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The look on her husband's face was priceless, that submissive mixture of shock, surprise and arousal, when he walked back into his living room and saw what we were doing -- right there in his favorite recliner.

Tara was in my lap facing me, slowly, seductively wiggling her firm ass over the huge bulge in my tight faded jeans, her arms around my neck, sucking worshipfully on my thick, meaty tongue. His presence, of course, only increased my passion, causing me to tonguefuck her mouth deeper, letting him see his wife's surrender, Tara whimpering lustfully as she suckled at my mouth and tongue, her hips wiggling a bit faster. She had already opened her blouse and toyed with her tits for me while Brad was getting our drinks, so I slid the flimsy garment off her shoulders while our long, lewd fuckkiss continued, our tongues twisting, turning, tangling nastily together, her groan growing louder as she too realized her husband had returned, turning the kiss sloppy for his benefit, our tongues lapping lewdly at each other outside our mouths so he could clearly see trickles of saliva dripping down onto the smooth, firm globes of her bare tits.

I slid forward a bit in the big recliner, the leather squeaking under us, giving Tara room to wrap her toned, tanned legs tightly around my waist. Feeling her tighten her athletic young legs around me I took a long, lewd lick into her mouth, making her groan again, getting as sloppy as her this time, leaving her chin shiny with my saliva, hands sliding up to cup those firm 34c tits tenderly, thumbs rubbing and rolling her taut nipples. "Tell him baby," I mumrured, sucking her lower lip wetly, kissing my way across her pretty young face to her neck, massaging and molding her tender titflesh as my mouth found her most sensitive spot, suckkissing it wetly, whispering encouragement. "Tell your husband what you want."

"I-I want him to fuck me," Tara moaned obediently, her wedding ring glittering wickedly on one hand as she caressed my lean, bare chest and tight muscled stomach, turning slightly in my lap to face her wide eyed husband, giving me a chance to jerk the little mini skirt up to her waist, letting him see how she was massaging the bulge of my bullcock with the firm, soft warmness of her asscheeks, left bare by her tiny thong, the front of which was soaked as I reached down with one hand to cup and caress the moist patch of silk, her heat radiating clearly through the skimpy material. With my free hand I lifted a firm tit slightly, whispering "Tell him everything baby" as I slurped the hard nipple greedily into my mouth, suckkissing it wetly, deeply, tongue washing nastily over it before letting it drop heavily from my mouth.

"Ohgoddddd," Tara gasped, grinding harder down onto my huge, hard bulge while pressing her soaked snatch tighter to my hand, my fingers almost instinctively teasing the wet silk into her soaked slit, sliding up to stroke her clit with the sensuously soft, wet fabric, Tara shivering and gasping as she blurted out the words we'd practiced as best she could. "Oh fuck Brad I want him, want him to fuck me in our marriage bed, its so big, it feels so strong, oh honey I need it, want it so much more than I want you, so much bigger."

That was close enough to what we'd practiced for me. I cupped her smooth, firm asscheeks in both hands and stood, Tara's arms going back around my neck, her legs tight around my waist. "Lets go to bed baby," I said before we fell into a fiery hot fuckkiss that continued as I walked her into the bedroom she shared with her husband, who was following behind us quietly, his eyes still wide with shock and lust.

The hot, wet fuckkiss didn't end until I gently sat Tara down by the edge of the bed she normally shared with her husband, who was standing in the doorway, still watching us with that same excited glow on his features, staring intently at us as he fondled himself through his dress pants while holding his wife's discarded blouse in his free hand. She remained on tiptoes as I sat her down, nuzzling and suckkissing at my hard, hairless chest. "God I'm so wet, so hot, so hot for you," she sighed as she kissed across my chest, her hands sliding from around my neck and immediately going to grope and grasp at the big bulging bullcock straining my worn jeans. I continually cupped and caressed her perfectly sculpted asscheeks in both hands as she smeared her hot, wet kisses over my bare flesh, finally sliding my hands around to her waist, toying with her thong, using it to tug her tight, 24-year-old body closer to me.

Tara got the hint and sensously stroked her tits into my chest, slipping her hands up to my face, caressing it softly as she stared adoringly up at me, rising up on tiptoes to once more suckle worshipfully at my mouth and tongue, groaning deeply as her tight, tanned tummy rubbed into my bulge. I let the waist band of her thong snap back into place, making her groan over my hotly probing tongue once more, then grasped both those firm, silky smooth asscheeks, kneading and squeezing slowly as she sucked deeply on my tongue, nasty noises of our wet, adulterous fuckkiss filling her bedroom. Tara released the suck-hold her hungry married mouth had on my tongue and started skimming her mouth across my chest again, this time sliding lower and lower, until she was kissing at my muscled abs as I flexed them for her, gently taking a fistful of her thick, shiny dark hair in one hand as she sank to her knees, careful to never let her lovely mouth lose contact with my flesh until she was working open my belt buckle with both hands. I reached down and brushed my index finger across the glittering setting in her wedding band as her trembling hands worked open my belt, causing her to look up into my face with a nasty smile. "It doesnt mean so much now, does it?" I asked, running my finger over the once sacred ring again.

"No," she moaned immediately. "God no, not as much as this." Still looking up into my face, her brown eyes glazed with lust, she licked her lips lewdly then sent my heavily muscled tummy into an involuntary roll when she suddenly leaned forward and flicked her soaking, silky soft tongue into my belly button while peeling my jeans down past my hips.

I don't know whose gasp was loudest as it spang out of my jeans -- Tara's or Brad's, but I do know my fat, heavily veined 10-inch fuckmuscle had never looked bigger or harder, jutting out from my lean body obscenely, the bare bloated head shining with my cockleak. Tara rocked back on her heels to keep the huge hard fuckstick from slapping her in the chin. "Oh god, oh damn, oh baby it's huge," she moaned softly, her hands grasping it at the base as she leaned forward slightly once again, her eyes once more looking up into mine as her lips slowly slid over the hard, sticky helmet, her tongue fluttering against the underside of my dickhead as she sucked it deeply, passionately. She was so beautifully slutty, this young, pretty and beautifully built bride of less than two years on her knees for me, the engorged, exposed head of my bull-size prick in her hungry married mouth, her hands stroking my thighs as her gorgeous face bobbed back and forth. I looked over at Brad, whose expression was now one of nothing but pure unbridled lust, his wide eyes focused on his wife as she pushed deeper, faster, moaning over my fuckpole as she sucked more and more of the heavily muscled pussypleaser into her mouth. "You need to be on your knees too wimp," I snapped at him, his eyes widening even more as they jerked away from his submissively sucking wife to stare into my own.

Brad did as he was told, dropping to his knees, his wide eyes glancing back and forth from my face to the sight of his 24-year-old wife on her knees, both hands stroking my massive bullprick as she sucked and tongued the fat, bare head wetly, drooling around it heavily, causing trickles of her spit to ooze down the long, thick, thickly veined shaft. "Thats it Tara, suck on that big cock baby, show your sissy ass husband how much you want it," I moaned softly. I looked over at Brad, also on his knees, rubbing the little lump in his trousers with both hands. "Crawl over here and get a good look candyass," I told him. "Worthless wimp husband like you needs to get a good look at his wife enjoying a real man's cock." Brad started crawling awkwardly toward us, but it was Tara's response that rapidly riveted my attention. She whimpered wickedly, one hand flying between her legs to stroke her soaked pussy through her equally wet thong as her lips slid faster and deeper onto my throbbing, totally engorged dick, gasping and coughing a bit as the broad, bloated head nudged the opening of her throat, the muscles in her neck tensing as she strained forward, finally fucking her face fully on my huge hard dick.

Tara gagged and sputtered a bit on the first couple of strokes but then started deep throating me easily, gliding back and forth effortlessly on my long, thick cock. Brad waddled awkwardly over to her side, his eyes fixed on the sight of my big dick disappearing down his wife's throat. As her husband joined us near the bed Tara started whimpering sexily, slowing the movements of her mouth dramatically, her lips sliding slowly back and forth over my thick, vein-filled shaft, moaning appreciatively each time the fat cock knob pushed into her tight, soggy throat. She strained to look out the corner of her eyes, making sure Brad was nearby, then stuffed one hand into her thong, frigging her pussy frantically even as she continued to savor my fuckmeat with slow, wet sucks.

It was obvious to me that Tara liked showing off in front of her husband. I held her head with one hand, keeping her impaled on my big dick for a moment, her hot wet throat muscles rippling erotically over my throbbing shaft. Even though I was holding her head motionless, Tara's hand continued to fly up and down her slit, the tiny thong doing little to conceal her efforts. I worked my fat, aching fuck-tool back until only the head was left in her sweet married mouth, Tara letting out a soft groan of disappointment, her eyes darting up to look into my face. "Nurse on that big dickhead baby, clean all that cockleak off and hold it in your mouth, it's almost time to feed your candyass husband."

Tara whimpered wantonly as she started suckling my bare, gooey cock-crown worshipfully, slurping and smacking loudly, her hot, dripping tongue swiping every inch of my smooth glans before I finally jerked it free with a soft popping sound. Continuing to caress her own cunt under her skimpy thong panties, Tara tilted her head back to look up into my face, opening her mouth to show me the thick coat of cockleak as she held it carefully on her tongue. "Now let me see that hand honey, show your husband how wet that little married pussy gets for me," I said softly.

Tara's trembling hand glistened with her own adulterous pussy juice as she jerked it out of her thong and held it up for me to see. Brad gasped in shock as the rivulets of his wife's nectar trickled down her fingers, pooling in her palm. "Now spit my leak into your hand baby, mix our juices together," I said. Without hesitation Tara daintily drooled my cockleak into the pool of juice which had already formed in her little palm. Cupping her hand carefully so as not to spill a single drop, she looked up into my face expectantly, her big brown eyes literally glowing with lust. "Feed him," I said, jerking my head toward her kneeling, wide-eyed husband.

Tara held her cupped palm out to Brad, her hand shaking slightly from excitement, her firm bare boobs rising and falling as her breathing became heavier. Brad looked questioningly into his wife's face for a long moment. "Do it honey, you know you want to," she whispered, her desire apparent in the strained, tight tone of her voice. The slightest trace of a grin creased the corners of Brad's mouth just before he bent his head and started licking at the slimy wad of juices in his wife's palm.

"Oh my god," Tara sighed sexily as her husband began to lap at the goo in her hand with increasing fervor, her taut, tanned body visibly shuddering. She jammed her hand back into the front of her tiny thong panties, once more rubbing her pussy vigorously as Brad worked to clean her other hand, grabbing her wrist to hold it steady as he started sucking and slurping nastily. "Oh god yeah honey, do it," Tara murmured. "God yeah that's so fuckin' hot."

When he was satisfied he'd gotten it all Brad looked into his wife's face with a shy smile, his lips glistening with traces of our combined cream. Tara's fingers continued to move rapidly under her skimpy panties as she pulled her other hand free of her husband's grasp and grabbed the base of my fat, 10-inch tool, still soaked in her saliva, her hand sliding slowly back and forth on the thick fuck-stalk as she looked up into my face again. The instant our eyes connected Tara eased my bloated dickhead into her mouth, sucking deeply, her smooth cheeks hollowing as her tongue stroked around the hot, hard head before slipping into the groove of my peehole. I could feel the vibrations from her soft, sexy moan running up the length of my cock as she nursed nastily on my once more sticky head, gazing submissively into my eyes the entire time, her hand continuing to frig her panty covered pussy.

Movement from the corner of my eyes told me that Brad was about to get busy with his hand as well, opening his pants slowly, as if he didn't want either of us to notice. "Your husband wants to play with his weak little pecker baby," I said, continuing to stare into her big brown eyes as I gently grasped a fistful of her hair and eased her hungrily sucking mouth of my aching dickhead with agonizing slowness. "Maybe it's time we showed him how a horny little wife fucks for her big-dicked stud." My words caused Brad to freeze and Tara to begin scrambling to her feet, her firm, tanned tits bouncing delightfully.

"Yes, let's do, let's show him," she babbled excitedly, her hard pink nipples grazing my chest as she rose to full height, her mouth suckling at my chest and neck between her lustful words. "I want him to see, want him to watch us, let's do it baby, fuck me with that big dick while my husband watches us."

Grabbing Tara's asscheeks hard in both hands, I pulled her tightly to me for another quick but thorough tonguekiss, both of us moaning and groaning. Then I spun her around so that she was facing her kneeling husband, one hand caressing her flat, firm tummy, the other moving from tit to tit, stroking and softly squeezing, murmuring into her ear before I started sucking and kissing along the length of her smooth, slender neck, keeping my eyes on Brad's face the entire time. "Look at that fuckin' wimp down on his knees, he ain't man enough for you honey, he don't deserve this sexy little body, he can't satisfy a hot blooded woman like you."

"Oh fuck," Tara groaned, letting her head fall back onto my shoulder, tilting it to the side to offer me her sensitive throat. "Oh fuck no he can't, need my stud, need my big-dicked lover." With that Tara reached back and grasped my huge, hard fuckstick positioning it so the fat length ran up the crevice of her asscheeks, then grinding back onto me with a deep, low groan, wiggling her ass slowly, using it to massage my massive member. She then covered the hand that was still stroking her tight young tummy and slid it down until it was firmly cupping her thinly covered cunt, her toned thighs squeezing it hard, trapping it in place on her pussy.

"Tell him Tara," I moaned as I suckled her sweet, lightly perfumed throat, letting her hand guide mine as it stroked her pussy through her thoroughly soaked panties. "Tell your sissy husband what you want, who his wife really wants to belong to."

"Yesssssss," Tara hissed sexily, her other hand covering mine as it fondled her heavenly breasts, both her hands guiding mine in caressing her boobs and cunt. She lifted her head from my shoulder to stare directly into her husband's face, pushing her glorious buns tighter back against my pipe-like prick. "Oh god Brad, it's so big, so much bigger than you honey, so much more manly, oh fuck honey, it feels so huge and hard rubbing against my little ass, oh Brad, I want it honey, want him to fuck me deep with it, want him to be my stud honey." Still guiding my hands with hers Tara then turned her face sideways, sucking and kissing at my mouth and grinding her bottom harder against me, the length of my cock burrowing deeper into the warm split of her asscheeks, her entire body shivering and shuddering, both her hands squeezing mine tightly as she guided them over her smooth, soft tits and hot, throbbing cunt. "Oh you hung bastard," she slurped out her words nastily, sucking wetly on my tongue, her lips lewdly sliding along its glistening, slippery length just as they'd been sliding along my cock moments earlier. "I'm so hot for you, so ready for your big hard dick."

"Tell him," I answered, nodding toward Brad as I freed my hands from hers and hooked the waistband of her panties in both hands, jerking them slowly down over the curve of her ass, pausing to admiring its perfection, then sliding them on down her thighs, helping her out of them as she began to speak.

"My stud's gonna fuck me now honey, I need it so bad," Tara whimpered, stepping out of her panties, reaching back instinctively to me for balance without looking away from her husband. "He's gonna give me the kind of deep, nasty fucking I've always wanted, just like we talked about honey, you're gonna see your little wife giving it up for a better hung man."

Holding her tiny, cream-coated panties in one hand, I moved behind the now nude wife, kissing and sucking deeply on her neck and shoulders as my other hand moved down to squeeze and knead her firm asscheeks, Tara groaning and gasping, reaching a hand back to run her fingertips gently along the length of my huge, hard fuckmuscle. "Oh fuck I love the way you play with my ass," Tara panted, her head falling back against my shoulder again, wiggling her smooth, shapely buns against my hot, hard hand, gripping my shaft a bit tighter. "I'm so close, could cum just from you touching me, could cum just from playing with your big beautiful dick."

Still palming and fondling her perfectly formed asscheeks, I guided Tara toward the bed, Brad shuffling on his knees to watch. Giving those firm, beautiful buns a loving pat, I stopped in front of her kneeling, panting husband and suddenly swiped the soaked panties over his face, leaving a clear trail of pussy juice on his cheek. "She ever been that wet for you?" I asked.

"Uh-n-no, no she hasn't," Brad stuttered out his words.

"Fuck no," Tara sighed as she settled back on the bed, spreading her shapely legs wide and stroking her clit with gentle movements of her fingertips, turning her face to watch us.

"Suck your wife's panties clean and we might let you jack on that little babydick of yours Brad," I said softly, dangling the dripping thong into his face, the heavily stained crotch brushing his quivering lips. With a quiet grunt Brad opened his mouth and slurped the soaked, silky fabric into his mouth, his cheeks puffing out comically as he sucked and chewed the wet, wispy thong.

"Oh shit, oh goddamn baby that looks so fuckin' nasty," Tara hissed from the bed, her hips bucking upward as her fingers fondled faster, strumming her clit with rapid, rhythmic strokes, her firm thighs opening wider and wider until her soaked slit parted, her pink inner folds shiny and swollen. From the almost desperate movements of her gorgeously naked body I could tell Tara was getting closer and closer, and I didn't want to waste another second.

Crawling between her smooth, straining thighs I promptly planted my bloated, slick dickhead at her oozing opening, nudging just the tip of the bare sticky, crown into her equally gooey hole. Tara writhed wildly, straining upward, grunting as she forced her tight, aching pussy to stretch over my hard, invading head, then sobbing tearfully as it popped fully into her, prying her open to a wideness she'd never before felt. She stiffened, her eyes squeezed shut, biting her sensuously thick lower lip, and I shoved two more inches into her deliciously steamy tightness. Tara winced, her hips jerking back in shock, her mouth opening wide in a silent scream, her lips moving though words weren't coming, her entire body tense, strained, her tight, torridly wet fucktunnel tingling and throbbing as it squeezed my thick, vein-filled shaft. With a groan of my own I eased forward, unable to resist the soaking, snug grip of her almost supernaturally tight womanhood. Tara remained rock-still, unmoving as my wide, hard horsecock penetrated her gooey depths, the hot, wet tightness of her wildly pulsing pussy massaging every milimeter of my massive member, her face contorted as it tossed from side to side, her eyes still squeezed shut, her lips still widely parted in a wordless scream that was nothing but a tearful whimper when her voice finally returned and her body slowly started to relax, the pleasure of the big, powerful fuck-pole penetrating her virgin-like cunt starting to overtake her.

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