Pretty Smart News Ch. 01


As he and the judges applauded, Marie turned to Tammy, and they hugged, weary but happy.

"You did it!" Tammy said.

"We both did," Marie said, giving her a quick kiss. "Good job."

They showered, got dressed and returned home with Amelia, since they had all traveled together. Sadly, their close friendship with her was irreparably damaged. Amelia soon found another position, and other friends.

The next weekend was a two-day affair for Marie and Tammy. Three women had made the cut in this city. Stagner wouldn't say how many were still in contention nationwide.

Stagner said to the group, "You're all to be congratulated on making it this far. We're a cable news station and are very selective regarding our on-air talent.

"You've probably figured out that if you join us, you'll be spending some time on camera partially or fully nude. I want to make clear right away that PSN is not a gimmick program like Naked News. We won't have Page Three girls sitting there stripping one piece of their knickers between each wire story. PSN will always be about real news. We want to pick up where all the other stations -- CNN, broadcast, cable -- they're all dropping the ball.

"But no one can deny that skin brings in the viewers. So we're not only going to share your talent and brains with the audience, but also your good looks. Not all the time, but just often enough, and in context, to keep people coming back. You're pretty, but you're also smart. You will be what makes Pretty Smart News."

Stagner went on to describe their demo assignment. Each candidate would independently produce a five-minute segment, on any topic selected from a list. Some of them were quite risque, like nude dancing or spouse swapping; but after the naked newsreading they had done, it was little surprise. Stagner advised them to choose wisely. He would provide all the equipment and support staff they needed.

Marie selected "Using beauty to attract and increase sales." This involved selling T-shirts on the street, and using one's good looks to advantage. This topic could have a very tame treatment, but Marie saw some freedom to spice it up.

It was a full day and a half of work, about 18 hours total, to finish the segment. Stagner and four other men led Marie to a screening room where they would review her work.

"Any comments before we start?" he asked.

"Just enjoy the show," she said, and started the tape.

On screen, Marie introduced her topic wearing her yellow semi-sheer bikini. ("Good start," said Stagner.) She walked into a clothing store near the beach, as the camera followed, outlining her plan. Each T-shirt would be literally sold off her back; when it was sold, she'd take off the one she was wearing, give it to the customer, and put on a new one. The selling price: $50.

("That's very aggressive," he said, evidently impressed.)

On screen, Marie said it would be important for her to look good with the shirt off, so the first step was to buy a nice bra. She selected a sheer lacy red one, and the camera followed her to the dressing room; but she closed the curtain on it, warning "Don't peek!" with an impish smile.

("Don't tease too much," Stagner warned. "Don't worry," Marie said.)

Marie stood on the grass verge between a jogging path and the street. The beach was visible behind her. Several short segments showed her selling to enthusiastic customers, pulling the shirt over her head to reveal ample breasts in her skimpy bra. "Next shirt," she said, and her assistant unfolded another one from the box.

"This all goes well," Marie said in voiceover, "then one man makes a different sort of offer."

"I'll buy your bra for $100," a man said. A crowd had gathered and they shouted their approval. Marie smiled and declined. He offered $150, and she eventually bargained up to $300. She doffed her shirt, then her bra, revealing lovely bare breasts. ("Oh god I love those tits," Stagner exclaimed.) The man gratefully took the bra and she put the shirt back on. The price for a shirt went up to $100, since she was now topless underneath. There were still plenty of takers.

A few shirts later, she sold her denim shorts, this time for $500. (Stagner was again impressed.) She now wore only skimpy bikini briefs, matching the long-gone bra, and the T-shirt. During each sale, then the shirt was off, she wore almost nothing.

Eventually the T-shirts ran out. "Next shirt", Marie said, but the box was empty. "I'm sorry," she said to the crowd, crossing her arms over her breasts. "There's nothing left to sell."

A man pointed out her panties, and Marie said those would be expensive, since that was the last thing she had to wear. Eventually she sold them for $700 and now stood naked. ("Awesome!" Stagner crowed. "The camera loves you!")

(Marie realized she could have ended the segment here and won; but there was more to go.)

On screen, Marie was naked and had nothing material to sell. But the crowd was full of ideas, most of them lewd. She finally agreed on $50 for a hug and kiss. The men lined up for this, and she gave a succession of them a warm embrace and a sensuous kiss on the lips. Some men took the liberty of grabbing her bottom while they hug, or even slipping a hand or two in front, to fondle her lovely breasts. The woman behind the camera eventually had to start counting down so that each man takes no longer than five seconds with Marie.

The stakes went up. For additional money, she would kiss a man on the lips, but he could kiss her back anywhere. Her nipples (now very excited) and pussy were popular locations. Marie was getting visibly aroused.

The segment culminated in an auction. The highest bidder, in cash, would have the privilege of sex with this beautiful naked newscaster, right here on the grass. "You've all seen this body," Marie said, vamping it up, massaging her breasts and placing a fingertip on her wet pussy. "Now is your chance."

One lucky guy had nearly $2,000 in cash (who carries that much around these days?) and won. The crowd cheered him on as Marie placed a towel on the grass and then lay down on her back. But he was young and excited, and it was over very quickly. The men around him laughed and applauded. He helped her to her feet, bowed, and walked off.

The last scene was back in the office, where Marie, still naked, was seated and counting the money. "Over eleven thousand dollars," she said, "for a box of 80 PSN T-shirts." She stood up and the camera slowly took her in, from toes to upper body. "If you really apply yourself, you use your looks to excel at sales. And that... is pretty smart news."

After it ended, Stagner and the others gave Marie a standing ovation. "Bravo," he said. "That was top notch. Excellent. Gentlemen, this is the future of PSN."

Tammy's topic was "Shaving pubic hair." There were no subtopics; she was free to explore whatever she wanted. Stagner brought her to the screening room where the four other men were waiting.

On screen, Tammy was dressed in an elegant skirt and blouse. She introduced the topic matter-of-factly: with today's trends and fashions, grooming between a woman's legs was more important than ever. A series of vignettes helped illustrate the point. Nude exotic dancers spun around a pole, then slid forward to provide a gynecologist's view. Female gymnasts practiced in sheer leotards, and after practice stripped each other off and had sex.

A hot housewife answered the door in a robe that fell open, showing bare breasts and pussy. A tennis player fielded serves, her white outfit clinging to braless breasts. When she leapt to volley a high shot, she revealed she wasn't wearing panties either.

Two girls of college age walked onto the resort pool deck wearing string bikinis; after finding lounge chair and surveying the area, they stripped completely and laid out nude, one on her stomach, and one on her back.

Then several naked women stood in a row to illustrate different styles of pubic hair: untrimmed, triangle, landing strip, tear drop, and shaven. Tammy said she would be shaven, and the viewer would see how this is done.

She walked into the office of Marcos, a handsome stylist skilled in all types of hairdressing. A private room, resembling a massage room in a spa, was set up for them. She stripped down and remained standing, as the camera zoomed in to her trimmed bush. Marcos gently ran a few fingers through the hair, to get a feel for it. She shivered as he casually grazed her pussy lips with a fingertip.

"On your stomach," he said, helping her onto the massage table. "It is best to have you completely relaxed and happy before we start the procedure." He moved her hair completely off her shoulders, and then began a massage more sensual than therapeutic. He caressed her arms and shoulders with a lover's touch, and gently stroked the nape of her neck, then the path of her spine, leading to her bare bottom.

He rubbed her bottom with the lightest touch. She squirmed slightly, not from discomfort but from pleasure. Lifting by her calves, he spread her legs enough to allow his hand, starting at rest on the cleft of her bottom, to slowly reach between her legs, and his fingertips to reach her pussy lips.

"Oh my," she said, writhing. "Can we turn over?"

"If you wish." He helped her turn onto her back. He resumed stroking her pussy and inserted a fingertip as she caressed her breasts. "Are you feeling good?"

"Don't stop," she protested.

"Stay there," he said. "Now we shampoo."

Marcos brought over a small tub with warm water and a washcloth. After wetting down her pubic hair, he worked in a dab of shampoo, carefully bringing it to a lather. He was evidently doing some mischief with his thumbs at the same time, as Tammy periodically shuddered or gasped. He didn't speak again until after he rinsed. "Are you comfortable?"

Tammy chuckled. "I'm doing pretty good."

He toweled her dry and picked up an electric trimmer. "Don't be alarmed," he said. "This will only trim it short enough to be effectively shaved. It can't hurt you." Within a few minutes she was trimmed very short indeed, and it looked a little strange, especially on camera.

"Shaving lotion," he said, and applied it. Tammy propped herself up to get a better look.

"The final step: a good ladies' safety razor." He moved carefully, checking his progress after each stroke. "We go 'with the grain' once, then against. Any more than that irritates the skin." When all was shaved off to his liking, he nodded and smiled.

He reached for a fresh tub of warm water and soap. "We are almost done," he said. "Always clean with soap and water right afterward, to prevent infection. How does that feel, the water against your skin?"

"A little strange," she said. "But I'm getting used to it."

"This next step will sting a little." He dipped cotton balls in alcohol and cleansed the area a final time. "Now we are done."

"How do I look?"

"You are beautiful," he said. "But see for yourself." He placed a hand mirror between her legs, giving her a rare straight-on view.

"Come here," she said, motioning him toward her. She leaned up and spoke softly. "I'd like to try it out."

He smiled. "As you wish."

He massaged her front side as tenderly as he had done her back, exploring her stomach and breasts, shoulders, neck and chin. She licked and sucked the fingers of one hand while he probed her shaved pussy with the other. The camera traveled up and down her body, showing her pleasure.

"Are you ready?" he said.

"Yes, yes."

He stripped down, his dick rising, and climbed atop the massage table, straddling her. It seemed like a move he had done before. The camera did not turn away as he entered her, and they commenced with fevered, frenetic, non-simulated sex. Viewers saw Tammy's eyes closed and mouth agape, in complete ecstasy; her nipples tweaked and stretched between his fingers, or his lips; and even a view of Marcos' large cock sliding in and out of her shaven, and drenched, pussy.

Tammy came first, and climaxed a few times thereafter as Marcos kept thrusting. When he came, tensing up, everything seemed to stop; and then he carefully climbed off.

The scene faded and reformed at a beach, where Tammy had spread out a blanket and lay on her back, soaking up the sun. She was still nude, but no longer sexually aroused. "Normally I'd wear my blue bikini here, but today I decided to go without," she explained. "What we learned today, is that with a good facility, and the right person, getting shaved is easy, safe, and a lot of fun. And after you're shaved, you may find yourself with more options, or at least more things you'd consider doing. I mean, when I'm out here naked, and I'm also shaved, I feel really, really naked.

"So this may be right for you, and it's easy to do. And I'd call that Pretty Smart News."

The video ended; Stagner and the others applauded.

"That was very good," he said. "Admirable, the spirit and finesse you put into your production."

"Thank you," Tammy said. Things were looking pretty good.

"If you don't mind, could you take off your clothes?"


"Just for a moment. This won't take long."

"Okay..." Tammy stripped off her dress suit and undergarments, and stood nude.

"This body," Stagner said, for the benefit of the others, "is beautiful. I don't run a casting couch at auditions, but I could tell you right now, she'd be fantastic in bed. Every man's fantasy. This ass, those tits, that heavenly pussy... all delectable.

"Unfortunately, PSN doesn't broadcast in all five senses; we have only one, and it's 2-D. And in that environment, Tammy, you're a little too small up top."

"Wha- what do you mean?"

"Get implants -- don't go overboard, just a healthy C cup -- and come back next year. I think you'll have no problem getting in then."

I can't believe I'm hearing this, she thought. All that work, and these people tell me NOW that my boobs are too small? Wasn't the bikini parade the very first thing they had us do?

"I know it's very disappointing," he said. "But that's the way the industry works."

Tammy folded her arms over her chest. "May I please have my clothes?"

On the drive home, Marie was feeling contrite for getting in while both her friends were rejected; and Tammy was trying to keep a polite face but was obviously in a sour mood. Marie invited her to go out that night, but Tammy declined. She needed some time to herself.

Around midnight, Tammy was in for the night, idly exploring her shaved pubic area, stroking her moist pussy lips. The one tangible thing to come out of a wasted weekend. The phone startled her when it rang.

"Hey, Marie," she said, wearily.

"Richard Stagner here. I'm looking for Tammy Chen, is this the right number?" He really didn't need to identify himself, she thought. His bombast carried as well over the phone as in person.

"It's really late," Tammy said.

"What I have to say will take sixty seconds. Please hear me out before saying yes or no. I've given the events of this afternoon a lot of thought, and am very reluctant to let go of someone with your energy and talent."


"Here's my proposal. You come aboard with full salary, but in a production role at first, behind the scenes. It's a good chance to see how the network operates.

"I know an excellent surgeon, many of my female colleagues swear by him, that can do the procedure we talked about. It's very expensive, but PSN will cover it. He's booked until six weeks from now, which is a long time, but I really cannot recommend anyone else.

"After you've recovered and are ready, we put you on the air. Not 'we'll consider putting you on the air.' We already know you've got what it takes. There's just an interim period during which, though I'm trying not to be insensitive here, we are making you camera-ready. So what do you think?"

Tammy sighed. "That's just as offensive as it was this afternoon."

"I agree with you on this," he said. "To me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way God made you. But the programming isn't for me, and there's an audience that, regardless of our opinion of their taste, we have to satisfy."

"Earlier, you said go get the boob job and come back next year. What brought about your change in heart?"

"I stand by my earlier decision. Where I was remiss was in not finding a way to have you join us. Tammy, you have exceptional beauty and exceptional talent. We will go to great lengths to have you on board."

"But you're not budging on the boob thing."

"You don't need to decide right now," he said. "How about we talk on Tuesday, give you some time to think it over?"

"Okay. What are the terms?" Just for grins, she thought. As long as I'm up anyway.

"Of course, we'll fedex you a written offer with the details," he said, before outlining the compensation and benefits packages.

That's really good, Tammy was thinking, though she didn't admit this out loud. The only sticking point was the "upgrade", which they were going to pay for anyway. Tammy gazed down at herself, imaging her A-cup breasts recast as C's, grapefruit-sized, stick a pencil in between and it stays there... well, that would be a big change.

"I'll think about it," she said.

"I'll call you Tuesday," he said, and they said goodbye.

She lay on the bed for about twenty minutes, phone in hand, pondering her future. She called Marie, who was out, and left a message.

"Hi, it's Tammy. You won't believe it. Stagner just called. With an amended offer. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow. But... I think I'm going to take it."

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