tagMind ControlPreparation for Hynosis

Preparation for Hynosis


These instructions are designed to prepare you for hypnosis and allow you to give yourself away more fully in the future. This exercise will allow you to fall deeper into a trance each time you perform it.

First you'll want to get comfortable.
It is best you do this when you know you'll be alone and undisturbed for awhile. You'll want to make the room as quiet as possible by turning off anything that might distract you and any bright lights. You can start by sitting or laying comfortably and loosening or removing any tight clothing you might be wearing.

Before you relax your body you need to clear your mind.
Try to forget about any distractions
You need to clear everything from your mind.
Just focus on these words here, imagine the rest of the world doesn't exist, doesn't matter.
Let any other thoughts drift away. They're not important now.
Forget everything except the words you see here.
All that matters is what you read here.

Now that your mind is clear you can begin to relax.
Let the tension slip away from your muscles. You can take your time, there's no rush.
Imagine a soothing blue light sweeping over you, taking it all away.
The soft, pleasant, blue light sweeps over you one piece at a time.
First over your toes and then they relax and the tension slips away
The spreading over your feet and they relax...
The warm light travels up your legs... everything it touches relaxes.
Then it surrounds your fingers...
Your hands...
Your arms...
Up too your neck and shoulders...
Let this warm, pleasant light engulf you...
Let this feeling of relaxation travel through every part of your body...
You should now be feeling true relaxation and open-ness. You'll want to remember this feeling to help you in future sessions, so just take a moment to enjoy this soothing feeling.

Now you can begin your journey into hypnosis.
Remember that few people fall completely under the first time and it’s not important that you do this time. Each time you go into hypnosis you will fall deeper. This takes practice.

First you want to imagine yourself on a long corridor; you can’t see the end of it.
This corridor leads into your unconscious mind.
As you walk down the corridor your conscious mind will drift away.
You will release the burden of control over yourself.
You will now have the opportunity to walk down that corridor.
As you do you should count down slowly from 10.
When you reach 1 you will reach the end of the corridor.
You will then be under the trance.

Your letting yourself feel even more relaxed
You’re letting all of your thoughts go.
You’re giving up the responsibility that burdens you, the control
You’re losing all control of your feeling and actions
You’re drifting deep into the trance now
You want to follow these instructions
You're releasing all control over yourself

You are under now and free of your conscious mind.
You released yourself from responsibility for your actions.
You released control of what you think
You released control of how you feel.
This is a pleasant feeling, which you enjoy.
You want to take a few moments to enjoy this, to remember this.

Each time you let yourself fall under you want to let this feeling get more powerful.
You want to free yourself more each time from the burden of control.
And each time you want to fall deeper into this trance.

When you wake up you will remember that you are free to give up control.
You will remember how pleasant this was.
You will remember the feeling of relaxation that swept over your body...
You will remember the feeling of openness that came with clearing your mind.

As you count up to 10 you will gradually awaken

You want to remember that pleasant feeling
You’re becoming conscious now
You will feel satisfied and happy
You are wide awake now and you feel great

If you want to try more hypnosis take a look at my other submissions.

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