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This is a true story of what happened to my wife Jill and I on one of my business trips.

Every year for the past ten years I leave my pretty, slim, and now twenty-nine-year-old wife, a school administrator, home, while I travel to marketing and sales conventions. This trip was different. She would join me Wednesday. Different, also, in that I could have stayed away if I wanted since I was actually handing over this aspect of the manufacturer and sale of our product, surveillance equipment, to my assistant who would be taking my job. I was being promoted. But I wanted to see once again how he would operate since I was to still be his superior. This trip I had only two meetings but they would last most all day. I was giving my final OK to his promotion. Everything was done between he and I, we were just going by the rulebook and I had to be up early.

I left home by plane Saturday, arrived at my hotel Sunday, and was getting ready for bed. Ever since I had been rear-ended at a stop sign about eight years back, getting ready for bed after a long flight included a massage. After the accident the doctors had decided there was nothing more they could do for me, the case settled, and I was on my own. That's when I became one of the complainers. I hear myself saying fairly regular, "Yeah, I got this pain and that pain from that accident." I now I get strange problems when my muscles bind up like vertigo. At first I would call in a masseuse but half the time or more they tried to rake in a few extra bucks with sex of some kind. But I also felt a little guilty and I would hide that a woman had come to my room from Jill. I owned up to it to Jill, my wife, after a few times. The hassle with the masseuses left me tense and I felt I had wasted my money. So, I called in a masseur and he ignored me, work my muscles deep and left.

I sat sipping a shot neat when he arrived, said he was Joel and began setting up the massage table. I had already stripped down to briefs and when he was ready I got comfortable on the table. About 10 minutes into the one-hour massage I heard a key in the door and in walked Jill.

"Hi, honey. What happened?" Joel turned, smiled, and nodded at Jill then returned to working my back.

"Your Mom didn't show. She called. Your brother's kids showed up unannounced to surprise her and they are staying the weekend. After a couple of hours I thought I would surprise you, since it is going around."

"I am surprised and I am happy you are here. Great. But..." I trailed off as she explained.

My head was up out of the hole in the table laying turned and resting on a rolled towel. I lay still smiling at her and she at me. She sat in a chair and said, "I know you are busy and will go to bed, as soon as Joel is gone. Don't think about me you have work tomorrow. When you go to bed I will go down and have my dinner and then come back for bed. I won't wake you."

Jill was wearing a slightly tight black skirt, knee length with dark pantyhose and a loose fitting purple blouse. She sat with her ankles crossed and knees together. I lay looking at her and she sat watching us.

"Honey, I'm going to shower and then go to dinner," she said.

"OK," I said.

Twenty minutes passed, no one saying anything. I had turned my head and felt more comfortable with my head lying on the small towel instead of my face through the hole in the table. I noticed a mirror looking in it I saw the room behind me. The table was along the wall near the window, the bed was in the middle of the room and at the far end sat my wife to her right the door to the bathroom and to her left the door to the hall outside. Joel was between Jill and I and facing the same mirror. Now Jill and I have good sex together but she is what I guess most women are—modest and shy in her case more so modest. Certainly she outgoing enough to have gotten a master's degree and obtain a responsible position in the school district.

Jill quietly undid the buckle on her shoe and slipped it off, then the other. She stood and went to her suitcase took out a small bag and took it into the bathroom. Upon returning she put her shoes on the shelf near the door and the with her back to us ('us' because I saw Joel watching her in the mirror too) unzipped the three inch zipper at the back of her skirt and let the skirt fall to the floor. Then standing there with her back to us, she unbuttoned and the removed her blouse. I was shocked. I was getting a hard cock. I almost called to her to remind her we had a guest but didn't. I just admired the white cotton panties showing through her pantyhose enjoyed looking at her bra strap. Jill hung her blouse up and put her skirt on her suitcase and then as she sat down pulled her pantyhose down off her ass. While sitting there she remove the nylon from her long thin shapely legs. My mouth was open and still. Joel moved around to the other side of the table now facing Jill and continued to massage the problem areas I had told him about. I was flabbergast and wondered if she was going to strip completely.

And then she did. Reach behind off came the bra and she tossed it on the bed. Then standing she slid her panties off, tossed them on the bed, and my five foot nine inch tall, slim lady with the 34 inch bust, flashing pussy lips to a total stranger disappeared into the bathroom leaving me out of breath and wondering if she would come out again while Joel was still here. He still had about twenty minutes to go. She did but she had blue jeans and a t-shirt on and she walked out saying good night.

As Joel folded up his table I asked him, "Joel does the hotel have a masseuse?"

"Yes, sir, we do. There are four female on the staff, and two male."

"I'd like to arrange for a massage for my wife for tomorrow is it to late for that?"

"I don't think so. Hold on a sec. I'll call." He called his office and told me that I was in luck. Mildred's 11 am appointment canceled and she was available.

"Great. Make the appointment for my wife then, please."

"Done. Mildred will be here at 11."

"Thanks Joel. Here's a tip. Good job. Good night."

"Good night, sir."

I had no plan just the impulse of a moment to give my wife a present—a massage. But the second the door shut I started thinking. On impulse I called my partner and told him I was ill and he was on his own. I called the frond desk and rented a room two away from ours. All I could think about is how incredible it would be to watch my wife get a massage from some strange woman (and record it). I had to work fast didn't know when Jill would be back. I unpacked three wireless ip cameras, hid them in my room, and put my laptop in my other room then got to bed just 15 minutes before Jill came in.

"Jill, I arranged a present for you."


"Yes. At 11 in the morning you are going to get a one-hour deep muscle massage."

"Oh, no. Joel was nice but he is not giving me a massage. No way. I pass; but thank you. How about a iPad instead?"

"You want an iPad? No problem. I'll pick one up on the way home tomorrow—maxed out. But the massage is not with Joel. It is with Mildred. The spa has four woman and two men. Mildred will be here at 11 am. OK?"

"I never..."

"You saw me today. It's up to you how you dress. They can give a really good massage with out taking anything off."

"Really. Well, of course."

"Yeah. Wear a t-shirt and short pants. Get her to work on that lower-back pain."

"Of course. I could, huh. Joel was very professional; he didn't gawk at me. And seemed to do a lot of hard work on you. OK. I'll give it a try. My back has been killing me lately. You go to sleep. Good night."

"If you change your mind just call the operator. She will connect you to the spa. Good night."

Next morning I woke and told Jill that I had a change of plans. I had e-mailed my partner and told him I was sick the night before but I told Jill that I was just going to leave late—about 10. I squeezed myself into Jill's world that morning but after an hour of eating and fucking her pussy I kept her from her orgasm. She had to take long soapy shower to wash away the smell of stinky cunt. Jill's armpits are the worst though, the best, I love to suck and lick there. And while she did I left for work. But set my self up in the other room with a bottle of 20 year old scotch and took the day off.

Sipping an early morning scotch over ice felt really nice staring out the window and at my monitor and TV. I had three cameras but only two displays but that was all right. I could see the whole area where Joel had the table pretty much the only place to put it. The third camera faced the bathroom and the smaller area to the other side of the bed by the chest of drawers and the hallway door. Jill had moved around the room in her nightly for a short time then went into the bathroom. After awhile she came out naked and went through her bag taking out and putting on a pink panties bikini and a white silk top that had spaghetti straps and hung loose to just above her belly button. Over that she put on the white terry cloth robe provide with the room, and then sat and waited.

I fell asleep and was woken by the phone ringing (I had audio.)

"Hello. Yes, this is Jill. Oh. Umm. Well I don't know. There is no one else? My husband said there were four masseuses. Oh, I see. Well, I hope she gets well soon. I don't know. Perhaps. I guess that would be OK. He was quite professional with my husband. Yes, it will be OK. Thank you."

"It sounded like Mildred was sick and Jill had just accepted Joel's services," I thought, when the doorbell rang nearly as quickly as Jill had hung up the phone.

"Hi. Mildred called and could not come in. We have a strict policy about illness. We don't want any guests to get sick from us. That's not good."

"I appreciate that," Jill said. "It was just a few seconds ago I was speaking with your administrator."

"Yes. I had her on another line at the same time so that I would arrive on time if it was OK," he said.

"I see. OK. You can set up the table were you were with my husband," Jill said pointing toward the other side of the room.

I was wide eyed and confused. My wife was not acting like my wife. What with her stripping routine yesterday and now she was wearing a tiny pink panty and a very loose fitting silk top under her robe. I kept expecting her to excuse herself to go and put on the t-shirt and shorts but she did not. Joel set up his table with professional indifference and she stood watching for the right moment to join him. I was unable to understand. She had nearly stripped naked the night before but it had not been as though nothing happened. She just did her normal routine—undress, wash, and dress for dinner. I even felt like it was nothing special. Like Joel was just the servant performing his duties nothing was needed different. He was beneath us and so it did not matter.

I watched my wife walk over to the table and remove her robe laying it on the bed. She lay upon the table with her face through the hole. As I know my modest wife she would not have accepted the alternative. Mildred was sick then no massage. Accepting Joel was not what I would have thought she would do.

"Jill, are there any problem areas that you don't want me to touch or any spots that you want me to pay extra attention too?" I was busy doing a double take because with her stretched out on the table the pink panties seemed not there.

"Yes. I have an aching here and it travel into my right hip here," she said while point to her lower back.

"OK. Anything else?" Joel asked.

"Sometimes it will shoot up to the left below my shoulder."

By now I was standing sipping my whisky wondering how this aspect of my wife went un-noticed by me for eleven years. In my mind never would she be doing this, with Mildred, perhaps, but even then with more than a tiny pink panty. I was getting rather incensed about the whole scene like the tables were turned in some hideous way. Instead of getting my jollies watching a woman massage my Jill something else was happening. I didn't like it but couldn't do anything about it. If I come home early I would have to sit like she did until they finished. That left me watching another man giving my unpredictable wife a massage. The more I thought about it I remembered that those panties were slightly see-thru in the seat but could not remember about the front. As I got past the initial shock of it all I went to the laptop and took control of the camera zooming and tilting into the panties. Her feet were a foot and a half apart and so I zoomed right into her crotch and saw through the pants to her lips. He was getting a really good show. I was angry, frustrated with not being able to formulate a plan to stop it, and wondering why since just walking in and saying, "hi, my partner is so good he don't need me. I'm home," would work. What is really bizarre is that this newfound unpredictability of my wife was somewhat predictable. If I walked in she would just do nothing but continue getting her massage exposed pussy and all. Fuck.

"Joel, right there," Jill said bringing me back to the scene.

"The lumbar pain?"


Joel had Jill's silk top rolled up tight across her shoulders. It still hugged her breast since she was on top of it. He had a lot of oil spread over her spine and the muscle to each side and was pressing his thumbs from her lower to upper back over and over again.

"Jill I need to get up to the base of your neck but this oil might ruin your silk top. Is it OK if I get oil on it?"

Jill said nothing. She did nothing. Joel continued to deep massage her back avoiding the garment but I could see he was going deeper into the muscle and Jill moaned with the added pressure. Finally she took the garment with each hand and pulled it up to her head and there held it out of the way. She was nearly naked. But Joel could not get to his needed spot above the shoulder blade and I knew that it was good and might relieve the pain there so how could I be mad—easy. Joel began a steady relentless complex stroke from right hip, up her back, both shoulder blades, while occasionally starting on the left side. Jill had been having a problem holding her garment and had been resting one arm then the other but finally gave up and slid the garment all the way over her head and let it rest under her chin. After a few minutes she returned her arms down along side her body onto the table.

Joel said, "Jill tell me if I find sore spots so I can work them out individually."

"OK. But Joel I need to use the restroom."

"OK," he said and moved away from the table. Jill sat up slowly holding her top to her chest and tried to put it back on the way it came off but could not so she gave it a little shake and in doing so sat there with just her panties on. Those beautiful hand sized breasts jiggling and naked plain to see. And then I saw on her face her newfound unpredictability as she walked to the bathroom door letting her top drop to the bed.

"Joel," she said as she returned, "would it bother you if I leave the top off; it's in the way and I really don't want to ruin it." There she stood two feet from him next to the table with just the see-thru panties.

"Not at all. Please lay on the back now," he said. I had been watching Jill's face and when he said that it startled her as if she hadn't expected that but it lasted just a moment and then she complied. And there were her nipples soft and flush to her breast. When aroused or the cold gets to them they swell and grow a lot. From soft little flat buttons to half inch spikes standing strong and obvious. She closed her eyes and waited for Joel to begin. I zoomed in on her crotch to see what he saw. He saw a nearly clear view of my wife's pussy through the pink cloth. Joel must have thought not clear enough because he lifted her right leg at the knee bending it putting her food close to her ass and then he pressed down on her knee and leg so she was half spread eagle. He panties were pulled tight across her pussy. Now she was essentially nude for him. He had touch, squeezed, looked at and massaged every bit of my wife except her privates. Those he just got an especially good look.

I stormed out of my room and down the hall to her room and stopped, walked around in a circle and then back to my room. Only to see he had done the same to the other leg leaving her as spread wide as possible while massaging deeply her inner and outer thighs and calfs. He was standing with his hip holding her left leg spread while massaging the right. Her panty had been stretched narrow so her vulva and pubic hair had escaped on each side. Her eyes were still closed her nipples fully erect.

Everyone jumped when the phone rang. "Excuse me, Jill, that is probably my office. I think the hour is up. They call to remind me of my next appointment. Hello. Hi. Yes. OK. Thank you. Bye. Yes time is up. I have another appointment in about twenty minutes. It's been a pleasure. I hope I got that problem spot in your back. It might take other sessions or maybe it is in of a chiropractor. If it can be fixed with massage that is best and cheapest."

Jill sat up and got down from the table. She went to her purse and removed what looked to be a hundred dollar bill and then walked over to him still wearing just her panty, handed him the tip, and thanked him. Keeping with not being anything like I know my wife to be she went to her suitcase, pulled out a laundry bag, slipped off her panties and put them into the bag. Joel was taking down the table and putting away his things, Jill walked to the bed got her top and put it into the bag too. She went back to her bag with her back to Joel bent over and looked in taking out several items and then went into the bathroom.

She didn't stop confusing my mind there after about perhaps 8 minutes Joel open the door and put his things in the hall and then called to Jill, "I'm leaving Jill. Good bye."

Still nude see comes out quickly looking around asking like a good hostess, "did you get everything?"

She walked over to the door and stood nearly in the hall holding the door, "good bye and again thank you." And she shut the door.

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Admitedly i am just your AVERAGE JOE who happens to have a strong VOYEUR SIDE.
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Leave her and

get a new model when you get home.

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