...the rattle of the buckle as she slowly attaches the leather cuff to her ankle sending a thrill through her, she closes her eyes a moment and enjoys that feeling...hands trembling she attaches a cuff to her other ankle, and matching ones to her wrists, enjoying the feel of the leather. Breathing deeply the smell, she murmurs softly to herself, a hand reaching up to gently stroke her collar.

She was nearly ready, Master was coming home and she would be ready for him. Blonde hair wild and flowing, tanned lithe body bedecked only in a sheer lilac silk across her shoulders, and open down the front exposing the elegant sweep of her collarbone, gentle curves of her pert breasts, flat stomach, clean shaven pussy, and deliciously long legs. Her breathing is rapid, anticipation making her tremble, the light from the candles sending warm shadows across her bronzed skin.

Idly she rises from the couch, a finger trailing lazily across the top of it, swaying delicately across the room, fingers wrapping around the chains that hang from the ceiling as she passes, listening to the "chink", the familiar sound making her ache with desire. "Come soon Master" she whispers, wandering slowly over to the bed, wide smouldering eyes greedily taking in the contents of the table beside it. Picking up the whip she holds it to her face and breathes deeply, his scent mingling with the sweet scent of the leather. "Mmmmmm", she feels the ache in her grow again, growling in frustration she lashes the whip on the bed, the whistle and thwack on contact making her jump, she feels her nipples harden in response, the ache increasing between her thighs, oh God she couldn't wait any longer, she needed Him Now!!!!

Grabbing at an item on the table, and reluctantly replacing the whip, she lays her self back on the bed, her legs spread wide and knees drawn up, running soft teasing fingers down her stomach to her swollen lips. She teases them a moment, gently opening them, probing around her entrance with a finger, she thrusts a finger in to herself. It slides in easily, wet already at the thought of His hands and eyes on her skin. Groaning loudly, her body bucks, eager pussy clenching at her finger she holds still, trying desperately to keep calm, he will be mad with her if she makes herself cum. Slipping the wet creamy finger back out she raises it to her lips and sucks it clean, the musky scent of her own arousal making her dizzy with desire. Taking the object in her hand she reaches down to her eager little pussy, and hoping that she can control her urges to cum, she slips the balls slowly inside herself pushing and wriggling them up inside her, she squirms helplessly on the bed. "Oh God don't let me......." She can feel the balls moving around inside her with every motion of her hips, gently she keeps them rocking slowly, reaches over and grabs the next item with one hand, the other now stroking her nipples and moulding her breasts. She is moaning now, louder and louder, oh God she wanted to cum, but she would not, she wanted so much to please him.

Feeling her nipples harden even further, she pulls and tweaks her right one, gasping little breaths escape her mouth, her lips dry, she moistens them with her tongue, closes her eyes and thinks of Master, as she releases the first clamp on her nipple. The biting pain makes her yelp out loud, her eyes wide, she struggles a moment to accept it, and wonders to herself why he does it so much better. Her body is sensitive to every touch, the feel of the cuffs, the collar at her neck, the silk beneath her, the cool air on the inside of her thighs, the balls squirming inside her, the grip on her nipple. She feels her orgasm building, her eye open wide, her body shudders, "NOOO", she screams, and in a last attempt releases the second clamp quickly around her left nipple, her own roughness and squeals bringing herself back from the edge. Quickly she sits up and wanders to a chair, moving slowly, stepping lightly, so as not to disturb her delicate nipples, she sits cross legged and waits patiently for Him

Her breathing slows as she regains her composure, the flush in her cheeks lessening slightly, she calms herself. Ten minutes pass, she is calm, but ravenously hungry for Him, she hears footsteps, and leaps from her chair. Her whole body trembling with need, she prowls to the centre of the room, throws back her wild hair, her back arched slightly, pushing out her breasts, the cool chain between them making her shiver.

Her eyes cool, lust filled, and challenging as ever glued to the door, she waits. His hand on the door....she breathes deeply, he will know as soon as he sees her, her need, but she will try to not let him see, although her body always betrays her. Smiling softly to her self, she waits, the door opens.......her stomach lurches, her heart hammers, she smoulders her eyes directly at Him and in a firm confident lustfilled voice belying the desperate need bubbling within........."Hello Master....welcome home..."

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