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Last night, I called Karen, a friend of mine since the second grade. I'd been worried about her because last month she found out her husband had cheated on her. The week before I'd dragged her out to a club and she'd seemed depressed, almost unable to enjoy herself, so I asked her to go out clubbing again.

The night when we'd gone before we just ended up talking all night in a quiet corner of the club, but this time I told her we should go out and get some good looking guys to make her feel better. She was resistant at first, and kept saying she needed to stay at home with the kids, blah blah, but her oldest kid is a teenager, and so I told her to leave him in charge and get her ass over to my place. She finally agreed after over an hour of convincing.

When she arrived, she was wearing track pants and running shoes, and I almost screamed at her, but she had her sexy clothes in a shopping bag (she didn't want her kids to see her in 'hooker gear'--as she called it...). She had brought the shortest mini-skirt she owned and black nylons with four inch pumps. She didn't have a blouse that was revealing, so I lent her one of mine. Since she is a 36D and I'm only 35B (I'm very petite), just wearing my clothes made her burst out. To match her, I wore a tight one piece dress that stops just below the curves of my ass, and a pair of special panty hose that I've never worn out. It is crotchless and I only put it on when I'm at home and want to change into something sexy for a guy. But I figure tonight we wanted to be efficient, and so I wore that with a pair of skimpy panties over it so I could easily remove them. We had a couple of rum and cokes, with not much coke, and got into my car and went to a dance club.

Well, we'd barely dropped our car off to the valet when guys started hitting on us. We danced for a few hours, either in a foursome with guys or apart. Neither of us had to buy a drink all night, and finally, at about 1 in the morning, the two of us staggered into the ladies washroom for a conference. We haggled over which guys we'd take home, and finally decided on a pair of young friends who looked like college kids. They were both brown haired and tall, and sort of indistinguishable from each other--in fact I couldn't remember which one was Todd and which one was Kyle, but that made it more interesting. We also decided that instead of taking them home, we'd just walk a few blocks to a cheap hotel and get a room (neither of us could drive by then, and we didn't trust them to be able to either...).

When we got back out to the dance floor, it took us a few minutes to find the pair and to extricate them from the girls that they were dancing with. We told them our plans, and they jumped to it, even offering to pay for the rooms. Well, the four of us did a little group groping walking to the hotel, and by the time we checked in, under fake names, we had decided to get one room with a king sized bed. My friend Karen is a lot larger than I am, with full breasts and wide hips, and she's also a natural strawberry blond. In other words, we're kind of a contrast. She also hasn't had sex with anyone except her husband since they got married, which was right out of high school.

When we got into the room, it was really dumpy and smelled kind of musty, I'm convinced that the hotel is one of those ones that hookers take their johns to, but that made it even more exciting, and I got a crazy idea. Just as we started making out with them (I think I got Kyle, but I'm not sure), I said to everyone, "Look, we're not hookers, but just to make things a little sexier, if you pay us each $50, we'll let you do anything to us you want. And I mean anything. That way you won't be worried about asking for something or trying something and being rejected. What do you think?"

The two guys looked at each other and nodded, while Karen looked at me aghast. I whispered in her ear that this would help her relax--she wouldn't have to worry at all about what she was doing--just think of it as a transaction and that they had paid for it. She looked a little dubious, but since they had fished four twenty dollar bills out (plus a bunch of fives and ones) and were handing them to us, I figured it was a done deal.

I put the money in my purse, and asked them what they wanted. They consulted for a while in whispers, and then said they wanted us to give them blow jobs, and then after they had come on our faces and tits, they wanted us to lick their come off of each other. After that, they wanted to fuck each of us at the same time while the other masturbated and watched.

Karen looked hesitant, but I immediately agreed before she could protest. Getting on my knees in front of Kyle, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was normal sized, about five or six inches, with a bulbous head, Sucking it into my mouth, I started to unzip my dress and stopped sucking long enough to pull it over my head. His cock had hardened another inch. I also unclipped my bra and slid my panties off, all the while pumping my head up and down on his cock. Karen was giving Todd a blow job, but she hadn't removed any of her clothes. The guys were obviously horny and excited about the prospects of the evening, because I had only been stroking Kyles cock for less than five minutes when he groaned and pulled out, spraying his come on my face and into my hair. I milked the last few strands out onto my breasts, and licked him clean.

I had been watching Karen and Todd out of the corner of my eye the whole time, and she had started to really get into it. The boys were young, and their hard bodies were definitely different for Karen. I'd been having sex with young men all the time, but I could tell that she was excited by Todd's hard body from the way she caresssed his ass and roamed her hands all over his chest and stomach.

"Lie on the floor and lick me," I told Kyle. He quickly did and I sat on his face while watching Karen and Tood.

"I want to come on your tits," Todd barked, and Karen unbuttoned her blouse (my blouse!) and was trying to unclip her bra when he pulled out of her mouth and started jacking off onto her throat and breasts. I've rarely seen a guy come so much, he must have shot 7 or 8 separate times, and each one was a long gooey string that rolled down her skin. A few strands hung from her bra, dangling like icicles, and watching her wipe her mouth with her forearm put me over the edge.

I started bucking on Kyle's face, and I could hear him struggling to breathe. I didn't care at that moment whether he tongued or licked me. I was just rubbing my pussy and clit on his nose and on his teeth. With a last aggressive thrust, I banged my cunt against his face and came.

"Come here, Karen, let's clean each other off..." She definitely looked uncomfortable at this point, and so I took the initiative. I kissed her breasts, licking the come off her bra first, and then off the skin of her tits and throat. When her head lolled back, I knew she was relaxing, and I kissed her on the mouth. It had been decades since we last kissed as teenagers practicing on each other in high school. Now it wasn't kids stuff playing at kissing, we were both horny and drunk and I kissed her just as I would a guy I wanted to fuck.

At first she just opened her lips, but then as I shared the sperm in my mouth with her, slipping my cum coated tongue into her mouth, she began greedily slurping and sucking on my tongue like it was a cock. Pulling her on top of me as I lay back on the bed, I guided her head to my breasts, watching her lick Kyle's come off as she suckled on my nipples. She seemed fascinated by them, and from the way she licked all around my breasts and pinched the nipples, I could tell she was into this.

I was trying to decide whether to start licking her pussy first, to get her into it, or whether to guide her head down to my crotch, when she kissed and licked her way down to my pussy. She pulled my legs open, and I was glad that I wore the crotchless panty hose, because I could see how excited the two guys were watching us. They had stripped down to their boxer shorts (why do guys think that if they keep their underwear on, even with the cocks poking through the fly hole, that somehow they're not totally naked?), and were masturbating while watching us.

Karen didn't really seem to know what she was doing, just licking and kissing my pussy, but the situation was so exciting that I was hyper horny anyway. I got up and pushed Karen on to the bed stomach first. I pulled her panties off, leaving her miniskirt on, and proceeded to lick her pussy from behind. When I felt her panting with excitement, I started licking her asshole as well, tonguing around the rim at first, but then poking my tongue inside.

She was really bucking now, and her ass cheeks, which were pretty wide and had stretch marks from having three kids, started to jiggle and flap against my face. I was on my knees and elbows, and felt a cock being slipped into my pussy from behind. Glancing back, I could see Todd mounting me doggy style, and Kyle stepping around the bed to feed his cock into Karen's mouth. Todd's cock was about the same length as Kyle's, but it was about twice as thick, and I could definitely feel it opening me up.

After a few minutes of this, I decided that we better get to the next step, or else the boys would come and we would have to get them hard again to do the two on ones. Even though they seemed young, and probably wouldn't be a lot of trouble to get another erection out of them, I didn't want to risk it. I told Todd to lie down on the bed, and while I stroked his cock with my hand, told Kyle to dip his cock in my pussy to get lubricated, and for Karen to wet my ass.

She immediately began licking my asshole, and after she got out of the way, Kyle dipped his cock into my cunt for a few strokes, and then started pushing it into my rear end. Normally, I never let a guy into my ass without a lot of preparation using fingers and KY jelly. This time, it burned and I had to hold my ass open in a way that I usually don't have to if my sphincter muscle is relaxed. But once he was in, I leaned forward and slipped Todd's prick into my pussy. I told them to stay still, and that I would do the moving. The feeling of being filled was just incredible, and as the burning in my ass began to recede, I started gently rocking back and forth.

"Do you want to do this, too?" I asked Karen. She vehemently shook her head. I figured I wouldn't push her on this, but I did tell her to get on her hands and knees over Todd's face, and as he licked her pussy, I bent down and licked her asshole. We kept this up for awhile, until Todd came in my ass.

"Goddam it's so tight!" he yelled, just before he shot inside me. Kyle soon followed, and after I climbed off, I licked both of them clean while Karen licked the come out of my pussy. The room didn't have a shower, just a sink, and so we just put our clothes back on and gave each of them a final blow job. Todd was so exhausted that Karen couldn't get him to come, but I managed to work Kyle to a semi-hard erection and using a lot of hand action made him spurt weakly one last time.

They were so thankful that they gave us all the rest of the money in their wallets, another whole $14! I laughed out loud at the amount, less than a 15% tip! On our way home, Karen seemed a little sheepish, but when I asked her whether she had enjoyed the evening, she said yes with a lot of enthusiasm, and said she'd love to do it again sometime. I agreed...

Yesterday, I called her again, just to make sure she was okay with what happened, but she seemed to have even less regrets than before. She even said she wasn't as mad at her husband anymore, and in fact even felt a little sorry for him.

Mission accomplished. And since I got Kyle and Todd's phone numbers before we left the hotel room, we can always do a return engagement. But I think I'd rather cruise for some new young studs if we go out again!

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