tagLoving WivesPretty Boy and The Beast

Pretty Boy and The Beast


This is a silly story. I took a break from another story that I am working on. I wrote this in one day. My fingers are swollen. I hope you enjoy it.

Word of warning, unlike my previous writing, there are a lot of erotic scenes in this story. They are probably poorly written, too.



None of this real, it is all made up in my twisted imagination.


Man, I was beat. I'm ready to lay my head down at my hotel, when suddenly my boss calls me and tells me to be back at corporate by eight am. So, I've got to arrange a redeye flight back, pack up my room and hit the airport. By the time I do all that, it is too late to call my wife and tell her I'm coming home, without waking the kids.

So I had the cab drop me off in front of the house. I was trying to sneak in without waking my two children. Funny, the whole house is dark except for light coming from our bedroom. Normally, we keep a few nightlights on for the kids, in case they go wandering.

My wife's voice. "Baby, are you ready to go again already?"

Man's voice. "Sheila, you always turn me on, but how about sucking on it a bit, to get it extra hard."

I felt my stomach, disintegrate. My kids were almost certainly out of the house and probably at my in-laws, since they stayed over there frequently. From those words, my wife is obviously having an affair. And she has so little respect for me, that they're having sex in our marital bed.

What to do, what to do. Grandpa and Grandma who sacrificed so much to raise me, said to always stay cool. Deep breaths, I owed it to them, not to blow this. I've got a bad temper that I keep behind locked doors. Grandpa said I inherited it from him. He told me how it nearly ruined his life, and he didn't want that to happen to me.

Okay, my marriage is over. Don't go for vengeance, try to get evidence. I pulled my new smart phone from my pocket. One of the subsidiaries, that the corporation I work for owns, is trying to break into the smart phone business. As a result of my job, I was given one to use and test. It has an extremely sharp camera and microphone built in. It also has the ability to record directly to a standard USB memory stick, which gives it a lot, more storage potential.

I quietly set my bags down and pulled a modified 16 gigabyte stick from my briefcase. The stick had been modified with basically a nine volt battery. That way the phones own battery wasn't drained while recording.

I crept up to the open door way, remaining in the shadows of the dark house and started to record my wife, Sheila and my neighborhood friend, Mark Grossberg. They only had the bed side light on, but my phone, had no problems with the light conditions.

Sheila had stopped sucking his cock. She had stopped sucking mine, years ago, and she was spread eagled on the bed while Mark pounded into her. She was making sounds of pleasure and running her hands down Mark's chest.

"Come on slut, tell me. Do I give it to you better than your pretty boy husband?"

"You do me so good, baby. So much better than Steve, I've got to have your cock."

"Are you my slut?" He gave her a couple of extra hard pushes with his groin.

"Yes, baby. I'm your SLuuuut." Sheila groaned out.

Boy, this wasn't helping my pride at all. I better have DNA tests done on the kids and make sure that they're mine. I took a deep breath and kept on recording. Maybe I should have plugged my phone into the wall outlet, before starting, well too late now.

"What about Dan Simmons, am I fucking you better than Danny boy?" Keep calm, keep calm, Dan is or was my best friend. Shit, deep breaths Steve, you can do it. Don't let Mr. Hyde take over, don't let the beast out. I was no longer consciously paying attention to what they were saying. But suddenly my brain heard something that broke my control and I was striding into the room.

Sheila was screaming and Mark was coming off the bed towards me. I snapped the phone closed and the beast was loose.

When I came to, I was just a passenger in my own body. I had Mark pressed up against the wall, with one hand around his throat. I think I was holding him up, about a foot from the floor. Well the beast has always been strong and I do work out. With my other hand I was slapping his face, back and forth. I was roaring at him. Every time he thought to disagree with me, I would tighten and release my hand around his throat.



He was crying and blubbering. Mark was an ex-jock, and constantly made a big deal, about his college football career. It wasn't that big of a college. The beast had seemingly completely terrorized him. I wonder what the beast did before I woke up?

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You'll never see me again. I'll move. I'll move far away. I promise you, I promise you."

"TONIGHT, NOT TOMMORROW, NOT NEXT WEEK. TONIGHT, BEGONE BEFORE DAWN! YOU FILTH!" The beast threw him in the direction of the bedroom door and he took off running, naked.

Sheila was cowering in the corner. The beast snarled at her. "Come here." I was thoroughly amazed with what was happening. It was like watching a movie, I had no control. Every other time the beast had broken loose, four times in all, I had almost no memory of events.

"COME HERE!" She crawled across the floor and onto the corner of the bed, nearest me.

"I'm so sorry, Steve. I'm so sorry, Steve. I will......"

"Shut up," the beast snarled. "Are you sorry about the times with Danny, too?" Sheila flinched. Hmmm, when I talked I seemed to be spitting blood on her face. Didn't feel any pain, though.

"I wonder for how long and with how many, have you been nothing but a slut." The beast roughly grabbed her hair and pulled her face inches, from my own. He eyes were wide open with terror.

"Please, I'm so sorry. Don't hurt me. I'm so sorry."

"You cheating CUNT. You have defiled this house. You defiled this bedroom. You have desecrated this bed. You have betrayed your husband. You have betrayed your children."

I don't know how she could manage to look any worse, but she did it somehow. He eyes got bigger, her teeth started to chatter, and her face grew even paler. Man, the beast was on a roll, I mentally gave him a pat on the back. Then the freaky thing happened, he responded. I got this feeling that he would always look after me, whoa.

"You will pack up all your things and be out of this house by noon. You will take with you, all the furniture in this bedroom, especially this bed. You will leave everything of mine behind on the floor, neatly arranged. You will respect my belongings. Do you understand?"

"How will I do all that?"

"I don't really care. Maybe you can ask your brutish brothers that I've loaned so much money to?"

"BY NOON!" The beast roared.

"Yes by noon, I understand." Sheila shook and put her hands over her head shielding herself.

The beast took my body downstairs, and picked up my bags on the way out to my car. I noticed Mark seemed to be gone. He threw my bags into the trunk and put me in the driver's seat. At that point, I seemed to be back in control. I looked at myself in the rear view mirror. I had blood flowing from an obviously broken nose. Well, there went my good looks. I started my car and drove to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctors found I had a broken nose, two broken ribs and a possible concussion. I also had numerous bruises and even two minor stab wounds. They wanted to hospitalize me, but I refused since I had to be into work in two hours.

They also brought in the police. I told the police, that as far as I knew I was the victim, but I wasn't sure because I didn't remember much. I stated categorically, that I was the most severely injured in whatever happened. And I stated, that the other involved party was so lightly injured that they had not opted for a hospital visit. That was obviously true, since I didn't see Mark in the emergency room.

They did a records check on me and I came up completely clean. I'm a long time local resident and I work for one the areas more successful companies. The last is what did the trick and why they let me go.

The officer interviewing me, has a sister that works for the same company. He asked me, if I knew her, and I did. I told him, how I had to get into work, for an emergency that I was called back for. With the way the economy is, public officials and servants, don't want to do anything that might hurt a major employer without good reason. They had my name and address, they decided to trust me for now and I wasn't delayed any further.

I had keys to the company headquarters and I let myself in. I also let myself into my boss's office. Audrey Hammer was vice president and my boss. More importantly her office had a full bathroom with shower and a couch. I took a shower, cleaned myself up as neat as possible and went to sleep. Now here is the funny thing, I still wasn't feeling any pain.


I pulled into my parking space and I was happy to see Steve's car already there. I kept on sending him out as my ace troubleshooter. He was grossly underpaid and underappreciated by the corporation. I was getting close to being able to do something about it. But it would mean a showdown with my older brothers. We had equally inherited the company from our parents. They being older and men, they thought they deserved the two top positions. It was getting quite tiring having to work around and over them, to keep the corporation successful.

Looking into Steve's office, I noticed that he wasn't at his desk. I continued on to my own, hoping that he had coffee made. My office door was already unlocked and I strode in. Steve's luggage was on the floor and he was sleeping on my couch. I walked over, wondering what time he got in. If he was really asleep, that would give me a chance to stare at his face, a guilty pleasure that I could never fully indulge.

Steve is one of the most beautiful men that I've ever seen in my life. In movies or soap operas that I've watched, there are gorgeous male executives or doctors that are portrayed. Steve actually is that gorgeous and he doesn't even seem to realize it. Me on the other hand, I'm five years older, my hair is going prematurely gray, I don't have time to exercise and I look fifty instead of thirty-five. People have never called me beautiful or even pretty, but at least they haven't called me ugly.

I walked over to the couch and looked down. I gasped; his face was purple and black with bruises. There was some kind of metal splint thingy, around his nose and taped to his head. I knelt down, by the couch and touched his shoulder. His eyes came suddenly open and for a moment he appeared very frightening. But then his face, took on his normal gentle expression.

"Hey, Audrey, look at what the cat dragged in."

"Steve, what happened to you?"

"Well, let's put it this way. I came home, hoping to surprise my wife. And boy was I surprised. Do you know of any good divorce attorneys?"

"Yes, actually I do." I knew the best divorce attorney in town, Heather Alexander. She was my old roommate in college and she owed me. I called her cell phone.

"Good morning Heather, it is Audrey. I need your help Heather. One my assistants and good friends, needs a divorce lawyer. Do you have time this morning?......... I appreciate it Heather, see you soon." She didn't have time, but she would make it for me.

"Now Steve what happened?"

"Audrey, we've got a lot of work to do, today. How about you sit in, while I talk to your friend, that way I don't have to go through things twice, okay?"

"Alright Steve, but I want to hear the full story." Steve was the best executive assistant that I could possibly hope for. I don't know, if he knew, how much I relied on him. This job would frankly be unbearable if he wasn't here.


Audrey and I worked for nearly an hour trying to fix the latest mess her brothers had made. I swear this company would be twice as successful if they would just drop dead.

Heather showed up, and I told her my story. I had to lie about the beast though, I didn't want them to think I was nuts. I told them that I didn't remember much and was kind of blacked out with rage. I showed them my home movie. I now know, what tripped my circuit breaker back in the house.

At one point, Mark asked. "Are you so much my slut, that you would rather fuck me than take care of your kids?" Sheila replied. "I'm your slut, I'm your slut. Fuck me, fuck my kids. I don't give a shit about them. Fuck your slut. Fuck your sluuuut!"

Heather and Audrey were completely shocked. I think I growled.

"Heather, I would like as much as I can get. I would really, really like full custody of my children. You can sacrifice all of our assets to do it. I don't want to pay alimony, though. Right now, I think my kids are at my in-laws. I would like something, so that I can get immediate visitation."

"Steve I'll do the best that I can for you, but even with this full custody might be difficult. Your wife might say, that she only said that, in the heat of the moment. I'll draw up some preliminary divorce papers and have them ready. Give my card to your wife and have her attorney, contact me. Try and stay cool. No matter the provocation. You've probably made one mistake already, don't make another. Understand?" She looked at me seriously.

"I'm sorry Heather. I just completely lost control. I'll try and stay cool. Thank you for representing me. Audrey says you're the best."

Audrey and Heather exchanged a few private words and Heather left. The two of us worked for a couple of hours, when suddenly I started to get unbelievably nervous.

I finally figured out, what was going on. It was getting close to noon and the Beast wanted to make sure, that Sheila was moved out. I had been planning to let her stay in the house. But the Beast had other ideas. Not only did he seem to be out of his locked room, there was no longer a room to lock him into anymore. Oh, shit.

"Audrey there is something personal that I need to take care of. It should only last an hour or two. I'm sorry, but could I leave? I'll be back as quickly as I can."

"No problem, Steve. You've helped me a lot, and we've got an excellent start on the problem. But be back, as quick as you can."

I ran out to my car, as quickly as I could. I was afraid, that if I didn't keep the Beast happy, that he would just take control again.

When I pulled up to my house, there was a rental truck and Sheila's two brothers. They were caring the mattress out of the house. There were also two police cars and three officers. I came out of my car with my notebook computer in hand. The cops were quickly walking in my direction. I set the computer up on the hood of my car and prepared my movie.

"Officers, I will stand here quietly but there is a recording, I would really like to show you. It is about what happened last night. Please may I?"

"You're Steve Blaine, husband of Sheila?" The lady police sergeant, asked quite firmly.

"Yes, I am Sergeant. And I promise to answer all your questions, to the best of my ability. If you will just watch this recording, please?"

It looked like they were ready to put handcuffs on me. But while the sergeant had a gruff appearance, she had some wonderful eyes that hinted at a lot of empathy.

"All right Mr. Blaine. We'll watch your recording. But you stay right here, quietly."

"My word on it, Sergeant."

Well I started the movie and played the sound loud so they could hear it. I think even a few of my neighbors heard it too. A lot of them were standing outside to watch the show. When it got towards the end and Sheila said. "Fuck me, fuck my kids. I don't give a shit about them." Sheila must have been able to hear it too, because she dropped a drawer she was caring.

We all looked over, at the noise and saw her picking up things and putting them back in the drawer. I saw something that I didn't like.

"Sergeant, I just saw my wife. Pick up a bag, full of white powder and put it back into the drawer."

"I saw the same thing Mr. Blaine." She starts to run towards my wife and she calls for the other officers to follow her.

I remembered something that I had seen in the movie and not really thought about. I replayed it to a particular point and zoomed in. Pictured on the nightstand, was a small mirror with white lines of powder on it. I walked half way over to the sergeant. Who was having a firm discussion with my wife. I called one of the other officers over and showed him what my notebook had revealed.

He called the sergeant over and showed her. She walked back to my wife and put her in handcuffs. Sheila was crying and blubbering away. Her brothers stood looking on in shock. The sergeant yelled at them to finish their job. The two other officers got in the car with my wife and drove off.

"Sergeant what just happened?"

"Your wife has been arrested for drug possession. That powder was probably cocaine, but we will test it to make sure."

"What about my kids, when can I see them?" I had a frantic look on my face.

"Where are they?" She had a very concerned look and tone.

"Probably at my in-laws house, about five miles from here."

"They are your kids; your wife is in police custody. If I were you, I would just go and get them, if you want them?" She gave me a funny look.

"Want them. Of course, I want them. I love them. But what if there is trouble? I don't want an ugly scene happening in front of my two babies."

The sergeant's funny look cleared up and she looked almost relieved. "Tell you what. These guys are almost done. I'll stay here with you until they are. Then I will follow you over to your in-laws. There won't be any violence. But while we are standing here, I want a full statement regarding your injuries, okay?"

"What ever you want."

"I came home, to find my wife and Mark Grossberg having sex. I decided to record it, for evidence. When my wife said that terrible thing about our children, I blacked out. The next thing I know, I'm yelling at my wife to be out of the house by noon. I left the house and went to the hospital. I don't know how, I got injured and I don't know if I injured Mark Grossberg." I happened to have the paperwork from the hospital in my pocket. It listed my injuries. I gave it to the sergeant. She looked at it and whistled.

"Aren't you in any pain?"

"That is the really strange thing, not a bit. I know it is going to kick in sooner or later. And I'm not really looking forward to it. Do you know, that you have the nicest eyes?" I seemed to be a bit dizzy.

She looked at me strangely and quickly helped me lean against her squad car.

"Maybe I should take you to the hospital?"

"I'm just tired, only two hours of sleep. I got to get my kids and get back to work. We've got a day care center at work, so it will be okay."

"All right, but I will drive you to your in-laws."

"Anything you say."

My soon to be ex-brothers-in-law finally finished, and I locked up the house and got in the squad car.

During the drive to my in-laws, the sergeant had some suggestions. "If I was you, I would get a temporary custody order for your children, and an injunction against your wife forbidding her access to the family home or your children. Right now, with her in jail, you're in the driver's seat, use this time to your best advantage."

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