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Pretty Panties


It was always a bit hit and miss for Tony, but he was definitely biased when it came to renting out the apartment. Females preferred, the younger and prettier the better. Of course it helped that the flat was by the airport which made it popular with his target market - Air Hostesses . And when Anna and Louise had come to view the vacant property he would probably have let them have it free of charge , early twenties, shapely, sexy and on the airlines. As it was, he was happy to settle for a temptingly "competitive" rent , and the knowledge that he could soon have access to their home, and their wardrobe.

After a few weeks he rang them up, allowing them time to settle in, to explain that he needed access for "essential" maintenance on their hot water system which would put it out of action for a day or so. When was convenient for them -- "or would it be easier for them to have it done while they were away?". He was delighted to learn that they would both be away the following day for two days and that he should use his landlord's key in their absence.

As he climbed the stairs his pulse started to race. He had barely slept a wink that night. Surely they will wear sexy lingerie. How much will they have? Whose will be racier? What if it's boring? He would have to wait another six months before he could terminate their tenancy and start again. Long experience had taught him the correct procedure. He had rung ahead, no reply. He knocked on the door, again no response. Quietly, he inserted his key into the lock, and turned. The door swung open, "hello" he enquired, to complete silence. It was on. Closing the door behind him he double locked it so that there was no chance of him being disturbed. With an urgent pace he headed to the nearest bedroom.

It was as neat as could be. Everything put away. The bed linen and duvet perfectly straight, the doors and cupboards closed. And next to the bed a three drawer dresser, with a rising sense of excitement he made his way across and opened "the top drawer", bulls -- eye! The first thing that struck him was the heady lavender scent, the next, the overwhelming sight of a young woman's underwear. It was all perfectly ordered both in type, and in colour.

On the left hand side were the hi-leg panties in black, white, pink and turquoise blue. In the middle were her thongs, to the right her bras, all in the four colours, all matching. Moving down a drawer he slowly tried that. To the left some black and white waist slips, in the middle some boring plain white cotton pyjamas, to the right carefully rolled up balls of tights with a spare supply of half a dozen boxed pairs in nude, illusion and barely black. His eyes caught the photo on top of the dresser, it was a young, petite, brunette girl with an older woman. Anna, with her mother probably. Anna was wearing jeans and he could just see a glimpse of white underwear by her waistband. He wondered if the very panties she was wearing in that photo were in the drawer now, ready to be touched, caressed, played with? And what about her mother? Was she wearing "granny pants", or was she secretly a horny hussy wearing a tiny thong?

He pressed both drawers shut and made his way to the other bedroom, this had to be Louise's. Again it was immaculately presented, the scent of expensive perfume assailed his senses. He headed for the white bedside drawers with the predatory instinct of an eagle swooping on its prey. The top drawer slid open to reveal another wonderful array of lingerie, again perfectly arranged, panties thongs and bras, but this time only in black, white and cream. Then to the second drawer. On the far left were some waist slips, but the rest was far more interesting. In the front middle lay half a dozen dainty suspender belts entangled like sleeping snakes, and to the right colour coded lines of stockings in black, vaguely black, nude and illusion. Excitedly he pushed to the rear to find a little heap of basques, teddies and camisoles and...what was this lump under a bustier? A nine inch black vibrator! The dirty bitch.

Hurriedly, he dropped his trousers and boxers and made for the panties. It was the cream ones which caught his eye, a riot of silk and lace. Picking them up he marvelled at their lightness, their prettiness. Swiftly he slipped them on and swooned as the cool luxury enveloped his cock and balls. Every detail was perfect. The edges were delicately embroidered and the front had a beautiful scalloped trim. The back was sheer and smooth, the front had a complicated net lace with leaf motif with the cutest little decorative bow at the top. His swollen cock stood proud now against his stomach as he began to stroke it to get some relief.

He moved to the stockings and carefully unravelled one, marvelling at the swirling lace tops and fine denier. On her bedside chair was a blue uniform skirt and white blouse. These very lace tops were the ones Louise would wear, clinging to her warm, soft thighs tantalisingly short of her juicy pussy. The little cotton gusset which encased his balls was the very one which might catch a trail of spent spunk after she had taken the fucking which she must enjoy at regular intervals from her lucky boyfriend. That demure skirt, so business like hid the explosion of sexuality which must lay beneath it. How many of the passengers who had felt that skirt brush against their shoulders as she made her way down the aisles would have dreamt of the erotic pleasures which were hidden underneath?

Imperceptibly his stroke had increased and he was determined to make this a "good one". He pushed aside a bustier, grabbed the vibrator and stuffed it down the front of his panties before rotating the ratchet at the end. A rapid buzzing commenced with the head teasing his balls and the shaft vibrating against the length of his cock. His stroke increased still further, soon he would reach the point of no return. He pulled out the bra which matched the panties and wrapped one of the soft cups around his helmet to bring him off. The bra straps danced crazily around as his wanking reached fever pitch. The femininity of the garments, the intimacy they represented and the violation of privacy which he was committing all combined to send him over the edge. The vibrator sent irresistible pulses through his body, that same vibrator which she must surely plunge deep into her fanny for solitary relief. In a crazed mental whirl he sent shot after shot of warm, milky bubbling spunk into that bra, it seemed awash with his seed as he left his mark in her most private of garments.

Exhausted, he dressed himself, then he inspected the "mess" he had created. Fortunately the cream colour hid the spunk stains perfectly, and he was sure that once they had dried, a casual inspection would produce no problems. He couldn't wait to see Louise again knowing that as they exchanged polite conversation he would be fantasising about her cum streaked panties, her spunk filled bra cup and the vibrator they both secretly shared to get off.

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