tagNonHumanPrey of the Incubus Ch. 06

Prey of the Incubus Ch. 06


The day was beginning to wane by the time they arrived at his home several miles outside of the city limits. He preferred his privacy and did not care for the prying eyes of neighbors, especially considering the life style he led. The setting sun was painting the sky crimson, in an hour twilight would descend and with it his beloved bride, Caressa, would arise from her daytime rest. She knew he had intended to appear at Janarra's wedding today, he kept no secrets from her, but neither had anticipated the outcome. Jana was at his side, silent, still dressed in her wedding finery. There was just enough time to prepare her for Caressa's awakening and to be perfectly honest, to prepare himself as well.

They were greeted by a young woman at the door, a woman that had been in his employ for quite some time and understood the delicate nature of what he was. All of his employees did, or they did not last very long. Likewise all in his employ were female and he knew them all intimately. He was careful not to let his feeding harm the humans, but it was handy having them there should he need them.

The seemingly youthful woman who approached them now and dropped into a quick curtsy knew him better then anyone and amused knowledge shone in her pale blue eyes as she looked between himself and Janarra. Though her glowing skin and glittering eyes might suggest otherwise, Tessa was not human, at least not completely. She was his concubine in many ways, was bound to him completely, and had been his lover for centuries. She also managed his household and kept the lower ranked women in his home in line. Though Caressa was his bride and had full reign in his home, even she treated Tessa with a measure of respect.

"Good evening My Lord. I am pleased to see your trip to town was...fruitful."

Though her words and tone were beyond reproach amusement still glittered in her eyes as she lowered her gaze from Morlis and let a quick glance slide over Janarra before looking back to him. She knew of the girl he had stalked for years, of course, and plenty of questions burned in her mind at seeing her appear at his side but those questions could wait until later when they were alone.

"Instructions, My Lord?"

The amusement in her eyes and the smile she struggled to keep hidden were plainly visible to him and offering an indulgent smile of his own his gaze promised answers to the multitude of questions he could see raging through her thoughts. First things first. Caressa would arise in just over an hour's time and he wished Janarra to be presentable before then.

"Take Janarra to the large bathing chamber on the second floor. She must be prepared to greet her new Mistress with the dusk and we simply can't have her looking as she does."

Janarra, who had remained silent throughout the exchange, finally snapped out of the haze that had engulfed her since she had given up her life as she knew it to chase after Morlis. Finally taking a good look at the woman standing with him a flicker of concern passed through her eyes. Mistress? Caressa had been her friend before, why would that change now? Not wishing to be handed over to a stranger she turned pleading eyes upon Morlis but before even an utterance of protest could be offered his left hand rose to forestall her words.

"Do as you are told, Janarra. The right to argue ended when you left your groom behind and offered yourself to me. Now go, and do exactly as Tessa tells you."

His hand pressed to the small of her back was enough to propel her forward towards the other woman, a soft squeak of protest at the sudden manhandling the only thing that was given a chance to pass Janarra's lips. Meeting Tessa's gaze over Janarra's head he smiled slightly as she took hold of Jana's arm.

"You know what to do, Tessa. I will join you in just a moment."

With a respectful inclination of her head to acknowledge his orders Tessa firmed her grip on Janarra's arm and escorted her out of the foyer and up the stairs though to the casual observer it would appear more like she was being pulled. He didn't doubt that Tessa was urging her along, forcibly if need be. It would take Janarra time to become accustomed to the reality of the choice she made while in the heat of passion. She would adjust, as would Caressa, though it may take some time for both women to become accustomed to their new roles in life.

Until he entered their lives they had been friends, very close from what he had garnered from watching them, and in a heartbeat everything about their relationship and dynamic had changed. Caressa was the bride of a powerful incubus lord, Janarra now his concubine. As long as Caressa remained his bride she would be Janarra's Mistress though he knew Caressa had hoped he would invite Janarra into their union and make her his bride as well. For his own reasons that would not be happening and he was prepared for Caressa to struggle against the subjugation of her friend.

All this and more roiled through his thoughts as he ascended the stairs after the women, heading to the left and his own chambers as Tessa pulled the quietly protesting Janarra to the right and the bathing room. Once within his chambers he divested himself of the clothing he had worn that day before pulling on a thick robe. Folding his clothes he placed them on the bench at the foot of his bed for the serving girl to collect later, essentially dawdling just long enough to give Tessa a chance to get Jana under control and into the bath and to get his own thoughts and concerns sorted out.

After several long moments he was through brooding and leaving his bedchamber he moved through the nearly silent hallways until he reached the door of the bathing chamber. His hand was poised over the door knob when it turned beneath his fingers and opened from the inside, a pair of giggling maids drawing up short upon seeing him, their giggles increasing as a blush stained their cheeks they scooted around him and rushed down the hall way. Curious as to the cause of their amusement he stepped through the door and closed it firmly behind him, the soft click of the lock being thrown eerily loud in the steam drenched air of the bathing chamber.

The room itself was quite large and utterly decadent, as nearly everything pertaining to his lifestyle was. Smooth gray marble and a lot of glass and mirrors lent the large room a somewhat surreal quality, steam from the hot water and lit candles only added to the effect. There were no lit candles now, however, though the steam from the heat of the water Tessa had filled the large bathtub with hung heavy in the air. Through the mist he could see Janarra settled in the sunken tub. Rectangle in shape the same gray marble stone made up the five small steps that led up to the platform that surrounded the tub, a three way mirror framing it from behind.

Only her neck and shoulders were visible from where he stood but as he neared he could see the sullen expression upon her features, a red mark that looked suspiciously like a hand print staining her cheek. Tessa bustled by him, her arms filled with the clothing she had stripped from Janarra, her motions brisk enough to clue him in to her annoyed state and he wondered what had transpired in his absence. Tessa would give him a full accounting later and he trusted her judgment so he was content to let the matter rest for now. Stopping Tessa with a hand on her arm he began sifting through the garments in her arms before retrieving a single item. The white corset portion of her wedding gown, the one she had worn in the bridal store when he'd taken her on the dressing room floor.

"Save this, the rest can be thrown out. You will supervise the building of her ward robe later this week." Noticing the jewelry clutched in her hand he smiled and leaning in he pressed a quick kiss to her lips, effectively drawing her out of her annoyance. "Keep whatever jewelry you like, the rest give away."

He heard Janarra shift behind him as she listened to him dictate how her possessions would be handled and the fact that he was giving all of it away save for the corset but he was resolute in his decision. She would have only what he provided for her and would not allow anything given by her former betrothed to remain. Nodding her head in acknowledgement of his orders Tessa leaned forward and boldly pressed herself against him, fitting her body as intimately as their clothing would allow.

"As you wish My Lord. I will return shortly to see her dressed for the Mistress."

Deep blue eyes flashing with promise Tessa pulled reluctantly from him and bustled from the bathing chamber, the clothing and jewelry piled high in her arms. Watching her go he could not help the slow smile that curled his lips, Tessa was obedient to him in all things..usually...but she was not without temper or fire and he loved that most about her. Ever the lady in public she was a demon in the sack, literally. The sound of water sloshing with unnecessary vehemence behind him drew him from his rather lascivious thoughts, Janarra's obvious upset causing the smile to widen. She was jealous. He didn't need to see her to understand, the emotion radiated from her, saturating the air around her.

"Something bothering you Jana?"

He turned as he spoke, dark eyes locking with hers before she hastily turned her gaze away, resuming the task of bathing with single minded determination. Gently teasing laughter accompanied his approach before easing down to sit on the top of the steps leading to the extra large marble tub, easily capable of accommodating several people with ease. Once settled he watched her without comment, smiling at the way she deliberately continued bathing, hands rising from the water to massage lavender scented soap through her hair. When she had emerged from dunking beneath the water to rinse it free he finally spoke, his right hand easing down to caress the crest of her breasts just above the water line.

"This is your chance Janarra, your chance to tell me exactly what is on your mind. Tomorrow your new life begins and you will not always be given the opportunity to voice your objections."

Her eyes had settled on his caressing fingers, following the touch of his hand as it dipped below the water to pass teasingly across the nipple of her left breast. She shivered in response to his touch though she did her best to keep any reaction to him from showing. When finally she met his gaze he could see the anger in her eyes and he smiled, enjoying the rosy flush her ire brought to her pale skin.

"That's exactly it Morlis. I chose to come with you to be with you...like Caressa is..your Bride. Not just another whore in your stable."

Her voice had risen with each word until the final sentence was delivered in a near shout, her hands slapping into the water with enough force to send a spray right for him, soaking the front of his dressing robe. Chagrin immediately replaced her anger and she lowered her head as though waiting for his retaliation. Seeing her instinctive subservience he laughed and rose to his feet in a single fluid motion.

"Poor Janarra, always painting me with a human brush. Caressa is my bride but we were not married in the sense you seem to think. She is a vampire and though a lesser demon she is still a demon. To be my bride means she will keep faith with me for now...not forever. She is free to do as she pleases, including taking other lovers, and when the day comes that we part ways I will not mourn the loss of our union long, I can assure you."

Forever was a very long time to immortal beings and few made eternal commitments. It was an impossible promise to make; few knew what their heart would hold a thousand years from now and demons were not exactly known for their steadfast nature. As he spoke his hands went to the belt of his dressing robe and pulled it free before sliding the robe down his arms, forgotten at his feet. Stepping down into the water he stood before her, his cock already hard with his need for her.

"You, on the other hand, belong to me. For a while I granted you your freedom to explore the world, to know other men, but no longer. I am exercising my claim on you. You will never leave my side again; never again know the touch of another man. Before we ever make the commitment we accept that some day we will part ways. You...you will never leave me, Jana and I will never leave you."

Though few would understand the mentality, his possessiveness of her spoke of the caring he felt for her, of her importance to him in a way the usual sentiments would not. To a demon...her position was one of high regard. As he spoke her eyes had become fixed upon him, the intensity of her gaze causing his length to grow to its full length, his body straining for her as his seductive voice caught her up in his sensual web. She could never resist him and if she were honest with herself, she would admit that she did not want to.

She rose to her knees and his eyes fell to watch the soapy water cascade over her breasts, the sight of her wet body making his cock throb with need. He couldn't remember a time when he had been this patient with her, when he gave her the chance to choose the next course of action, and it would be unlikely to happen again for a very long time, if at all, but for this moment he let her decide what she would do with his words and he was not disappointed. The first touch of her soft lips to the tip of his cock had him groaning deep in his throat. He was not the only man she had known in her life and as her lips slid expertly down the length of his cock he was suddenly very glad he had allowed her the freedom she'd had up to this point.

Hands rose to grip her hair lightly as her tongue swirled around the tip of his cock, flicking teasingly over the sensitive spot just beneath the head until his fingers fisted in her hair. His hips thrust forward, forcing more of his length into her hot mouth, her tongue licking at his cock as she struggled to accommodate his full length in her mouth. He felt her trying to force every inch into her mouth, even if it meant invading the back of her throat, but before she could accomplish her task the hands fisted in her hair jerked her head back, his breath coming in ragged gasps at that point.

"No Jana...I want more then just your sweet mouth."

Lowering his eyes to meet her gaze he used his grip in her hair to gently guide her to her feet, his lips claiming hers the moment she was on her feet. Hands cupping her face he slanted his lips possessively over hers, his tongue forcing her lips apart to tangle teasingly with her own. Later tonight she would be introduced into her new life but right now he was going to remind her why she had chosen this life. Parting from her his eyes captured her gaze and for a long moment he looked deeply into her eyes, his own reflecting more emotion then one would expect from a demon.

"You will not regret your choice, Janarra."

Turning her to face the faceted mirror that framed the tub his hands swept down her soap slicked body, hands cupping her breasts as he drew her snugly back against him. The moment her perfectly curved ass brushed his throbbing cock he groaned and thrust against her, grinding against her silky skin as his fingers teased her taut nipples. His eyes met hers in the glass and his right hand moved slowly from her breast, soapy fingers caressing down her water slick skin until his hand disappeared between her thighs. Her breath hitched as his fingers teased along her slit, her hips pressing forward to meet his fingers until they slid between her wet folds, his fingertips caressing against her swollen clit until she squirmed beneath his touch.

The sensitive flesh throbbed beneath his fingertips as he rolled her clit, her pussy becoming wetter with each stroke. "I love that sound baby," he growled against her ear as her head fell back against his shoulder, much of her weight now leaned against him as she rolled her hips wantonly against his hand, her body flush with her desire as mewling whimpers spilled from her lips. Shifting his hand he eased two fingers deep inside her as his thumb moved to her clit to rub sensually as his fingers began to thrust into her.

"This is what you want isn't it? To have your pussy filled? Or do you want something else? Something more?"

He wanted her to admit what she wanted, to tell him how badly she wanted to be fucked, to beg him to completely claim her, for good this time. A frustrated moan slipped past her lips and her head rose from his shoulder to allow their eyes to lock in the mirror. He could see the need in her eyes, the lust, and he knew it was mirrored in his own eyes. His hard length still pressed to her ass, his hips thrusting against her soft skin though he tried to keep himself still.

"Morlis...why ask me these things? You know I want you. I always have."

Obviously this wasn't enough as his fingers thrust deeply into her wet depths causing her to moan deep in her throat, her legs nearly giving out beneath her. For several minutes he fucked her hard with his fingers, his thumb rubbing her clit to near orgasm before backing off, his fingers gradually slowing inside of her.

"Tell me Jana...tell me how badly you want to be fucked. Tell me that you want to belong to me, to be claimed by me, to know that I will own you forever, that you will be in my bed every night, my body between your sweet thighs."

Each word carried with it a gentle pulse of energy, the incubi pheromones saturating her skin, filling her senses and overriding any concept of rational thought. What started as a low moan would slowly build to a cry of need as she pressed back against him forcefully as though trying to make him fuck her. Incapable of standing on her own she fell forward, her hands bracing against the mirrors as she pressed her ass wantonly back against him. She didn't care how he fucked her; she just needed to be fucked. It was nearly his undoing as his fingers slid from her pussy to allow him to grip her hips and pull her back against him. His throbbing cock slid between her thighs and teased along the length of her slit and she nearly screamed her frustration as she tried to press against him, his grip on her hips keeping her from impaling herself on his length.

"Not yet baby...I'll give you everything your hungry body wants as soon as you give me what I want."

His hips rolled more forcefully against her, the added pressure causing the head of his cock to slip between her wet lips and brush against her swollen clit. She sounded on the verge of tears when she finally began to speak, her hips continuing to move back against him, now incapable of stopping herself from trying to fuck him.

"I want you to fuck me Lord Morlis...I belong to you, you own me, forever. Please fuck me....claim my body as yours for the last time. It will belong to none but you from now on, I swear it. Now please..fuck me!"

Her voice rose to a near scream as she finished speaking, her final words coinciding with a sudden thrust of his hips, his cock sliding hard and deep into her tight depths. The near scream rose into the real deal as she pushed back against him, her body almost thrashing in its need. Gripping her hips he held her tightly, preventing her from moving as she wished until she calmed slightly. He didn't wish her completely mindless; he wanted her to understand the depths of passion only he could bring her.

His jaw clenched as he forced himself not to move against her through sheer force of will. His head hung forward, eyes closed tightly as he gripped her hips as though they were the anchor that would keep him from losing control. He was inches away from being the one to give in, to submit to his desire for her and start fucking her as mindlessly as she begged him to. After several long moments he began to move, his cock sliding slowly from her throbbing pussy to the sound of her whimpered protests only to slide back into her, deep and hard, with the same agonizing slowness.

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