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This is a little event that happened a little while back while I was visiting my parents in my hometown. I grew up a few states away from where we live now and I go back to visit at least once a year. My husband usually has to work so he doesn't usually join me on these trips.

I flew back for 9 days and worked it out so that I would be there the same time my best friend from high school would be there, visiting her parents. We've kept in touch since high school and still have a very close friendship. She was a real partier and knew just about everyone in our class. Consequently, whenever we got together she wanted to go out to the bars where she inevitably saw someone from high school and in a short while we would have a group of people around us (did I mention that she is incredibly attractive?).

Well, after spending a few days and quiet nights with my parents, my friend and I went out together to a bar. Sure enough, soon we had bunch of guys around us that she partied with in high school. I remembered a few of the too, but she knew then way better. Within about an hour we were headed to a party at one of the guys houses. It was fun and we stayed there for a while but it was a little rowdy and some of the guys were coming on way to strong in a crude sort of way. A couple of other guys noticed this and invited us to their place for a more laid back atmosphere...They also mentioned that they had a hot tub, and I love hot tubing;)

So my friend and I joined these two guys at their place. By then we had had a number of drinks and were feeling pretty good. We knew these guys from high school and were feeling pretty non threatened so when it came to hot tubing, being as we didn't have bathing suits, we all decided not to have hang-ups and go in the buff. We all had a few more drinks rolling and knew that at this point there would be no more driving for the night. The hot tubing was fun and I was definitely warming up to our host more and more. He was very sweet. I remember him being in a couple of my classes from high school and he was always real mellow and cute. He had kept himself in shape since then and was looking quit good. He knew I was married and wasn't making any moves me though I could feel his eyes on me while sitting in the tub.

Well, when four people are sitting in a tub naked, you can expect the topic to, at some point, get around to sex. This was no exception. We all talked about our first times and various experience like that.

We were all obviously feeling kinda silly and there was definite sexual energy in the air. The subject of "size matters" came up and my friend and I agreed that we wanted to see how big their cocks were when erect. The both refused to do it, saying it was awkward and embarrassing. We pushed and begged but they refused. Then our host said he would but on one condition...that I had to help in some way to get him hard as he sometimes had stage fright. I ask, "In what way do you want me to help?" kinda unsure if I could go through with what he wanted with my friend present.

He replied "Maybe if you get out of the tube and let me look at you a little? You have a very attractive figure."

"Well that's not unreasonable, I am asking to see all of you after all! And thank you, I'm flattered you find me attractive." I said as I got out of the tub. I could vaguely see his had under the water holding his penis, trying to get it hard. I could also see my friends hand on the penis of our hosts friend. Looks like she was going to help get him hard! This was getting very interesting.

I got out of the water and stood there a few of feet away. "How's this?" I asked innocently.

"Could you move a little closer?" he asked. "Its kinda dark."

"Well...ok.." I said moving closer. "Tell me when you can see ok."

When I was about a foot from him I stopped. "When were you going to say I was close enough?? I'm almost on top of you!" I said smiling.

"I guess your close enough, though I wouldn't mind if you were closer." he said with a silly grin.

"Is it working?" I inquired

"I think he's still feeling a little afraid. Maybe if you kneeled down. I'm down here and your breasts are way up there. I have great view of your feet but I'm not a foot man."

"Fair enough." I said getting on my knees. "Better?"

"MUCH better. I'm feeling a little life. I think we are almost there. I know one thing that would surely work at this point."

"Really?? what would that be?"

"Well you see how your friend is holding my friend over there." he gestured at the two smiling faces (nearly laughing at the game we were playing) across from us.

"yes, I suppose I see how she's holding him. Would that help you too?" I asked in my most innocent voice.

"Umm...I believe it would if you wouldn't mind. You were the one who wanted to see me hard after all."

"ok...I guess you're right. Move up onto your knees and we'll see what I can do."

He moved onto his knees so that his waste was about even with the water level. I was on my knees on the side of the tub, the tub being level with the ground in this case. I reached down into the water and took hold of his penis, which was already starting to get plump. It took all of about 10 seconds for it to get iron hard. Or at least that how it seemed at the time. I could tell he was horny as hell with how rapidly it happened.

"Well you were right! it did work. You overcame your stage fright!" Now lets get that out of the water and see just how big it is!"

He lifted himself out of the water, as did his friend who was also fully hard. As it turns out they both had very nice cocks, which we made sure they knew we thought so. "Oh what nice big cocks you both have! Simply yumm!" My friend and I smiled at each other and said "Who's up for another drink?? " and ran inside leaving them there all hot and bothered...we were wicked, but we've always loved to tease...

Well we all sat around naked at this point having some more drinks, the sexual tension momentarily diffused by the change of venue and the drinks. We drank and watched some cable, and soon I was feeling pretty tired so I said I needed to get some sleep. Our host, being gallant, offered me his bed, and I was too drunk to see it for anything other than a nice offer so I accepted. I immediately feel fast asleep.

I'm not sure how much time had passed but I don't think it was very long till I felt a body next to mine, and a few kisses on my neck. I moaned a response and pressed my body into the one next to me. I knew who it was and I was all for it. I wasn't so drunk that I knew going to sleep naked was a bit of an invitation:)

I reached for his cock and found it nice and hard. He reached or my breast and ran his hand from there all the way down to my pussy. He then kisses me with a great deal of pent up need, making my pussy soak itself. I kissed him back and gave his cock some encouraging squeezes. That was all the encouragement he needed apparently. I rolled on top of me, kissing my breasts. He didn't waste much time, having been teased all night. He gave me a good hard fucking, cumming in me, filling me full of his cum. I came too, much faster than I though I would. Apparently the teasing had us both worked up:) We fell asleep soon afterward.

A couple of hours later I woke up to him kissing and biting my breasts. I pulled his head up and gave him a hungry kiss. He pulled my legs wide and was soon inside me once again. We had very nice sex, hungry but at a more controlled pace. I was very nice, and he fill me with his cum again after I had had a very very good orgasm on him. He had a very nice cock.

Back to sleep. This time I was awake before he was. The sun was coming through the window but I didn't hear any other activity in the house so I figured, why not. I took his penis in my hand, and placed it in my mouth, sucking and licking around the head, cupping his balls in my hand. I had him awake, hard, and moaning in no time. This time I got on top:) We fucked for a good half hour this time, really enjoying each other. Soon he had me on my knees while he took me from behind. I really like being fucked doggy style. I came two more times this way before he filled me yet again with his cum. I was soaked with his cum running out of me. We kissed a little more and agreed we had great time but that I was married and it was a fun one night deal.

Before I showered I soaked up as much of our lovemaking as I could with my panties. When I got back to my husband, the first thing I handed him was my incredibly crusty panties! He loved it and I told him all about it while we fucked that night.

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