tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPrettyboy Floyd's Last Piece of Pie

Prettyboy Floyd's Last Piece of Pie


The following is a fictionalized account of the end of Charles Arthur "Prettyboy" Floyd, the notorious bank robber and gangster. Other than Adam Richetti who was with him on his last job, all the other characters are purely fictional.


Charlie Floyd and Adam Richetti backed out of the bank with sacks of cash in one hand and guns pointed in the other.

It was their third job this month and had been the easiest, that is until some lucky cop down the street just happened to see them step out of the bank.

"HALT! AND DROP THOSE GUNS" he yelled as he pulled out his service revolver.

Richetti turned and fired a wild shot as Charlie jumped in the driver's seat. "GET IN!" Charlie yelled. It was the last words Adam ever heard, as the bullet struck him in the back of the head as he tried to climb in.

Charlie saw his dead compadre face down on the sidewalk and with bullets zinging into the car, he knew there wasn't any point hanging around, so he took off. Adam was a buddy, but his dead body wasn't worth going to the pen for.

One thing Charlie always prided himself on, besides his legendary good looks and big cock, was his ability to pick fast cars and drive the hell out of them. He knew that the local cops didn't have radios like the state troopers, so once he got out of the county he slowed down and began wondering what to do next. He decided to go to Chicago, but knew he had to get out of the state first.

That's when he noticed the gas gage. DAMMIT why didn't he fill up BEFORE the job. There was no map of these back roads and the highways would be dangerous so he prayed he'd run across some small gas station close by.

But luck was not on Charlie's side this day. As the car began to stutter, he looked for a place to pull off and ditch the car. A few hundred feet ahead was a deep culvert. That would have to do. The car died and he pushed it the last few feet into the ditch and then broke off some limbs in a feeble attempt to cover it up. It wasn't much but it would have to do.

He stuffed the gun in his belt and grabbed the bag of cash and then left the road in search of a car to steal.

Edith Walters starred down at the bed of flowers she was making; the same bed that she once planted with her husband, before he took off without a word.

They were newlyweds before the depression; happy, deeply in love, with dreams and aspirations as high as the sky. He got a loan to buy the farm and they set out to realize their version of the American dream. They tried to have kids, it just wasn't in the cards. But that never stopped them from trying. Day and night, good days or bad, it didn't matter, they just loved the passion.

But when times got bad, Joe's interest began to wane, and the worse it got, the more he withdrew. Then the registered letter came. They were being repossessed. Three days later Joe said he was going to town to see if he could make some deal with the banker, but he never came home. That was nine months ago and she hadn't heard from him since. Luckily, some oil company came by and offered some cash for the rights to drill an oil well which was good enough to keep the bank vultures at bay and even enough for Ellen buy a tractor for that day when Joe came home.

Charlie figured he had walked at least three miles and was getting very thirsty. As he came over the next hill he saw a farm house with a woman out back. It looked like she was watering flowers or something. He didn't see a car or more importantly, a telephone pole, anywhere near the house, so he shoved his gun into the belt behind his back and shoved the bag of money into a thicket close by. Then he set off for the farm house.

"Howdy Ma'am", Charlie announced as Edith was bent over the flowers.

Edith nearly jumped out of her dress. "Oh my God, you scared me to death!" she replied as she turned and stood up.

Charlie looked her over but tried not to be obvious about it. Ummm... not bad, but kinda scrawny for a farmin' girl.., he thought ...a little plain too maybe, but they all can't be showgirls. "Forgive me Ma'am, didn't mean to scare ya... just passin by and wondered if you'd mind if I took a drink from your spigot there".

"Well.... I suppose." Edith pulled the hair from her eyes. "Who are you? I haven't seen you around here before".

"Forgive me Ma'am." Charlie took off his hat and offered his hand. "I'm Charles Frank, Ma'am. Pleased to meet ya".

Edith kept her hands on her apron. She studied his face for a bit. My word, this man may have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. "I'm Mrs. Walters... the water's free...drink all you want".

As Charlie leaned over to drink, she looked him over. He sure was a fancy dresser. Probably some kinda salesman, damn good looking though that's for sure. "Where ya from Mister? And why ya here"?

Charlie wiped the water off his mouth with the back of his hand. "Well I'm from Oklahoma Ma'am. I was drivin' through and my car run outta gas a ways back and I was hopin to walk up on some gas station or a friendly farmer who might have some spare gas. Is your husband around Ma'am"?

"Well my husband is ahh... out right now...." Those eyes are making her melt inside... and she admonished herself to staring, lest he figure her out "...but I might have some diesel from the tractor in the barn".

" 'Fraid diesel won't work. When will Mr. Walters be back"? Just then a scent caught Charlie's nose. They were right by the kitchen window. He sniffed the air like a basset hound. Seeing him sniff the air and anxious to change the subject, Edith offered an invitation.

"Its rhubarb", she looked at her watch, "and ready to come out of the oven I suppose..."

Charlie's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, "Did you say rhubarb Ma'am?"

It had been nine long months since she shared a pie she had made for someone else's consumption. It felt good to have man drooling over her cooking again. "Say, you look hungry, would you like a piece of pie Mr. Frank"?

Charlie hadn't eaten since lunch the day before and he smiled like he'd been offered three wishes by a genie, "Oh yes, Mrs. Walters, I sure would! And call me Charlie". Edith smiled and led him inside where he sat a small table as she pulled the steaming pie out of the oven.

Charlie watched her from behind as she cut into the pie. Food wasn't the only thing he had been without recently. Even though her dress was plain it couldn't hide the obvious fact that Mrs. Walters had one very nice body.

"Here you go Mr. Frank...." Edith turned and saw Charlie looking at her. The kind of look men give women when fucking is on their mind. Every once in a while Joe had that look. It was a different look then when he had lovin' on his mind. She never told him, but that look of Joe's made her wetter than the Pacific. She forced herself to avert his sexually charged blue eyes. "...be careful, it's very hot".

Charlie's eyes and his mind refocused on the beautiful treat she set before him and he began by blowing on each steaming bite just a bit before treating his grateful mouth on the delicious pie. She watched, initially flattered by his obvious pleasure which soon gave way to other, more sensual thoughts, like what did he look like naked?... was he a good and patient lover?... did he have a large cock?...

"Is there Mrs. Frank, Charlie"? Edith couldn't believe she actually asked the question.

Charlie looked up at her soft brown eyes. She looked younger than him, but not by much. There were a few small wrinkles here and there. Some worry line he guessed, just like most folks during those hard times. Yes there was some real beauty about her that he didn't notice before, that's for sure. But there was more behind those eyes than just hard times, there was some raw hunger in there.

He set down the fork and pushed the empty plate aside. "Well Mrs. Walters..." he began to lie again just as he had with his last name, "... my wife caught a bad bug a few months back. We thought for a bit she might pull out of it.." he knew it was wrong to lie to this woman who had opened her home and just fed him, but he couldn't really tell her "I just robbed your town's bank and I'm runnin' from the law" his freedom and maybe his life... or hers... depended on her believing him.... " but, she didn't. I was on my way to Chicago to return some of her things to her folks."

Edith reached out and placed her hand on his. "I'm so sorry, you must be in some terrible grief". Charlie placed his other hand on top of hers. "There are good days and bad days I suppose.."

He looked back up into her eyes. If he could have made tears he would.

She looked back into his eyes. She wanted to feel sorry for him, but she couldn't get those other thoughts out of her mind. His hands were warm and soft. They made her wetter. She crossed her legs under the table wishing it would stop.

"So...do you and Mr. Walters have any kids"? Charlie asked.

She stared into those incredible blue eyes "Call me Edith..." and decided not to lie anymore. "Charlie, I can't lie to ya no more." Her voice started to break. "We ran on hard times there for a bit and when the bank threatened to foreclose... well, it was just too much for Joe. I guess he got scared and took off, and I ha vent heard from him since".

" BASTARDS", Charlie snarled.

"Don't be hard on Joe, he..."

Charlie interrupted. She had hit on a raw nerve not to mention part of the motivation in his new career. "I didn't mean him, I mean those slimy bastards at the bank. They're ALL bastards! Half my family has been robbed by those sons-a-bitches!" He was tempted to tell her what he'd just done, but he couldn't take that chance.

The fire in his eyes scared her, but made her want him even more. She couldn't keep thinking this way, she was married... and it just wasn't right. So she picked up his empty plate and took them to the sink and began washing them.

Charlie let go of the anger, for now anyway, and picked up the fork, moved next to her at the sink. He took the dirty dish out of her hand. "Here, lemme do that. Where I grew up, whoever did the cookin', DIDN'T do the dishes". She stood next to him, watching, feeling herself go weaker.

Charlie rinsed the clean plate off and set it in the sink and turned toward her. "You got a t..." Her eyes were soldering as she looked up at him. "..a towel?"

She didn't answer, but continued to stare up, at his lips now, wondering how they tasted.

He reached down and pulled her to him and lowered his face to hers. Their lips met as he pulled her tighter into his body. There was no resistance. Their lips made love and their tongues danced as their passions ignited.

She wanted to resist. She wanted to tell him, beg him even... to stop, but she couldn't. She'd never strayed and never allowed herself the thought of divorcing Joe, but something was giving way within her. Her heart pounded and her whole body seemed to melt into his. His lips were like a soft satin pillow, begging her to lie down.

Charlie's right hand slid down her back and cupped her ass cheek and squeezed. She moaned into his mouth and he squeezed tighter. Her whole ass cheek seemed to fit in his large hand, it was tight and it made his cock fill.

With Charlie's hand cupping her ass, she too reached down and grabbed his. Suddenly she felt the cold gun metal of his .38. She mouth pulled from his "What's that?" she panted.

Charlie quickly reached back and took the gun out and laid it on the counter. "Protection" he replied and pulled her face back into his. She was a bit alarmed at first and wondered who he needed protection from, but Charlie's supple lips and probing tongue soon redirected her attention. With her hand now cupping his ass, she pulled his hips hard into her, instinctively wanting to feel his thrust.

Charlie discovered as a teenager that all men really aren't created equal. Some, were definitely more equal than others. And still others, like him, were a lot more equal. It was that huge inequality that was now pressing into Edith's lower abdomen. She wondered at first if it wasn't another gun, but the heat radiating from it through her thin dress told her otherwise. But it seemed impossibly large and nothing like she experienced with Joe.

With his left hand, Charlie found the zipper at the top of her dress. Before she realized it he had deftly unhooked the snap and had the zipper half down her back. Not only were all sorts of red flags going off in her conscience, she suddenly remembered she hadn't bothered to put on a bra or even panties that morning as she never dreamed some man would be disrobing her in this August heat.

Finally with incredible effort, and her back fully exposed and both of Charlie's hands now cupping both ass cheeks, did Edith summon the determination to ask Charlie to stop.

"Charlie.... please....I... I.. I can't...it's not right..."

Charlie ignored her feeble protestations and slightly lowered his hips so that his granite hard cock was now pressing into her sex.

"...we can't...please........" She felt it now, hard against her clit and whatever resistance was there evaporated like steam from a kettle.

The bare skin of her back only served to throw gasoline into Charlie's growing fire. He reached up with one hand to pull of her dress and it was half way off her shoulder and exposing her breast when she panted into Charlie's ear.

"Not here.... let's go up stairs..."

She pulled away but took his large hand in hers and led him up the wooden stairs. As he followed her lead up the stairs, he admired the beauty before him and thoughts of Adam and the police were miles away.

She started to lead him into her bedroom, which was really their bedroom, so she stopped and closed that door and led him down the hall to the other bedroom. The bed was a bit smaller but at least she wouldn't be reminded. Charlie kicked off his shoes, Edith began slowly unbuttoning his shirt. She told herself that she wasn't going to let Joe deny her the passions that he selfishly took with him nine months ago. With his buttons undone and the tail out she pushed the white linen shirt off his wide shoulders.

There was a fine thin layer of baby hair in the center of his chest trailing all the way down into his pants. He held her head as she gently kissed his nipple and then he shuddered as she gently bit into that small tight nub.

While her mouth and lips made love to his nipples, her hands slid down and pulled open his belt and then opened his pants. Her hand reached inside and she gasped loudly as her fingers discovered just how unequal Charlie was. With her fingers not nearly long enough to reach around what was now sticking out of his boxers, she looked up at him with just a bit of fear in her wide, but lust filled eyes.

It wasn't the first time Charlie's ten inches of throbbing passion had scared a woman. Sometimes part of him wished he was more like other men, but he had learned that while they may be initially frightened, they all want to at least try it on for size.

"Its ok baby.... we'll go slow...", he cooed in her ear, "...you just gotta trust me on this one baby. It may look too big, but I promise to go real slow and easy".

She took a deep breath and looked down as she and pushed his boxers and then and his pants off his hips and into a pile around his ankles. She couldn't believe her eyes. Men just weren't supposed to be this big. Her brother wasn't and neither was Joe. But what wasn't supposed to be possible, was now hard and throbbing in her hand.

Slowly she sank to her knees and gave Charlie's inequality one last look before she leaned in and began kissing it. She marveled how soft the skin was but how hard the rest of it was in her hand. The top of the crown was sticking out of its hood and she ran her tongue around the fat bulbous knob before pulling the skin back revealing his fat, almost purple head. Her tongue darted out and licked it wet. It wasn't quite as hard as the rest of it and she couldn't resist the temptation to very very gently and teasingly bite into his fat juicy plumb.

Charlie inhaled very sharply at the sharp intrusion into his sensitive knob, "AHHH...easy baby!"

Edith giggled softly and resumed licking his fat crown. She had never had a cock besides Joe's in her mouth, but being attached to a man, she was pretty sure it would respond similarly, so she began running her tongue around and around the edge of his crown while her eight fingers and two thumbs were now wrapped, as best they could anyway, around the long hard shaft stroking him.

Charlie stood there, mesmerized by the site below him watching her lips and tongue make love to his hard cock. Damn, she really was very pretty ,with soft brown hair, big brown soulful eyes. As he watched her, he soon realized that if you took away those fancy dresses and makeup...those showgirls really didn't hold a candle.

After licking and kissing every square inch of his cock she looked up into Charlie's lust glazed eyes as she opened her mouth wide...very wide, and took him inside. Just the head seemed to fill her mouth. It was hot too. Hotter than her own tongue which she curled up to massage the sensitive underside of his plum. His moans gave her confidence in her skills of delivering pleasure.

She knew she could never get all of him in, but she really wanted him to enjoy this as much as she was. Part of her wanted him to erupt in her mouth.... to feel his seed on her tongue and in her mouth and even the back of her throat. The other part wanted him to rip off her dress and slowly fuck her into oblivion until he came there instead, deep deep inside her.

As she was trying to make up her mind she felt Charlie's hands pulling her up. She released him from her mouth and looked up into his eyes. Those amazing, incredibly blue, and way too sensual eyes. He held her nearly limp body in his arms as they kissed once more. Slowly and more caring this time, his mouth made sweet love to hers. The fear in her body was all gone now, lost forever when she took him into her mouth. Half holding her up, he gently and tenderly removed her house dress leaving her naked and exposed to the light of the midday sun and his hungry passions.

He swung her body around and laid her on her back atop the white cotton spread her mother made for her years ago. Standing over her, he took her hand and kissed it. Kissed it like it was as fragile as a soap bubble. She wanted him to lie atop her and make love to her.

Charlie climbed on to the bed next to her and began kissing her body, her arms, her neck, her cheek, as his soft hands slid every so lightly across her bare skin, giving her goose bumps as it traveled. Lower his mouth traveled. She tried to pull his face back to hers and to lie atop her and give her what she knew they needed. But he ignored her. He wanted her to enjoy this just as much and as long as they both could stand it.

When his lips met her closest nipple, her back arched as she moaned. He flicked at it with his tongue teasingly before pulling it into his warm inviting mouth to be sucked on gently...at first anyway.

While his mouth made her back arch up for more, his hand had made its way down to her open thighs. He cupped her sex in his hand feeling her wet heat against his palm. He pressed into her heat with a small circular motion making her hunger for more. Soon her hips where working into his palm and this is when he slid his middle finger into her wet depths. She moaned again, but deeper this time. It felt good, very good in fact, but it only made her want it more!

As her hips began to thrust up into his hand, his mouth moved on from her breasts...lower... past her belly to her soft thighs. His soft lips on her thighs made her shiver in anticipation of what she knew was to follow his fingers.

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