Prepared For Cap


Author's note:

This story takes place shortly before Captain America 2.


If Maria Hill had wanted a simple and easy life she wouldn't have joined SHIELD, or worked so hard to reach the position of Deputy Director at a record-breakingly young age, and she certainly wouldn't have been so hands-on when she reached such a position of power. Of course she was an ambitious person who would not be satisfied until 'Deputy' had been removed from her title and she had full control over SHIELD, but even WHEN that happened she would still devote her life to the organisation, putting in countless hours to oversee mission after mission and make sure the mind-numbing paperwork was complete so she would know first-hand everything was in order.

With that in mind relationships had always come a distant second to her job, so IF she was to have a relationship it should be one which could be described as stress free. Unfortunately Maria had fallen in love with Natasha Romanoff, perhaps the poorest choice on earth or any other planet for her. Not that it had been by choice, Maria fighting it every step of the way with all the success of a man trying to stop the tide coming in with his bare hands. But then again simple and easy had never really been attractive to her, and the phenomenal sex did a pretty good job of making up for the additional stress dating The Black Widow provided.

Maria was coming off a mostly self-imposed fifteen hour shift and she was so tired if she was coming home to anyone else there was no way she would have been doing anything except collapsing into her bed for some much-needed sleep. But sex with Natasha was the most addictive thing Maria had ever experienced and there was no way she could go an entire day without it.

In the past Maria despised any form of distraction from her work, but now there was an exception to the rule, that being sex with Natasha. Lately it was actually helping her get through the day, and it certainly gave her the strength to step through the door to their home with a spring in her step and head straight to the bedroom. If she came home and Natasha was nowhere to be seen that was the safe bet where her girlfriend was, often sitting in a chair wearing lingerie and sipping a glass of wine while waiting for her. To Maria's delight this was no exception... however there was another sight which quickly drew her attention and served as a reminder that dating The Black Widow came with the price.

"Honey, you're home." Natasha smirked.

Sparing another glance at the naked blonde tied to her bed Maria sighed, "What the hell is this, Romanoff?"

"A present." Natasha explained calmly as she slowly strolled over to Maria, "You've been so stressed at work lately, so I thought I'd get you something."

"How thoughtful." Maria said bitterly, unable to stop herself from adding after another deep sigh, "Nat, I thought we talked about this."

"You did most of the talking." Natasha pointed out, then quickly adding when a flash of anger crossed Maria's face, "Not that you were wrong."

"Then why bring some slut into our bed?" Maria snapped, "I mean, I get monogamy is a foreign concept to you and all, but really-"

"Hey, hey, hey!" Natasha interrupted, stepping into Maria's personal space, "If you want her gone, she's gone. Just... just hear me out first. If you don't like what I have to say, you can punish me. If you do like what I have to say, well... then we'll be in for a really, really fun night."

This, Maria thought, was why The Black Widow was so dangerous. Her smile, the glint in her eyes, the way she emphasised the words to sound like they were dripping with sex, it all made the previously annoyed Maria melt, and she was trained to resist such obvious manipulation. It was no wonder Natasha's untrained victims never stood a chance against her seductive charms, that one look from her could make the strongest will bend and even brake.

Sighing again Maria reluctantly mumbled, "So talk."

Grinning widely Natasha started to guide her to their bed, "You remember that assignment you gave me? About Steve?"

Maria frowned at the mention of that particular name, but distracted from it by commenting, "You mean the assignment you blackmailed me into giving you."

"Oh, don't be so melodramatic. I didn't blackmail you." Natasha argued.

Looking over her shoulder in disbelief Maria pointed out, "You said, and I quote, 'put me in charge of finding someone to watch Steve or I'll stop having sex with you for a week.' A week Nat?"

"Please, we both know I wouldn't have lasted that long." Natasha argued, before quickly distracting her lover by sitting down on the bed and making some much-needed introductions, "I want you to meet someone... this is Agent 13. She is my number one choice to shadow Captain Rogers. As far as I'm concerned she already has the job regardless of what happens tonight, but-"

"Agent 13?" Maria interrupted, racking her brain for a few seconds before adding, "Sharon Carter. Peggy Carter's daughter."

"Niece." Natasha corrected.

"Do you think that's wise?" Maria questioned.

"Who better to watch over the good Captain?" Natasha retorted, "But then even without the family history she's the perfect candidate. Smart, resourceful... eager to please. She even almost pinned me to the training mats. No one on YOUR list of suggestions could do that."

"Well, if you recommend her to Fury I'm sure he'll sign off on her." Maria said dryly.

"I don't doubt it." Natasha smiled, "I just figured we could have some fun with her first."

"Is that really necessary?" Maria questioned.

"No, but in my experience sex can tell you a lot about a person." Natasha said bluntly, "Why do you think I seduce so many of my targets?"

"Because you like it?" Maria offered.

"Yes. Yes I do." Natasha chuckled, "But sex and nudity does make people vulnerable and you'd be surprised what you can find out if you know what to look for. Maybe I can teach you, someday. For now... I was thinking this girl would be perfect for Steve. Not just to watch him, but to be with him. It's something which would do him good. I can tell he's lonely, and... well, I'm just learning how important love can be to a person. How... how happy it can make you."

"So you want to train her." Maria said, "As in sexually?"

"Uh-huh." Natasha confessed, kissing Maria's neck, "And I did promise not to cheat on you, and I haven't outside the parameters you set. And I don't want too. I don't ever want to have sex again if you're not involved somehow."

"Be still my aching heart." Maria said dryly, trying and failing not to react to her lover's manipulative touches.

"Come on Hill..." Natasha metaphorically pushed as she physically turned Maria to face the bound woman and then slipped in behind her, spooning the brunette as she purred into her ear, "Just look at her. Can you honestly say you're not the least bit tempted."

Knowing that trying to lie to her girlfriend would be a futile waste of time Maria reluctantly admitted, "She's cute, but..."

"You don't want to lose me?" Natasha offered.

Yes, but Maria wasn't in the mood to admit how much that would hurt her, so instead she settled for, "It's fucked up. You do understand that, don't you Romanoff?"

"I see it as being a good friend." Natasha shrugged, beginning to slip her hands over Maria's body, going slowly and avoiding all the fun parts as this was just a way to soothe her commanding officer's admittedly justified anger, "She has a great body, but is kind of a pedestrian kisser, and if I had to guess an average lay at best. If Steve was to fall for her, which I could see happening pretty easily, I wouldn't want him stuck with a dead fish, especially because he is such a Boy Scout he would never complain about it."

"So you're doing him a favour." Maria finished dryly.

"We. We are doing him a favour by training this slut how to take cock. Or we are kicking her out." Natasha said firmly, softening her tone somewhat when she added, "I meant what I said Maria. I don't want to cheat on you. Ever."

"But you want to fuck somebody else." Maria pointed out.

"With you, not without you." Natasha said, adding honestly, "Because no one, not Steve, not Clint, and certainly not 'some slut' is worth losing you."

Trying to hide the fact that Natasha's words that got to her a little Maria forcefully move forwards, Natasha letting her go and allowing her to sit on the bed next to Agent Carter, the brunette smiling softly at the blonde who she had insulted repeatedly, "Hey."

"Hey." Sharon blushed.

"I have some questions for you, and it would be in your best interests to answer truthfully." Maria threatened, barely giving Sharon a chance to nod before asking her question, "Did you and Agent Romanoff do anything besides kissing?"

Sharon looked hesitant for a moment and then answered, "Just a little dancing and groping. Nothing over PG-13."

"Who made the first move?" Maria asked quickly.

"Agent Romanoff." Sharon replied.

"Did you intend to seduce Agent Romanoff?" Maria questioned.

"No." Sharon said, somewhat faltering.

Maria frowned, "But you've thought about it."

"Yes." Sharon said, "But I wouldn't have ever made a move unless-"

"Are you straight?" Maria interrupted.

"Yes." Sharon blushed, "But... apparently not as much as I thought I was."

Maria smiled as she studied Sharon's face and briefly replayed those rapid-fire questions in her head. Either the girl was a phenomenal liar, or she was telling the truth. Or Maria was tired and horny and her training was failing her.

"I used to be straight, until I met her." Maria confessed, sparing a glance at the smirking redhead who was noticeably closer than she was before.

"Tell her what you told me." Natasha gently demanded the blonde.

Again pushing Sharon murmured, "Agent Romanoff is stunning, and hard to say no too... but you're the reason I'm here."

Genuinely surprised Maria raised an eyebrow, "Really? You expect me to believe that?"

"It's true." Sharon insisted, "You're... you're magnificent. With Agent Romanoff, maybe I could have resisted... but when she told me about you... I couldn't stay away."

Again Maria couldn't detect any trace of a lie, which was incredibly flattering, but she did her best to brush it off, "Trust me, no one resists The Black Widow. It's annoying as hell."

Her infuriating smirk getting wider Natasha purred, "You love it."

"I tolerate it, within reason. But this... I don't know Natasha." Maria said.

"It's up to you, babe. But can you honestly tell me you aren't tempted?" Natasha questioned, and then after her girlfriend just stared at her blankly for a few moments offered, "How about this, as a favour to me you give her a little kiss. See if you think she's good enough for Steve."

Maria bit her lip, thought about it for a few long seconds and then mumbled, "Well, if it means you'll owe me a favour."

As she said that Maria lowered her face downwards towards the helpless blonde, out of the corner of her eye able to see her girlfriend grinning again as she kissed another girl. Which, again, was pretty fucked up, but there was no way Maria could convince Natasha she didn't enjoy it. Especially seeing as the kiss quickly grew passionate, Maria engaging in a tongue battle with one girl while her girlfriend looked on with that infuriating smirk on her face.

It was something Natasha probably couldn't stop herself from doing if she tried, the deadly redhead very pleased with herself as her plan was so far going off without a hitch. Maria had reacted exactly how she had expected her too, right up to this level of acceptance. Of course it was possible it could all fall apart now, or Maria was just teasing her and was about to insist they give Agent 13 the boot, but Natasha was confident the hard part was over and she was all but guaranteed an all-girl threesome with a hot young recruit and the woman she had fallen in love with.

This thought obviously made her very happy, happy enough to stay on the side-lines for now while these two beautiful women made out in front of her, Natasha resisting the urge to touch herself as if everything went according to plan she'd be in for a long night. Instead she chosed to touch Maria, the redhead softly creeping up behind her lover so she could slide her hands around her and start gently kissing Maria's neck, this eventually leading the brunette to break the kiss with the blonde and kiss Natasha, who was of course only too happy to respond.

About a minute into the second kiss Maria pulled away, grinned playfully and said, "She's cute, has a great pair of tits and based on her kissing abilities I think it's safe to say Steve would be lucky to have her."

Taking the bait Maria had obviously thrown out for her Natasha grinned and offered, "Well, no harm in making sure, and since you like her tits so much why don't you start there?"

Technically she started with her lips, but rather than point that out Maria said, "Fine, but seeing as you weren't sure about her kissing skills why don't you try teaching her a thing or two. You are the most skilled at this kind of thing."

Natasha smirked, "I'm glad you can finally admit it."

For a moment Maria looked like she was about to roll her eyes but Natasha didn't give her the chance, The Black Widow kissing her girlfriend almost violently to avoid bringing up one of their many old arguments. Then, when Maria seemed relaxed and passionately kissing her back, Natasha broke the lip lock, gave the brunette one last smile and then turned her attention to the blonde who she figuratively had tied up in her web.

The bound spy stared back at her only somewhat nervously, Natasha having no doubt Sharon had been enjoying the show given the look on her face. It was also telling, if not surprising, that Agent 13 once again welcomed her lips with her own, Natasha and Sharon engaging in yet another passionate kiss while Maria concentrated on the blonde's boobs, the redhead smiling into the kiss as her ever considerate girlfriend eased Sharon into it by kissing her way down from the young Agent Carter's collarbone down to her right nipple.

Not being able to see what Commander Hill was doing heightened the already incredibly intense situation for Sharon. It was really overwhelming, after all she had heard the stories of her Aunt's adventures as an Agent of SHIELD, but she had never heard of anything like this, nor could she have imagined it. Hell, she had assumed at least half the things she'd heard about The Black Widow were exaggerated, but that had just left her easy prey for Natasha Romanoff. Now, oh, now she was in a situation so amazing it made her heart feel like it was going to explode out of her chest.

It was certainly hard to put into words how exciting it was to feel another woman's lips slide over one of her tits and then take one of her nipples into her mouth for the first time. That the woman in question was the most powerful woman currently within SHIELD, The Deputy Director Maria Hill, silently added to the experience, Sharon unable to stop moaning into The Black Widow's mouth while Commander Hill began to gently suck her nipple, spending about a minute on the right before moving over to the one on the left.

Agent Hill kept her lips attached to her skin nearly the whole time, kissing down her right boob and up the left before wrapping her mouth around that nipple so she could give it the same attention as the right. She then went back and forth between them, eventually adding her tongue into the mix by swirling it around each nipple in turn, making Sharon writhe with pleasure in her restraints. Commander Hill also used her hands to cup the nipple she was working into her mouth while caressing the other tit, proving that while her girlfriend was infamous for her sexual prowess Maria Hill was no slouch in this department.

Of course that girlfriend would not be ignored, The Black Widow biting at Sharon's lips whenever she thought she was being neglected which the blonde tried to make sure wasn't often. Which wasn't an easy task, not just because Sharon was overwhelmed by what was happening to her now but because she couldn't stop thinking about what the redhead had threatened/promised would happen next, Agent 13 feeling that she was almost on the edge of orgasm already without anyone even touching her pussy.

Maria had always liked foreplay, but hooking up with The Black Widow had pretty much made her addicted to it. After all Natasha's 'assets' were infamous, particularly her big tits which Maria had to admit were easily as glorious as everyone said. Being able to touch them was, of course, even better then just being able to look at them, Maria easily spending hours just sucking on those big beautiful boobs.

Miss Carter's boobs weren't quite as big and lovely, but they were still pretty great. Better than her own, Maria thought self-deprecatingly, the brunette pretty quickly pushing such unhelpful thoughts out of her mind so she could concentrate on worshipping the blonde's tits. Which she didn't do for hours, partly because she was tired and horny and eager to move on, and partly because like Sharon she was excited by the thought of what came next, but Maria was infamous for her self-restraint and she called upon every bit of it to give the younger girl that foreplay she deserved. Plus if she was testing out the merchandise she might as well properly enjoy it.

Of course ultimately it was The Widow who lost patience for this, Natasha breaking the kiss with Sharon to call out, "Well, are you going to eat her out, or am I?"

Lifting her head Maria smiled, "Don't you mean, am I eating her out first, or are you?"

There was a slight pause, then Natasha returned the smile, "Awww, you know me so well."

"Too well." Maria grumbled, finally moving away from Sharon's tits to kiss her way down the other woman's stomach, mumbling on the way, "Far too well."

As she passed the blonde's belly button Maria glanced upwards just in time to see her girlfriend grinning at her, then Natasha returned to kissing Sharon which honestly surprised Maria a little. When she was in a playful mood, like she obviously was now, The Black Widow could be very talkative. She certainly liked to taunt and tease her, and while it was somewhat annoying Maria really enjoyed it and she was hoping for more of it. Of course she had no doubt she would get some more of it as time went on, and honestly she had other things on her mind right now, like the fact that she had just reached her destination.

Getting comfortable in between Sharon's legs Maria took a second to breathe in the sent of female arousal, this brand so similar to what she was used to with Natasha and yet different but not necessarily in a bad way. The exact same thought occurred in Maria's mind after she lent forward and for the first time in her life licked a pussy not belonging to Natasha Romanoff, her enjoyment of the flavour pretty much guaranteeing that she had always been bisexual, despite what her girlfriend liked to claim.

Natasha was fully aware of this of course, but it was a running joke that she had turned Maria out and this little adventure certainly wasn't going to change that. Hell, Natasha would have a ball teasing Maria that she had made her so gay she was now helping her turn straight women queer. But the truth was just like the tasty morsel Natasha was currently kissing Maria Hill was one of the many, many women who were bi-curious who just needed a little push to admit they liked a little variety. It was the spice of life after all, and Natasha could tell Sharon was on the edge of admitting she liked things spicy.

So once again breaking the kiss Natasha softly whispered in Sharon's ear, "You like that? Mmmmm you like my girlfriend licking your little straight girl pussy? Does it make you all hot and bothered to have the high and mighty Maria Hill in between your legs and lapping away at that sweet little straight girl pussy of yours and turning it into a little queer cunt? Mmmmm, are you worried she's going to turn you into a dyke? A little lesbian pillow princess who can't get enough of girls licking her twat? Are you?"

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