tagHow ToPrepare to be Licked!

Prepare to be Licked!


There are a million little things you can do to prepare your female partner for cunnilingus. Not all women enjoy receiving oral sex, and it actually downright weirds some ladies out, but most at least wish to try it at some point or another. The techniques I will discuss here are valid for anything from a late-afternoon romp with the hotel maid before you go home from your vacation all the way up to a successful, healthy, happy marriage of 30 years or more. I won't be discussing the actual act of eating pussy, just how to prepare your woman (whether you're male or female).

The first order of business is, as many of the other writers here will tell you, to ask what your partner likes or doesn't like. If they have no experience, move on to step two, but if they have done this before, the odds are that they know what they like to at least some degree. When any partner says something is off limits, make absolutely sure you do not do it. This is not a negotiable point! The fastest way to kill a mood and perhaps a night is to do something out of bounds. On the other hand, if your partner makes a request, fit it in by all means. This is more important than it sounds; ignoring your partner's wants at any stage of the game wrecks trust between the lovers, makes one or both parties feel as though they're being used (not pleasantly), etc. Once you have established boundaries, noted requests, and so on, it's time to begin using your mouth.

From now on, every suggestion I make is just that- a suggestion. If your partner (henceforth referred to as "she/her") says something on this list is not good, it isn't good, don't do it. That said, let's begin with her mouth. Her mouth is one of the most amazing parts of a body that is built for giving and receiving pleasure of infinite different kinds. The female body is capable of performing in sports for your viewing pleasure, making dinner for your taste buds, conducting business and being a massive success, and any number of other activities. In terms of sex, her mouth can perform delicacies on you that never cease to amaze you. This should be a good hint to SPEND TIME WITH IT! Oral sex begins with the mouth... her mouth. This is your chance to introduce your lips to her, and allow her to see what they have to offer. Do not be afraid to kiss her, explore her lips, suck gently on her tongue, allow her to do the same. But when you are just beginning this journey, stick with the mouth. Resist the temptation to wander to her ears and neck for now. Yes, I know she tastes divine, but enjoy your first taste of the inside of her, and allow her to do the same. If you wish to be romantic, cup her head with your hands lightly (never forcefully do anything until you're actually eating her, unless she is good for spanking or other S&M type activities), whisper loving and/or sexy things to her. All part of your mouth.

Next is the neck and the ears. The neck has some very sensitive places on it. Think for a moment... the neck has loads of prominent veins, arteries, muscles, etc. It is a very vulnerable place on the body for this reason. Gently touch your own neck in several places and see what makes you shiver. Odds are, she will melt to you if you lick her and nibble on her in those places. I'm fond of wrapping my lips around a few specific places myself... one good one is directly below her ear, about halfway down her neck. The lower front is also good, and if you trace your tongue from about the halfway mark on her neck up to her chin, you're worked yourself back into a kiss. Regarding her ears, trace the outside of the ear from bottom to top or vice versa, and you should get a shiver. Suck on her earlobe, you should get a moan. Now here's what no man seems to be aware of: not every woman enjoys your tongue being shoved into her ear! I hear this complaint far too often. Be gentle! Ask first! Incidentally, these insanely sensitive places are all located very close to each other. Regardless of whether or not there's a God, goddess, higher power, or if it was all evolution and luck... that's intelligent design. Use it to your advantage and keep her guessing as to what place she's going to feel your lips next. Don't forget, your lips are magical, if used correctly. Be gentle, then be firm. Drag your lips across her neck as well as your tongue or your teeth. This works best if you have full lips, but can be done by smaller lips just fine.

Once you have finished teasing her from the neck up, it's time to begin your journey downward. Start with her collarbone. The space directly above it and below the neck is usually rather sensitive, and prone to your oral attack. The collarbone itself is also a nice touch, but using teeth is ill advised. There is only a tiny bit of skin between your teeth and the bone, so you'll want to be gentle here. Be very careful if you do use teeth, both for your teeth, and for her skin. The next obvious choice is her breasts. Good. Do not pounce on them, though, or you will have lost all the magic you've worked to create, both for yourself, and her. Kiss your way down to them. Avoid the nipples for a moment or two, licking the flesh instead. Don't forget, there is more to the breasts than nipples, and sometimes the rest of the breast needs some attention too. When you do arrive at the nipples, you can either tease them a bit with your tongue, or you can envelop them with your mouth and tongue. Do not use teeth for the latter, wait to bring in those guys until you've already got her moaning and shifting under your assault. Make sure to spend time on both breasts. If they're big enough, sucking on both nipples at once is sometimes fun, but you may want to check beforehand if both will reach your mouth at the same time.

Here I'd like to interject that if any of these strategies are not working, do not feel obligated to stick with them. Try something else. Not everything works on every woman. Variety really is the spice of life ;)

Thus far I've geared this article towards the semi-experienced lovers, who have at least done a little of this before. At this point, I have to point out a few little variances. Most important of these is that I'm trying to explain how to prepare your woman without actually touching her pussy in any way... building up the sexual tension until you arrive with your mouth. I'm going to break sideways from this for just a moment. It doesn't always work this way. For one thing, inexperienced lovers will have a hard time getting all of these buttons to work correctly without practice. In addition, much of the time your hands will wander down to her slit before you actually get to lick it. I highly recommend you try it without using your fingers before licking, but for those of you who prefer the manual method as a warm-up, a few tips follow. CLIP YOUR NAILS! Or at the very least, learn which way your nails are pointing, which parts are sharpest, etc. The flesh in and around her vagina is extremely delicate, and can be cut very easily. Also, there is more to a pussy than a hole with a clit on top. Don't be afraid to massage her lips, rub near the clit without actually touching, or glide a finger over the hole without entering. Men, if you need an image, that's like jerking off only the head of your penis. It feels good, but lacking. There is no rule written saying you have to pound away at her pussy with two fingers to make her cum immediately. It probably won't happen, and it will kill the mood if you don't do it properly. For the sake of these techniques, go slowly, rub gently, but firmly, and keep your mouth and other hand busy while you work her clit with your fingers.

One final thing before we head way down south. All those tricks I've divulged so far have worked for me, or I wouldn't have told them to you. But what if you're starting with her lying on her stomach? Now you've got a whole new set of places to explore. First of all, you have the chance to embark on a sensual journey through massage. This technique of relaxation has a million forms or more. None of them are going to be taught here, as I'm no professional. My suggestions for your own back rubs, however, follow here.

Do not be too rough on her back. You will only end up twisting/pulling skin, and causing pain. Put your hands everywhere you can reach, and be firm, but gentle. Your hands should be a beacon of warmth and strength for your woman to focus on. If you are female, it will be a different kind of strength (set more in the emotional ties) simply because of physiological and physical differences between men and women, but it will still be strength that you are looking to convey. Work out points of tension on her back and shoulders. When she starts to relax, kiss those points on the neck and shoulders and upper back. Eventually, you'll be exploring her entire back with your mouth and tongue as well as your hands. This should be done gently... the back is more sensitive than we often give it credit for. Think of the last time a lover left scratches on your back. You didn't notice them during the sex, but I'll bet they stung later (not that you minded). The back, especially lower near the kidneys and along the spine, is loaded with nerves for your teasing. Take advantage of them... learn where they are if you have a long term partner, and don't be afraid to explore no matter what kind of partner you have. At no point should your hands be idle. Keep them busy, touch her in any place you can find that she'll respond to, but keep a downward direction. When you find that you've moved down to caressing her ass with your hands (and perhaps your lips, if you feel like being cute), it's time to coax her over and move to the final step. The reason you're skipping all the stuff from before involving her front, head, and breasts is that the back massage is usually a tiring exercise, often for both the person rubbing and the person being rubbed. Also, if you go back up to the top and start again, eventually you'll reach the point of overkill. Not only that, but if you break the downward direction you've started for more than a second or two, the magic and anticipation dwindles.

Finally, the last few moments before you actually begin licking her slit. These are very important moments, because this is the last bit of setup before the delivery. For the sake of the article, we're going to assume this is a one way activity, with her on her back, ready to receive. Once you have her in this position, you should realize a couple of things. First of all, you have complete access to her most private areas. This is a sign of trust, even if it's just a one night stand. She's trusting you to not complain about the smell and taste (hopefully she's washed and such so that there is nothing to complain about), not to turn your nose up at the idea of licking her personal juices, not to give her three licks then demand your own genitalia be taken care of. Secondly, you have the chance here to bring your partner to a massive orgasm before you even make love to her. Not all women can climax from oral/finger stimulation, but enough can that if you know what you're doing, you have good odds. And nearly everybody appreciates a warm tongue on their genitals. Now, with this in mind, treat this opening as an opportunity! Use it to make your partner feel wonderful! This begins with the last few moments of setup. You may have noticed there are a lot of places to lick. Her legs cover a lot of space, and you can lick right up to the skin where her leg meets her groin, and here's a hint... that's sensitive skin area there. Men, think about a tongue next to your balls, women, you probably already know this spot is sensitive, but it's also a great way to build up the last moments before contact. One of the last things you should do before diving in- breathe on it. Don't blow, unless you already know she likes that. Just breathe on it. Your hot, steamy breath will warm her pussy, and make it all the wetter for when you finally begin licking.

Don't forget, these ideas are meant to be a guideline. Not every woman is going to love every technique I've listed here. Always ask your partner what she wants; this builds trust, promotes a bonding between you, and shows her you're interested in her needs, not just in getting yourself off. Remember the following keys: your mouth is a paintbrush, use it as an artist's tool, she has sensitive places all over her body, you just need to find them, and take your time, this is not something that is to be rushed! Good luck, and happy eating!

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