I had set up the cameras a while back. I knew her routine by now. Hell, I pretty much knew everything about her by now. I've even given her a nickname - Prey. I know when she comes and goes. I know when she comes and how frequently. Unfortunately, I had no audio in her apartment, but her body is easy enough to read.

I knew that Prey had no boyfriend and no regular visitors. In other words, she didn't have the insta-dial rescuer. I wasn't sure of her work schedule, but some detective work told me that she wasn't likely expected back at work for a couple days. I also noticed that she'd left the door unlocked as she got home today. *chuckles* Stupid whore will learn her lesson. The time was right.

She'd been drinking, so I knew her reaction times would be slow. I wanted to sneak in just as she was about to crash. I wanted to surprise her, but I didn't want everyone in the neighborhood to know she was having a visitor.

I tested the door knob and it opened easily. I let myself in. Quiet. Confident. I'd been in her apartment enough times to know my way around. I knew where to step in order to remain in the shadows without a peep.

Prey is brushing her teeth as she does every night before bed. I decide to linger in the shadows until she moves to her bedroom. A moment after she walks into her bedroom, I hear a buzzing noise and chuckle to myself. Horny slut. I even knew her hiding place for this favorite vib of hers.

I sneak into her bedroom while she's fucking herself with the vibrator. I take a moment to watch. But only a moment.

In a flash I am on her. I straddle her chest, pinning her down, and slap her face HARD to stun her. Because of the position my Prey was in before I mounted her, her arms are trapped under my weight as well. I smile down at her as she looks up at me in shock. The room smells like fear and wet cunt. This will be fun.

As Prey looks up at me, her eyes adjust to the dim light and she studies my face.

"Daddy?" she asks, in shock.

I'm not her real dad, but the only father figure she'd ever had in her life. I dated her mom for quite a while when Prey - then still called Laura - was very young. When I noticed her a couple months ago at the store, I realized how much her young body had changed. I knew I had to have her.

She made my job easy by not locking her door on most days as she left for work. At first, I just looked around, found her toy collection, reviewed her internet history. The basics.

Then a buddy of mine set me up. I had cameras installed in her bedroom and bathroom (also one in her TV room, but that had gotten knocked askew and I didn't get a chance to fix it yet). I put an internet tracer on her computer, so I could literally watch whatever she was watching and see who she was chatting to and what she was saying. He offered to hack into her webcam so I could remotely view her through it, but he would have needed her laptop for that, and I was too selfish of my Prey to trust him with it.

When I discovered how much she loved the idea of being Daddy's little whore, I knew what I had to do. My precious Prey is about to find out that, sometimes, reality is much MUCH more intense than fantasy.

I slapped her one more time to force the first tears from her eyes. My cock instantly got hard. "What? Why are you doing this? Get the fuck off me!"

A third slap to her face shut her up and her shock and anger turned to fear. She still could not move and she was openly crying by now. I had to be careful - her eye would surely get swollen from that last slap and I wanted to keep her beauty intact.

"Now you listen to me, little whore. I am about to be the Daddy of your hottest dreams. And worst nightmares. By the end, you will love me even more than you did when you were a child. I will know your body inside and out, and claim it as my own. Maybe even your womb.

Would you like that, Prey? Does the thought of Daddy knocking you up make your little whore cunt wet?"

With that, I reached back and cupped her pussy in my hand. I knew I'd interrupted her play session, so she was bound to still be aroused. However, the heat that I felt coming from her cunt even surprised me. Oh, the fun we would have.

Prey moaned as my finger tip teased her slit and then, wet with her juices, rolled her clit. With my fingers doing their magic behind me, I turned to study her face. She bit her lip as she looked up at me. She was definitely turned on. Definitely scared. And definitely processing.

I slide my fuck finger inside of her up to the first knuckle, and she bit her lip to try to stifle her own moan. I pulled my finger away and tasted her. So young. So sweet. My perfect Prey.

I noticed that she unconsciously licked her own lips as she watched me suck my finger clean. Such a greedy little whore. So eager. Oh, the fun we will have.

I moved off of her and stood next to her bed. I watched to see if she would make a mad dash for her phone or for the door. She did neither. I think my last slap, which I was afraid may be too much, was actually just right. Prey needs to be reminded that she is not in control, and regularly reminded just how badly this could go for her. I don't want to leave any marks, but hell, she's a smart girl. I'm sure she could come up with a reasonable excuse for a black eye if it comes to that.

She was wearing only an old tee shirt. I gripped the neck of it in front, pulling her face close to mine. As I pressed my lips against hers, I tugged on the neck of the shirt, hearing the ripping of fabric. She didn't kiss me back, but she didn't fight me off either. My tongue teased her mouth and I tore the tee shirt completely off of her.

"You have magnificent tits, my Prey. But... I don't know... something isn't quite right. It's like something is missing. Show them to me. Put your hands behind your head."

Prey was still confused. Still aroused. But also, to my delight, prideful enough and submissive enough that she wanted me, her pending rapist and her Daddy, to desire her. She locked her fingers behind her head and thrust her young tits out proudly.

*SLAP* I left a bright red hand print on her left tit. *SLAP!!* on her left tit. She whimpered out but kept her tits thrust out for more of my abuse, or inspection.

I gave each breast one more good slap. Her nipples were rock hard and her tits were glowing. She was magnificent. I would test her pain threshold over time, but I knew I wouldn't be able to get enough of her.

"Daddy. Why... I don't understand. I'm your little girl. Why are you hurting me?"

I just smiled. "Give me your hand, Prey," I said, offering her my hand.

She put her hand in mine. I took her hand and pressed it against my cock through my khakis. I was fucking rock hard and throbbing. She let out another moan feeling the heat and the strength in my cock. I held her hand there and she could feel the blood pumping in the vein.

"That's why I'm doing this. Hurting you... raping you... it turns me on. A lot. As you can feel."

She bit her bottom lip at my crude words. I knew that she was mine now. No matter how scared she was... no matter how hard I'd just slapped the little bitch's face and tits... she loved that I went through this much effort for her. It made her feel special. Wanted. And feeling my cock REALLY made her feel wanted.

I smiled. "Take it out, Prey. I know you want to see the cock that made your mom squeal all those nights while you were alone, masturbating in your bedroom. I know you are eager to feel the cock that is going to be raping you."

"Daddy... ewwww... I never masturbated listening to you fuck my mom. That's gross!" Her words said one thing, but I knew her well enough to know when she was lying. I just smirked, confidently.

Prey's hands unzipped my pants even as she was telling her lie. My cock was hard as a rock in anticipation of this first contact. When she finally got her hand on it, skin to skin, we both let out a small gasp. I can't explain it - but I knew this was right somehow. She was the fuck toy for me. Daughter or not. Inexperienced or whore. I was going to do things to her ever far worse than I ever did to her mom, and she was going to love me for it.

"That's it, Prey. Feel my cock. Now kiss it. Suck it."

It's funny what arousal can do to a person. She went from being scared and shocked to being fake-disgusted at my accusation to being 100% compliant. I was sort of hoping that she'd fight me a little more at this point, but she literally kissed the precum from the slit of my cock and then smiled up at me.

"Mmmmm... my own Daddy's precum!"

With that, I gripped her pony tails and shoved my cock into her throat.

I let Prey slobber over my cock for a few minutes. This little cunt had definite potential. She wasn't great, but she sure was devoted and eager. She worshiped my cock like it was her reason for being put on this earth.

I knew the real reason for her existence - it's to take my abuse and suffer for my pleasure. But cock-worship sure is up there.

I gave her a few minutes to show me what she could do and then gripped her ponytails again. "Look up at me, Prey. I am going to fuck your face now."

She did as I ordered. Her eyes showed both fear and arousal. She didn't just want this - she fucking needed it.

I thrust into the back of her throat, and then pulled back... sort of a test thrust. She still looked up at me. Just waiting.

This little fuck toy turned me on so much, my cock was as thick as ever. "Fuck it", I thought, and just started raping Prey's throat. A few times, I felt my cock force its way deeper than she was ready for, but she made herself relax and just take it. She didn't always stay looking up at me, but she did try her best, I'll give her that much. Tears started streaming down her face from the choke-fucking I was giving her, leaving trails of mascara down her cheeks.

I'm not one to lose control often, but this was one of those times. I chose to not try to restrain myself. I fucked her face as hard and as deep as I could and came straight down her throat... I held onto her hair as my cum pumped into her stomach and she tried to stop herself from losing consciousness or worse, vomiting on me.

I pulled my cock away from her mouth and she coughed and gasped for air. She was still kneeling before me and looked at me like I was a monster. "What kind of...?" her expression said. But it also said "I've finally found my place."

I slapped her face one more time, just to remind her that this wasn't some romance novel that she was experiencing. Her expression didn't change. She just looked up at me.

"Did I do okay, Daddy? Did my throat feel good when you fucked it? I'm sorry for choking and coughing. I've never done this before. But I'll try to do better next time. I know I'm not as good as you deserve, but you can beat me if I'm not good enough."

Such a lovely fuck toy. My cock was growing again just from her words. She surprised me then... she leaned into me and hugged me around my waist, pressing her face against my stomach and holding onto me. She really was grateful for my abuse, the little pain whore. I'll have to rape her extra savagely in the morning.

"Go brush your teeth, Prey. Let's get ready for bed. I am spending the night and I will fuck your other holes tomorrow." With that, I slapped her ass she she stood and started walking toward her bathroom. She squealed from the slap and from the news. She was bouncing like a kid. Her energy and enthusiasm made me smile.

After brushing her teeth, she came to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. "I do love you, Daddy. Thank you for slapping me and letting me worship your cock."

I admit, I was a bit confused by her eagerness. "You're welcome, little cunt. You DO know that you might not like some of the things I'm going to do to you, right? I'm going to hurt you. I'm going to choke you. I'm going to rape your holes and take without asking."

Fear mixed with excitement and submission on her face. "I understand, Daddy. I'll try to be brave for you. I'll try not to cry too much... unless that's what you want *giggle*."

I kissed her again, then reached out and took one of her nipples in my fingers. As my tongue explored her mouth, I pinched the nipple as hard as I fucking could, and twisted it, and was generally as mean to it as I could be with just my fingers.

"AHHHH..." her mouth opened in pain, but she didn't pull back or break away from the kiss. Her tongue tried to keep up with mine. Finally, she tried to grab at my hand out of self defense.

I glared at her. "Don't you fucking even TRY to shield yourself from me, Prey. I told you that I was going to hurt you and I meant it. And, I'm sorry to say, you don't get to choose... well, anything. I'm here to rape you and that's what I'm going to do. If you wind up becoming my little plaything after the weekend is over, then that would be a nice bonus. But I AM going to take what I want from you and do what I want TO you."

She took my hand in hers and aggressively moved it between her legs. She used my big Daddy hand to rub her own pussy. Her eyes were closed... her mouth open... She came in record time.

"I'm so sorry, Daddy... I just couldn't help myself."

A few minutes later, we were in her bed. I'm used to my big King size, so her bed was a bit crowded. I was lying on my back. She had her head in the crook of my arm and her hand was wandering... playing with my chest hair, roaming a bit.

"Thank you for raping my little mouth, Daddy. I really needed that. I think my throat might be sore in the morning, and I can feel that my lips are starting to get puffy. I hope I still look pretty for you in the morning so you're inspired to rape me some more." I liked her words, but I could have done without the little giggle that she tried to hide afterward.

"Who ever told you that you're pretty, Prey? The thought of hurting you and raping you does make my cock hard, but you have some work to do to reach 'pretty' status."

She stiffened in against me. She knew my words were true. She kissed my chest. She also knew she needed to hear my brutal honesty. Her hand wandered lower.

"Ooooh, Daddy. You're getting hard again. I think you like it when your little girl thanks you for brutalizing her. *giggle* I know you're tired from your long day at work and from earlier, but could I get on top, please? I really want to feel you inside of me. Please?"

This wasn't exactly how I planned things, but she was right - my cock was rock hard.

"Show me what you've got, little girl."

She squealed and was on top of me in a flash. Her body wasn't perfect, but she knew how to move. She was born rape bait for older men. I felt like I had discovered hidden pyramids or something. A treasure hidden in plain sight, that I was able to unearth.

I watched as she guided my cock inside of her. "Mmmmm... Daddy your cock is so hard and feels so good there." She leaned back and moved her hips. I got to watch my cock sliding in and out of her as she rocked. The visual made me even harder.

I let her play for a few minutes. I reached up and gripped both of her tits in my hands, pressing hard enough to leave hand print bruises. Prey never slowed down riding me. Her moans got louder, but she truly loved every time I hurt her. I would need to test her limits.

As much as I enjoyed having her ride me, I eventually got impatient. I reached up, gripping her in my hands and flipped her onto her back, my cock still inside of her. I gripped the backs of her ankles and bent her in half, so her pussy was at the proper angle for a good hard fuck.

"Oh yes, Daddy. Please? I need this so badly!"

She needed it and so did I. I fucked her as hard as I could. She gasped and whimpered. I groaned. Our bodies slammed together as my cock ravaged her little hole. In the position she was in, she couldn't really do anything but take the pounding I was giving her. She looked up at me, her eyes a mixture of lust, passion, pain... she came hard. I came harder. My cock spasmed and erupted. "Fuckkkkk..." I buried myself all the way inside and just let go. We were mostly in missionary position at that point, and her legs wrapped around me, her entire body hugging me close, keeping me locked inside of her. Prey took my entire load like she was made for it.

"Daddy? Would this be a bad time to mention that I'm not taking any birth control?" She giggled again. I just shook my head and laid on top of her.

We fell asleep holding each other, exhausted, satisfied. I didn't know if her little revelation last night was terrifying or exciting. The thought of knocking up my sweet little fuck toy DID excite me... but I don't want to let her use it as a way to keep me around. I wanted her to feel like she was my disposable toy, cherished, but also easily replaceable. Ah well, nothing I can do about it tonigh...zzzzz...

The next morning, I was lying on my back. Her head was in the crook of my arm. She had one leg draped over me and her hand was on my chest. A guy could get used to waking up this way. She felt me stir and that woke Prey up.

Her natural coquettish instinct made her hand wander downward. Again, she giggled. "Um, Daddy, you're hard again."

I chuckled at her never-ending enthusiasm. "You're right, little lady. But that one isn't for you. That's mostly just a piss hard-on."

She pouted. "Mostly?"

"Well, I normally have to piss first thing in the morning. Sometimes, that leads to morning wood all on its own. But obviously, there have been some extra stimulating factors that probably contributed to it this morning."

"So we could make use of it?" she asked.

I was perplexed, intrigued, and turned the fuck on. "You're asking me to fuck you with my morning wood and then to piss inside of you, then seeing where things go from there? Why, my little whore, that's marvelous idea, especially coming from someone who isn't used to thinking! I haven't ever done that before, but I'm certainly willing to try. I need to be on top, however. Otherwise, you'll be pressing right on my bladder and that would be bad."

She was blushing... from arousal, from her own brazenness, from feeling like the dirty whore she always fantasized about being. She pulled me against her and kissed me hard and deep. As we kissed, we positioned ourselves into missionary position once again. I eased my cock inside her. She was already so wet and ready.

I pulled away from the kiss so that I could angle myself properly and not press on my bladder too much. This felt... strange. It was erotic and degrading and slightly uncomfortable, but fuck. Was I the luckiest sick bastard alive, or what?

She let me lead this time. I fucked her slowly... at first. Eventually, I worked up to a harder faster rhythm. Interestingly, my piss hard-on became a real hard-on and my cock grew stiffer. As I got harder, I fucked my Prey more forcefully. I fucked the little bitch hard and deep, keeping the angle just right so that I could focus on one thing at a time.

Then everything happened at once. My orgasm hit and that muscular spasm caused my bladder to release. I came in her for a few spurts and then pissed right into her cunt. I laid on top of her as I flooded her with my hot piss. Again, she wrapped her legs around me like she needed this even more than I did.

"Ohhh, you're such a dirty stupid little cunt."

She kissed the side of my head, as I buried my face in the crook of her neck. "I'm your stupid little cunt, Daddy. That was amazing. But I'm literally dirty now. We both need to shower. Then I'll make us some bacon and eggs. You can clean up the mess you made." She was happy and giggle again. And her joy was infectious. Fuck. This is trouble.

I let her hop into the shower first as I balled up the sheets and got them ready for the laundry then did my best to ensure the mattress was clean and dry.

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