down its hard shaft, enjoying the taste of his cum as well as her own juices on it. After a few moments of sucking and slurping, Jessica could wait no longer to have this cock deep inside her lubed up ass.

She began to get back on her hands and knees, when Hans stopped her. "Lie down on your back. I want to look into your eyes when I am inside of you!" Hans said with a devilish smile. Jessica quickly complied, sensing that he was up to something.

Hans leaned over her and kissed her deeply while Jessica wrapped her arms around his back and her legs around his waist, pulling his erection against her crotch so that she could grind her clit along its shaft. Hans began to grind his hips back toward her as he felt her slickness on his now very revived penis.

Hans began to kiss, lick and nibble his way along Jessica's throat and neck. His hands gently caressed and squeezed her swollen breasts and rigid nipples.

"Suck them Hansie!" Jessica begged as she pushed his face toward her aching breasts. Hans eagerly sucked on each breast, twirling his tongue around each nipple.

Jessica craned her neck to look down at Hans. His eyes met hers and he smiled while tracing a line with the tip of his tongue running between her heaving breasts down toward her navel, stopping briefly to explore her belly button. Hans' eyes remained locked in Jessica's loving stare as he continued down toward the top of her labia.

Jessica spread her legs even further and moaned loudly when Hans wrapped his arms around her thighs and began to lick slowly up and down each lip. This caused her to gyrate her hips as if she were fucking his mouth.

Jessica's thighs clamped Hans' head at his ears so that all he could hear were muffled moans and screams while she pulled his mouth into her steaming vagina. Hans savored her aroma and taste as her juices flowed and ran down his chin. He even enjoyed the taste of his own cum that still flowed from her.

"Don't you dare stop!" Jessica gasped while arching her back and fondling her own breasts. She began to cum again when Hans sucked her erect clit into his mouth. Hans felt her begin to shudder as she gripped the back of his head and pulled his face in so tight that he could barely breathe.

Jessica's breathing began to slow a bit and she loosened her legs from around Hans' head. She could feel her cum flowing down her ass and coating her twitching anus. She shuddered again when she felt Hans' tongue lick its way down her still lustful vagina, following the slick trail toward her anus.

Letting out a gasp, Jessica pivoted her hips upward to accept Hans' tongue as it probed her very slick and sensitive hole.

"Please...you promised...." Jessica begged.

Hans knelt in front of her spread legs and looked down into her eyes. "Jess, I have a special surprise for you. Close your eyes," Hans said with a twinkle.

Jessica did as he directed, so horny that it was nearly unbearable. She heard a rustling sound and then sensed that Hans was again kneeling in front of her. "OK, now you may look," Hans whispered.

When she opened her eyes, Jessica stared in combined disbelief and eager anticipation. Looking down between her raised knees, Jessica's gaze met the sight of Hans' fully erect penis below an equally large penis extending from Hans' lower abdomen. Hans had put on a strap-on!

"Hans!" Jessica exclaimed. She reached forward and grasped both cocks. Hans' cock jerked and became even more rigid in her grasp. The strap-on was curved slightly upward at the end and had a clit stimulator at the top of the base. Jessica playfully wrapped her hands around both cocks and stroked them. She then lay back down and gazed up at the sight of these dual erections while she squeezed her engorged breasts and rolled her aching and erect nipples between her fingers.

Jessica then pivoted her hips upward and guided Hans' penis into her anus while he guided the strap-on penis into her waiting vagina. Jessica winced initially as his thick cock began to enter her rectum. Hans stopped to allow her to relax. She felt both cocks slide out slightly in order to get more lubricated. Then Jessica began to pull Hans closer into her by wrapping her legs around his hips.

Jessica's rectum slowly accepted Hans' penis as she felt the head pass beyond three contracting muscles. Her sphincter gripped his shaft as he proceeded to drive deeper.

Before long, both penises were all the way inside of her and the clit stimulator was massaging Jessica's erect clit as she ground her pelvis against his. She could feel her next orgasm building as she felt one penis deep in her pussy while another was throbbing deep inside her ass.

Jessica tightened her hold around Hans' hips with her legs in order to keep both penises all the way inside of her. She looked up at him to see that his eyes were penetrating hers. Hans smiled down at her.

"Don't ever leave me!" Jessica whispered, still gazing into his steel-gray eyes.

"Never!" was Hans' reply as he plunged himself even deeper than either of them thought possible.

The stimulation on her clit brought her close to cumming. Jessica's eyes began to water as she gasped, "I am so close to the edge...take be over and beyond Hans!!!"

Their eyes locked as Hans began to move his hips away from hers, two cocks gliding from the depths only to return in unison, slowly at first and then increasing in tempo as Jessica felt herself being fucked by two cocks from the same man.

Jessica began to dig her nails into Hans' back with each thrust she into her ass and pussy. The curved part of the strap-on began to press against her g-spot, sending her even closer to the edge.

"Fuck me harder!" she screamed as Hans began to pump both penises in and out of her while the sweat ran down his chest and dripped onto her protruding nipples. Jessica pushed her right breast up toward her lips, licking the drops before sucking her nipple hard into her mouth.

Jessica then looked back up into his intense eyes and bucked her hips against him with each thrust. Her clit pulsed with each stimulating movement. She could feel her vagina gripping the rubber penis as hard as her sphincter gripped the real one.

Through it all, their eyes were locked.

Jessica felt the blood drain from her feet and hands as a multitude of orgasms began like a series of waves. Her nipples were so erect that they felt like they would erupt. Strange sounds were coming from both her vagina and her ass as they convulsed around the impaling cocks.

"Hans!" Jessica cried, barely able to get the words out. With a final deep trust inward, Hans lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply. Jessica responded by sucking Hans' tongue deep into her mouth.

Jessica felt Hans' cock explode deep inside of her, filling her up with his cum just as she began to tremble from head to toe. The tremble grew into a shake, which grew into a shudder. Then her entire body convulsed uncontrollably as she held onto Hans for dear life, with his tongue still inside her mouth, his penis still throbbing in her ass, and the strap-on buried in her vagina. Hans felt a gush of warm slick fluid forcefully flow down his shafts and out of her vagina, coating his scrotum. The convulsions subsided briefly, only to be replaced by new ones. This went on for several minutes as she kept her arms and legs firmly wrapped around his body, her nails dug into his muscular back.

Jessica's body stiffened with the last orgasm, and then it went limp from exhaustion. Hans looked back into her beautiful eyes as joyful tears rolled down her cheeks toward her ears. He kissed her tenderly while enjoying the feeling of still being inside of her.

Jessica twitched when she felt the two penises slip from their depths. She smiled at Hans as he lay back. Placing her hand so that it could rest on both penises, Jessica laid her head on Hans' chest and drifted off to sleep.

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