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It was a late Monday night. Mondays are always the worst, the weekend is over and back to work we must go. I needed to unwind so I went to the adult video store to pick up a little material. I was browsing through the masses of videos when I noticed a man, maybe 26 years old or so walk in and head toward the Gay/TV section. I didn't think much of it, that's just the way he goes I figured.

A few moments later I started to notice that same man looking at me, and it seemed to me like he was checking me out. Our eyes made contact for a second and he just smiled, I diverted my eyes and went back to my browsing. The thought of another man wanting me, a gay one at that, aroused me. My cock started to get hard, just knowing that another man was interested. I sneaked over to the gay section and took a quick peek at some of the videos, then looked over at the man and winked before going back to the straight section. Well, I couldn't just let this hard on sit there so I headed over to the viewing booths at the back of the shop. There were 5 different booths, three of them straight, one fetish and the last one gay. My Curiosity was peaked and I slid into the gay booth and deposited some quarters.

I really enjoyed watching the two men on the screen going at it, sucking and fucking each other. I heard the curtain rustle and looked over and to my amazement a beautiful cock was poking through looking right at me. I had a good idea of who's it was. It was clean shaven and I'd say about 7 inches long, nice and thick. I got on me knees and slowly started to massage his cock. Moving my hands gently over his shaft and head, as he moaned in approval, I was hoping no one else in the store would hear, I didn't want to get caught. I quickly grabbed hold and gave a little tug, enticing the stranger to come in the booth with me. He did as I had hoped and stepped in, and just as I had expected it was the man from the gay section who had been staring at me. I started to lick up and down his shaft as he let out moans of approval. Occasionally I would go down a little further and suck on his balls.

I took his cock right in my mouth, and he started to flex his hips. Never in my life had I ever thought I would be sucking another mans cock, and yet, here I was, and loving it! I sucked his cock and fondled his balls with the sounds of the men on the screen fucking in the background. I moved my finger closer and closer to his ass, until I reached his asshole. I played around a little before sticking my finger in. I slid it in and out of his warm, moist hole as I slaved over his cock. I pulled my lips of his rock hard penis and started tonguing around his ass, running circles around his asshole with my tongue. I applied a little pressure and slipped my tongue in and out, while giving him a reach around. I went back to sucking his cock, this time faster and with two fingers slid up his ass. After a couple more minutes he came, shooting his load deep in my mouth. I had tasted my own cum plenty of times and was used to the taste. I swallowed most of it and spit a little on my finger, which I then rubbed on my own asshole and before I could thank him, the stranger had his pants on and left.

I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get the chance to let him fuck me, but if I ever came across the mystery man again I would hesitate to give him the chance. So I stood there watching the rest the gay porn and stroking my cock. I started to finger my own ass. It felt great, I couldn't wait to try a cock in there. I blew my load, and headed out, thinking of what a great time I had just had.

Needless to say I didn't have to buy any porn that night. I got the thrill I was looking for, and hopefully it happens again very soon.

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by Anonymous

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by Rwa476807/20/17

Hot story

Sounds like a good night. I wish we had a adult bookstore​ like that around here. I would love to have a.place to hook up with men.

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