tagNonHumanPrey of the Incubus Ch. 03

Prey of the Incubus Ch. 03


It was pure chance that they crossed paths this time. His sister was known to wander the various realms, her gypsy blood keeping her moving. It was because of her that he had come to this particular realm, seeking nothing more than a few months of idle entertainment. He enjoyed the chaotic little dimension. Drama, intrigue, murder, war, and plenty of women willing to succumb to his charms.

How ironic that he would run into her here. More ironically was just how their paths crossed. He'd been sharing his bed with a woman he particularly enjoyed while staying here and it was his Caressa that had taken him with her to meet her "sister" for a wedding gown fitting. He'd had no idea the sister she spoke of was one she considered a sister of the heart, and not of the flesh, and was none other than his Janarra. Apparently her marriage to Camyron had failed rather quickly and following Cahira to this realm she had found another man to tie her life too.

He saw the flare of alarm in her amber gaze as she locked eyes to his form, an amused smirk tugging at his lips as he watched her flounder for a moment. "Caressa, I wasn't expecting to be modeling for a man," she finally said, her focus remaining on Caressa. Good save he thought, but he knew better. He could feel the tremor in her stomach as her muscles tensed in anticipation, wondering if he would touch her, praying he would even as she hoped he would be merciful and would not.

He played along, pretending to be a stranger when Caressa introduced them though he felt the tremor that raced through her when his hand took her own. She still wanted him in spite of herself, that much was obvious, and it was with almost childish delight that he proceeded to torment her for the rest of the afternoon. He was an incubus, and his sister Cahira was able to bestow abilities on him not all demons had. His psychokinetic ability was the most amusing as he used it mostly for sexual pursuits. With just his mind he could make a woman feel as though she were being touched, kissed, licked, fucked, without even going near her.

And he didn't go near her for the duration of the afternoon, sitting within the viewing area, watching silently as she showed off dress after dress for her friends and him. Though he didn't get up and put his hands on her, he spent the entire afternoon -touching- her. The feel of his hand sliding up the inside of her thigh to press to her pussy through the panties she wore, the sensation of his tongue trailing along her swollen slit. She nearly stumbled off the pedestal when he filled her with the sensation of his cock slowly entering her. Her eyes grew wide with horror as she realized it was him making her feel such things and assuring himself that none of the others paid him any attention he blew her a kiss.

A dress was finally chosen and as Caressa crowded into her dressing room he went to arrange for the payment of the dress. It was the least he could do for what he was going to go do the groom. On second thought he gave the girl behind the counter enough money for several dresses, just in case something happened to one of them, or she changed her mind.

He returned to his seat, preparing himself for a lengthy wait while the women fussed over the dresses. Within moments, though, Caressa was emerging, a frown on her face as she explained she had received a call and would need to head out, breaking their date for the evening. Normally he would have compelled her to stay, but this night it suited his plans just fine. After giving her a thoroughly satisfying kiss he escorted her to the door and called his driver to take her wherever she needed to go.

Once she was gone, his eyes turned to the dressing room door as though magnetized by what he knew waited for him on the other side. Or more importantly, who. Nearing the door he paused a moment, his hand hovering over the door knob that would admit him to the large dressing room designed to accommodate several women at once, images of her in her wedding dress filled his mind and the anticipation almost made him shudder.

Would she expect this? He had come to her on her wedding night with the man he had stolen her innocence from, the man she had managed to stay married to for only a year, fucked her mercilessly in the same bed he slept in, unaware that his new bride was offering herself up to another man. Ultimately it didn't matter, she would give herself to him or he would simply take what belonged to him.

The door swung open silently as he turned the knob, her image reflected back to him from the semi circle of mirrors she faced, the white confection that graced her skin bringing a gentle smile to his lips. She looked beautiful, and he couldn't wait to fuck her in it.

"You look lovely, Jana." Oh how he loved the look of shock upon her face as her eyes widened and met his in the mirrors.

"You didn't think I would leave without kissing the bride, did you?" He had more than just a kiss in mind, and she damn well knew it. That much was obvious in the way she began to fidget.

"No..um...well. I wasn't expecting you to be here."

In this land, specifically. She had thought she would get married without him knowing. It wasn't that she didn't want him there. That was the problem. She wanted him too much and was ready to nearly beg him to fuck her, in spite of her wishes to remain faithful to her soon to be husband. This man was far stronger than her first husband, much more possessive, and would be furious if he found out, perhaps even leave her. She wanted to be faithful...really she did.

The door closed behind him, the sound of the lock clicking into place unnaturally loud in the confines of the dressing room. "Always expect me Janarra. I told you before you belonged to me, no matter what. Did you think that had changed?" he could feel her trying to resist him, to keep from succumbing to him. There would be none of that.

Their eyes remained locked as he approached her, her back still facing him with her image reflected in the mirrors surrounding them. His movements bespoke a predator, someone stalking his prey, his eyes never once breaking from hers in the mirror.

Once he stood closely behind her his hands reach out to grab her hips, a sudden forceful tug pulling her back against him. Instinctively she leaned back, seeming to sink into his form. Her body knew it still wanted him, even if her mind tried to do the noble thing.

Sliding his hands along the white silk he watched in the mirror as his touch trailed up her torso, his possessive grip cupping her tits through the sheer material. The tips of his fingers teased at her nipples through the silk and she moaned gently, eyes falling closed at the sensation of his touch.

She hadn't seen him in years and her body had craved him desperately, no matter how many lovers she'd had to fill the void his absence created. Her eyes parted and she caught sight of herself in her wedding dress, images of her soon to be husband filling her mind. No...she had to resist, she had to. He would kill her if he found out.

She began to struggle, her hands rising to grip his in an attempt to pull them away from her.

"No Morlis...you can't, not this time," he protested, her hands still tugging at his as she tried to move away.

Anger flared within him, an anger he had never felt at her before, and roughly he turned her to face him, his hands pushing her back into the mirror. Her look of shock and alarm was reflected countless times in the mirrors that circled him and likewise would his own hard smile be seen within the reflective depths.

"Did you just tell me no?" His voice incredulous, his anger obvious in the burning gaze he leveled on her. "You don't get to tell me no," his voice had grown low and dangerous, reminding her it was in fact a demon that held her pressed against the wall, a demon she had finally managed to anger.

Usually he seduced her, came at her with finesse and a desire to please her. This time however, he sought only to reinforce his dominance over her. Pressing into her he pinned her to the wall, her hands pushing against his shoulders in an attempt to shove him away but he was immoveable.

Laughing at her attempts to move him his hands began to gather her wedding dress into his grip, pulling it up until it was bunched around her waist. The sound of his zipper lowering echoed through the room and he could see her eyes widen in panic, her hands beginning to push more frantically against him. Sliding his hands beneath the raised skirt he gripped her right thigh and with a jerk he pulled it up to hug against his hip, spreading her thighs and opening her up to him.

There was no warning, no gentle words, simply the arch of his hips as he thrust himself into her, his cock sliding into her pussy and filling her completely, forcing his throbbing length into her depths hard and fast. Her head fell back, a surprised gasp parting her lips. She'd not truly expected him to force her, but she'd had no idea just how serious the incubus was about his claim on her.

"Mmm..your pussy is already wet baby," he fairly groaned as he felt her pulse around his cock. "It knows who owns it, even if you don't," his words harsh as he slid his cock out until just the head was left inside her and with another forceful thrust he again slammed himself inside of her wet cunt. Tears filled her eyes as he fucked her, her body responding to him even though she did not wish to. Well, that was a lie. She had wanted him the second she had seen him, but she also wanted to be faithful to her fiancée. He wasn't going to allow that, however.

"Look in the mirrors Jana...watch me fuck you. Remember just who fucking owns you," he growled out, further evidence of his anger as he continued to fuck her good and hard, his cock pounding into her pussy repeatedly.

The tears that had filled her eyes spilled over as she saw them in the mirror, the white wedding dress she intended to wear at her wedding to another man framing his cock as it slammed into her. In spite of her despair she moaned, unable to stop herself from responding to him. Gripping her other thigh he hoisted her in his grip and forced her legs to wrap around his waist, his hands sliding beneath the skirt to cup her ass in his hands, supporting her weight without once stopping his assault on her sweet pussy.

"After this you will never again deny me, will you?" A thrust that was harder than the others filling her as though to punctuate his words. "You are my little slut Jana, and no man will ever change that."

The new position allowed him to fuck her harder, deeper, and his hips moved with demonic stamina as he sank his length into her, grinding himself against her wet slit as though to ruin her pussy for any man who might come after him. Her eyes closed tightly, the tears still falling as she shook her head. "Please no," she begged; her words falling on deaf ears as his cock continued to claim her.

Leaning forward he pressed his lips to her own, his tongue forcefully parting her lips so he could ravage her mouth, not stopping until he had tasted her fully. "Mm you still taste good baby," he murmured against her lips, his own beginning to trail a path down her neck to her collar bone. Releasing her right thigh he used his hand to unzip her dress in the back, allowing it to fall down her torso and reveal her tits beneath it, the silk of the thin corset she wore beneath roughly pushed aside. Dipping his head he claimed her left nipple with his teeth, tugging roughly on it before laving it with his tongue.

In spite of her resolve she began to moan, her body moving wantonly against his as she arched her hips into the thrust of his cock, her thighs parting wider to accept more of his hard length inside of her. Releasing her nipple with a wet pop he switched to the other one, his tongue licking at the taut flesh as he chewed gently on the sensitive nub.

"Say it Janarra," he growled against her flesh. "Tell me you belong to me. Tell me you are my little slut."

Her head shook frantically. Her body might give in but she did not want to say those words. She had some idealistic notion that monogamy was the better path and was determined to stay faithful to her intended. Or at least, she had been. Her refusal brought an almost violent growl to his lips as he raised his head, his anger apparent in his eyes.

Pulling from her he forced her feet to the floor, his grip hauling her to stand in front of him, his body turning so that her back was pressed to his chest. In front of them was another wall length mirror, their image reflected perfectly, her voluminous white gown nearly hiding his legs. As she watched in the mirror he again raised her skirts, his hands sliding along the smooth skin of her hips as the image of him forcibly manhandling her reflected back to them.

Without warning he forced her to her knees, his body lowering to kneel behind her. In spite of the tears that streamed down her cheeks he could see the raw desire and need in her eyes. She wanted him, in spite of herself.

"You will remember who you belong to, Jana," he growled, his hands gathering the dress up and yanking it over her head to drop it to the floor in a heap as though it were garbage. She was now clad in nothing but the white satin corset which hung half off of her breasts, the white satin garter and white silk stockings. Pearls draped about her neck and hung down between her breasts, her wedding finery truly beautiful, and now a showcase for his domination of her.

His eyes locked with hers in the mirror as his right hand slid down her silken skin to nestle between her thighs, his left arm looping around her torso beneath her tits, holding her upright as his knee pushed her thighs apart. Just as his fingers parted the folds of her pussy to rub teasingly against her clit he pressed his hips forward, his cock sliding deeply inside of her from behind. She moaned despite her best efforts to remain unaffected, her head falling back to rest on his shoulder. With a harsh jerk he forced her head to lift, forced her eyes to open and watch as he fucked her. She wasn't going to miss a second of this.

Her wetness coated his fingers, the sound of his cock filling her tight pussy mingled with her moans as they grew in volume, now spilling from her lips with no resistance; uncontrollably. Her hips began to move, pressing back against him as she tried to take him deeper, harder, her body wantonly responding to his as it silently begged him to fuck her.

"Beg me Jana...beg me to let you cum."

His fingers continued to tease her clit, rolling the sensitive nub of flesh between his fingertips, the slick digits caressing the soft folds of her slit as he pounded his cock deep inside of her. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip, trying to refuse her body, to resist his demand that she beg. His hips gained speed, sliding his cock into her faster as he leaned her forward slightly with his left arm. The new position kept her upright but bent her forward at a slight angle so he could gain force, sliding into her deeper and faster then before. Her cries soon became screams. The sounds of surrender.

"Yes! Please, I'm begging, let me cum, please..." Her words a near sob as she begged for her release.

"Good girl," He growled, his fingers gaining speed as he rubbed her clit, teasing her even as his cock continued to fill her pussy.

Soon her body was tensing in his arms, a scream tearing from her lips as her hips began to jerk back against him, her pussy milking his cock as it clenched around his length. Her orgasm sent him spiraling into his own and with a final growl he came, his release filling her and as always, reminding her that she was his and his alone.

For a long moment he was still against her, her slumped body held to his as peace returned to their forms. Eventually he slid from her and rising to his feet he pulled her to her own. Turning her to face him his head lowered to press a hard, demanding kiss to the soft folds of her lips.

"I'll see you on your wedding night," he whispered before turning and departing, leaving her surrounded by her destroyed wedding finery.

It was a hard lesson, but she now knew the folly of denying him and doubted she'd do so again.

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