Pretend Again


As I described in my previous story, my normally conservative wife occasionally becomes hyper horny, especially when she drinks. The occasional alcoholic drink to her is the one true aphrodisiac, the more she drinks, the hornier she gets. While I enjoy watching guys looking at Betty and encourage her to dress in sexy outfits, she normally dresses attractively, but conservatively, and is satisfied noticing a man's approving sideways glance. But when she gets horny, she becomes a teasing exhibitionist, excited showing herself off and making horny men lust for her. Betty has a very cute, smiling face, blonde hair and a great body with large breasts and knows she attracts attention.

Over time we have learned each other's fantasies and verbally play on them with each other during sex. These fantasies are rarely acted out, but very occasionally an opportunity arises during one of her hyper horny spells. I have related stories to her of how horny businessmen are when traveling, so she will pack sexy clothes and short dresses when she accompanies me on a business trip. When Betty gets horny, she enjoys teasing guys by letting the wind blow her skirt up, bending stiff legged to show her shear panties, wearing slightly shear skirts with no slip, or bending so that guys can see her cleavage.

She figures that teasing is fun and harmless, particularly since I don't mind, but she swears that she would never have sex with anyone other than me. The following is a true story of one of the best of these episodes. While the events related are true, my memory of the exact sequence of the events has become a bit cloudy over time, so I'll admit that some of the small details of the story had to be made up to tell the story. I'll relate other exhibitionist episodes in future stories.

A strange set of circumstances came together to set my wife and I up for a wild time at a local hotel one evening. I had to meet an overseas customer arriving at the International airport late one evening and drive him to a hotel near our local domestic airport. Since we were both departing on a flight to a jobsite early the following morning, I had my company make a reservation for me at the same hotel to avoid the extra driving. Betty agreed to drive into town and stay with me. We planned on a night of drinking and dancing at the swanky hotel's lounge followed by some heavy sex in a strange bed. We hadn't planned on the strange events that occurred.

My customer's flight was scheduled for 7:30PM. Betty was to check into our room when she arrived and expect me at the hotel about 9 or 9:30. Betty planned to meet me in the nightclub after I got rid of the customer.

At the airport, I learned that the customer's flight was running late. As the evening wore on the scheduled arrival time kept slipping. At 9:30 I called the hotel, but Betty was not in our room. They offered to get a message to her in the lounge to expect me there about 10:30 or 11:00. By the time I arrived and got the customer checked in and off to his room and headed for the lounge, it was closer to 11:30.

As I walked in, I was surprised to see Betty on the dance floor with a handsome older man in a suit. They were one of two couples slow dancing and his hand was quite plainly resting on her ass as they danced. Startled, but quickly excited by the sight, I decided to have a drink at the bar and watch her a bit. I was sure she had been drinking for a while if she was letting him feel her ass and decided that I needed to catch up.

There was one other couple seated in the nightclub, four or five pairs of guys and a couple of single guys at tables or at the bar with me. The guys were all watching my wife as though she was the entertainment. When the music ended I watched him lead Betty over to a table to join two other businessmen, one overweight man about the same age as the first and one that looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. She walked like an intoxicated person trying not to act intoxicated. In addition to the drink she picked up, I could see at least three empty Manhattan glasses in front of her. I knew from experience that Betty got very tipsy on two Manhattans. If that was her fourth (or worse), I knew she was getting very drunk and horny. I could see possibilities for some voyeuristic excitement here and started figuring out a plan to take advantage of what was going on.

The extremely sexy, yet sophisticated party dress she wore was my favorite outfit; one I know she had worn that evening especially for me. I remember feeling a slight pang of jealousy that all these guys had been leering at my wife dressed in my favorite sexy outfit, probably for the last couple of hours. The dress was a thin, silky, cream colored wrap around that was held together only by a tie at the waist. The hem of the skirt ended about 4 inches above the knee. The dress was backless with a thin strap around her neck that expanded in the front to form a plunging, cleavage showing "V." She was obviously braless which allowed her breasts to move around very freely in the silky material. Her hard nipples showed very clearly through the thin material.

As I watched them at the table, the handsome older man was obviously charming Betty very effectively. He was sitting close, hand sliding up and down her bare back, and looking directly into her eyes as they spoke. I was sure he was a master salesman; convincing her that she was the most desirable woman he'd ever met. Watching Betty's expressions, I was also sure she was falling for his lines completely. He had to have been working on her for quite awhile, even with the help of the alcohol, to manipulate her to this level of intimacy. I'm sure if circumstances would allow, he could talk her into bed.

She was paying less attention to the other two who were generally, without exaggeration, leering at her breasts, adding brief comments to the general conversation, and making disguised comments to each other, presumably about her.

The other couple that had been dancing left, leaving about a dozen men and one other couple in the lounge. I watched her accept an invitation to slow dance with a man who walked over from another table and then return to the threesome. I was probably starting my third drink when a fast song began and the younger man pulled her up to dance. Now Betty loves to dance, but is normally a little shy about being the only couple on the dance floor. To be so quick to exhibit herself to all these men meant she had to be drunk and feeling very horny. As they moved onto the lit dance floor, I noticed every guy in the place, except the other couple, had turned to watch. I was about to find out why.

He led Betty through a swing dance in a style different than we usually did. She was following awkwardly from the effects of the alcohol. He turned her quickly around forward and backward almost continuously. He was accomplishing his purpose, which obviously was to make her skirt open and fly out as far and as often as possible for his companions and the other men in the room. I now saw what every other guy in the room had been seeing, and why they were sitting near the dance floor. As her dress flew out, I saw plainly that she was wearing a garter belt and stockings. He spun her so hard at times I also caught glimpses of her skimpy panties as the dress raised and the overlap opened in the front. I was very aroused at the sight of him intentionally exposing my wife to this leering audience. I was sure she had been only too aware of the affect her outfit she was having on the men in the room and had been enjoying teasing them all evening.

The way they were dancing was too strenuous for her after that many drinks and she stopped him before the song ended. They separated and continued dancing apart. He moved in behind her, held her waist and started grinding his pelvis against her. She kept time with him, her hands raised in the air, when his one hand slid down to her crotch. She immediately grabbed his hand and moved it back up. "So" I thought, "she's not that far gone." He worked his knee between her legs causing her skirt to ride up. Knowing how she gets when drinking, I was sure she was excited from teasing these men and was enjoying her skirt rising and showing more of her legs. But I doubted that she was aware that her skirt had opened wide enough to display her crotch. A dozen pairs of eyes were fixed on the sight, including mine. When the music stopped, she moved unsteadily toward the table. I headed out to implement my plan.

I gathered that Betty had felt safe consuming that much alcohol since she had expected me earlier. I also gathered that they were probably aware that I was expected. I thought it would be fun to remove that safety net and see how far she would go. I went to the pay phone, called the front desk. I asked them to get a message to her in the bar that I was still waiting at the airport, may be awhile yet and would call when I was on my way.

I returned to the bar in time to see another Manhattan put down in front of her. Though she protested, she polished off the drink she had and lifted the new one. I was amazed that she was still standing with this many drinks. As I ordered another drink, I saw the fellow from the front desk walk up to her and deliver my message, which the others obviously heard. I picked up my drink and moved to a table that was closer to them and give me a better view of the dance floor. With her back to me, and all the alcohol, I felt sure she wouldn't notice me.

The salesman was again talking to Betty intimately, with his face very close and sliding his hand up and down her back. From their appearance, I got the impression that he may be trying to talk her into leaving with him. She was smiling and saying no to whatever he was suggesting. The younger man was on her left, and obviously staring at her breast through the opening of her dress. I could see the younger man's other hand had moved to her knee and start to stroke up and down on her exposed nylon covered leg. She grabbed his hand when his strokes got too high. "Still under some control," I remember thinking.

When a slow song began, she accepted an invitation to dance from the heavy man. She was weaving badly heading to the dance floor, and seemed to need his support. As they danced, he held her close. I noticed his hand descend to her ass for a few seconds before she reached back and pulled it back up. "So," I thought, "Betty doesn't like you as much." He was persistent though, and kept moving his hand down. She was slow to react, but would finally become aware and move his hand back up and tell him to stop. As he looked over her shoulder at his companions, his hand slid to her ass, clutched her skirt and moved back up to her waist, lifting her skirt and just exposing the bottom of her panties.

The lower half of her two cheeks were just visible as they peeked out of her shear, French cut panties. He held her skirt up briefly for his two smiling companions and turned her for the others to see. He lowered his hand back to her ass and she grabbed him again. Betty was clearly annoyed with him. He managed to lift her skirt again, without her noticing, sliding his hand up to her waist and had half of her ass exposed. He kept her exposed for quite a while, turning her so everyone in the room could enjoy the view. My cock hardened from the intense arousal I felt seeing her ass exposed in this environment to a bunch of very horny guys. Even the bartender had stopped to stare at her.

She sat out the next couple of songs before accepting another fast dance with the younger man. They danced separately for a while with Betty having difficulty maintaining her balance. He moved in behind her again and put one arm around her waist and one on her hip. Again she let him get away with pushing his knee between her legs, which forced her skirt up and pulled it open in the front. This time he used his hand on her hip to pull her skirt further to one side, opening the slit almost to her waist and exposing her shear panties even more. I remember seeing several of the men move closer to his companions to get a better view and were now standing.

When the song ended, one of the guys standing approached her and she continued slow dancing awkwardly with him. He too managed to raise her skirt up in the back without her noticing, but not quite high enough to show her ass. I was amazed at the conspiracy growing between these guys to expose my beautiful, drunken wife to each other so openly.

As the song ended the salesman walked up and cut in. She put both arms around his neck and he placed both his arms around her waist. Betty obviously was more at ease with him, pressing her body close and allowing his hands to roam freely over her ass. He talked to her as they danced, faces barely apart. Betty smiled at him, nodding and I was worried that she might be agreeing to go to his room or in some way get more intimate. He brought his mouth to hers and she responded with a long kiss. As they kissed, she was not conscious of what his hands were up to. By moving his hands alternately up and down her ass, he had inched her skirt up slowly. When she didn't react, he continued until the back of her skirt was all the way up to her waist. Betty was now completely exposed in the back from the waist down, with her ass clearly visible through the shear panties to this room full of smiling, very aroused men. Even the bartender had moved from behind the bar to watch the show on the dance floor. The salesman held her dress up for a while before allowing it to slip down as he went back to massaging her ass. As they continued talking and kissing he kept working her dress back up, displaying her ass off and on for the rest of the song.

As the song ended, he held her arm to steady her as he helped her to the ladies room. After she went in, he returned to the table and leaned forward talk to his companions. I noticed that the other couple had left, but not one of the men had left. Even though it was getting late, not one guy had left. They were obviously not going to miss the rest of this show. I knew her three companions were not to be trusted and were obviously intent on taking advantage of her drunken condition in every way that they could.

I (and every other guy) watched Betty walk very unsteadily back to the table, holding onto chairs as she walked. As she sat down, I saw her reach out and sneak something to her handsome salesman friend. He smiled and pulled her to him. As he gave her a long kiss he held his hand up behind her head and displayed her panties held between his two fingers to his two friends and the others close enough to see. "Christ," I thought, "she's giving him a souvenir." As they continued to kiss with her arms around his neck, I saw him put her panties in his pocket. I remember seeing him stroking her thigh, while she let her legs open slightly. When his hand had advanced to her crotch, I saw Betty pull back from the kiss and just stare lustily in his eyes. She allowed his hand to linger between her legs as the two kissed passionately. She finally seemed to remember the other two men and where she was and pulled his hand away, crossing her legs. Upon seeing all this, I decided to move to a closer table for a better view.

The younger man had moved close to her again, with his arm around Betty's waist and talking to her and his friend. I knew from his position that he was getting a good look at her breast through the opening of her top. After a while, he pulled her up and guided her back out to the dance floor, and every guy turned to watch. By now Betty was really looking drunk and having difficulty walking and concentrating. As they slow danced, he lifted his arm and turned her before holding her close again. As she put both her arms around his neck, he wasted no time sliding one of his hands up under her dress to feel her bare ass. She reacted slowly, but reached back and pushed his hands away, saying "No."

They danced a little longer before he started moving his hands slightly up and down and slowly sliding her dress up. He eased her dress up until he had it to her waist. I remember being nervous and so incredibly aroused watching her. Betty was complete unaware of her exposure as she continued to shuffle along to his lead with her arms around his neck, her head on his shoulder, and her bare ass completely exposed to the leering eyes of a dozen horny guys. I had never seen a more erotic sight, but started to worry that the situation could get out of control.

He let her dress slid down. He stepped slightly back and took her hand from his neck. He raised his arm and turned her under. As soon as she stumbled through the turn, he reversed her and turned her in the opposite direction. The dress had started to open on the first turn, but she didn't notice in time before he turned her in the opposite direction. The dress opened completely, exposing her now naked body. I still remember the sight vividly, particularly her fully exposed breasts.

As he completed the turn he held her hand up to turn her again. Even as drunk as she was, Betty became aware of the wide open dress and finally pulled her hand down to clutch her dress closed. She laughed and acted embarrassed, thinking the opening had been accidental. I didn't know when he had untied her, either at the table or while dancing, but I had no doubt that the turning maneuvers were intended to open the dress he knew was untied..

Her dance companion immediately moved to assist her. As she pulled her dress together, he moved to her side to tie it for her. He tied it in a bow, but left the dress much looser than it should be, intentionally I was sure. She wasn't acting too upset so I was sure she really got a thrill from accidentally flashing these horny guys. He put his arm around her waist for support and guided her back to the table. She was now so drunk sitting there with her legs parted, that she didn't notice that her breasts were very exposed from the sides and front in the loose fitting top. After trying to hold a conversation, she rested her elbows on the table and held her head, eyes closed. Even from where I sat I could see that her top had fallen so far forward that her breasts were completely exposed. Her skirt had become so loose that the opening started just at her crotch.

The heavy man had walked around and was standing behind her. He appeared to be massaging her shoulders, but actually was working her top open in the front and was staring down at her exposed breasts. The salesman she trusted was staring at her breasts and talking to her as his hand slid up and down her thigh. While I couldn't see from my position, I'm sure he was treating his friends to views of her pussy.

The younger man must have slid his hand across her chest and evidently had cupped her breast. Almost as in slow motion, she lifted her head, looked at him and reaching for his arm, pushed his hand away. She stood slowly, using the table as support, and seemed to be trying to think. The younger man ran his hand all the way up the front of her leg as she stood there and was obviously touching her pussy. The salesman had also reached up her dress and was feeling her ass.

Betty stepped back from the table, turned and walked awkwardly toward the bar. I could see one of her breasts had slipped out and was partly exposed. She walked unsteadily up to a pair of men seated at the bar, and asked if he would dance with her. The horny guy quickly took advantage of his good fortune and helped her out to the dance floor. As they started to sway back and forth, her arms around his neck, the guy quickly moved his hands to her ass. He dropped one hand to her thigh and raised her dress to her waist, grabbing her exposed bare ass with the other. She realized what he had done and pushed him back. She said something to him and looked hurt and angry. Her salesman friend had walked up and cut in. The guy quickly relinquished her and moved back to the bar to watch.

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