Pretty Whores


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thank you, I love you all! Goodnight!!"

A crowd of thousands roared in thunderous applause with the closing of a show. A dozen dancers gave their final bow with the woman of the owner in the middle, before they went storming off the stage behind her. The large screen monitors revealed a picture of a former pop princess whipping her blonde hair back as she walked off the stage from behind. The after-show was nothing more than a medley of beats and dance music playing through the large speakers. The crowd began to clear out of the auditorium, satisfied with the performance of Britney Spears.

Taylor Momsen and her friend had clapped their hands and now were shuffling out. The blonde rock singer herself began to stomp forward, behind a group of people in front of them. Becky turned to look at Taylor with a big smile on her face as she spoke.

"See, I told you! She can rock this house with a show!"

A laugh echoed through Taylor's voice before she looked back at her friend and responded.

"I was very impressed, and that show was fucking hot!"

Becky nodded looking back at her friend as she grinned.

"Mmmmhhhmmmm, she is still sexy as hell and can pull off that bad girl act."

Immediately, Taylor sighed. She looked back to Becky and spoke.

"Yeah, but I can do it better than her. I'm a rock star bitch, not a pop princess."

Her choice of words was enough to make Becky's mind begin to roll. Did she really just tell this to her ears? After some steps to the door, she changed her mind and stopped in her tracks. Running a hand up through her orange hair, Becky smiled back at her friend while thinking to herself. Her crystal blue eyes looked back at Taylor before responding with a mischievous smile hiding away her true intentions.

"I want to go say hi to Britney."

Taylor's eyes became big for a second, shocked in momentary disbelief.


Becky just laughed and nodded.

"Yeah! After all, I told you we were friends. I'm sure she'll be happy to see me."

"I don't know if that's a good idea."

"Why not? Are you intimidated by her?"

What confusion Taylor had at first had now been washed away. She smirked back at her friend and responded.

"Fuck no! I'm not scared of meeting her!"

Becky laughed and took her hand.

"Come on, then! I'm sure she would love to meet you!"

Without giving a choice to Taylor before she could refuse, Becky snatched at her hand and began jogging towards the back V.I.P. doors where security was waiting. The two trotted together while the rest of the auditorium was emptying out. Taylor didn't get a chance to say no at all. To Becky, she couldn't help herself after the words that flew out of this girl's mouth. For Becky had worked alongside Britney for years up until the Vegas residency began and she was moved off staff. The woman had just turned 39 years old, fast approaching the big 40 that she so dreaded. Over the years she worked as a personal assistant and manager in the private life of a couple famous names. Britney had been her first going all the way back to 2003 when she first started.

It was only a year ago that Becky had moved from managing a failing pop star's personal life now to working alongside Taylor Momsen. It all came down to an offer that was irresistible when it came to being paid full in cash. Still, nothing topped the wild life that she got to enjoy working alongside Britney. Taylor may have seen herself as some bad girl with a nasty private life, but Becky knew that no one could top Britney and her steamy adventures. For almost 10 whole years, she had been side by side with Britney in managing her personal life and affairs. One of the greatest achievements in her career was to share the bed alongside Britney many times with a man and sometimes multiple men in between, those were the good old days of naughty fun with the job.

Since working with Taylor, Becky couldn't totally complain about the job. There was less to do managing a singer who wasn't as popular as Britney was in the previous decade. A figure like Momsen made it easier to handle, but there was something missing from the older days. Taylor had plenty of days when she indulged in the old rock star lifestyle of sex and booze, but it wasn't the same. Becky felt spoiled rotten sometimes that she got to experience the best alongside Britney, while Taylor thought what she did made her the baddest girl in the business. Soon, Becky would make sure that illusion was shattered and the girl would receive a real lesson from one of the greatest.

Forty minutes passed and the two found themselves ushered into the walls of the backstage V.I.P. Britney was busy taking photos with fans that had purchased the V.I.P. package. This meant they had to wait around for something. Taylor already was bored, crossing her arms as she stood in a black shirt of a random heavy metal band and stonewashed blue jeans. Her friend stood talk in a pair of black pants and a pink shirt with a black jacket, her red hair made her stand out a mile away. A big black man approached Becky and lit up in a smile. He was one of Britney's bodyguards going back a long time and instantly recognized her.

"Becky! I didn't expect to see you here!"

Becky smiled and ran up to her friend to give him a hug.

"It's been a long time, I know! I've missed you, Clarence!"

Embracing a hug, Clarence laughed and replied.

"WE miss you."

Stepping back, she smirked up at him and nodded.

"I know you do, big boy."

"I came down to see you, Britney heard you wanted to come in and say hello. She's upstairs, already done with photos. You can go in and talk to her now, she's by herself. Since you're an old trusted friend and we love you so much."

Turning to look back at Taylor, she had to address her first.

"Wait her for a minute please, Taylor. Let me talk to Britney first and let her know you're here, and you can come up and take a photo to tweet out."

Taylor instantly smiled at the thought of that, it would be an instant hit through social media.

"Alright, that sounds great!"

The red haired girl walked with the bodyguard now as she was escorted up the stairs behind a door to meet face to face with her old friend. It had not been a long time in between since Becky and Britney had a social visit. The two occasionally still talked on the phone and Becky had come to Vegas just a few months ago and had a girl's day out with her old friend. Becky walked in to see Britney standing before her in a white shirt and some khaki pants. She instantly smiled in that signature pearly white smile that she was known for.

"Hey girl!"

"Hey Britney, Clarence said that I'm missed around here."

Britney laughed and walked up to hug her old friend.

"What you talking about!? You are always missed! Wish you could still be with the team here in Vegas!"

Stepping back from the hug, Becky smirked. it was always wonderful to hear how much they wished she was still on crew with them. Britney spoke back up.

"So, Clarence told me you wanted to say hi and that you brought a friend."

Becky nodded.

"Yeah, I got Taylor Momsen with me. That's who I am helping out for now."

Britney thought to herself, the name sounded familiar but she was lost a bit.

"Taylor who?"

The red haired woman bust out laughing. She couldn't help herself, Britney was always funny as hell even when she wasn't trying to be. Besides that, it was funny to her since Taylor thought she was some big star.

"Taylor Momsen, she's about 10 years younger than you honey. She has some rock band, but I only manage her and what she does in her off time, like I did with you."

"Oh, I see. So, what is she up to?"

Becky rolled her eyes.

"She thinks she's some big shot rock star, as if it's still the 80's. She fancies herself as a party girl. I'm here in Vegas with her this week while she parties it up in some of the big clubs. To be honest, I took her to see you cause we got in a little argument where she thinks she's some super bad party girl and the wildest one in the music business these days."

Britney laughed and raised her eye brow before answering.

"Oh, really?"

"Yep. I told her, ain't no one in this world that can top you, babe! I know cause I was right there with you back when we were fucking men silly back and forth, day and night."

Clenching her teeth for a second, Britney bust out laughing. It was as if those old times were still fresh in her mind. She was not wrong, many wild nights were spent naked with Becky and lucky men. Britney shook her head before replying and walking over to the couch.

"You aren't wrong about that. Me and you, we were a team! I could work men over with you far better than I did with Paris."

"Damn right, that's the fucking truth!"

Becky moved to join Britney on the couch where she continued speaking to her old friend.

"Last month, she had this wild night with these three jackass men. They weren't even hot, you know!?...and she thinks she's some hot shot over that."

Britney shook her head and leaned back on the couch, arching her hand up over her head as she looked back at Becky.

"I can do better than that, Becky..."

"I know you can! I know, that's why I brought her along tonight! I wanted to show that snotty brat, a real woman that is a smoldering temptation!"

Her cheeks slightly turned red, Britney couldn't help but blush at that compliment.

"Thank you! Oh my god, you know it!"

Leaning up on the couch, she thought to herself. Britney had some ideas rolling around in her mind. If this girl thought she was some big thing fucking through men, it wouldn't be hard to really challenge her and put her up against the test through her own skills. Britney spoke up with a question.

"Becky, tell many guys has she taken at once?"

"At once?"

Britney nodded and rested her hand under her chin. Becky looked up thinking for a minute.

"Um...four? Yeah, yeah! Four! I remember, that was back around Easter!"

A big laugh busted past Britney's lips. Four was a low number considering the both of them sitting together.

"Oh my god, really!?"

"Yeah, really!"

Britney sat back up and then turned to her friend to speak again.

"Well, old girlfriend...That little slut don't know what she is talking about to be all high and mighty. You know, you and me took far more than just four men one time."

"Yeah, I know! I told her that!"

Thinking about the old memories, Britney recalled a specific situation with Becky that happened over 10 years ago as of now through this summer. Someone had recently moved to Las Vegas, much closer to her and an old opportunity was brand new on the table.

"Hey girl, you remember Steve? Remember that time with him? You and I went through...what was it? Was it nine guys?"

Becky gasped for her breath before responding back to her former partner in seduction.

"No, no! It was more than that!"

"Oh yeah, I'm thinking ten, or eleven?"

Immediately remembering the answer, Becky gasped her breath and looked back at Britney holding up both hands with her fingers counting 10 and then using her right hand, she held up 2 fingers to give the answer.

"Twelve. We went through twelve fucking guys."

Britney gasped before smiling big and laughing.

"Oh, fuck yes! That's it! Twelve! I remember now, oh my god! We both were just drenched in the end! I had so much cum on me and you were soaked!"

While Britney laughed, Becky smirked back and answered in a smug tone.

"Mmmmhhhmmm, and still had the energy to lick each other clean."

Once Britney caught herself from laughing, she looked over at her friend and then her voice changed somewhat into that slutty tone that Becky always remember.

"Yeah we did! And you know, Steve just moved into Vegas last year and has a new dancing crew. He's been wanting to organize a little somethin' with me for quite a while..."

Breathing in slowly, Britney ran her hands up her clothed legs. Her voice rang a bit in her cute southern accent. Becky knew what the woman was implying her and then, Britney finished speaking.

"But I haven't had a partner to go with me."

Britney smiled. The hint rang through Becky's mind like a light bulb had just shattered into numerous pieces. This was it. If Taylor wanted to prove herself to being this wild girl, this was her chance. Becky smirked, feeling like a champion now. It wouldn't be hard for Britney to talk the girl into it either.

"How about I go fetch Taylor right now, so you can meet her?"

With a sinister grin growing over her face, Britney nodded.

"I'd like that."

Becky got up from the couch and Britney ran her hand through her hair as she watched her walk to the door. Something of a smirk appeared to be over Becky's face, but Britney wasn't thinking about that. She had missed having a wild party with him. For right now, Britney had to drop the naughty thoughts and play the game of emotion with this girl. Minutes later, Taylor and Becky walked through the girl. She could see the nervousness over the girl's pale skin before she came in. Those pretty blue eyes and dark eye liner around them were cute, Britney clapped her hands together and smiled big before shouting.

"Hello Taylor!"

The girl smiled big, goosebumps ran up and down her arms. She could remember back when she was in school and watching Britney Spears' music videos and here she was meeting the woman herself.

"Oh my god, it's really happening!"

"Yes it is, darling! Come and hug me!"

Britney hugged Taylor who had become so excited, it was almost like a dream that wasn't reality anymore. Even though she had big ego, meeting Britney Spears face to face was something that still was a big deal. She smiled back at Britney upon stepping back from the hug. Those pearly white teeth were an amazing sight, as Britney now began to play with the girl. Despite not knowing anything about her, Britney still knew how to appeal herself to a party girl.

"So you're that rock star babe, Becky was telling me about?"

"Fuck yeah, that's me!"

"You certainly have the look of a sexy rock star girl!"

"Thank you!"

Taylor dug her hand into one of her pockets to pull out her phone and then ask Britney the question she had waited all that time outside to say.

"Can I get a picture with you?"

"Yes, come on!"

Holding her phone out, Taylor moved alongside Britney and pressed the button while the other woman moved against her. Once the phone shifted to the first person view to show what the picture would look like in selfie form, Taylor held up her middle finger with her free hand. Britney repeated the notion by holding up her middle finger too and then pushing her lips out to try and look like a bad ass, but came out with her usual goofy humor. Taylor snapped the photo and then looked back at it on her phone, smiling. While the girl was too preoccupied with her phone, Britney looked across the room at Becky who was standing behind the couch. Becky winked at Britney, Taylor was too busy typing on her smart phone. The girl was already writing up a message and getting ready to share it on her social media accounts. Britney sat back down on the couch and waited until Taylor seemed to be done with her phone, then she spoke up.

"So, I heard you've been partying here the past week. I heard you're quite a wild girl, huh?"

Taylor turned around and addressed her word.

"Oh yeah, I guess Becky told you about that."

Britney shook her head.

"No, I heard it yesterday, somebody was telling me what a naughty girl you were at a club with some lucky fellas."

This reply made Taylor raise an eyebrow for a bit. Was this woman serious? She had to be. She did not get the impression at all that Britney was pulling her leg, so Taylor nodded to her.

"Oh yeah, that's me. I've heard about you too from years ago, but I figure you ain't like me anymore."

Britney sighed and then giggled a little bit.

"You heard wrong, little Miss. Ain't that a shame..."

Still playing on the game that she presented to this girl, Britney turned to look at Becky and then scolded her.

"What's the matter with you!? You got this sexy little rock star vixen and you haven't told her everything we used to do!?"

Becky gave a fake shocked expression at her old friend. In reality, she wanted to bust out laughing at Britney's words. She knew this was all an act, they had known each other for so long to be able to do this. Becky played along with it by replying.

"Oh, you're putting that on me? You should've went after her, yourself!"

Britney ignored Becky who had now caught Taylor's attention with her loud sigh and crossing her arms over her chest. The red haired woman walked off to the side a bit and now Britney presented the deal to the naive mind of Taylor standing right in front of her. She smiled first before speaking.

"Forget Becky here, I'm the bitch that can hook you up with some serious party action. You wanna be a party girl? Well, I gotta party that can be all yours."

Taylor smirked, intrigued with the offer.

"Oh yeah, what is that?"

"Gotta ask you first, you can handle more than three men, right?"

The younger girl sighed and shook her head, arrogantly answering the question.

"Fuck yeah, I can. I mean, look at who you're talking to."

Britney nodded to her.

"Alright, just had to make sure first. I needed another girl with me to do this party. You want to really be a party girl, here's your chance. I'll call Becky when it's all set up. Are you still gonna be here in Vegas the rest of the week."

"Oh yeah, I ain't leaving any time soon. I'll be expecting that call, guess I better run and get back to my hotel though."

Taylor walked over to look at Becky and gave her a small smirk on the face. It was the look of arrogance, before she addressed her assistant.

"See you back at the hotel, I need some sleep."

The younger blonde girl walked to the door and made an exit leaving the old friends by themselves. They both waited till she was well out the door and then busted out laughing in unison. Becky could not believe how naive Taylor was to buy that, but Britney herself was excited to finally get to call Steve again. She spoke up.

"She is too easy!"

"I told you, she thinks she's all something!"

"Let me get you Steve's number out of my phone before you go, that way you can set it all up and I'll go visit him."

Becky was a bit surprised with that comment, answering her back.

"Wait, what? Am working for you again?"

Britney smiled and nodded.

"Yes, right now! Since you brought her to me and wanted to do this, you get to be the one to set it up!"

"How very thoughtful of you."



The hot sun had risen and was shining down on Las Vegas. Despite being summer time, it was always hot out in the city of the desert. A white Mercedes car found itself sitting in a driveway to one large mansion home on the west side of town. High heels clicked and clacked onto the pavement as a blonde singer walked towards the door slowly. Britney came to see Steve and dressed up in a pair of white low cut shorts that hugged her hips. Her heels were white that matched the shorts and over her torso only a small white torn shirt that revealed her strongly built abs and little piercing to her belly button. She had no care in the world who could have possibly laid eyes on her out here since this was a place of privacy.

Inside the house, Steve couldn't wait to be face to face with Britney again. He got the surprise of his life just yesterday when Becky called and began to organize what was going to be a party. Many years ago, he had one of these 'parties' with Britney and Becky on their knees with his modeling crew. The man had spent the better part of his life training male models for dancing and body building. Now, he was beginning to reach an older age where retirement might possibly be at the door step in his mid 50's. All that was buried back in his mind right now as the knock was heard on the door and he came down the staircase to answer the inviting guest, there was no doubt in his mind who would be behind the door. Walking towards the door, he swung it open to Britney's face greeting him.

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