tagGay MalePretty Emo Boys Kissing Ch. 02

Pretty Emo Boys Kissing Ch. 02


"I want to kiss you again."

Jamie was driving Adrian home after the band practice, since his mom wouldn't let him get a car. Besides, it was one of the best things in the world, sitting in the front seat, messing with the music, bullshitting about life or sitting in happy silence. Adrian's begging for a car was no more than the obligatory, because he didn't want to give that up and drive alone.

They'd been sitting in silence for quite a while, listening to Blink, when Jamie said the words.

Adrian took a double-take. "What?" he said.

"Jesus," Jamie said. "No reason to get all weird about it. I just liked kissing you, before. And I want to do it again. We're best friends, right? And it's been, like, months since either of us had a girlfriend. I'm just saying."

Adrian found the lights brightening up the street suddenly very fascinating.

"I mean, it's not like we're gonna join the Gay-Straight Alliance or anything," Jamie said.

Adrian clutched at the subject of the Gay-Straight Alliance, a familiar life preserver in the ocean of confusion Jamie's desire to kiss him had abruptly dropped him in. "Yeah," he said. "They're here, they're queer, fine, nobody cares. Shut up about it already."

"Yeah," Jamie said.

The next thirty seconds that followed were easily the most awkward thirty seconds of Adrian's life. He was pretty sure that no experience would ever beat that thirty seconds, unless maybe his recurring dream of showing up naked in math class turned out to be prophetic.

Finally, Adrian cleared his throat. "Um," he said. "I'dliketokissyoutoo."

"What?" Jamie said too quickly.

"I would like to kiss you too," Adrian said. "Um, if you haven't changed your mind, I mean. In the last minute."

Silence. Then Jamie sighed in relief. Adrian hadn't realized Jamie had been holding his breath.

"'Kay," he said. "But I'm still straight," he added, apparently to prevent any confusion on that score. "I still like girls, yeah? It's just, like, physical. Two buddies blowing off steam."

"Yeah," Adrian said, the awkwardness diminishing by the moment.

"And there's not going to be any of that romance shit," Jamie said. "No hand-holding, no roses, no fucking long walks on sandy beaches in moonlight. Just—kissing."

Adrian nodded along. "I mean, even Pete has kissed guys. Gay above the waist and all."

Jamie momentarily grinned at the mention of his hero. Then he deflated. "Yeah, but he got married to Ashlee Simpson. What was he thinking?"

(Jamie was very depressed when he'd heard about Pete Wentz getting married, almost as depressed as the legion of Fall Out Boy fangirls infesting the hallways of their high school. He felt it was giving up the few shreds of punk credibility Fall Out Boy still possessed. Besides, it made it far more embarrassing for him to admit that he owned every one of their songs and had once driven three hours to go to their concert.)

But before Jamie got off on the topic of Pete's marital choices, a rant which could and had easily lasted until he dropped Adrian off, Adrian said, "So. Um. Are we going to do this now?"

"Yeah. I guess so." Jamie bit his lip. "Your parents home?"

"Yeah," Adrian said after a moment's thought. "My mom's cleaning the house. Dusting the tables, washing the walls, making sure the garbage can is clean enough to eat off of..."

"... tossing my invaluable signed Fall Out Boy shirt..."

Adrian rolled his eyes. "Listen, that was one time. And my mom apologized!"

"Three hours, Adrian. Three hours. And I don't even get to keep it for five minutes before your mom goes on a cleaning binge!"

It was an old and familiar argument, and Adrian enjoyed falling into his usual part. "You shouldn't crash at my place if you don't want my mom to go all Dirt Nazi on your ass."

"Invaluable." Jamie hit his palm against the wheel and accidentally honked. "Uh. Sorry?" he yelled out the window.

"Anyway," Adrian said. "My house is completely off limits."

"Why?" Jamie said. "She'd freak out?"

Adrian's lips tightened. "She'd be very supportive and say, 'oh, I knew all along,' and, like, buy books called 'Understanding Your Gay Child.' You know, she caught me stealing my sister's jeans once, and I got understanding conversations about how she accepted me no matter what gender I chose to identify as for months."

Jamie was snickering.

"It was not funny," Adrian said indignantly. "I kept finding copies of Boys Don't Cry left casually around the house."

Jamie didn't even have the grace to look guilty. "God save us from understanding parents," he said. Then he burst into another fit of snickers.

"Dude, watch the road," Adrian said. "I don't particularly want to die before the making out part."

"Eh, God likes me," Jamie said.

"You're an atheist," Adrian said, lifting one eyebrow.

"So?" Jamie said. "Seems to me God ought to do His job regardless of what religion I am."

Adrian sighed and merely counted his blessings that Jamie hadn't decided to become an obsessed fan of The Killers and convert to Mormonism.

"So," Jamie said, "are we going to do this thing?"

"Yeah," Adrian said.

Jamie veered wildly over four lanes of traffic.

"Jamie, you almost hit someone!"

"It's a pedestrian, it knows the risks it's taking."

Adrian reconsidered the advantages of having his own car.

Finally, the car came to a rest in a slightly creepy darkened and abandoned parking lot.

"So," Adrian said.

"Yeah," Jamie said.

"Um," Adrian said.

"Well," Jamie said.

"Right," Adrian said.

"I guess we should kiss now?" Jamie said.

"Uhhuh," Adrian said.

They continued to stare at each other.

"Ah, fuck this," Jamie said, grabbed the back of Adrian's head and smooshed his face into his.

Um. Wow.

He went from zero to hard in about three seconds.

If the kiss was good the first time, Adrian didn't even know what this was. Because last time he'd kind of gotten lost in the sensation—it was the only way to avoid that whole 'I'm kissing my best friend' thing—but this time he was totally aware of how good it felt, of every little turn-on involved in the whole process.

Jamie was warm and wet and tasted like mint mouthwash and, wow, someone had been planning this. Their lips met and pulled back and met again. Jamie's hand ran through his hair. He remembered Jamie's lip-biting thing and sucked the lip into his mouth, nibbling on it a little.

Jamie moaned and pulled away. "Backseat," he said. "Now."

Adrian couldn't agree more. They pushed their way awkwardly into the backseat, stealing kisses in the five seconds, not bearing to be apart for the five seconds necessary to do so.

This time they were side by side. There was still the kissing thing, but it was so much better, because Adrian could feel Jamie's entire warm body pressed against him, his skinny pale legs and skinnier paler chest, could feel the zipper of Jamie's hoodie against his shirt. Adrian reached up and started touching Jamie's hair. Jamie pulled away.

"Dude. Don't mess up my hair," Jamie said.

"Sorry," Adrian said.

But instead of returning immediately to the kissing, Jamie started pressing little kisses along Adrian's jaw and up to his ear. Each one of them felt like fire. When he reached the ear, Jamie started to lick it, cautiously at first, then with more enthusiasm, sucking in his earlobe, exploring the upper reaches of his ear and flicking Adrian's earring curiously with his tongue.

Adrian felt at this point that he needed to contribute something, but all his blood was in his cock so he didn't really have enough brain cells to say anything. "Ugh," he managed. "Umgah." Finally he managed to arrange his lips to form the words, "Yeah, that's—yeah."

He felt very accomplished.

Jamie abandoned his ear and continued his exploration downward, to Adrian's neck. He mouthed the part where his shoulder met his neck, brushing it with his teeth. He kissed up to Adrian's Adam's apple and licked that too.

Adrian at this point was a little pile of happy mush. Jamie could do whatever he wanted right now and Adrian would agree. Fuck him, give him a million dollars, maybe even go to another Fall Out Boy concert, although that was perhaps a bit excessive.

Then Jamie kissed his way back up and met Adrian's lips again. This was good, because it gave Adrian a chance to remember to breathe.

Adrian's hands were near Jamie's ass, so he started to reach up under his hoodie, stroking across Jamie's back and up, touching every inch of his back, more-or-less. Jamie shivered.

Jamie's hands snaked up the front of Adrian's shirt and found his nipples.

"Um," Adrian said into the kiss. "You do realize I'm not a girl, right? I don't have breasts."

"Sorry," Jamie said. "Habit."

Adrian was full of a sudden surge of jealousy that Jamie had been with enough girls to develop habits, instead of Adrian's general fumbling.

But Jamie's tongue was in his mouth, so the jealousy didn't last very long.

Then Jamie moved in closer, deepening the kiss, and Adrian could feel his hardon poking his stomach. It was kind of distressing how much that turned Adrian on.

"Um," Adrian said after a while, when they came up for air. "Are we going to, well—"

"Become gay below the waist?" Jamie suggested.

"Yeah," Adrian said.

Jamie's reaction was to grab at Adrian's tight jeans and attack the button. Unfortunately, 'rock-hard' was not a good state for attempting such difficult feats of manual dexterity as undoing a button, so after a frustrated minute Jamie gave up.

"Hey," Adrian said. "Maybe I can—" He scooted up a little so Jamie's erection was right next to his. Fortunately, this also put his neck in a place where Jamie could attend to it, which was excellent.

Adrian started to move his hips against Jamie's and, God, it was so good. He hadn't realized how much he'd needed the friction until he got it, until his head lolled back in blissed-out sensation, until his entire existence reduced to his hard throbbing dick. He heard whimpers and wasn't sure if they were his or Jamie's.

This was sex, sex through four layers of clothing but still sex, and Adrian thought he'd be freaked out by it if he wasn't so fucking turned on, but as it was he just shifted a little to get a better angle. Jamie clawed uselessly at his back with his stubby black-painted fingernails, his lips in a little O that was pure porn, then Adrian's eyes dropped closed.

Jamie's rhythm was going faster and faster and more and more erratic, his fingers digging into Adrian's ass so hard that Adrian was pretty sure there'd be bruises tomorrow, but he couldn't worry about that because it felt so good, because Jamie was hard against him and then fell back with a little whimper and Adrian was pretty sure he'd came, and then Adrian sped up a little, pumped a few more times and was paralyzed by waves and waves of goodgodfeelssogood.

When Adrian regained consciousness, he was warm and floaty. It felt like at any second he would leave the ground.

"Dude," Jamie said. "I'm going to have to get new boxers now."

It was true; Adrian's were sticky as well.

"I have to say," Adrian said, "this was one of your better ideas." But before Jamie got all stuck-up and cocky (and Adrian was immature enough to giggle inwardly at the word 'cocky'), Adrian added, "Not that there's much competition for the award."

Jamie hit him and once again they were normal friends after a band practice, without a care in the entire world, who absolutely had not just had the most mind-blowing sex of their entire lives.

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