It's starting to become a normal routine now, watching her. Usually someone would catch Rea's eye, she would follow him or her for an hour, maybe two just because she likes to watch them, and then beckon to their minds, so open to suggestion, so willing to be taken. Rea mostly enjoyed those with the brightest auras, an energy field that emanates from the living. Some are brighter than others and even more rare are those that are almost blinding. That is what was attracting Rea at this very moment, the brightest aura that she had seen in centuries one which captivated her and compelled her to wait and watch. It has been several days since Rea saw her at one of the many hunting grounds she frequents, a club of sorts for those who enjoy control and those who enjoy being controlled.

In the days of her life Rea had never seen such a thing for herself but heard others speak about places where Dark Knights keep their captives. It wasn't until she stumbled upon such a place that she believed they really existed. That night her life ended and her death began, all at the hands of a woman she both loathed and loved. Her Mistress was tender while inflicting pain and cold when trying to nurture. She controlled Rea to the point where death was welcome but by then it wielded no power over her. When her Mistress was caught by townspeople and killed, Rea didn't know if she were weeping out of grief or relief.

300 years in the present Rea's attention was again focused when she saw an aura enter the room. Tall and commanding she could tell that her prey was also on the hunt, her searching eyes and dismissing glances finally giving away to failing resolve that she had no one to...what was she looking for Rea wondered. Then their eyes met, hunter and hunted locked in a stare. Rea with her long black curls cascading around her face, blood red skintight leather pants with matching blouse showing a voluptuous cleavage, over her shoulders draped a black cloak. She gazed at this woman for the first time and recognized her as more than a prize.

5'9", long dark hard flowing down her back, deep brown eyes and red lips slightly parted, and medium brown skin that seemed to glow under the ceiling lights. She was dressed in a tight white sleeveless dress that barely covered the tops of her thighs, her skin warming under Rea's gaze. Then something else, a change in her eyes from transfixed to alluring. This thing in her eyes Rea had seen once, not before and never since not even in her own eyes. She thinks I am her prey, Rea realized. She believes she has captured me. Abruptly Rea turned away and stole outside the crowded lair. She blended into the shadows, waiting...waiting. If I had a heartbeat it would be out of control she mused to herself smiling. Feeling the tip if her elongated canines puncture her lip Rea slowly tasted her own essence in anticipation of this one's. Her target breezed through the door, looking hurriedly left and right almost breathless. As she settled into her loss Rea was suddenly next to her.

"Looking for me then?"

"It seems I've found you."

"Is that how it seems?" Rea said walking away.

"Stop, come here"

That command sent a shiver through Rea's cold body, made her blood boil and pulsate. The thought quickly passed to turn and attack, she wanted her prey to be in control until that last sweet moment. It had never been this good, never this anticipated, never this sensual, yes, sensual. Squeezing her thighs together she felt her flow on her thighs and inhaled its aroma. Her heightened senses not only heard, but felt her prey's heart pounding with the same rush of excitement. She turned slowly and obeyed, for now. Her prey, now in the roll of hunter, put her hand behind Rea's neck and brought their lips together. She bathed the inside of Rea's mouth, not feeling her fans now retracted, taking in her gasps and moans for it had been almost half a millennia since Rea had been touched sexually. The thrill of tasting a prey's racing blood provided her with pleasing orgasms but this was shattering, Rea was losing herself and her position in this game. Breaking their embrace her prey uttered a simple,


Smiling Rea obediently lowered to her knees in front of her. She hoisted the small amount of material of her dress up revealing nothing underneath. Moving closer to Rea's head she commanded,

"Show me your tongue."

As soon as Rea complied she settled her dripping pussy over it and began to move back and forth. Gathering her hair in her hands she drew her head even closer and impaled herself on Rea's tongue.

"Harder bitch, fuck me with your tongue. That's right slut take my pussy in your mouth. Ohhhhhhh fuck you'll beg me to cum all over you won't you whore."

On and on the tirade went and faster and harder Rea devoured her prey. Licking, sucking, nipping and fucking she tasted every inch of her pussy and then seared her tongue into her ass.

"Yes slut lick my ass, you love it you want it, making me cum all over you. You're mine, mine, fuck me bitch fuck your Mistress. This is your life, pleasing me on your knees and making me cum. More, harder, faster, MORE!"

Rea was losing herself in her words and her cunt. Copious wetness was flowing now and not a drop was spilled, her tongue would have been a blur if it could have been seen deep in her prey's cunt. Finding her clit she tortured it, lashed it, sucked it and pulled.

"FUCK, yes what are you doing? Fuck me, fuck me, such a good pussy slut making your Mistress cum, fuck, fuck, nowwwwwwwwwww!"

Feeling her cumming on her tongue from within Rea waited, waited, until her time was over and the game could be ended. A low purr began at the base of her throat as she tightened her grip on her thighs when suddenly her prey broke their tongue-pussy embrace and told her simply,


Calming herself, Rea flexed her hands feeling her nails scratching her palms and running her tongue over her fangs. As she walked behind her prey she calculated her maneuver in seconds and in a moment it was done. Rea was suddenly in front of her, her hand on her throat hoisting up against the side of the nearest building. Panting now her prey was fighting for breath, for life and too preoccupied to ask how the small framed women had the strength to lift her. She was silenced when she heard Rea's growl and looked into her now blood red eyes.

"You will be mine tonight but I will offer to be yours forever afterwards. Decide now, death or the dark life that exists thereafter."

After struggling to no avail and desperate to cling on to some sort of existence, she whispered,

"Life, whatever that means"

And with that it was done, bone to flesh, flowing essence into an awaiting mouth, the thirst of 300 years quenched and the most mind quacking orgasm Rea ever had in death or in life. She gathered her prize in her arms and took to the night sky. Looking at her prey as the life drained from her, Rea knew she had what was missing, her Mistress, her creation, soon to be her love, forever united in death, darkness and lust.

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