"I want to give you a present," she cooed into his ear.

He glanced at her with confusion spreading across his beautifully delicate features.

"It's your birthday today," she explained.

"Yeah?" he frowned.

"I want to give you a birthday present," she repeated.

"Oh well, thank you," he smiled, "But really, you don't have to do that."

He smiled at her appreciatively, and tried to walk away before she could proceed with her offering. He felt bad taking gifts from strangers, and he certainly didn't want whatever it was she had to offer if it came with the price of neverending guilt.

She ran after him and placed a tiny hand onto his shoulder. "I'm propositioning you," she stated matter-of-factly, causing him to stop in his tracks.

His entire face got flushed. "Excuse me?"

"I am propositioning you," she repeated. "You're not making it easy, either."

He glanced her up and down. Her legs seemed to go on forever, ending in a little plaid skirt complete with punk patches sewn across it's edges. Her tube top was form-fitted to her firm young breasts- clearly she was wearing no bra. Her outfit completed by platform boots that made her nearly his own 6', she was a gorgeous young vixen who was completely out of place at this show and in his life. Girls like this didn't go for boys like him, and they certainly didn't stalk him, offering him their bodies as birthday gifts. And how old was she, really? he wondered. Certainly nowhere's near his own twenty-two years. That made her jailbait and her offer illegal to accept. He wrinkled his nose and scratched his temple as he glanced back at the beautiful girl.

"I'm really sorry," he sighed. "But I'm not like that."

He turned to leave.

"Sure you are," she called.

He turned back to her and glared. "No, I'm not. I appreciate the offer, but no thanks."

"Billy?" she called. "You fucked me last year when you guys played here! Don't tell me you're not like all the rest, because you are."

He shook his head and massaged his temples. Why was this happening? On today of all days. Fuck, he just wanted to celebrate his birthday on the bus, with a nice warm game controller in his hands, and Silverchair blasting in his ears.

"I what?" he grimaced.

"We fucked!" she squealed. "You guys played at this little bar near here, and you and I spent the night in your hotelroom afterward."

"Sure," Billy nodded. He knew she was lying, he didn't do things like that.

"You don't believe me, do you?" she shrieked. "You asshole!"

"I believe you," he tried to smile. "I just...."

"You don't remember?" she cried. "I'm Mandy! You told me I was the most beautiful girl you ever met, and then you went down on....."

"Please!" Billy interrupted. "Mandy? I'm sorry that I don't remember. I am. I just....."

The girls ocean blue eyes were filled with tears as she glanced up and sniffled. "But?"

"I really have to go!" he sighed. "I'm sorry."

She watched as he practically ran away from her and jumped onto the waiting tour bus.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Lil Billy?" Benji yelled as he banged on the hotelroom door loudly. "Lil Billy, open up!"

Billy grumbled and waddled to the door, throwing it open to see his ecstatic bandmate waiting outside.

"Why the fuck are you so happy at...." Billy glanced at the clock...."Seven in the morning?"

"That's a long story, my friend," Benji grinned. "But it culminates with what I'm about to show you!"

"Okay?" Billy questioned, unamused.

Benji motioned for Billy to follow him. "Come on!"

Billy toddled around the hall behind Benji, barely able to walk, let alone think straight at this hour. The life of a touring musician was such that he rarely saw seven a.m., and never was it with a smile.

"You're gonna love this," Benji giggled. "This is brilliant!"

"It couldn't have waited?" Billy grumbled.

"No," Benji spat as he threw open his room's door. #667, Billy noted. So close.

Billy stood just outside the doorway, trying to see inside the dimly lit room.

"Get your ass in there, William," Benji yelled and pushed him inside roughly.

Billy heard the door shut and felt Benji's hands on his back, pushing him forward. "Billy, move!"

He walked down the long corridor of the suite, and entered into the main room- the bedroom. In the center of the room, a naked female body was strewn across the large four-poster bed. Billy tried to see her face, but couldn't; it was obscured under a large tuft of blonde hair.

"Now, this is the brilliant part," Benji giggled. He walked towards the small body, and began to crawl over her. He stopped his movement and ducked his head down over his face, whispering something softly into her ear.

"Mmm," she moaned, coming to life and pushing her blonde locks from her face.

Billy gazed in horror at the sight before him. This was the girl from yesterday. The slut. Mandy was her name.

"Tell Billy what you told me," Benji chided, a look of sheer amusement crossing his face.

She grinned and turned toward Billy. "Hi."

"Hi," Billy rasped with aggitation. "What's this about?"

"So short tempered," she mocked. "What's your problem?"

"You!" Billy sneered. "I asked you nicely to go away."

"I did," she corrected.

Billy shook his head and turned to leave.

"Billy?" she called into the darkness of the room.

He didn't even pause, he simply kept walking.

"I'd really hate for the police to find out that I was raped by a much older man when I was only fifteen," she yelled.

Billy stopped dead. His blood ran cold, his heart skipped a beat. What had she just said?

"You know, cause my parents would probably kill me for putting myself into the situation in the first place. Unfortunately, I know that I never expected it to happen the way it did."

Billy walked back into the room.

"What?" he winced.

"I'd hate for the police to find out how old I was when you fucked me last year," she grinned. "You'd probably end up in jail, Billy."

He'd had enough. "Seems to me that you just fucked Benji here," Billy began. "If you were fifteen last year, that makes you sixteen right now, huh? I doubt the police would take too kindly to that, either. Eh, Benji?"

Benji turned ghostly pale.

"Probably not," she giggled.

"Forgive my short temper, but what the fuck do you want from me, Mandy?" Billy spat. "You want to fuck me? Fine! Fuck me! Then fuck off and leave me alone!"

Mandy shook her head slowly, rising off the bed and walking towards him.

"I want what I came for," she grinned. "I came for you, and I want you!"

Billy looked her over with disgust, then turned to his bandmate who sat watching in horror on the bed. "Why the fuck did you wake me up for this shit?" he demanded.

"She fuckin, dude, she," Benji stuttered. "She told me you two had fucked....She said we could share. Dude, I was thinking you'd be glad."

Billy shook his head and rolled his eyes. "I don't do that shit, Benji! I don't....Fuck this."

He turned and headed for the door.

Mandy ran after him. "I'm serious, Billy Martin! You get your dick back in this hotelroom right now and fuck me, or I'm calling the cops!"

"Doesn't that seem sort of...defeatest?" Billy mumbled.

"WHAT?" she shrieked.

He spun around quickly, backing her against the wall. He glared down into her gorgeous eyes and huffed. "I fuck you now, what's to stop you from going to the police right afterwards? Huh? You're sixteen years old!"

Mandy beamed. "I won't go to the police!"

"I don't remember you, Mandy," he growled. "You say I fucked you, I don't even fuckin remember you."

"It's a tough life being a rockstar," she chided, patting his shoulder. "I understand."

"Fuck off!" he roared and stormed from the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Lil Billy?" someone yelled as they banged on his hotelroom door loudly. "Lil Billy, open up!"

Billy grumbled and pulled a pillow over his head, phasing out the rude awakening.

"Billy, the police are here!" came another holler from outside.

He shot up in bed and stared at the door. Had he just heard what he thought his bandmate had said?

He stood up, brushed off his boxers, and began to hobble towards the door. Fuck this, every morning it was something worse.

He stood with his shoulder to the door and listened. He heard some movement outside. "Joel? Who's out there?" he called.

"Bill?" Joel yelled back. "Dude, the police are waiting in the lobby and they're not happy! What the fuck did you do?"

"I didn't do shit," Billy hissed as he threw open the door.

He stared at Joel, who stared back at his half-clothed body.

"This isn't good, Bill," Joel sighed, stepping forward and shutting the door behind himself. "They're talking to Paul and Chris right now, but apparently, some girl says that you and Benji raped her last night."

"WHAT?" Billy shrieked, his eyes bulging from their usual sockets.

Joel gestured for Billy to take a seat. "Calm down, bro. Calm down."

"Calm down?" Billy growled. "CALM DOWN? How, Joel? Would you calm down if it were me giving you this news?"

Joel sighed. "I understand, man, but screaming isn't going to help anybody."

Billy began to pace the room, running his hands eratically through his hair. He was twitching, he could feel his heart racing.

"I don't feel so good," he moaned as he ran for the bathroom.

"Bill?" Joel yelled, making it into the bathroom just in time to see Billy release into the toilet.

"You okay?" Joel asked softly after Billy had finished heaving.

"No," Billy sighed. "If I could right now, I would probably cry."

"Well," Joel frowned, reaching down and cradling his friend in his arms, "If you need to do that, I'll understand."

"Joel?" Billy sniffled.

Joel smoothed hair from Billy's eyes, pushing it back into place behind his ears. "Yeah, buddy?"

"I'm fucked!" Billy sobbed. Then came the tears.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

He woke up that morning, stretching his limbs and staring out the window to the beautiful day that awaited him. It had been raining for weeks. He felt like this was his very first time witnessing sunshine, and he rolled forward so that he could feel its warmth envelope his naked body.

He heard a familiar voice whisper, "Billy, you awake?"

"Yeah," he grinned. "I am."

"Happy Birthday, baby," she smiled. Blonde, gorgeous blue eyes, young, firm, tan, fit. Some girl named Mandy.

"Thanks," he grinned. "And thanks for my present."

She giggled, running a hand up his tattooed bicep. "You're most welcome."

"I was thinking," he grinned, sitting up and looking her directly in the eyes. "Since today's my actual birthday, last night really doesn't count."

"Oh?" she laughed.

God, she was beautiful, he thought. So deliciously evil, yet so perfectly sculpted like a naive virgin.

"That means that you owe me another present," he winked. "And I know just what I want!"

She nodded and glanced at her long fingernails. "What's that?"

"Your ass," he grinned and dove on top of her.

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