tagBDSMPrice of a Cigarette (Sequel)

Price of a Cigarette (Sequel)


The Price of a Cigarette - Follow up to A Chance Meeting

Don took Jo to the garden centre, it was time he got some spray for the green fly on his roses, he also had the requirements of several garden canes, thick and thin.

It was 3 weeks since they met by accident in the bank and whilst they both still led separate lives they had become inseparable during the evenings and at weekends.

Don was a good generation older than Jo but neither ever mentioned it; the main thing was they had fallen in love. Jo had no idea of her submissive streak or to be fair Don of his Dom nature.

It evolved through a natural progression, as they talked for hours on end Jo used to tell the stories of her girlhood.

Not saying she embroidered the facts but it invariably led her to a spanking and bed, so not all bad news.


She told of the times at boarding school when she got caught smoking with three others, even though at 19 they were allowed to at home.

A cardinal sin as her head, Miss Robinson, was dead against it and believed in a good punishment in public.

Jo and her three friends were stood outside Miss Robinson's room knowing they were in big trouble.

All had been spanked, panties down in front of class on many occasions, in fact her friend Billy held the record or 3 spankings in one day off 3 different teachers.

In English she passed notes around and got taken to the front of the class, she was leant over the teacher's desk, skirt pushed up under the waistband, panties to her knees and spanked, maybe 20 hard slaps, she was soon in tears.

Then spent the rest of the lesson nose to wall for all to see.

Her next lesson went quietly but in Maths she was caught looking at her friends work, cheating.

She was marched to the front of the room and placed over the teacher's knee, Mrs. Marshall was known for her love of young girls bottoms, and made sure she got a regular supply.

With her it was panties around your ankles and legs open, always bottom facing the class.

Once a girl called Gillian Brooks had shaved her pussy and we could not believe it, in fact Mrs Marshall, after giving her a sound spanking, made her stand, face forward with her skirt tucked up front as well pointing to her pussy with a ruler.

She explaining how a girl can be led into wrong ways, and gave her 6 on the back of her legs with the ruler and made her stand showing us her shaved pussy all the lessons.

To be honest, she told Don, it was a mad dash to the loo for most of the girls to relieve themselves sexually straight after class.

Anyway Billy was duly spanked and cornered.

After lunch the first lesson went well but the last lesson was double gym. We all had a real good look at Billy's red bum as she changed into her navy blue panties. We played net ball and during a slight collision Billy fell on the floor and landed on her bottom, "FUCKING HELL".

The room fell silent as Billy looked up at Mrs Ellison, the gym teacher; she grabbed Billy by the ear and led her to the beams.

She lowered the beam just above Billy's waist, "strip girl" she barked. Billy's clothes were off in an instant and she stood with one hand across her chest and the other cupping her pussy.

"How dare you use such gutter language, you will receive a lesson you will never forget". Mrs Ellison slapped Billy's legs and said "arms by your side", now three laps of the gym, slappppp.

Billy ran with her hands by her side after receiving a starting spank, her young tits bouncing up and down and her bottom already crimson.

She got back after 3 laps and Mrs. Ellison commented how wicked she must have been to have already received such a beating, but she had to learn.

She told Billy to pass her trainer, and assume a position over the beam.

Billy had to stand on tip toes with arms spread out on top of the beams, her young tits hanging over the front.

Mrs Ellison told Billy she would make an example of her and gave her 10 hard spanks with her own trainer covering all her bottom and the top of her legs.

Billy screamed after the second spank.

She told us in the dormitory that evening that matron had spent a couple of hours cuddling her and rubbing soothing cream on her bottom.

She slept on her front for quite a few nights.


"Billy, Jo, Jane, my office", it was our time for Miss Robinson's retribution for us smoking.

"You will all be caned on the bare in assembly tomorrow morning and whilst you are looking forward to that all touch your toes."

We all bent over and got our panties pulled down and spanked hard in turn.

Miss Robinson moved up and down our three upturned bottoms till we all sobbed hard.

The morning arrived in what seemed seconds and we three girls were bent over chairs with skirts and panties off as the hall filled.

We heard chattering and giggling from the younger girls, just wait till it was their turn.

I was in the middle so had to be second as Miss Ellison touched all our bottoms with her cane several times whilst lecturing and warning others what happens to smoking girls.

Then whoosh crack, I heard the noise and the sound of June scream, whoosh crack, till she got 6 strokes.

I heard feet moving my way and screwed up my eyes and clenched my bottom, whoosh crack, I did not have to wait long, I kept quiet, whoosh crack, whoosh crack.

Could I manage 6 without screaming, big mistake, Miss Robinson said "Obviously not hard enough hey Jo?"

WHOOSH CRACK, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" two more just as hard.

Billy took hers well and blubbered after the second stroke.


Jo finished her story and Don told her she obviously had not learnt, and he would also need to punish her for smoking.

"Yes sir"

"Remove your jeans and your panties"

"Please sir may I keep my panties on"

"Would you like my belt too?"

Jo quickly lowered and removed her jeans and panties.

"Now how many cigarettes did you buy girl"

"20 sir"

"How many did you smoke?"

"Just a half sir."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"No sir it made me cough and feel sick."

"And made your bottom red?"

"Yes sir, and stripy."

Don summoned Jo to his side,

"So it's a good job you now have a headteacher, someone who can teach you right from wrong?"

"Yes sir" Jo's head lowered.

"That this will be the first of many visits over my knee if you do not alter your ways." I am going to spank the badness out of you" and with that Don began spanking Jo.

He worked all around her toned bottom, spank after spank, Jo wriggled as she felt each one and as her clit began to swell.

She moved in rhythm with Dons hand as spank after spank fell.

Don stopped, Jo's bottom with a crimson hue looking back up at him.

He turned her over and massaged her pussy lips.

He caught her clit as he brushed up and down her pink puffy slit, Jo came over his hand and he inserted 2 fingers to get as much cum as he could out of her.

She went light headed with each spasm then relaxed in her sir's arms.

Don pulled her close then picked her up and laid her face down over the dining table, he lowered his trousers and pulled out his cock.

He rubbed it over her spanked bottom, then slid it smoothly into her waiting pussy, his first push rubbed her nipples over the table.

He made sure with every thrust he slapped against her crimson bottom; she was soon in yet another spasm.

Maybe time to buy some more cigarettes she thought!!

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