Duzi's had the good fortune to live in a land of abundance. Trade routes crossed this land, and cultures far and near merged. The temple on the hill was a good example of many beliefs blending. Built in ancient times, many gods for many occasions were worshiped. At night they could be seen shinning their approval.

It was late fall, the leave had turned color and were falling. The gods of light and dark had been fighting for months, with darkness winning. It was a crucial time, for if light did not get some new life, the earth would become dark forever and everything would cease to be.

One early evening with the signs of darkness taking hold, Duzi heard a knock on his door. Opening the door he recognized Bacch, a Priest from the temple. Upon being seated the Priest came straight to the point. "If there is to be a Spring planting and a Fall harvest we must honor the god's demands and bring new priestess into the temple. The gods have honored you by choosing your wife, to serve for a year, should she prove to be worthy."

Duzi call his wife Inanna into the room. She had heard the Priest pronouncement and trembled, half in fear of the unknown, and half in excitement at the thought of becoming a Priestess. Inanna herself, was the child of a Priestess and had secretly desired to live with the gods and have her first born come through their blessing. As worshipers, women were only allowed in the outer court of the temple. The women in her land were prized for their modesty, and faithfulness to their husband was an absolute requirement. But as a Priestess she would be in the inner sanctum of the temple where the men worshipped and presented their offerings to the gods through the bodies of the Priestess. Once a Priestess always a Priestess. Inanna could return to the temple and perform the sacred rituals whenever she desired. It indeed was a high honor to be a chosen.

Disrobing, Inanna stood quietly while the Priest examined her body. Declaring her fit for duty, he pronounced his blessing upon her.

"A woman moves in cycles, new moon to new moon her body tracks time, until a new cycle begins; the cycle of new life.
In eagerness open yourself to the gods and let the men of this land caress you voluptuous breast and taste your sweet kisses.
Open your soft thighs and let those who work the land plow your vulva, the flesh of their erect horns finding delight in your soft folds.
Promiscuous Priestess, supreme rapture is your to enjoy everyday and yours to give.
Let your beauty entice them in, to plant their seed deep in the wet ground of your loins.
May many men enjoy the caress of your vagina as they leave their cream in your body.
May the gods honor your faithfulness and allow you to conceive and bring new life into the world.
Let you beauty fight back the forces of darkness, let a new cycle of life begin through you."

Inanna left with the Priest that evening. Duzi wouldn't see or hear from his wife again until she had finished her training and began public service.

In training, Inanna learned first hand what passion, bliss, and ecstasy meant. Bacch, the Priest who had called her, was her benefactor. New Priestess entered "worship training" where they learned sexual rituals from their benefactor and experienced Priestess. It was important in the gods eyes, that they master receiving sexual gratification as well as giving it. Orgasm were most pleasing to the gods who would blessed the woman with add vitality when she had one. Experienced Priestess taught the new Priestess about feminine power. Just the sight of their body put men under their spell. They learned how to care for their body, how to talk, walk, and dance, as part of their seductive rituals. The gods gave a great measure of sexual pleasure to women. A women could experience it many times, with many men, in the time a man could enjoy it just once. Through orgies, with the Priest and Priestess, Inanna expanded her knowledge and learned the art of making public temple sex, a sacred ritual.

Inanna was a Priestess dedicated to the gods of fertility and potency. Bacch would take Inanna to pray before these gods. Inanna would kneel, holding phallus in each hand, while Bacch would take his erect penis and slide it into Inanna vagina, while reciting a prayer.

"Oh god of fertility, behold this beautiful woman as she offers her womb to your service. We feel your sensuous enjoyment flowing in our bodies too. Let your seed flow through me, into her fertile field. Let her conceive and bring her pregnancy to term. Open the flood gates of conception on all nature. Blow back the darkness and let the happy sounds of copulation ring in the earth and on the seas. Let the flowers bloom again and the trees grow taller. Let the grains flourish and the fruit grow to ripeness. ..."

All the while Bacch prayed, Inanna would repeatedly squeeze his penis, eliciting pleasant feeling to radiate around his buried shaft. So strong had Inanna vaginal contractions become, that before Bacch could finish his long winded recital, he would find himself ejaculating, which he assured her were the gods expressing their delight in her comeliness and a positive answer to his petitions.

It was the custom for the benefactor Priest to bed his new Priestess until he grew tired of her or she missed a period. To encourage fertility a wreath was placed on the bedroom door and a evergreen tree was brought in. The greenery celebrated life, the circle was the vulva, through which life came. Candles were lit, to encourage the sun god, sacred mistletoe was placed over the bed to inflame passion. A Yule log burned in the fireplace bring light and warmth. Hollyberries were set about as food for the gods. So it was that Inanna slept with Bacch for three months. Missing her period was the signal for her public Temple service to begin.

A new Priestess in the harem always generated a lot of interest. As word spread, Inanna had her first promised blessing fulfilled, as numerous men came to see and touch her naked body and have their genitals stimulated by her vagina, filling Inanna's love cup to overflowing with their cream. Duzi came to see her too, though custom did not allow him to have intercourse with her. But friends, neighbors and strangers could and did.

When a Priestess became pregnant in the course of her temple work, her husband was elevated to an Elder who assisted in Temple Weddings. A Temple Wedding was a secret rite, for those who could afford it, that bound the husband and wife forever. When they passed into the after-life, they would be given a star of their own to populate, he as the reigning god, she as the goddess. Duzi joined twelve other men (13, the wheel of the year, being the number of periods a woman has each year) and three Priestess (companionship, pleasure, life), in an inner room at the temple. The bride would be instructed in the art of making love. For three days the bride, first by watching then by practicing, learned the natural rhythms for releasing orgasmic energies, first in herself, then in her lover. The interaction between the masculine and feminine, played out in her body and mind, affirming her role as consort, pleasure source, and life giver, thing critical for a goddess to know.

Meanwhile the groom was also seeing two Priestess (wisdom and control), who tutored him on how a woman thinks and what she needs from her husband, if she was to be ready to welcome his advances. He was shown the woman's erogenous places and practiced stimulating them with drills on his two instructors. The coaching placed special emphasis on pleasuring a woman to orgasm, orally and vaginally, something every god must master. Morning, noon and night, his schooling had him engage in coitus with the Priestess, as he learned erection stamina and ejaculation control.

The final ceremony brought the bride and groom together, along with the five Priestess and the thirteen Elders. The flickering light from the many candles bathed the room in sensual warmth. Fresh cut evergreen boughs, scented the room. The bride lay naked, arms and legs spread out, forming a pentagram, tapping into the powers of Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Elders formed a five-pointed circle by kneeling and holding her head, hands, and feet. Forming a wider circle around the bride, the five Priestess knelt, facing outward, heads lowered, rears raised, putting their genitals on display. One after another the remaining eight Elders impregnated the bride with sperm, sent by a god of their choosing. The groom watched his bride wither and twist in ecstasy as the unrelenting stimulation continued. Her "hill of Venus" glistened with the overflowing cum. When they had finished, it was the groom turn to demonstrate his manhood with each of the women. Pushing his penis into the vagina's of the five Priestess, he slowly moving in and out eight times. With the vaginal juices from each, coating his penis, the groom knelt before his bride and shoved his stiff rod into her wet canal, letting companionship, pleasure, life, wisdom, and control, seep into her soul. Then with strong thrusts, the husband lay claim to his wife's body. With each movement he removed more and more of the other god's semen, leaving his to dominate the mix. The five Priestess moved in and using their hands, stimulated the genitals of the five Elders in the pentagram, letting their ejaculating semen decorate the wife's body, as the husband's sperm exploded into his wife's vagina. Before withdrawing, Husband and wife had a ring placed on a finger, symbolizing their intimate union and his now exclusive access to her vulva.

Duzi's had the good fortune to live in a land of abundance. The gods bless his wife's womb with their seed. Through her devotion, darkness had been defeated once again, as the sun lingered a bit longer each day. All was well until one day traders passing through, told of a star that fell to the earth. All that could be found of this visiting god was a huge hole and hard heavy rock. There was no god to be found, perhaps he had died.

Duzi beliefs were challenged. He was confused by the changing times and the new teachings. He went often to the temple, looking for solace.

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