tagGroup SexPretty Damned Good

Pretty Damned Good

byGrey Eagle 286©

He sat on the stern of the beautiful fifty five foot motor yacht in a deck chair soaking up some rays. He wore nothing but a pair of ragged cut off jeans and deck shoes. A battered camo field hat was pulled low over the brown eyes. He watched as they walked down the dock. They had caught his eye when they exited the waterside restaurant and stood looking down the docks at the boats. He was surprised when they came down the steps and walked slowly down the docks. From a distance he could see they were very attractive. Their little summer dresses fluttered around their legs as their high heeled sandals clicked on the wooden dock. He did not move as they neared the yacht. They looked at him as they passed and whispered to each other as they went on down the dock. They were both in their low to mid thirties he guessed. The yacht was in a slip moored with it's stern to the dock.

When they were well past he rose from the chair and entered the cabin. He walked forward and climbed into the wheel house. He picked up a pair of powerful binoculars and watched the women move up the dock. They were almost to the end of the dock. They stood and appeared to talk for a moment, then turned and started back. He put down the binoculars and went down through the cabin to the stern. Before he stepped out he reached down and pulled down on the crotch of his cut-offs. They had gotten a little snug as he watched the pretty women.

He was back in his chair when he heard their heels on the dock. He heard them stop and he could not resist looking up.

They stood looking at him. He smiled, tipped his hat, and said, "Good afternoon ladies." They smiled back and one asked if they could come aboard and talk to him.

"Of course, Welcome aboard! Here give me your hand. He reached and steadied the first girl down the steps to the deck. The next girl put her purse over her shoulder and gave him both hands. When she was safely down he looked down at them from his six foot two inch advantage and grinned at them. "I love your high heels, but they mark the teak decks and it takes many hours of hand sanding to get the marks out. So please remove them. I see neither of you are wearing hose, I have some flip flops you can wear if you like."

"I think we will be fine bare footed. It really feels good after several hours in these heels."

"Would you ladies like to step in the salon and have something to drink while we talk? The air conditioning is on in there."

"Oh, yes that sounds great, we are perspiring a little. It must be in the high eighties."

They entered the salon and found a large tastefully furnished room. He motioned them to a seating arrangement and asked, "Water, Pop or Bud?" The girls both asked for beers. He opened a refrigerator and withdrew three Buds. He turned and handed them each one. He sat beside the brunette and smiled, "What can I do to help you ladies?"

The girl in the blue sun dress, smiled at him and said, "We came by here yesterday and there was an older gentleman here and we asked about chartering the boat for a day or evening. He said he couldn't help us but to come back today and the owner would be here. Is he aboard?"

"Yes, he is. It might be hard to persuade him to move this old tub though. He is mighty cantankerous and cranky when he is disturbed."

"You call this beautiful boat an old tub? I have been around boats all my life and I know a well maintained and loved boat when I see one. I'll bet it would pass a white glove inspection even in the bilges."

"Sweetheart, you are right about that. They call me "PD". What are your names?"

The woman with the light brown hair smiled and said "I am Amy and my beautiful friend is Martha. We are in town for a class reunion at UM. We wanted to charter a boat to take a bunch of our sorority sisters out in Biscayne Bay for a cruise and maybe a simple dinner. Do you think the owner would be interested?"

"He might be persuaded by two such lovely girls, the problem is that he has no crew. The older man you talked to yesterday was the Captain and he just left on a months vacation. The owner is here alone. He would have to really hump to run the boat, cook a meal and serve it, then clean up afterwards. A crew would be hard to find this time of year. Most are busy."

"We could crew for him, Martha and I both have experience on boats, and we would cater the meal so there would be no preparation and we will clean up. Could we come back and talk to the owner?"

"Where are you staying?"

"We are staying at my parents' home in the Grove."

"I'll tell you what. If the two of you will find time to take a test cruise with the old grouch, to see how handy you are on a boat, he might be persuaded to go for it. Would that work for you?"

"Oh! Yes, Tell us when, we will be here."

"What are you doing the rest of the day today?"

"Well, nothing important, but by the time we go home and change it will be late."

"Not a problem, come with me." He rose and they followed him to a smaller cabin. It was the master stateroom. He opened a drawer and removed several bathing suits. He placed them on the queen sized bunk, there were bikinis and one piece suits. He opened another drawer and pulled out a number of T-shirts and shorts.

"Try these on and see if anything fits, there are some Terry robes in that hanging locker you can use if you need them." He walked out and closed the door. The girls looked at each other. "Wow, what a hunk, did you see the size of the bulge in his shorts. He is yummie."

"I hope the owner is that good looking, then I know we could persuade him to let us crew."

"Look at these suits, they are cute, I think they are one size fits all. These one piece jobs are the ones you tan through, they are all sexy. I am going to put on a bikini, this little yellow one is darling. Maybe I can get him to bulge those cutoffs a little more. I'll wear a T-shirt and try these little shorts too. I will see if there is a hanger or two for our dresses in this locker. Oh! Look at this." She pointed to a uniform in the locker, it was a Marine uniform with several rows of ribbons and flyers wings above the breast pocket. There were gold oak leaves on the shoulders.

"Wonder who that belongs to. Let's go meet the owner."

When they reached the salon they heard the engines rumble to life. They heard them growl as someone gave them a burst of throttle then let them idle. The found their way forward and up to the pilot house. PD stood at the controls.

"Here we are," piped Amy, "we are ready, where is the owner?"

PD smiled and said, "What you see, is what you get. I am the owner, the old grouch. Now we will see what you know. Single up all the lines."

He was pleasantly surprised to see them go down on deck and undo the lines that held the vessel in the slip. They removed all the doubled lines and looked to him for further instructions. He called for them to take in the spring lines that kept the boat from moving back and forward in the slip. They responded perfectly.

"Place the bow lines on the hooks on the bow pilings," he yelled. "Now the stern lines," he called. The girls felt the boat move slowly forward and glide out of the slip. They heard the engines rumble as he maneuvered the tight turn by backing one engine and going forward on the other as they cleared the dock. He turned and smiled at each of them and yelled "Come on up." They hurried up and stood beside him. He grinned. "You guys are good. I think we can go back now." He laughed at the disappointed looks on their faces.

"Only kidding, we will take a little ride, the old gal needs to be run a little. This feels great, I haven't been out in eighteen months, I love this. And with the most gorgeous crew I have ever had."

Amy brushed against his arm and asked why he hadn't been out for so long.

"Been in Iraq," he replied, "Just got back last night. This old girl is my home."

"How wonderful, I love boats," said Martha.

"I do too," said Amy, "Martha and I crewed for her Dad on his big sailboat all through college. We love to sail too. We haven't been on very many stinkpots," she grinned.

"Stinkpots," he growled, "humph, this sweet old lady is not a stinkpot. She is a lovely old girl."

"I didn't mean it Sir, she is a beauty."

Martha said that she would like to get some sun. Amy said she wanted some too. Where could they lay down and bask a bit. PD pointed to cushions on the bow seats and the two went forward. The girls took off the shirts and shorts and lay on the cushions. PD gulped and found his shorts getting too tight again. Martha reached back and unfastened her bra and removed it. Amy did the same, now PD was having a real problem. He pulled down on the crotch of the shorts and got little relief. Amy rolled on to her back and her bare breasts were magnificent. They were tan on the sides but paler where her top had been. Her nipples stood out. He gulped again and rubbed the bulge in his shorts. He didn't know how he was going to stand this. Then Martha rolled over, she was as beautiful as Amy. Slightly smaller breasts but they appeared to be very firm and pointed straight up without a noticeable sag. He was in real pain now and he throttled back the engines and took them out of gear. The girls jumped up and hurried back to the helm. He was turning to go below when they said, "What's wrong."

PD grimaced and said, "I haven't been with a woman in eighteen months, You are the sexiest things I have ever seen, I have a raging hard on and these shorts are killing me." Amy looked at his crotch and said, "Here silly man, let me help you." She started unbuttoning his cut offs. When she got the last button she yanked down as hard as she could. His erection sprang out and up. It was about ten inches long and very thick.

"OH! It's beautiful, look at what I found Martha, look at this."

"Wow, I knew he had a big bulge but that is magnificent. How does it taste?"

"I don't know yet but it looks good, let me lick that little drip oozing out. Mmmmmmm. Wow! I can barely get the head in my mouth. You have a bigger mouth, you try."

PD said "Wait, we are in the middle of the bay. Let me run down and drop the anchor and we can go below and get comfortable." The girls agreed and watched as he hurried forward with his cock swinging back and forth as he walked to the bow. It was only a moment before they heard the anchor chain rattle and the boat swung into the wind. He hurried into the salon to find them both removing the bikini bottoms. Amy said, "On the bed?"

PD nodded and they ran for the bed in the stateroom. He flopped on the bed the girls right behind him. Amy looked at him and asked "Are you a Marine?"

He gasped, "Yes."

Amy said "I thought so, Martha it is our patriotic duty to relieve this poor man's condition. Let's fuck his brains out."

"You are quite right."

"Please girls, both of you lay back and let me feast my eyes on you. God, but you are beautiful. Let me kiss and suck your tits. Mmmm. That is wonderful. I want to feel Martha and suck on Amy. Now the other way around. You both are fantastic. Don't rub my cock too much dearest Amy. I will cum in a second. I am so horny I could toot." Amy slid down and gently stroked his shaft. He groaned and moaned.

"Please let me get inside you before I cum." He slid back and down between Amy's legs. She grasped him and slid the head of is cock up and down the lips of her wet vulva. He pressed forward and she felt the rim of the glans pop inside her. He pulled back out until only the tip was in contact with her. Then he slowly pushed back in. Amy grabbed his hips and pulled him forward, 'More, deeper,' she moaned, "it is so big, so good, I love it. Wow! What a cock. Martha I can't wait for you to try it, but not right now, I can't get enough." PD began to thrust against her. His cock seemed to go further in on each stroke. Amy was being rocked by orgasm after orgasm. Her head flopped to one side and her mouth worked like a fish out of water. She was saying, "Yess, yes, yessss over and over." Martha watched her and kissed her on the lips softly. She opened her eyes an smiled blissfully. Then screamed for joy. PD stroked faster. Martha slipped down and saw his balls drawn up under his shaft. She reached up and gently caressed them. He stiffened and jerked and flooded Amy with shot after shot of his sperm. His thrusts slowed, then stopped. He fell over on his side breathing hard, gasping for air. He turned to Amy and pulled her over and kissed her gently, his tongue probing for hers. It was a deep passionate kiss. "Thank you, that was wonderful."

"Oh! No, thank you. That was by far my best ever. I have never felt any thing like that. I want it again."

"Me too!"

"Hey! You guys, wait for me." Cried Martha "I want some too!"

"Let me rest a little," moaned PD, "I want you too, girl. Come and give me a kiss. I won't be long recovering. Let me kiss your pussy, Martha and I should be ready soon." He slipped down between Martha's legs and softly brushed his tongue over her outer lips. His searching tongue found her large clit. It was erect and pulsing like a little cock. He sucked it into his mouth and swirled his wet tongue around and around it. She jerked and quivered like a bowl of jello. He ran his tongue up and down her slit and laved the clit again. Then he pressed his face hard into her pussy and rammed his tongue as far in her as it would go. Then he flipped the end of his tongue as fast as he could. Martha let out a howl. PD pulled back and said, "did I hurt you?"

"Hell no, fuck me with that tongue. Oh, yess. That's it. My God, are you hard yet, I need a big cock right now, Please." PD crawled up over her and slipped his big cock right in her to the hilt. He spread her legs with his hands and his powerful back rocked as he pushed in and out. Martha was keening deep in her throat. Throwing her head from side to side. PD was breathing harder and harder and he growled that he was about to come. Martha locked her legs around him and screamed as loud as she could. PD collapsed on top of her and she rained kisses on his face.

"Thank you, PD, thank you, that was fan damn tastic. Will you marry me?"

Amy laughed, "Sweetie, you are already married."

"Oh! I forgot."

PD said, "Let me get us something to drink, I have most every thing you could want, what would you like."

Amy smiled, "I would like a Captain Morgan and water, please, if you have it. PD smiled and said, " That's my favorite too. What will you have Martha."

She said, "I'll make it easy, give me the same." Martha and Amy disappeared into the head but were out when he returned with the drinks.

Amy looked at PD and asked if he was married. He replied that he was divorced. Amy smiled and said, "Me too."

PD shook his head, "How did any fool let you get away? I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, sorry Martha, you are second." Martha laughed and said, "Her husband was a handsome hunk. He fell in love with another guy."


Amy said, "We saw your uniform, are you a pilot in the Marine Corps?"

"I was. I just resigned. I have had enough. I miss my old boat. I don't have to work. So I am going to putt up and down the coast, at least that was my plan."

"By your self?" asked Amy.

"Would you like to go?"

"This is crazy, but yes, I would love it."

PD looked at Martha.

"I would love to go, but I can't. I am married and I have a little boy I love more than anything. Tell me where and I will meet you guys anywhere for a few days."

Amy smiled at Martha and softly said, "I will miss you Dearest. She looked at PD and said, I don't even know your real name."

He laughed, "I don't know yours either. I promise that I will be good to you. I can do that because that is my name."

"What is your name?"

"Good! P.D. Good. Pretty Damned Good."

"Yes you are. Is that really your name?"

"Not really, Peter Davidson Good. Is my real name. Everyone calls me PD, including my Mom and Dad. The Marines call me Good, Peter D.. I got kidded about that a lot so, I just use PD."

"PD, have you got another hard on?"

"Un huh, I do. I can't sit here looking at the two most beautiful girls in the world, who don't have a stitch of clothing on, with a softy for long. Why don't you girls lay back and I will eat both of you."

Martha said, "Amy, he didn't suck your pussy did he. His tongue is almost as good as his cock. Really wonderful."

Amy shuddered and said, Wow! I feel what you mean. Why don't you go some where and take a nap or something, I will wake you later."

"No way! Oh! Here he is now, Oh! My, my, I think I'll get a divorce too." PD alternated back and forth between then until they both were having continuous orgasms from his mouth and his fingers. Amy shrieked, "Stop now, and fuck me. I am flooding and want to feel you way up in me. Oh! God I love the way you make love." Martha watched as he moved into her friend. She kissed Amy and moved up and kissed PD as he worked his cock in and out then started a circular motion with his hips. Amy went out of control. "I love it, I love it, I love it," she screamed, "God, how I love it. Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me deep."

PD pulled out of Amy and pushed Martha back and crawled between her legs. She was very wet and he slipped right in. He started a long slow stroke and she began to moan, and whimper. He increased the speed a little and she started her orgasms, one after the other. He was sweating heavily now. Martha said "Roll us over and let me do some of the work. They rolled over without separating. Martha said, "Honey, sit on his face and kiss me. Amy moved over him and felt his tongue lap up her juices, she heard him say, "Mmmmm, good."

That brought an instant rush of feeling and she had a blast of pleasure she had never known before. She fell over beside PD as Martha bounced on his cock. Martha asked Amy if she was alright and she said she was. Martha said "I think he is about to shoot his load, get ready to help me suck him off." Martha moved out and down and took his pulsing cock in her hand, she put it to her lips and reached to pull Amy's mouth along side her's, their mouths moved up and down over his cock, he grunted that he was cumming. Amy put her mouth down over the top of his glans and felt him explode in her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could and he filled her whole mouth. She quickly put her mouth to Martha's and passed what she thought was half to her friend. She sat up and looked down at him and showed him her mouth full of his cum, she smiled and swallowed it. Martha swallowed too.

"God you two are hot. I never knew such pleasure before. Thank, you both."

"OH! Martha, you were wonderful. Peter, you have raised my pleasure to heights I have ever known before. Can we stay here on the boat with you until Martha goes home in a week?"

"What will you tell your family?" PD asked.

"Please, can we?" Martha wanted to know. "We will think of something."

"Does one of you have a cell phone so Amy can call home. We don't want anyone worrying about you guys for nothing. We don't have to go back to the dock until tomorrow, if you want. I have plenty of food and Captain Morgan. Lot's of Bud too! We could stay out for a week or two. Maybe I could kidnap the two of you and never go back.

"Hey, we thought the same thing about kidnapping you."

"Where does Martha live? We could take her home by boat."

Not much chance of that, I live in West By God Virginia, near Charleston."


Amy went into the salon to find her purse and call home. PD looked at Martha and grinned. "I think I am falling in love with Amy."

"You could not ever do better, I love her too. I really do. I think you would be good for her, no pun intended, she is talented , generous and loving, beautiful inside and out, and a really fine cook. I have known her for many years, we grew up together. She is the sweetest girl I have ever known, I have never seen her act like she did today, she is usually shy and timid around guys. You must have really turned her on. I have never seen her have sex before, I have always been the wild one. Oh! Here she is now, I was telling PD what a dull, unattractive clod you are. He just told me he knew a good eye doctor."

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