tagBDSMPreparing Tanya

Preparing Tanya


Melinda slipped her fingers under Tanya's collar, holding the leash gently in her hand, guiding her over to her favorite chair, sitting down there and pulling her up into her lap, stroking her neck softly as she settled the girl there, whispering against her ear, "It was fun to torment you at work today, pet."

Tanya looked around the room as she was guided along, groaning as she settled into her Mistress' lap, hearing the whisper, whispering her own response, "I enjoyed your torment a lot too, Mistress. You had my pussy aching so bad towards the end of the day that I wanted so badly to drop everything and come home and fuck you."

Melinda continued to stroke her neck softly, making her shiver and purr lightly, "I like that idea too, pet, but you had to finish the day out or you wouldn't have had play time tonight with Sir. His orders, remember?"

Tanya nodded, grinning a little bit, "Yes Mistress, I remember."

Melinda suddenly kissed her hard, roughly, twining her fingers into her hair, tugging unexpectedly, making the girl grunt and moan against her lips. Tanya arched into the tug eagerly, wanting more, her body twitching and quivering as she kissed back, feeling Melinda tug her hair harder. Melinda pressed her lips hard against Tanya's, roughly kissing the girl, a dark need seeping through her veins.

Tanya squirmed in her lap, groaning at the deepening of the kiss, whimpering as Melinda wrapped the leash tight around her hand, gripping it tight against the collar. Tanya groaned, staring at her Mistress, light gasps escaping her on each breath as the pressure of the hand in her hair and hand on her leash built more intensely, her eyes shining bright with need.

Melinda suddenly snaps the leash free of the collar, laying it over the arm of the chair before bringing her hand back to trace her fingers down the girl's chest slowly. Tanya eyed the leash for a moment, squirming at the gentle caresses, groaning softly as Melinda brought her hand up to caress her cheek, letting her nuzzles her face into her hand.

Melinda leaned forward, kissing her again, a gentle brush of the lips, making Tanya groan and force herself to return the kiss just as gently, wanting and needing to be rough. Melinda leaned back and laughed softly, her dark eyes showing her intent for torment and teasing the girl.

Tanya whimpered as she saw the eyes, gasping and squealing out loud as Melinda yanked hard on her hair, tugging her head back to expose her neck completely. Melinda lowered her head, biting just above Tanya's collar, sucking gently on the bite, making sure not to break the skin, licking softly over the mark as she does so. Tanya shuddered, groaning hard as she felt the insistent sucking on her throat, her energies sizzling in the air around her. Melinda tugged her back further, biting down into the supple flesh beneath her collar, fangs extending, barely piercing the flesh this time.

Tanya groaned, swaying slightly as her body tensed, whispering, "Mistress.. please..."

Melinda let her fangs sink deeper into Tanya's flesh, sucking gently, feeding from her body and her energy, eyes fading to a deep, dark green shade. Tanya hissed softly, body quivering as the energy flowed through the room. Melinda pulled back slowly, licking across the wound, sealing it before lifting her head to look at Tanya, watching the girl as she licked the blood from her lips. Tanya lay there panting in her arms, eyes fluttering as she groaned and swayed in her arms. Melinda gathered her close, kissing her hard, sucking and feeding from her lips.

Tanya shuddered and groaned loudly, kissing back just as deeply, her whole body twitching here and there as Melinda drew more energy from her. Melinda tightened her fingers in her hair, tugging insistently, dark eyes darkening more as she breaks the kiss, looking her up and down, slowly tracing her fingers down the center of her chest. Tanya stared, wide eyed at her, panting with effort to breath, shuddering as she started to let out a deep, long whimper at the touches.

Melinda moved her hand slowly over her breast, cupping gently before pinching her nipple, Tanya staring more intently, body jerking from the pinch. Melinda guided her back by her hair, lowering her own head at the same time, mouth closing over the other nipple, fingers continuing to pinch and tug, making her shiver.

Tanya groaned, the pain and pleasure twining it's way through her body, nipples hardening at once just before Melinda bit down, sucking the now hardened nub. She squirmed, panting harder now, the sensations flooding her already overwhelmed senses as Melinda rolled her tongue over the hard nub, fingers tugging and twisting the other before releasing both at the same time to press a soft kiss between her breasts. Tanya shuddered and groaned, her pussy starting to drip now as her energy sizzled around her.

Melinda slipped her arms around Tanya, lifting her from her lap, standing to carry her to the bed, tossing her down on the covers, Tanya squirming the entire way, giggling softly as she landed on the bed. Melinda eyed her as she giggled, bringing her hand down on her inner thigh with a hard smack, eliciting a gasp, a shudder than a whimper as the pain traveled through her body. Melinda knelt at the edge of the bed, grabbing Tanya by the ankles, tugging her gently to the edge of the bed, guiding her to wrap her legs around her neck.

Tanya growled low, wriggling her hips slightly as Melinda pulled her closer, grabbing her hips to tug her slightly off the bed, kissing and nipping at her inner thighs. Tanya stared down at her, eyes a deep gold color as more energy started to sizzle in the air, groaning from the light nips. Melinda slowly kissed the warm flesh, licking the juices from her inner thighs, looking up the line of her body to watch her eyes.

Tanya exhaled sharp gasps as she squirmed against her tongue, fidgeting while juices started to dripping to coat the inside of her nether lips. Melinda planted a soft kiss on her lips, tongue darting out to lightly part them, letting the warm juices coat her tongue, making her wriggle just a little as she moaned, unable to stay still. Melinda traced her tongue up your wet slit, finding your clit easily, lips closing around it to suck firmly. Tanya moaned, tensing instantly as she grabbed the covers with her fists, holding them tightly while she fought against the quickly rising edge, finally screaming.

Melinda released her clit just as quickly as she captured it, kissing her lips again, letting her come down some, whispering just loud enough to be heard, "do you have permission to come, pet?"

Tanya panted heavily, whining as Melinda pulled back, head shaking no as she continued to fight against herself, more juices dripping from her wet body, whispering, "No Mistress, I don't... but.. I.. I still want to."

Melinda licked softly along her dripping folds, sucking gently, making her scream again as the door opened, their Master entering the room, eyeing the girls near the bed, causing Melinda to jump and pull back away from Tanya, her eyes lowering to the floor instantly as she bent forward at the waist, head pressing the floor, "Good evening, Master. I have prepared Tanya as You ordered."

He leaned down and stroked Melinda's hair gently, "Good girl, now go about chores while I take care of our little impling."

Melinda nodded slowly, raising to her feet as she whispered, "Yes Master."

She turned on her heel and skittered out of the room, heading off to prepare their evening meal and clean up anything that needed to be taken care of to make Master happy.

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