tagSci-Fi & FantasyPretty as Sin Ch. 02

Pretty as Sin Ch. 02


Yumi bounced through the forest, giggling as she went.

The nymphs' defenses so far had been, well, a joke. Three emerald-skinned women lying in a big old pitcher plant, blowing her kisses and cooing for her to join them. Their pheromones had been intoxicating. So had their bodies—absurdly sexual, just the way Yumi liked them, with big, gigantic, soft boobs, big doe eyes and thick lashes, stupidly plump lips, and wide, childbearing hips.

But Yumi wasn't of Gluttony for nothing. She knew fast food when she saw it, and sure enough, all three had been totally soulless—not even fey, just plant puppets. Flowers to attract pollinators—or, more likely, lures to draw in prey.

She'd still fucked them. She'd fucked the plant puppets breathless, kissed them stupid. She smirked at the thought. Whatever intelligence governed that plant was probably used to its prey stumbling in half-asleep, ready for the puppets to coo and fawn over them. Yumi had, overall, found the pitcher trap a bit disappointing.

She wanted more. Always, always more.

She couldn't wait to see Mistress Ella again. Now, there was a succubus who knew how to treat a lady. Or Poppy. Oh, how she loved Poppy. But most of all, she couldn't wait to fuck the mortals seeking asylum in here, to turn this little glade into a big, sticky honeytrap for the ambassadors. It would be as easy as a wifwolf in heat.

She hadn't tasted a mortal's submission in so, so long. She licked her lips of the remaining pitcher juices, absently stroking herself, edging herself. With any other succubus, indulging herself like that would be too much of a risk. But Yumi couldn't help herself. Of all succubi, Gluttony addicts were helpless pleasure addicts to the last.

Besides, Yumi thought, grinning, dumb, horny bimbo was her best state. People were always tempted to indulge themselves when they thought she was indulging herself.

This war really was a treat and a half. Before the Silken Summoners, demons had been largely cut off from the mortal world. Without their wicked gods to help them get inside—Yumi bit her lip, her lust cooling just a fraction as she remembered—they had been unable to reach this dimension at all save the actions of summoners.

And then they had begun to hear calls. A lot of calls. The Silken Summoners, heads of the Spire Court—that council of great, proud mages who had been so sure they could control Yumi and her ilk—had begun calling in demons by thre scores, appointing them to leadership positions. Yumi had been one of the first, entrusted with serving as Queen Mother Esthe's faithful chef and confidante.

Yumi licked her lips. And when the Silken Summoners had commanded them to claim their targets, Yumi had gleefully shared in the bounty with her siblings of Hell. Oh, how they had indulged. Silly Esthe hadn't even lasted forty-five seconds past her coronation before the crowner—himself an imp—had milked her own name from her, before Esthe and three other succubi had licked and kissed her soul into their bellies, earning her the delicious nickname: The One-Minute Monarch.

And now the whole world was wonderful. Yumi beamed brightly as she entered a densely wooded thicket. Everyone was fair game. There were hundreds—maybe even thousands of demons free to tempt and devour. Yumi seldom went a day without drinking up someone's tasty soul, to say nothing of having access to lots and lots of new and exotic playthings.

She paused, hands on her hips, looking around her with her tongue stuck into her cheek.

Well, this was neat!

The thicket had opened up into what was essentially a room—densely packed grape vines and plum trees forming "walls" around her. Yumi knew she was essentially next to the glade—she could sense her sister, Mandy, devouring someone even now. She giggled. How delightful. Apparently Mandy had gotten free and made it to the nymphs' captives already.

There was a firepit nearby, covered by a metal contraption Yumi decided was most likely a kind of oven. Pots and pans were stacked nearby. A large flattened smooth stump bore a small collection of knives, fuits and vegetables, and next to it was a woven chair amid a patch of wild herbs.

Oh. It was a kitchen!

Yumi took a moment to admire the tidiness of it. How... quaint.

She walked over to the counter and picked up a basket, raising an eyebrow. Whatever was inside, I smelled... yummy. She raised the cloth.

Inside was a small collection of colorful sweets.

Boring. She rolled her eyes and tossed the basket aside.

She felt a tickling at her toes. Blinking, Yumi glanced down

A little tendril had crept from the flower patch and was tickling over her feet. It was just an ordinary strand of creeper, with a few white buds yet unopened. It grazed along her foot, almost teasing her.

Yumi beamed down at it. Oh, now here was something fun. She reached down and picked up the little vine, as tenderly as someone might pick up a baby bird, and brought it up to tickle her lips. "Heehee!"

The tickling felt nice. She let the tendril dance over her lips, flitting about, grazing her cheek. "That's right, little flowers," she cooed, stroking the slender tendril. "This is what a real mistress feels like. And maybe one day, when you're nice and thick—"

The flowers opened, brilliant violet in color, and released puffs of perfumed smoke into her face.

She blinked, breathing in. "Oh." Her pussy throbbed. Her mind spun. "Oh, that's... almost..."

The flowers released another trio of puffs, bathing her in the floral scent.

Yumi licked her lips as the tendril continued to tickle along them. "That's better," she cooed, smiling lovingly at it. "Do you have some nice, brainwashy pollen for me, sweetie?" She stroked a flower, giggling. "Maybe some nectar to go along with it?"

The vine almost seemed hesitant, reticent, as she tenderly took the bud between her lips and started to suckle. Her eyelids fluttered, and she let out a moan of delight as sweetness hit her tongue. "Ooh, you do!" she said, slurring slightly around the flower in her mouth.

She felt the vines guiding her to the chair, and giggling, she complied. She wasn't in any hurry.

And much as the plant probably thought it was brainwashing her, Yumi was completely immune to any poison she knew to block. She knew a mortal sucking on this flower would be halfway molten by now, but she was only allowing herself to be pleasantly buzzed.

Besides, if she wanted to turn this plant into her wanton toy for capturing the nymphs, she first had to know it. To make it love her.

These plants always did.

She sighed happily, eyelids drooping, as more flowers arrived for her to suck on, to puff pollen into her face, as the tendrils pulling up her skirt were joined by a much thicker, slicker set of vines.

She released her current flower and gave the tendril she was cradling a sweet kiss. Three more blossoms slipped between her lips, and she started to noisily suck again with a happy moan.

The thicker set of vines climbed into her pussy as little tendrils started to delicately stroke around her clit. She started to moan louder, bucking eagerly into the vines' attentions. They knew just where to touch her, and they were merciless in their strokes and thrusts

She came with a muffled squeal. The plant trembled around her with the force of her orgasm, of her sensual power.

Eyes glimmering, she sat down upon the chair and spread her legs wide. "There's a goo' pet," she slurred, speech muffled by the flowers she was currently being fed from. "Take as mush as oo wan', swee'ies."

Already, she sensed the plant fucking her a bit faster, the flowers pumping more and more nectar, puffing out more and more pollen, bathing her in a chemical cocktail that would reduce any other unaware succubus to little more than, well, cock tail.

But Yumi had other plans for this lovely plant. She knew what she was doing. She was totally in control.

She beamed and leaned back in the chair as it began to fuck her in earnest.


Poppy gave a leisurely sigh, absently stroking her pussy as she made her way down the old deer trail.

By her guess, Mistress Ella had most likely gotten in over her head at this point—no matter how strong she was, she was never as strong as she thought, and the fey ate up people like that. Myna was probably off lurking somewhere, waiting to captivate whichever succubus slipped up first. Myna was always looking for a new get-rich-quick scheme, and for succubi, that meant finding whichever succubus was vulnerable and turning them to your side.

And Yumi... Yumi was either fucking someone's brains out, or getting her own brains fucked out. Poppy smiled at the thought. Or both. Yumi was fun that way. Hopefully she hadn't gotten caught up playing with something mindless or unimportant, like minor fey or a plant creature.

Poppy tried to stay on-task, of course. She had to get to the clearing and free Mandy. Once Mandy was freed, then they could start fooling around. But she knew it was vital to get all five succubi on the loose, if only to make up the numbers on whichever succubus screwed up first.

Poppy licked her lips. She almost wished she could be like Myna, standing back and watching to see which succubus melted first. Her finger tenderly worked around her clit as she envisioned what Yumi was probably doing right now, kissing and bouncing and squealing...

"Mm." Poppy tugged her hand away with a sorry shake of her head. Work before pleasure. Pleasure in work.

She yawned, stepping over a cluster of bright pink poppies. This clearing certainly had a theme. It was so pink, Poppy could almost imagine Yumi lying somewhere amid the blossoms, camouflaged effortlessly.

Once Poppy made it to the clearing, she could make sure that Mandy was free—at least, if she wasn't already. In her distant senses, Poppy could swear she sensed Mandy's essence out there working mischief.

Although.. Poppy paused midstride, yawning. If Mandy was already free, Poppy didn't need to do anything. She could get to work fucking nymphs, or maybe finding Yumi and fucking her—er, saving her.

Or she could use the time she'd saved to just...

Poppy stretched and yawned, a lazy smile crossing her lips. She could relax a little bit, if Mandy was already free. She was awfully sleepy from all this walking.

But what if she wasn't? She frowned, the thought instantly unappealing now that the notion of Mandy being free had occurred to her. She entertained the thought almost as a formality as she sank into the meadow. If Mandy wasn't... well, then, surely Myna would be on her way to save her. No great big deal.

"Ooh." Her lips parted as her fingers slid into her cunt, and she sank onto her back, hips bucking slowly as she lay amid the brilliant pink poppies. Her head sank into a daze. She had time. She could wait.

Everything felt so nice right now. Why ruin it by getting up prematurely?

But the thought of Mandy not being free nagged at her as it reluctantly occurred to her that Myna would be looking for an easy target—a succubus she could claim without risking getting captured herself. Myna was cheap, but she wasn't reckless.

Poppy wanted to put he thought out of her head, but it bothered her—especially since she really, really wanted to just fuck herself stupid right now. If only Yumi was here to help with it. But she could always think of Yumi as she stroked.

It felt so good to abandon her duty. So natural to be so irresponsible. But... oh, fuck...

Poppy's eyes were slits as, in one last desperate bid at responsibility, she worked a quick magic to check on local demons' status. She knew she probably should have done it sooner.

The information sparkled in her mind instantly, in order of reverse proximity.

Mendicuizl is clear of major effects and is drinking a mortal's soul.

Yuminimeve is fucking a vine plant and has allowed roughly a quarter of the dosage needed to fully intoxicate her so far.

Ellesetvio is under the effects of a lust-infused shrinking spell, an inhaled love mist and thirty-four lust-infused love potion kisses, and she is begging a minor dryad to kiss her again.

Mynaletris is clear of major effects.

Xelapapicu is under the effects of a sleeping spell.

Poppy smiled happily as her eyelids drifted shut.

Okay, good.

Mandy was clear.

She began to easily edge herself as her mind sank into dreamlike bliss.

Time for a nice... little... nap.

~ ~ ~ ~

Lapis gave a slow, sly smile as she strolled into the kitchen. "My, my," she purred. "What have we here?"

Seated upon the Nectar Chair, eyes wide with lust, totally immersed within crawling tendrils and a cloud of shimmering, almost metallic violet pollen, was a gorgeous pink-haired woman with short, curving horns. Her gossamer wings fluttered uselessly behind her as the tendrils tickled her beneath her shirt. Her hips bucked helplessly as several thick, slick vines eagerly fucked her dripping pussy.

"MMMM!" she screamed, her plump, lovely lips wrapped around several flower stems as they pumped her full of... nutrients. Very important nutrients. Nutrients to help the brain work right. Nutrients to help the body keep its shape.

"Yes, darling," Lapis cooed, strolling over to examine this most unfortunate demoness further. She noticed with sly delight the succubus's long, almost tongue-like tail twitching helplessly. "I know. You've been a very silly girl, haven't you?"

As she sat down in the succubus's lap, Lapis easily intercepted the tail's clumsy attempt at reaching between her legs. She smiled at the tail, stroking a single finger over it—and feeling the slender demon trembling beneath her. "Naughty thing. You want some of my juices, do you?"

The succubus whined helplessly as Lapis reached over, taking one of the pollen-puffing flowers away and gently winding the tendril around the tail. The flower quickly had the tail tightly bound, and began to dribble its nectar right on the tail's tip.

Lapis giggled as the succubus's eyes went momentarily glassy. Ah, so it was something like a tongue to her. How wonderful.

"What's your name, dear?" she asked.

"Yumi," the demoness whined, staring helplessly into Lapis's eyes. Such pretty, submissive red eyes.

Lapis caressed her cheek with the back of her hand, savoring the demoness's puppydog whimpers. "Let me explain how this works, Yumi," she said sweetly. She ran a finger over the thick vines, and they started to slide into a rhythm as Lapis's tone went wispy as cotton candy. "Bad, naughty girls get teased and denied. When little Mandy first arrived, we made her go a whole week without cumming."

Yumi looked nervous. She squirmed, whimpering softly into her drugging gag.

"But good girls," Lapis hissed, and the vines matched her tone, speeding up, "oh, good girls get to feel so, so good." The vines sped up, faster and faster, until they were basically ramming into the demoness's hot little cunt. "They get to be fucked again—" The succubus let out a muffled squeal. "And again—" The succubus cried out, nectar trickling down her lips. "And again!"

Lapis triumphantly planted a kiss on Yumi's lips, licking up the lost nectar. Her eyes were open and smoldering as she captured Yumi's gaze, savoring the softness of Yumi's kiss, the sweetness of the nectar.

"They cum as much as they want," Lapis said, beaming. "Well, as much as we want—but that's the same, isn't it? A lot." Her eyes sparkled. "We always want lots and lots of pleasure, don't we?"

"'ots an' 'ots o'... 'leasure," slurred Yumi, her eyes shimmering with desire. Lapis giggled.

Lapis reached down, smirking, and picked up what it seemed Yumi had set aside—a basket of goodies. "Would this good girl like a treat for being so good?' she cooed.

"Mm! Mm-hm!" Yumi was practically begging, her eyes wide, desperate to please.

Lapis grinned, and had the flowers slip out. Yumi was left gasping for breath, her tongue lolling out. Panting like a dog. "Open wide!"

She plopped a little toffee treat onto Yumi's tongue, and joined it with a kiss to make sure Yumi swallowed. She laughed inwardly at how the succubus shuddered against her, how eagerly and passionately she returned the kiss. She held the kiss long after the candy was swallowed, then pulled back, beaming. "Would you like another?" she cooed.

The succubus babbled nonsense and nodded eagerly.

This time, Lapis selected a sucking candy, popping it into her own mouth and kissing Yumi to ease it between Yumi's lips.

She felt Yumi moaning, felt those wonderfully plump lips smacking against hers, felt Yumi's tongue slipping into her mouth, and Lapis came.

Her mind swam in pure, sweet pleasure as she enjoyed the kiss, savored Yumi's surrender, as her pussy tingled despite there being nothing inside her. Nothing except Yumi's tongue in her mouth, of course.

She finally pulled back, panting. Yumi's expression was so dreamy and vacant that Lapis giggled. When Yumi had the lucidity to look ashamed, Lapis only smiled wider. "Would you like another?" she asked, unable to hide her smugness.

Yumi's eyes widened. She looked like she wanted to say no.

But what crossed her lips was, "Ooh, yes, please, Mommy."

Lapis gave a wordless coo of delight and selected a rich chocolate truffle. She brought the chocolate towards Yumi's open mouth, relishing Yumi's helplessly bound form, her eager eyes...

Lapis's orgasm had her clinging to Yumi tightly as they kissed, those lips and that tongue positively fucking Lapis's mouth. Lapis moaned, pleasure flooding her, wonderful, sweet pleasure. She ground her hips against Yumi's legs, clutching the succubus tightly, drowning herself in the kiss.

At last, she pulled away. Lapis was breathless; Yumi had a dazed look on her face. The succubus licked her lips happily.

Lapis stroked Yumi's hair. "Would you... hm." She took a deep breath. I should probably get back to business...

But then Yumi let out a little whimper as the vines made her jump slightly in the chair. Lapis giggled. "Aw. Poor little thing."

"Another!" Yumi whined,. Staring at Lapis with big, needy, submissive eyes. "Another! Another!"

Lapis smirked. "Are you sure, little one? You've already had three." But she was delicately unwrapping a honeydrop already. She held it above Yumi's panting tongue, smile widening. "Would you really like another?"

Yumi nodded eagerly, inclining her head up to plant a daring, endearing kiss on Lapis's hand. That little kiss turned into a long one as Lapis giggled and allowed her to worship her hand, sucking on the fingers, licking and smooching with delightful finesse.

"Oh, you're good at that, sweetie," purred Lapis, petting the back of Yumi's head. "Maybe M-Mommy should give y—aaah!"

The orgasm caught her by surprise this time. She'd been slowly building in pleasure, staring at Yumi as those plump, perfect lips sucked one of her fingers.

Then Yumi had looked her in the eyes, given a coy smile, and planted a long, wet kiss on Lapis's palm. The feeling of her lips sensuously caressing her skin had been heavenly, but it had been the eyes that had taken Lapis over.

The pleasure sent Lapis's mind numb, and the next thing she knew, she was clutching at Yumi, giving the succcubus free access to kiss over her neck, her breasts, her nipples. Yumi eagerly obliged, making happy little sounds as her lips smacked tenderly along Lapis's neck.

And Lapis kept cumming. She was a mess, writhing and trembling in Yumi's lap, clutching the succubus tightly. But although she held the succubus within her embrace, as she had held so many good girls and boys here before, there... there was a strange feeling in Lapis's chest.

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