tagLesbian SexPretty Young Thing Pt. 02

Pretty Young Thing Pt. 02


The Prequel: Sasha



I like to think that the greatest relationships in human history have all began with those two little letters...or at least variations of them. Though when I think of greatness, I and Nyla don't exactly qualify.

She did change my life though, the jury is still out on whether she changed it for the better or for the worse.

"You're Sasha right? I've heard a lot about you."

"Yap... and you're Nyla, the new girl... so what exactly have you heard?"

"Apparently, you're the it girl around here, sweet, funny, popular ...and gorgeous."

"Hehe, I don't know about gorgeous," I said with a giggle.

"Don't sell yourself short. You look fucking delicious."

I was stunned by her bluntness. Her eyes harboring this sort of seductive evil, complemented by the allure of her beauty... she almost instantly had me under her thumb.

Not to imply that I was usually the dominant one in a relationship. Contrary to the popular stereotype that came with the celebrity of being the prettiest girl in school, I was not in fact a bitch. I was what my mother referred to as a 'pleaser', I knew she was using a more polite word for submissive. My mom always underestimated exactly how much I knew about life, people... sex.

You see I liked...loved to see people smile, back when I was younger this only meant that I loved to do nice things. Give out my lunch, help an old lady cross the street, start an annual charity car wash.

But as I grew older... I did... more. I gave my first blowjob about a year ago, after I had just turned 18. I was at a party and this sweet guy kept staring at me in my tight jeans and equally as tight top.

I noticed early that a black girl's curves are one of her most desirable assets. And like I said... I liked to make people smile.

So I stared back at the boy, our eyes meeting if only for a second before he darted them away, like most shy teenage boys do. I knew what he was thinking about... the exact same thing that's usually passing through my mind.

I have a theory, I think the only difference between boys and girls is our bodies, everything else is exactly the same. Its society and all of its expectations that make a man a man and a woman a woman. So as the young woman that I was, sex was not a topic that I was entirely new to.

Or maybe I'm making too many assumptions. Maybe my libido was slightly...significantly higher than most girls, I wouldn't know, these are things I'm way too decent to have conversations about. No the only reason I was so accustomed to the erotic arts is that I have an unhealthy love affair with pornography... the internet is a magnificent creation.

I was addicted, I mean the more taboo it was the harder I came. Gangbangs, bukkake, incest... even non-consensual porn when I felt a little dirtier than usual.

Like a lot of things, I had this in common with my mom. I inherited her brains, her looks and her dirty mind. I only knew about her past indiscretions because she caught me with my fingers in my panties more times than I'm proud to say.

She eventually sat me down and had the talk, explaining to me that what I felt was more than natural. She explained how much happier she was when she embraced her sexual side compared to when she hid it.

Most kids shy away from conversations about sex with their parents, but my mom made me feel understood. She knew exactly who I was, because she was the same thing and felt absolutely no judgement towards me. Those regular talks were the only reason I was confident enough to walk up to my first boy and go for exactly what I wanted.

"I'm Sasha."




"You came second at the science fair last year. Your robot absolutely blew my mind."

"You ...like robots?"

"Tech excites me. I helped Milo build the next gen computer that won first. He wanted me to enter the competition with him, but I was just helping a friend, I let him get all the glory."


I never understood why guy's absolutely loved it when a girl was as nerdy as them, I mean it's not like girls find it attractive when a guy can do their makeup for them. Are men really so vain that the idea of being with the female version of themselves turned them on? Anyway...

"So Kyle...are you gonna ask me to dance or nah?"

"Uh...do ...do you?"

With a smile I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the nearest wall away from all the lights and attention.

I pulled him closer, placing his hands on my hips and wrapping my arms around his neck. Slowly I grinded into him, feeling his breath rise with every slight move I made. This left me absolutely soaking. The feel of his rapid heart rate, the shaking of his hands, the rubbing of his piece on my leg and the evident fact that I was the cause of it all.

I turned around, placing my hands on the wall and bending over to grind my ass into his crotch, feeling his dick press into me. His sharp inhale of surprise made me smile, his hands shaking even more as they grabbed onto my hips, trying to keep up with my slow twerk and grind. I don't think I was even paying attention to whatever song was playing, all I wanted to do was feel him.

His hands started to roam, the confidence in him building as I felt is palms squeeze the sides of my ass. At this point I was basically drooling, my mind set on one thing as my body moved all on its own. What I did next was downright inevitable.

"I can feel you...down there." I said in between breaths, my head laid back and nestled on his shoulder while my ass kept doing what it felt like it was design to do, move.

"I... I'm so...sorry."

"No... don't be, it feels so good pressed on me."

"It does?"

With a smile I closed the deal "Kyle...do you want me?"

I could feel the shock running through him, his mind racing as the unbelievable situation unfolded in front of him.

With a slow breath he answered, "Fuck yeah."

I suddenly found myself grabbing him by the hand and pulling him into the nearest rest room. I dropped to my knees, too horny to even take a moment and acknowledge what was about to happen. My hand shot for his belt and zipper, undoing and pulling them off to suddenly come face to face with my very first cock.

That's when I stopped, my consciousness suddenly coming back to me as I found myself slowly stroking him. I looked up into his eyes, half closed and groggy, fear and excitement completely taking over his being as I assume I became the first girl he was ever intimate with. The hunger he had for me, it threw shivers down my spine as I visualized the thoughts going through his head, the things he wanted to do with me, the ways I was making him feel. Fuck, the real thing doesn't even come close to any porno.

I abided with his silent command, taking his cock deep into my mouth, ignoring my gag reflex for his sake, the idea of pleasing him, giving him the best night of his life completely driving my actions, I wanted to feel his body shake as he came, his hands twist in my hair, his eyes close in bliss.

Confidence once again took over, as he grabbed my head and started fucking my throat with vigor, my pussy getting wetter with each thrust as he used me for his own feral needs. With a groan, he climaxed. Holding my head in place while his cum filled my mouth until it was dripping down my lips. His body writhing and squirming while I kept sucking him until he was dry.

With a gulp and a smile the moment past.

Me on the porcelain floor with my makeup messed up and him sitting on the toilet with a stupid look on his face.

"Damn Sasha... that story was hot as fuck! So did you fuck him?"

"No...uh... I haven't actually ...had sex yet... I mean they was this time... I blew the whole computer club and this guy fingered me, but no, I haven't actually... you know, done it."

How the hell had we gotten to this point, an hour ago I was just meeting her, the next she'd twisted the conversation into sexual experiences.

"...The whole club?"

"It was only like three guys. I asked Kyle to introduce me to them because I wanted to join, but... they all stared at me like he did, with their eyes on my ass 90% of the time, so ...one thing led to another."

"One thing led to another! Jesus, you're a little slut."

"I hate that word... I'm just... open to new experiences."

"How come the whole school doesn't know about this? Wouldn't this be like the topic of the century?"

"I asked them not to tell anyone. Plus, they're sweet guys, unlike the asshole squad of the school they don't drag a girl's reputation in the dirt just for fun."

"So, you seriously didn't let any of them in your panties?"

"Ahmm... I would have... but they tend to cum pretty quick when I get on my knees."

"So did they make you cum at least?"

"Uh... no... but the euphoria from the blowjob is enough... I guess."

"Come with me," Nyla said while she grabbed my hand and whisked me out of the library chair and into one of the spaces between the shelves.

"...what are you..."

"Shhh... we're friends right?"

"...Uh... I guess... I mean I did just describe to you my first blowjob."

"My thoughts exactly. So... friends do things for each other...right?"

"Uh... right... where is this going?"

"I'm gonna make you cum," She whispered into my ear as her fingers traced the skin on my thigh and into my skirt.


"Shhh..." She hissed, as she came into contact "Don't think... you've done so much for everyone else...it's the least I could do..."

"B...but I'm not..."

"You can't tell me you don't watch a little girl on girl action every once in a while?"

She said as her left hand slid up my body and groped my breast.

"What...What if we get caught?"

"...then they can join in too..."

She said with a smile as she pulled down my panties and dropped to the floor, pulling one of my legs on her shoulder, raising my skirt and diving in between my legs.

I had to press my palm on my mouth to quit myself, my breath completely out of control and my moans much of the same. She played with my pussy like a kid with a new toy. Moving from my clit to my lips to pushing deep inside and pulling back out to go right back to my clit. It was both frustrating and amazing.

She explored it, marking every part of my pussy until it was all completely hers, her fingers diving in as well, dipping as her tongue circled on my clit again. The taboo, the voyeurism, the fact that two more students were discussing their chemistry assignment in the next aisle while I was getting eaten out. It was all so overwhelming that I came in minutes, shaking as I knocked and grabbed at the books around me in hopes of not falling to the ground.

I leaned there for a while, trying to gather myself but horribly failing as remnants of the orgasm kept pulsating through me.

Nyla... the seductress. She grabbed my panties, pushing them into her pocket. Watching me with a smile.

"Ahmmm that was so much easier than I thought it would be. I'm gonna have so much fun with you."

She left me there, cum dripping down my leg, wondering what else she had in store for me.

My favorite class, Physics, yet I couldn't keep my mind on Mr. Gregory, regardless of his chiseled physique and his genius that I had the pleasure of listening to three times a week. He was one of the reasons I was so sad I was gonna graduate soon. But he assured me with my Grades I was gonna meet men with far superior intellect than his own.

I always assumed he knew I had a crush. His sweet tone, his complete attention towards me, how could he not know. I was the Teacher's pet, but not in the context that I wanted. I wanted to do more than just carry his books and lead his discussions, so much more, if he had asked me to bend over on his desk and let him have me right in front of the entire class, I would have obliged without a second thought.

But teenage girls don't tend to have their wildest dreams come true. We don't usually fuck the celebrity heart throb, we don't get to marry the beautiful eye candy actors that we swoon over, and we don't get to pleasure the married teacher we fantasize over on a daily basis.

Mr. Gregory was a good man by all accounts, and fucking teenage girls is not something a good man is accustomed to do.

Suddenly I receive a text. To my shock it's Nyla.

How did she even get my number? Well to be fair, with this tech age, and her abilities of persuasion, I doubt finding my number was a rather demanding task.

"Meet me in the girl's bathroom." The text simply says, my eyes reading it over and over trying to decipher exactly what she plans to do with me in there.

I receive another text and it's just one word.


The submissive in me panics, the idea that the longer I took, the angrier she got looming as I suddenly pack my things jump out of my seat and rush towards the door.

"Sasha? Where you going?" Mr. Gregory says in his oh so blissful tone.

I suddenly stop, trying to gather up the sense to make a believable enough lie.

"Uh...restroom...girl's stuff..."

"Oh...ok well hurry back, you're gonna love the next topic."

And with that I was out, every step I took towards the restroom doors weighing heavy on me. She could play me like a drum, and she knew it.

Suddenly I open the door and there she is, fixing her make up in one of the mirrors.

"Took you long enough!"

She says without throwing me a single glance.

"Uh...sorry, I was just in my physics lesson and..."

"Physics? Teacher Gregory's physics?"


Suddenly she starts to laugh "Lemme guess, you got lost in his eyes on your way out of the room."


Suddenly she put down her make up kit, walking towards me with her eyes never leaving mine.

Her hand rushes up my skirt, two fingers dipping themselves inside of me, moving past where the panties she took would have shielded, this was clearly planned. She takes my pussy in her hand, completely absent of my consent, and I didn't say a word against it... I was hers...and yet about two hours ago we were strangers.

"God, every single girl in this school has a crush on my dad, even you, with your pussy already dripping. It's absolutely pathetic."

"...Your ...dad?" I say in between breathes , her fingers thrusting in me, faster and faster while she pressed her body against me on the bathroom walls. Her eyes stern and unfeeling, like this moment meant absolutely nothing to her. Unlike me who was in complete turmoil as I kept wondering if some random girl was gonna walk in and catch us. I wanted her to stop... but at the same time my body begged her not to.

"Yap... He moved me here for my last year so he could keep a closer eye on me. My last school kicked me out for... bad behavior." She said with that evil smile of hers.

I was stunned by her revelation. I found it hard to grasp the idea that the daughter of the man I was head over heels for had gone down on me, was fingering me.

"Actually ...he's the reason you and I are here right now...the reason I've taken such a sudden interest in you... you see your mom and my dad are...friends, to say the least.

My parents have a...tough marriage and long-distance relationships are hard to keep strong. My dad tends to get lonely sometimes... and your slut of a mother used that to her advantage... like mother like daughter I guess."

"Wha...what?" Her fingers started to dart inside of me faster as I slowly grasped what she was saying, trying to acknowledge her words against the rising pleasure inside of me...until it dawned on me as I came on her hand...my mom was cheating on my dad with her dad... the man I was hopelessly crushing over.

"What...what do you mean my..." Suddenly her fingers were in my mouth interrupting my train of thought, the taste of my pussy on my tongue as she said with an almost wrathful look...


I abided like a good little sub.

"Your whore of a mother used my dad... So in return... I'm gonna use you...then you're gonna take me home and I'm gonna suck the life out of your dad."

'My God, what is happening?' I asked myself as she pulled me into the nearest stall by my hair.

She locked the door and sat on the closed toilet seat, with her hand still tangled in my locks and me now kneeling on the floor in front of her. She whisked her pants off in one move and pushed her panties to the side, pulling me by my braids into her sopping pussy and with a sharp inhale she commanded.


...I abided like a good little sub.

"That's right my little fuck toy... that's right, lick it like the little slut you are...uh... oh my god yes... mmmm. I'm gonna take pictures of this and show them to your mom, you fucking slut...uh... yah, eat me out, revenge feels so fucking good."

The words she kept calling me. The sound of her camera phone clicking and saving proof of my indiscretions. The sounds of giggling outside of the stall door as I assume whoever was out there heard every single thing that was happening in here... it was exhilarating , arousing in ways I couldn't possibly describe... in this moment... I must admit, I couldn't argue with the fact that I was by definition, a slut... nothing more.

When she came, I couldn't help but join her. Her clit in my mouth and her hand wrenching my braids, leaving me in painful pleasure... I came with her yet she barely touched me... this feeling of submission all that I needed to leave me writhing.

When the girls outside had left, she stood up and unlocked the door, stepping over my shaking body to fix herself in the mirror.

"6 Pm. Outside of the school. DON'T BE LATE!"

And with that she left me there moaning and squirming on a toilet floor.

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