tagGay MalePretending to be Gay for Nude Day

Pretending to be Gay for Nude Day


This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

Homeless man pretends he's gay to live in a gay community because he has nowhere else to go.


Stephen and Hal entered the Nude Day party naked. With more than 400 naked men in attendance and pricks and asses everywhere, everyone was naked. It was the gated condo communities yearly Nude Day celebration.

The last place he wanted to be or be seen, Hal agreed to make an appearance at the Nude Day party to appease his best friend, Stephen. A gay man only community, the other residences suspected that he wasn't one of them, a gay man. To prove once and for all to all the other residence of the gay community that he was gay and not a straight man hiding out, until he got his life together, which he was, of course, he pretended to be gay for Nude Day.

As expected Hal went to the bar and ordered two beers and Stephen went to the buffet to fill his plate and a plate for Hal with food. Hal handed Stephen a beer and Stephen handed Hal his food. An obvious difference between the two men, Hal surveyed the crowd of naked men from the waist up and Stephen surveyed the crowd of naked men from the waist down.

"I bet he's not even gay," said Anthony loud enough to be overhead. Always at the ready to start trouble, he approached the two men looking from Hal to Stephen and back to Hal again.

"Trust me, he's gay," said Stephen overhearing what the troublemaking Anthony had said, but still paying more attention to his cocktail sausage than he was to Anthony.

Stephen didn't much like Anthony. No one like Anthony. He was an asshole. He was one of those angry gay men always looking to pick a fight and scurrying away after his mean words stoked a fire that was too hot for him to handle.

Stephen knew that Anthony was determined to get a reaction from him and from Hal, no doubt, and he wasn't going to so much as give him the consideration of a comment. If it was up to Hal, after Stephen told him how much he hated Anthony, he'd just as soon as punch him out rather than talk to him. Afraid his friend was going to punch Anthony in the face, Stephen watched Hal cringe when Anthony fondled, caressed, and squeezed Hal's ass, before reaching around and taking a hold of his cock and slowly stroking it, while fondling the head of his penis with his fingers.

"Your behavior is inappropriate Anthony. You're being so rude," said Stephen without looking up from his plate of food. "You'd better get your claws off my boyfriend, before I scratch out your eyes, bitch."

"If he was gay, he'd have an erection right now. Every gay man gets hard, when I touch them in the way I'm touching Hal now," said Anthony leaning in to stick his tongue in Hal's ear, while looking from Stephen to Hal and back to Stephen.

"That just proves to me, Anthony, that Hal is faithful to me and not interested in a sleazebag like you. Not every man wants to be with a whore," said Stephen taking the last bite of his sausage and slowly chewing, while making eye contact with him before speaking.

"I'm not a whore," said Anthony. "I'm just a discriminating gay man that needs to try a selection of meat, before settling on the one I want," he said still holding onto Hal's cock.

Taking the time to brush the crumbs from his bulbous, naked stomach, Stephen put his empty plate down, but held the cocktail fork in his hand, as if it was a knife, while giving Anthony a look that would make any man reach for a gun.

"If you don't unhand my boyfriend, I'm going to kick you in the balls so hard that your cock will come up through your mouth and your mother will feel the pain in her grave. Then, when you fall to the floor in pain, I'm going to take this cocktail fork, pick out your right eyeball and eat it.

"Bitch," said Anthony letting go of Hal's cock and walking away.

"We heard what Anthony said about Hal not being gay," said Jim with Tom and Martin flanking him and talking to Stephen, as if Hal wasn't even there. "We want proof that Hal is gay, otherwise he needs to leave," he said putting a hand to his hip, before finally looking from Stephen to Hal. "You know the bylaws, Stephen. This is strictly a gay community."

"Proof? You want proof that Hal is gay? You mean, like a gay license?" Stephen replied loud enough to make a scene and for pockets of men to look over at him. "I'll give you proof said Stephen," falling to his knees and taking Hal's cock in his mouth.

Something Stephen had wanted to do all his life, suck his best friend, he was sucking Hal's cock, really sucking him, and giving him the best blowjob of his life.

"Christ, Stephen," said Hal. "Fuck," he said running his fingers through Stephen's black, curly hair and pushing him back but not hard enough for Stephen to let go of the grip he had of Hal's cock with his mouth and hand. "Oh, my God," said Hal growing stiffly hard in Stephen's mouth.

"Yeah, that's all well and good, Stephen, but you blowing Hal isn't proof enough that he's gay. It just confirms what we know already, that you're gay," said Tom.

"To be honest, as proof that he's gay, we'd more believe Hal was gay if he sucked your cock, instead," said Martin looking from Hal to Stephen and back.

Stephen looked at his lifelong friend in silence. The deep friendship between the two men that spanned twenty years, since they were young adults, began when Stephen told Hal that he was gay. Gay or straight, Hal accepted him for who he was, not just a gay man but his best friend. They had been through a lot over the years and now their friendship was being tested again.

* * * * *

Hal had been married and divorced twice. This last expensive and hostile divorce made him hate marriage, women, and relationships. Tired of being used, abused, and then rejected, he didn't think that he could go through another relationship with a woman. With twice being enough, never is when he wanted to get married again. Deciding to live out the rest of his life alone only, after his two wives took his houses and he spent his savings on a divorce attorneys, he had no place left to go, that is, until he rebounded back and started his life over, yet, again. After going through his life savings, even having to cash in his 401K, he couldn't even afford a one bedroom studio apartment. If it wasn't for his friend Stephen taking him in and welcoming him in his condo, he'd be homeless and out on the street.

"Stephen. I don't know what else to do and where else to go. Please. Can I stay with you, until I can get back on my feet and save up some money to get my own place, after this last divorce?"

"Hal, it took you five years to rebound from your first marriage. You can't stay here for that long. Paradise Found is a gay community and you're as straight as an arrow. They'd kick me out, if I took in a straight man. Besides, with a concentration of artists, interior designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, and party planners in such a small community, we're all in a frenzy of activity planning our Nude Day party."

"I'll go."

"What do you mean, you'll go? Go where?"

"I'll attend your Nude Day party. I'll pretend I'm gay."

"Pretend you're gay?" Stephen laughed. "You can't pretend you're a gay man. You can't fool these men, Hal. Just as they can sniff out a gay man, they can smell a straight man a mile away," said Stephen. "There's no way you can pretend you're gay, especially living in a gay community. These men aren't stupid and they won't like it one bit, if you play them for fools."

Going way back, the two men had a history that cemented their friendship. When Stephen was gay bashed and beaten to a bloody pulp, it was Hal who came to his rescue and beat the crap out of the three men with a baseball bat. It was the rage that Hal had that Stephen couldn't summon to protect himself, the same rage that made Stephen wonder, if Hal wasn't hiding a gay secret in his closet.

If Hal was a closeted gay man, that would explain his failed marriages. Hal being gay would explain their very close friendship. A gay man in a straight body, was Hal in denial?

Of course, Hal was angry that the three men attacked his Stephen, but it was more than that. Nearly killing the three men, as if trying to decimate the gayness within him, with every swing of the baseball bat, Stephen no doubt suspected that Hal was swinging against and trying to thwart off the feelings of love and desire that he refused to allow to surface and that he had for him. A sexual fantasy hoping to come true, one day, Stephen couldn't help but wonder, if Hal wasn't gay. Living together as a best friends, while hoping for more, was the reason why Stephen couldn't turn away his friend and why he agreed to have him live with him. Hoping for a miracle, maybe with him living with Hal, a relationship would develop and blossom.

* * * * *

"He's not gay," said Anthony returning to stoke the fire and start more trouble.

Stephen couldn't believe it when Hal fell to his knees and took his cock in his mouth. Hal was blowing him, really blowing him. Unable to control the lust he harbored for his best friend, the love that Stephen always had for Hal was evident in the hardness of his cock.

Stephen put a hand to the back of Hal's head and slowly humped his mouth, before he really started fucking his face. With a hand tightly around Stephen's cock, Hal stroked his friend, before really pumping his friend, while sucking and sucking him.

"Jesus, Hal. Oh, my God. You're going to make me cum, baby. Oh, fuck that feels so frigging good. I swear, I'll cum, if you continue that. I swear I will."

"It's okay, Stephen," said Hal removing Stephen's cock from his mouth long enough to speak. "Cum, Stephen. Cum in my mouth."

"Oh, my God, Hal," whispered Stephen. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Cum, Stephen. Cum for me. Cum in my mouth."

"Gees, Hal. Blow me. Suck my cock. Suck it, baby," he said pushing forward on the back of Hal's head. Then, he grabbed his friend's head with two hands and really started humping his mouth and fucking his face. "Blow me, Hal. Suck my cock, baby. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it."

Stephen held the back of Hal's head and humped his best friend's mouth, as if he was living his sexual fantasy of fucking Hal's ass. It didn't take Stephen long before he felt the tightness in his testicles that felt as if it welled up from his feet.

"Cum, Stephen, cum," said Hal removing Stephen's cock from his mouth again just long enough to speak.

In a explosion, Stephen shot everything he had in Hal's mouth and Hal swallowed, while continuing to suck his friend dry. Then, when finished, finally, Hal stood, put his two arms around his friend, and kissed him hard. With all the passion that had been secretly growing and silently been denied for years, Hal kissed his friend, as if they were long lost lovers that had been separated during the war or were man and wife on their Honeymoon.

Then, in an inspired fluid motion, Hal spun Steven around, grabbed a dollop of butter from Stephen's plate and smeared it the length of his ass, before bending Stephen over and sticking his cock up Stephen's ass.

"Gees, I'm convinced," said Jim.

"I wish someone would blow me like that," said Tom.

"I wish someone would fuck me like that," said Martin.

"Forget about the blowjob and the ass fucking. I wish someone would kiss me like that," said Jim.

"Obviously they're in love," said Tom.

"Obviously," said Marin.

The tree men watched Hal fucking Stephen up the ass. Finally, after Hal exploded his lust for his best friend, the two men embraced and kissed again. Stephen excused himself to use the men's room to clean himself up. Then, when Stephen returned, Jim, Tom, and Martin approached Hal and Stephen.

"Welcome to Paradise Found," said Jim shaking Hal's hand with Tom and Martin welcoming him to their tight and exclusive gay community.

Stephen watched Anthony storm away.

"Don't go away mad, Anthony. Just go away," said Hal calling after him.


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