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So there I was Halloween night by myself. I didn't get many trick-o-treaters because I live in the middle of nowhere. I mean like NOWHERE. I had almost a whole bowl of candy left and no one to hand it out to. I decided that since it was so late that I'd call it a night and spend some quality time with myself. I put some popcorn on the stove and went to pick out a video from underneath my bed. I had seen them all before but I still got all hot and steamy over them.

I picked a favorite of mine: "Upbeat Love Two." I heard my corn popping as I walked back into the living room. I put the video on the top of the VCR and went to check on my low-fat, low-sodium snack. (Hey, a gal's got to watch her figure these days.) As I bounced to the stove, my phone jangled. It wasn't often that people phoned me past 11 pm unless it was an emergency. I figured it must be important so I ran to the answer the call.

"Hello little girl," a gruff voice hissed from the other end.

"Um... like, do I know you?" Who the hell was this?

"Are you alone this Hallow's Eve?" This guy was like totally rude! Gawh!

"Yeah, why?" I'm blonde, give me a break!

"What are you doing?" What does he care?

"I'm just making some popcorn, getting ready to watch a porno movie." I'm an honest person. I was raised that way. I can't tell a lie, honest.

"Oh, so you like porno movies, little girl?" Like duh, did I just like not say that I was going to watch one? Gawh! This guy's more dense than I am.

"Well, yeah."

"What movie are you watching?" This guy sounded like old enough to be my dad or something. Eeww... gross.

"Upbeat Love..." Why am I telling him?

"The original or the sequel?"

"Sequel. Who are you? If this is BB, I'm going to..."

"Oh, don't worry about him and 'Henry', they won't be around for this trick... or treat." He cackled! I don't know of anyone who CACKLES! Like total dirty old man. Yuck.

"How do you know BB and 'Henry'?" Ok, so I was getting a little freaked now.

"Who's your favorite porn star?"

"I'm not telling you. I'm going to hang up now." I could hear the cracking of my voice and I knew that he knew I was scared.

"Tell me the fucking answer you little slut!" Oh my god... I was so scared. I tried to stay calm but I was trembling by this point.

"Um.. um... Michael J. Cox," I said quickly. It was the first name that popped into my head.

"So you like cocks, huh?" I could hear the evil in his voice. I don't want to sound like a slut or nothing, but I was kind of turned on... but terrified at the same time.

"Uh... um... uh... yeah, I guess." I hesitated for a moment after my reply. "How do you know BB and 'Henry'?! Please! Tell me! Who are you?!"

"Oh them? I ran into them on my way to your house." Ok, now I was ready to pee in my nightgown.

"W... wh... wha..." I choked. "What? Who the fuck are you?!?!" I could hear him laughing. Louder and louder... laughing. Was it really coming from behind me? It sure sounded like it.


"Hello? Hello? Hello?!" Oh my god. What was I going to do? I picked up the cordless phone and ran into my room to call BB> I wanted to make sure he was ok. And if he was, he had better get his ass over here and save me from this psycho.

I couldn't reach BB. I started crying. I sat on my bed for a good hour and a half with a baseball bat and a butcher knife. I figured it was just a prank that BB was pulling in order to scare me. He knows how to really get me going (in more ways than one I might add!). I finally fell asleep after two hours of paranoia.

Something woke me. My room was completely dark and I started to get scared again. What happened to my night-light?

"Hello little girl." Who was that? I knew who it was, I just didn't want to admit it to myself. The next thing I know there's a person on top of me. I was pinned. I struggled to break free but he was so strong. I finally managed to wiggle an arm free and flip on my lamp.

It took a second for my eyes to adjust but when they came into focus I saw a man in a black cloak and ski mask. There was a hole in the cloak and his hard cock peered at me. I tried to scream but he took my handkerchief off of my nightstand and shoved it in my mouth. Like gross. I blow my nose on that thing!

He grabbed my wrists with one hand and bound them with handcuffs to my bedpost. He roughly moved down my body to my chest. He took deep breaths when he got to my breasts. I think he was smelling them or something. Weird.


Oh my god. I can't believe he had the nerve to rip my silk nightgown! I tried harder to get away from this jerk, but the harder I fought, the rougher he got.

"Stay fucking still slut. Do what I say and I won't go through with my plans concerning a certain BB and the removal of 'Henry'." That was the same creepy voice. I could only see his eyes and mouth. He was definitely smiling. I listened to him. I was helpless and he'd have his way with me anyway. This way was less painful. He quickly bound each ankle to the same bed post and continued to smell me. Don't ask, it's not my fetish.

He sat on my chest and lifted the cloak. His bare ass was on my chest and I could feel his swollen, hairy balls sitting between my tits. I took a big breath and let out a soft cry. He removed the fabric from my mouth and I didn't make a sound. I love BB and didn't want anything bad to happen to him, especially castration!

The stranger moved closer to my mouth and I could tell he was still smiling. His big, still partner-in-crime was staring me down. I could feel its eye penetrating my soul. I knew it would be penetrating a lot more than that before the whole ordeal was finished. I decided that I'd play the good little slut in hopes that he'd let me live. Ok, so maybe I was getting a little moist and my pert nipples were hard as beach pebbles.

Before I could have another full thought, his cock was at my lips. I could feel the warmth and the throbbing of his massive prick. I licked the head, hey if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right. I swirled my tongue around the beautiful purple bulb and let it enter my mouth slightly. He thrust his hips forward and hit the back of my throat with a good amount of force. I adjusted my breathing and let him hump my throat while my tongue made love to his cock.

His pubic hair was tickling my nose but I kept up my task at hand (or mouth) and tried to please him as best I could in hopes that he'd cum and it'd be all over. The saliva and precum dripped out of my mouth. Some went on my chin and trickled down my neck or cheek. Some slid down his cock and onto his tightening scrotum.

He removed his member from my lips with a plop. I closed my eyes hoping that he'd jerk off on me and be finished. Instead he undid one of the ankle cuffs and spread my legs far apart. I could feel my muscles being stretched and they burned from the extension.

He positioned his face at my now wet pussy and started smelling my private area. I was so embarrassed! I tried to close my legs but he just forced them apart again.

"Mm... heheheh..." There he went with the cackling again! I was concentrating on how embarrassing the whole thing was and started to sob when he touched his tongue to my clit. My sobs turned into soft moans as he continued to suck, lick, and nibble on my tickle-button. My body was overcome with goosebumps and I thrust my pelvis into his face. I found myself groaning and my pussy muscles contracting. I knew I shouldn't be liking it, but I couldn't resist. He licked me so well. It only took what seemed like less than a minute and I was cumming all over this stranger's face!

When my spasms subsided and I lay there trying to catch my breath and figure out what had just happened, all of a sudden I was being invaded by my attacker's gigantic meat scepter.

I squirmed and bucked and screamed. It felt amazing. He found my spot and frigged it hard and fast. I started to tense up and felt myself close to my second orgasm. I cried out obscenities and my pussy went into convulsions on his little-big man. I no sooner finished with my orgasm when he hit the spot again and it sent me off into outer space. I could feel my own cum dripping down my thighs and down the crack of my ass.

He reached up underneath of my ass: one cheek per hand. He lifted my ass off the bed and started slamming his cock hard into my nearly exhausted body. I felt his fingers linger towards my soaking asshole and forced two fingers into my rectum at the same time he gave his hips a hard thrust into my swelling cunt. He matched his finger fucking with his pelvic rhythm and I started to cum one last time.

My body was covered in goosebumps and my legs started to twitch. This orgasm was going to be big and he knew it too. He quickened his pace and I could feel his balls had tightened because they weren't slapping against me anymore. I clenched my teeth and my moans turned into primal grunts. I contracted my pussy against his rock hard manhood. It was getting close to show time and he fucked me harder than ever. My orgasm started at my toes and sent an electric impulse to my nipples. Then they relayed the message to my cunt and I was overwhelmed by the shuddering blast of ecstasy surging through my loins.

Once I came back to reality, he was gone. Ho pool of cum for me to devour or anything! He left as quickly and mysteriously as he came. I regained my senses and looked around my room. My restraints had been removed and my night-light was back on.

I picked up the phone to call BB. He answered and immediately told me about some 50-something year old man who had jumped him on his way to my place earlier that evening. He said that he got knocked out from a wooden beam that smashed him in the head, but that he woke up in bed at home, naked!

I was still a little confused and scared so I had BB drive over to my place. When he got to my place I told him everything that happened. He had no idea who that freak was. I grabbed the bowl of candy and brought it to the couch where we were sitting. I needed a chocolate bar to calm my nerves.

AS I dived into the bottom of the bowl to fish out a Mr. Goodbar, I got a sticky surprise instead. It seems as though our attacker had finished himself before he left... IN MY BOWL OF CANDY! Gawh... like yuck-oh. I guess some people are just freaks. I'll tell you one thing, though... it was one Halloween I'll never forget, that's for sure!

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