tagErotic CouplingsPretty in White

Pretty in White


Day 8 out of 8


The sweet scent of the first summer night blew in through our bedroom window. The cool, gentle, breeze lightly swung the white curtains that were securely draped over the pane. Outside, only a bright golden square of light on the second floor boded someone was home. After a long week, the highly awaited start to the weekend was here. It had been an easy-going Friday for both of us and so there was time and energy to spare. The two propitious, essential, things needed to have a fun night.

Maria stood a few feet from the foot of the bed. Her long brown hair was tied in a ponytail and her fingernails were painted white. She posed in a pair of four inch platform heels. They were transparent see-through stripper shoes with thick soles in front, thin stiletto heels and a single vinyl band across the front. A very tight white cotton shirt with shoulder straps pressed against her perky breasts and slim figure. The shirt came down to her waist and scarcely covered her bare pussy. Aside from those two pieces of articles, there was nothing else she was wearing.

I sat on the bed, already naked and my cock fully erect.

"So, are we gonna get started or what?" She asked shiftily.

"Of course, but first, let me see that pussy of yours."

"Allright, but just for a sec."

In a coy manner, her hands gripped the hem of the long tight shirt and raised it to reveal her gorgeous bare slit. A second later, she innocently covered up her pussy, as if it was the first abashing moment she had allowed a male to see her womanhood.

"Wow, me like." I replied making my way toward her.

I rose from the bed and gave her a passionate kiss. We enjoyed our little kiss and I had the adjoined pleasure of having her hand stroke my throbbing cock.

"So how about that wonderful ass of yours? Will I be fucking it tonight?"

Shoving my cock into my girls, cute, plump, butt had always been a fantasy of mine. I supposed it was a common male fantasy, but the idea of anal sex wasn't just hot but interesting. This was further fueled by the fact that Maria had such a beautiful ass. It was as if it was begging to get fucked. "Sorry mister, not tonight." The peach casually answered.

"Oh baby, come on. I really wanna try it, aren't you curious how it feels?"

"As hot as it sounds to have a cock fuck my butthole, I think I'll pass. I'm just not ready for that."

"When will you be ready?"

"Oh, I'll tell you when, but if you keep on pushing, you just might never find out."

"No worry, I have the rest of you to play with in the meantime." I wittily replied.

My hand worked its way under her shirt and my fingers began to stroke her pussy.

It was apparent my request to fuck her ass had been denied, like many times before, but the rebuff was actually quite paltry. Most of my solicitations for anal sex turned out to be ineffectual. However this time it wasn't a complete refusal, simply a rain check. At the very least I knew someday I'd be able to pound that gorgeous ass of hers.

"Let's move this somewhere more comfortable." I proposed, as my fingers petted away at her slit.

"Of course." She smiled.

We both made our way to the bed and got into position. Maria laid back on the bed and I stayed at the foot of the bed.

"Spread those legs baby."

Obediently, her legs spread open and I could see her delicious dripping pussy. I couldn't wait to start eating, I was quite hungry for a helping of pussy. I lowered my head in-between her sexy smooth legs and leveled my mouth to her slit. Its redolence was a delightful musk and I could already savor its unique taste. I stuck out my tongue and gave the right lip of her puss a good couple of long laps. I did the same to her left pussy lip, leaving her labia engorged and glistening in spit.

"Hmmmm. I think your pussy might be more delicious than your cooking."

"Oh shut up." She laughed.

"Now eat that pussy."

Reverting back to the slit in front of me, I could see a drop of Maria's sweet nectar flowing right down the middle of her puss. Unitizing the tip of my tongue, I lapped up the secretion and savored her delicious taste. I decided to keep on using the tip of my tongue and stuck its tip in between her pussy lips. I proceed by licking her slit in long, slow, and shallow laps. Gradually overtime, I increased the speed of my licks and furrowed in deeper and deeper in between her pussy lips. The stronger taste of her pussy became present once I was prodding the very entrance of her vagina.

"Oh baby! That's feels so good!" She moaned.

I responded by continuing to zealously lick her slit. My two hands found their way to her pussy lips and gently parted them apart. Teasingly, I switched from licking her love hole to tonguing the many folds of her spread slit. My tongue dug into her fissures, moving along her pussy trenches to complete the licks. I worked my way from her labia's outer folds to the inner ones. I did each side of her pussy till I was back at her cunt opening.

There, I began licking her pussy again. I guided my tongue up and down, lapping up her flowing juices and relishing the gustation her slit provided. The sound of Maria's heavy breathing and moaning reached my ears. I took a glance up at her while still eagerly licking at her puss. She had her eyes closed, her face etched in pleasure and her ruby lips slightly parted to let out moans. The low neckline of the top she wore was pulled down and pressing up against the underside of her exposed breasts.

Both of her hands were cupped around her young, firm, boobs, massaging away at her supple tits. I focused back on her puss and with a whet appetite, feasted on her delicious cunt. After about five minutes of thoroughly licking her slit my tongue began to dart in and out of her pussy. Initially, I only inserted the tip of my tongue and then slowly introduced more of it into her pussy. Little by little, my tongue furrowed in deeper and deeper into her vagina. Eventually I was inserting the entire length of my tongue, writhing it inside her pussy, tasting her juices and rubbing against her sensitive walls.

"Oh! Oh baby! Yes! That's it! Eat that pussy!" She moaned

Her plea was easy to meet, especially with my two hands still parting her pussy lips apart. My tongue darted in and out of her at a lightening quick pace. I kept my mouth glued to her cunt, so that my own lips were pressed right up against her slit. I ate a bountiful fill of pussy and finished up my meal with a tender kiss right on the brunette's puss. My hands let go of her pussy lips and my mouth was repositioned next to her clit. A swollen, pea-sized, button capable of delivering intense pleasure.

I teased her a bit at first by running my tongue around the edges of her clit. Calmly at the start, and then a little faster. My slippery wet tongue circled her sex organ, from time to time poking at its top and bottom. Maria was gasping, moaning, still massaging her lovely breasts. To complete my tease, I set about to get serious and began lapping at her clit's left side. It was her favorite side, the spot where clitoral stimulation drove her crazy.

"Oh yeah! Right there! Right there!" The peach exclaimed.

My tongue licked up and down, never losing rhythm or speed. I gave the muscular tissue a good workout, like it always got when licking my girls pussy. The clit licking was sending her into a state of complete ecstacy. She was moaning much louder, panting harder and her body was squirming. The pussy I had eaten and cleaned of its sweet nectar was now dripping wet again. The intense stimulation inhabiting her body simply grew as I licked faster and faster.

To add to the heavy petting, I inserted my index finger into her moist pussy. I shoved it in and out of her flowing cunt, eagerly slithering past her tight pussy walls. In the end I settled on keeping my finger in her love canal. There, I rubbed against her soft velvety walls, all the while still licking at her clit. Eventually my middle finger was also inserted into her pussy. The two penetrating fingers massaged away on the inside of her puss, twisting and exploring.

I felt my way through her steamy pussy and located her precious G-spot. My fingers gently rubbed the spongy bundle in circular motion, slightly applying an increasing amount of pressuring overtime. As if the two fingers shoved in her pussy and stimulating her G-spot weren't enough, there was the tongue licking at her clit. She was completely engulfed in ecstacy at this point. Moaning loudly, hands wildly massaging her tits and her body writhing as she fought to maintain her pussy in place to keep the intense stimulation that was causing her to move so uncontrollably in the first place.

"Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Yes! That's it! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

I didn't.

I licked her clit faster, kneaded her G-spot harder. The coupled, simultaneous, actions quickly brought her over the edge. I watched as she came long and hard. She closed her eyes and reeled her head from side to side. Her hands cupped her beasts firmly and her upper torso writhed in pleasure. I felt her vagina walls contract around my fingers,and warm juices flow outward through her orgasm

Only when she stopped cumming did I let up licking her clit and retracted the fingers shoved in her pussy. I gave her glistening cunt a quick clean by lapping up all of her dripping cum. She stared down at me heaving and I glanced back at her. I outstretched my arm toward her and presented the wet fingers that had been in her slit.

"Want a taste? I asked.

She shortly replied by taking my fingers into her mouth, thoroughly cleaning them off and savoring the taste of her own pussy juices. I kneeled up on the bed and gently closed her sexy legs.

"Get on all fours." I spoke.

She got up, turned about and got on her hands and knees, her juicy bottom pointing toward me.

"Ass up." I patted her cute butt.

Her elbows buckled and she rested her upper body on the bed, keeping her legs bent and allowing her ass to project up toward the ceiling. I carefully stood on the bed, glaring at the gorgeous ass below my cock. Its buttocks were full and meaty with silky ,smooth, white skin. Between the two ass cheeks, a small orifice, hazel in color, was interposed. It was her tight little butthole. Further down below, her beautiful hot pussy was awaiting my cock.

I took a hold of my dick, slightly bent my knees and guided my member down into her pussy. I easily slid in thanks to her velvety walls, which were still wet from her orgasm. My cock expanded her tight vaginal walls as it plunged deep into her fiery, moist, pussy. I stopped once the entire length of my cock was buried inside her cunt. For a moment or so I adjusted to her wonderfully tight love canal and the hold it had on my dick. Extending my legs, I pulled out about two thirds of the way and began fucking her.

"Oh! Oh!" She softly cooed.

My hand gripped the cheeks of her beautiful ass for support, while my cock dove in and out of her pussy. My knees bent with every plunge and extended upon withdrawing. My hips moderately lunged to make sure I crammed every inch of my dick deep into her cunt. The mattress soon began to rock back and forth. Its slight creaking got louder the faster and harder I fucked her.

Her well-endowed hindquarters made a great cushion.

Meanwhile Maria rested her head on a pillow, half her face looking over her shoulder and her eyes fixated on the cock spearing into her pussy. I plunged in and out enthusiastically, always longing for the hot moist sensation of her puss. I came down hard on a stride, pushing her knees deep into the mattress from the impact. Instead of pulling up right away, my cock remained shoved in the profound depths of her pussy. Slowly, I retracted out to see my dick glisten in her vaginal juices. Naturally, I followed up by plunging in my cock hard again, resting deep in her pussy, pulling out and repeating the procedure.

'Oh baby, what a wonderful pussy you have." I moaned.

"And what a wonderful cock you have." She replied half smiling, half gasping, dick fully immersed in her dripping cunt.

It was a nice and slow pounding I gave her, yet hard too. If that makes any sense. She had just had an orgasm awhile ago, so I fucked her in that position for some time, hoping to raise her arousal level for another orgasm. My own cock was heading in a different direction. Its yearning to fuck her pussy hard and fast grew with every minute. I held out as long as I could.

"Get on all fours baby." I spoke

I pulled out my cock and waited for Maria to get on her hands and knees again. Once she had, I drove my cock back into her pussy, initiating what was to be a long and intense sex session.

"Oh god! Oh yes! Fuck me!" Maria screamed.

My hips rocked back and forth, swiftly driving my dick into her hot, wet, pussy. Her wonderful ass jiggled with every forward thrust. Her cute, dangling, tits swayed with the force of the impact. I loved the sound of all the smacks resulting from vigorously pounding my cock into her. Maria kept her head forward, but periodically couldn't help but look over her shoulder to catch sight of me fucking her. My own eyes were glued to her beautiful, bouncy, rear and my cock drilling into her pussy.

I grabbed a hold of her waist with my two hands for further support and to maintain her pussy as close as possible. I didn't want my dick to accidentally slip out and ruin the rhythm of our intense intercourse. It was a very hot and passionate fuck session. Maria had stretched out an arm down to her swollen clit and was busy rapidly flicking the sex organ. She was getting off on her own manual stimulation and the cock furiously hammering into her dipping pussy. Her hot, moist, love canal was sending waves of pleasure through my cock and to the rest of my body.

I fucked her harder and faster with every minute that passed by. Maria's erotic ululation's swelled in response. Her tight pussy was exquisite. It was driving me mad.

"That's it baby! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy!" She hollered at the top of her lungs.

"That's it! Take my cock! Take my cock!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Oh, baby!"

"Faster! Faster! Faster!"

We were at the peak of our sex session when it finally became all too much for both of us. Her pussy walls contracted and gushed out a gentle flow of cum. I fucked her through her orgasm, halting my thrusting hips when I was on the verge of my own climax. I pulled my cock out from her pussy and pointed the throbbing meatstick at her little butthole. Not a second later and I was already depositing globs of cum on her anus. I massaged my dick as it continued to stream out sperm onto her sphincter.

My ejaculation ended and I spread her butt cheeks apart, watching the hot sticky globs of cum ran down across her ass. Some of the viscous liquid entered her asshole, while the remainder dripped down to her pussy.

"Hmmmm.....that feels nice." She commented smiling.

"Looks pretty hot too." I remarked

"Too bad I can't eat it."

"You wanted it in the mouth?"

"No, my ass was a good place too. After all, it's not the first time you've done that....hand me some Kleenex would you." She requested.

I got off the bed and headed toward the nightstand where a box of Kleenex tissues were situated. I handed Maria several tissue's to wipe the cum off her butthole and gave thought to just how much of a whore she was. Of course only with me and in the safe confines of our house - for the most part. But she was a whore nonetheless. She was also the woman I loved, the one I'd do anything for. There was no doubt about that in my mind.

She was going to make great wife and a great bride too. The color white suited her well. I had already bought the lavish diamond ring, now all I had to do was pop the big question. Certainly not tonight, we'd be taking hot, sexy, shower and then heading off to bed. Tomorrow on the other hand...

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