tagNonConsent/ReluctancePretty Lily Ch. 01

Pretty Lily Ch. 01


Fear pricked as the silence around me weighed me down. It was past midnight and I was walking home from the public library across town. The library happened to stay open late, but I still had an hour walk. I was staying in a crappy hotel room until I found a better job, but I was still new to the town. I had hoped to use a computer at the library for a job search, but I found nothing that would pay enough to afford a better apartment.

At 18, my parents didn't help me at all. My dad died when I was 13 and my mother remarried when I was 16. Her new husband didn't really like me, nor did his daughter. My mom made her choice when she didn't stop me from leaving the house a few months ago. We didn't keep in contact.

The wind picked up around me and managed to turn the darkness into something more terrifying. I didn't like the silence. I was afraid of what monsters could lurk in the shadows.

Pulling out my phone, I played music through the speaker to rid of the silence, but it only seemed to make the silence around the area bigger and it felt as if whatever monsters lurked in the night could find me easier now. Alone, cutting through the empty park was a horrible idea.

Placing my phone back into my pocket, I sighed.

I was wearing a light pink tank top, jean shorts, and black high-tops. It had been a hot day, but now that it was dark and windy, I felt cold and goose-bumps covered my body. My dark brown hair whipped across my face and I smoothed my bangs down. I crossed my arms in front of my 34B chest and shivered.

Out of nowhere, I was shoved to the ground, pinned into the dirt face up. It was too dark for me to see who had knocked me down, but I could tell that he was male and much bigger than I was. At 5'3 and only 100 pounds, I couldn't defend myself against him, but I still struggled.

His hand covered my mouth while he leaned in real close to me. "Shh. It's okay, sweetheart." He flipped me over onto my stomach and pushed my face into the dirt so I couldn't scream. I could feel my shorts being pulled down so I thrashed about underneath him, but a forearm placed against my lower back held me in place. A sharp, stinging pain on my right hip made me tense. I continued to try to shake him loose, but I could feel my whole body slowly becoming heavy and exhausted.

When the only parts of me that I could move were my eyes and eyelids, my attacker raised himself from me and picked me up. I stared at his face as he carried me to a car in the distance, but the dim street lights in the parking lot didn't give me much clarity.

As he placed me in the passenger seat of his car and buckled me in, my head lolled to the side and I shut my eyes, feeling incredibly drained. I drifted off, unsure of what would happen to me.


As I felt myself gaining consciousness, I kept my eyes shut and turned over on what I could tell was a bed. My whole body felt heavy and I realized I had on no clothes, but I was under a thick sheet.

"Ah, so you're awake." A deep male voice spoke.

I clenched my eyes tight and tucked my head in. Fingers forcefully gripped my chin and yanked my head up. "There's no pretending, sweetheart. Now, sit up."

The man sitting on a chair before me was tall and lean, but I could see the muscles on his arms and knew he wasn't someone to fight with. His ashen blonde hair fell in his face, but I could still feel his deep brown eyes on me. He looked young and old at the same time, maybe he was 30 at the oldest. His skin in the yellow light looked tan and smooth. His stare, however, was not smooth, but hard.

"Did you hear me?"

Before he could continue, I started to sit up. My body cried for me to lie back down and go to sleep, but I fought the urge. Once I was all the way up, I grabbed the fallen sheet to cover myself with, but he snatched it away from me.

"Don't you dare cover yourself." He tossed the sheet to the end of the bed and I suddenly felt very cold.

He grabbed my chin again and tilted my face towards him."Hold still." He lifted a small flashlight and shined it in first my left eye and then my right. "Good girl." He switched the light back and forth a few more times before I couldn't help but shut my eyes and try to turn away. "It hurts..." I whimpered. My voice was hoarse and didn't feel like mine at all, as if I were sick.

"Your pupils look fine. Can you stand up?"

I shrugged. How should I know? "Stand up." He ordered. I leaned forward as I slid my feet to the floor. As I tried to get up, I reached out for anything to give me balance and it turned out to be his left arm, but I shyly used it anyway. I was dizzy and felt nauseous, but now was not the time to complain and beg to lie back down. Once fully standing, I moved my hands to cover the space between my hips.

A slap to my hands made me yelp and look up in surprise. "I told you not to cover yourself."

He placed his hands on my shoulders as he took me in, weighing me in his thoughts. His hands slid lower, over my breasts where I grimaced as he lightly squeezed them. "Very soft," he commented. His index fingers circled my nipples before quickly pinching my nipples. I bit my lip, but kept still. His hands went lower still and I began to hold my breath. His right pinky traced my belly button ring before his hands finally reached the apex of my thighs. As his fingers grazed my pussy, I turned my face away. "Look at me." I did as told and he raised his hand to my face, his middle finger pointed at my point. "Suck on it."

I shook my head, embarrassed and disgusted. Ignoring this, he attempted to stick his finger in my mouth and I clamped my mouth shut, resulting in me biting him.

"You little bitch!" He pulled away and slapped me hard, knocking me to the bed. My left cheek stung and ached and I was afraid to touch it. Yanking me back into standing position, he put his face up to mine. "Listen here: you are going to do as I say or I will punish you. Do you understand me?"

I nodded quickly, licking my lip. He put his finger up to my mouth without saying anything and this time I opened up as he jammed his way inside. I was unsure of what to do, so I just ran my tongue around his finger and sucked on it like he said. Once he seemed satisfied enough, he pulled his finger away from my mouth and pulled me to him. His arm wrapped around my waist as his fingers found my pussy again and rubbed my slit. I gasped and placed my hands on his arms, squeezing them. "Wait..." I whispered, not sure of what else to say. How do I even stop this person?

His finger began to penetrate me and I squeezed his arms harder, lifting on my tiptoes. "No, no, no!" I tried pulling away from him, but his arm kept me close. "Please, Mister!" I bit my lip as whole finger filled me. I was a virgin and even during masturbation used just one of my own fingers so I was pretty tight. Not to mention I wasn't aroused and his fingers were bigger than mine.

"Shh, it's okay." He curled his finger against my g-spot and my knees buckled. I looked up to see him smirking and I blushed with shame. I pushed on his chest and began to move around his arms, causing him to move his finger out so he could get a better hold of me. "Let go!" I screamed, yanking on his hair. This, in turn, made him respond by grabbing my own hair and pushing me face down into the bed, my feet still on the floor. His hand swatted my ass harshly and I kicked in response, but I missed him. He hit my ass again. My skin tingled. With one hand pressing me down into the mattress, I heard him reaching into the drawer of the night table next to the bed. I heard the clinking of metal.

Bringing my hands together, I felt cuffs placed around my wrists. "Mister, please..." I was so confused, so scared. This was happening so fast and I had no idea why. Was I going to die?

When my wrists were tightly and securely bound, he stepped away from me. I half lied, half stood there, waiting for his next move. What was going to happen? I tugged on my wrists, but the cuffs bit into my skin.

"Now, tell me, are you on birth control?" He sounded so calm, so matter-of-fact.


"Be honest. If you lie you could end up sick or pregnant."

"Pregnant...? Please... I don't...I..."

He pulled my hair back hard to force me to look into his eyes. "Are you?"

"N-no!" I felt tears start pooling in my eyes.

He let go of me and pulled a small case out from under the bed and set it down on the night side table next to the bed. Upon him opening it, I saw cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol packets, a syringe, and a vial. "Stay still," he ordered while opening a packet.

I pulled away from him, terrified. With an eye roll, he just took my left arm and cleaned off a spot. "Please, not a needle..." I whispered, too afraid to speak loudly. I was terrified of needles and being pierced by one at the hands of a stranger only fueled that fear.

"No, no, not a needle!" I shrieked at the pain of the syringe sinking into my arm and I shrieked even louder at the painful jab I felt when he began to inject the contents that were once in the vial. After he had swabbed any blood from my arm and put everything away, I felt him watching me as I sobbed like a child. He sat on the side of the bed, pulled me up into his lap, and wrapped both arms around me, placing my head against his chest. "Shh, it's over. You're okay." His voice was soft, surprisingly different from earlier.

Curled up in his lap, I just cried, a ugly crying that movies will never show. He stroked my hair which was comforting when I didn't want it to be. I didn't want this man, this stranger, to be rocking me back and forth, but he was. I looked up at him and he was looking down at me. Why? His eyes didn't look hard like before, but tender. What was going on?

"Is everything alright, now?" He stroked my hair some more, but didn't wait for my answer. Lifting me, he sat back down in the chair next to the bed and placed me on his lap, one leg on each side of his. "What is your name?" He asked as his hands took hold of my breasts again. I tensed and refused to answer. I didn't want him to know my name. I didn't want him to have that part of me. He took hold of a nipple and pinched it hard. "Tell me."

Still I kept my mouth shut, pressing my lips into a tight line. He pulled my nipple, stretching it and my breast. I groaned, but only shook my head. "Still won't tell me?" He dug his nails into my areola.

"Lily! My name is Lily!" My face felt hot with shame.

"Good girl." He let go with his fingers, but leaned forward and took my nipple in his mouth.

"What are you-" I stopped mid sentence, too distracted by his mouth. My whole body shivered as he licked around my areola and used his teeth to softly tug on my nipple. No one had ever sucked on my nipples before and I had never realized they were so receptive.

"Please, just let me go..." I whispered, pulling on my restraint.

"Oh?" He switched nipples, using his fingers to carefully rub the one he was previously working. "But you were such a good girl for answering me, I have to reward you."

His hands engulfed my breasts, kneading them. My breasts had always been sensitive to being touched, easily pained from a too rough hug, but being touched like this was making my body hot. I sucked in a deep breath and bent forward in an attempt to pull my breasts away from him. This only resulted in him pinching my nipples painfully again.

"Kiss me," He ordered. I looked at him in confusion. He couldn't be serious! Knitting my brows together, I just sat there. "Kiss me, or I'll punish you for real." His eyes narrowed and the tenderness from before vanished. Had I imagined it to begin with?

"Please, don't make me..." My voice was barely a whisper, my eyes were damp from my tears before. He watched me, his expression unwavering. The only thing that happened was his grasp on my nipples got tighter. I gasped and curled my toes in response. "Okay, okay!"

Hesitantly, I leaned forward and pecked him on the lips, pulling back slightly to gauge his reaction. Again, he was stoic, but his fingers didn't lessen their hold on my nipples. So I kissed him again. Another quick peck. Waiting there with nothing to come, I knew he wanted more than what I was giving him. But I couldn't. Could I? About to give him another peck because it was all I could get myself to do, my lips were an inch away from his when he mashed his mouth against mine with a hand on the back of my head to keep me there. I squealed into his mouth and squirmed on his lap, making the material of his jeans rub uncomfortably against my thighs.

His fingers knotted into my hair as he tried to devour my mouth, his tongue challenging mine. He tasted strangely sweet and he seemed to know what he was doing. It surprised me when I found myself beginning to kiss him back.

Moving on from my mouth to licking along my jaw line, he gave me a chance to catch my breath. When his tongue touched my left ear a sound escaped my throat that I didn't know I was capable of producing and that whole side of my body was instantly covered in goose bumps.

"I don't want this," My voice was shaky and my chest was rising and falling due to his actions.

"But you're being such a good girl." The huskiness in his voice pulled at something deep inside me. As he kissed my right ear I repeated the strange sound again and the rest of my body was covered in goose bumps. I heard a low groan come from him. "I like that sound," he told me as he kissed my ear again. I bit my lip in hopes to stop myself from making any more noise.

His kissing and sucking moved on to my throat when I jumped at the intrusion of his fingers back at my pussy. It was shocking when I felt his fingers easily slide back and forth along my slit. I angered me that he was able to make me wet. As his middle finger slowly made its way back inside me, I felt myself lifting off his lap a little.

"Nnnn..." Without thinking, I leaned into him. This allowed him to get to my neck easier. His finger was thrusting inside me and it bothered me that I could hear the sounds being made. I shouldn't be enjoying this! His other hand moved from my breast to my ass, squeezing it as he made me grind on his hand. His fingers dug into my ass cheek and controlled the rolling of my hips which were starting to become natural because of the thumb he put on my clit.

I between us at his hand and I could see it glistening with what could only be my juices. I blushed shamefully and blinked back fresh tears. He brought his mouth back to mine, but I fought harder to keep my mouth shut against his.

Without a word, I was shoved off of his lap and to the floor. I landed on my side and hurt my hip. I watched him stand up and tower over me. Using my hair as a leash, he yanked me into a kneeling position. My eyes kept flashing back and forth between his own and his hands as he unbuckled his belt and pulled his cock out. "Do you know what to do?" he asked, stroking it a little. I shook my head, no. "Open your mouth. Very wide. Good girl. Now, stick out your tongue."

Slowly, I stuck out my tongue. I felt silly. I felt ugly. Then I hated myself for worrying about how I looked in this situation. I didn't have much time after that to ponder it because he pushing his cock into my mouth. I jerked back, not used to having a cock poking the back of my throat. "If I feel your teeth I will knock every one out." He pressed his hands against the back of my head and held me in place. I struggled to breathe through my nose and I felt his cock stroking back and forth across my tongue. Being forced o stay open, my mouth was starting to salivate which only made it easier for him.

"Be a good girl and move your tongue," he ordered with a wavering voice. "Just like you did with my finger."

Like he said, I tried moving my tongue back and forth and I felt him twitch in my mouth which scared me. His fingers tightened their hold on my head and kept me steady as his hips took on a life of their own, pounding into my mouth like I had no other purpose. I had woken up half an hour ago, but here I was on the floor getting skull fucked.

Eventually he stopped and I was thankful for him not coming in my mouth. I sat there on my knees panting for air with my gaze on the floor, but I could hear the rustling of clothing in front of me.

"Stand up." He said for the second time. I looked up to see he was completely naked. This time I let the tears stream down my cheeks, not caring at all. "Please, I can't..." I sobbed, shaking my head. He simply reached down and scooped me up, placing me on the bed. As I continued to cry he uncuffed one of my hands. Before I even had time to react, he pushed me down on my back and was linking the cuffs through the headboard and recuffing me.

With nothing left, I gave in to screaming. My throat burned against my screams, but it didn't burn as much as my cheeks did after several front handed and back handed slaps from the man above me. A ring I didn't notice he was wearing scratched my right cheek and my whole face just felt hot and raw and stung.

It took all I had not to hyperventilate as he lied in between my legs with his cock nestled against my pussy.

"I can't!" I tried to buck him off of me, but my tiny body did nothing. "I've never... Stop!" I screamed again, but he covered my mouth. "Pretty Lily, I'll be gentle since it's your first time, okay?" I shook my head rapidly under his hand.

He lined his cock up with my pussy after rubbing the head along my slit a few times. As he began pushing in, I clenched my teeth. "Nnn..." I could feel my insides stretching to fit him, tearing even. With his free hand, he spread my thighs further and that only allowed him to go in deeper. As he hit my hymen, he stopped and looked me in the eye. Pulling back only slightly, he rammed back in until he hit as deep as he could go. I shrieked into his hand and arched against him in reaction.

He kissed my forehead and then my eyelids. "Shh, the worst is over."

Gradually he began a steady rhythm, slowly thrusting into my sore pussy. He moved his hand and attempted to kiss me, but I turned my head away from him so he moved on to my neck for a second time. "I hate this..." I bawled as he reached down between us to rub my clit. I groaned and buried my face in the crook of his neck. My toes curled again and my legs wrapped around him instinctively. I heard him chuckle.

"My pretty Lily," he cooed. I hated it. Why must he say my name like that? "How does it feel to be wrapped around my cock?" He sounded so sweet as if they was a normal thing or as if we were lovers. Steeling myself, I said the only thing I could think of. "Fuck you..." My voice had no confidence, though.

Narrowing his eyes, he pulled out of me which felt weird. Roughly I was flipped over, my arms being forced to cross uncomfortably. Without warning he thrust back into my pussy and furiously pounded away at me. I screamed into the pillow as his hand came down on my ass over and over again, smacking the same spot to worsen the pain. "Only naughty girls use such language. Are you a naughty girl?" His hand didn't stop, neither did his hips. I felt sore, I felt raw. It wouldn't stop.

He reached around and pinched my nipple, biting the back of my neck hard. I cried out and pulled myself forward, but he held me underneath him.

His hips sped up even faster, and even as a virgin I knew that meant he was close. "Please, not inside of me!" I tried pushing on his hips behind me, but I just heard him laugh in my ear. His hips kept getting faster and I clenched my eyes against the worst, but at last minute he pulled out and I felt him coming on my back and ass.

Warm sticky semen slipped down my ass onto the bed as I felt him getting up. I kept my face in the pillow as I listened to him get dressed. When I heard a door open and shut behind me, I let myself cry softly in the silence.

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