tagSci-Fi & FantasyPriestesses of the Goddess Pt. 14

Priestesses of the Goddess Pt. 14


Rata finished the food that he had made for them. Fish, the yellow fruit that the tablet called bananas and coconut had seemed exotic, but after several risings it seemed almost mundane now. She was bored. Bored of the limited food this place offered.

Bored of long risings with nothing to do except swim and read that infernal tablet, when he was not looking of course. He was gone most of each rising, fishing and collecting their food she supposed. She had suggested once that she accompany him, anything was better than being bored. But his reaction had been almost violent.

So there was not much else to do...other than think. Wonder if her sisters were all right. Pour over in her mind a thousand different ways that she might have handled the dream, found some way of averting the disaster that destroyed their lives and world. But she still had not come up with one, besides what did it matter. What was done was done.

She frowned, but what was done? She did not remember anything after Tsu delivered her to the temple room really. There were sketchy bits that almost seemed more a part of her dreams...Versil, a giant. Her fingers ran about the cold metal encircling her neck. She knew its significance, a Morian collar of ownership. But whose? As hard as she tried she could remember nothing more of that night.

"What is it, priestess?" he asked as he tossed more wood upon the fire sending sparks towards the dark heavens. Rata wished someone had thought to include clothing in the pack along with weapons and tools. She was accustomed to walk around naked or in the sheer robes of her station. She was not so used to seeing the male form in its natural beauty. His male form especially.

She frowned. Had she ever? Before the evening she awoke in his arms? Just the thought of it caused her body to react, "I am glad you added more wood," she lied as she rubbed her arms pretending to be cold, certain parts of her were anything but.

He studied for a long moment. His eyes seemed to linger a bit too long on the pebbled tips of her breasts. "Frig," he cursed a lot more than she remembered. "Maybe I should go back into the forest for some more then."

She shook her head, "No, it is too dark. What if you fell and were injured. Your leg is still recovering," her eyes travelled naturally to the puckered flesh that was pink and red upon this thigh. She bit her lip and fought back the urge to curse herself. Looking at him there was not a good idea for her sanity. Especially when certain parts of his anatomy began to thicken and swell under her gaze.

"Fuck, priestess," he spat as he threw a large log onto the fire, collapsing the pile. "Goddess damn it. What the fuck was the bastard, whore son thinking?" he cursed as he paced. "Enough of this shit. I would rather face a hundred of the giant bastards and die in battle than spend one more evening alone here with you."

Rata froze, her heart in her chest stopped beating, her lungs refused to pass air. None of it matter at his cruel words. He would rather die than be stuck here with the goddess's whore. That was what Soji had always called them...whores for the great goddess. Until that moment, she had never felt it, never been ashamed of who or what she was. But under his gaze, suddenly she saw her existence for what it was. She was old, used up, a broken vessel that her goddess had tossed aside.

Without a word, she stood and raced for the waters. Though she doubted even her blessed waters could wash the stains from her soul. They would though hide her tears, their salty waves welcoming their brethren home, embracing her release.

Her feet had barely touched the warm waters, sand sucking at her toes as the arm about her waist stopped her forward flight. She pushed at it, "Let me go," she demanded.

He spun her around to face him, "Go where, your highness? Where the fuck you think you can go? You might be the High Priestess of the waters but you would drown just as surely as anyone before you reached land again. It is my job to protect you...even from yourself."

She shoved at his chest, fought to free herself from the arm draped casually about her waist. Her feet dangled, so that her toes barely touched the water. "Just leave me the frig alone."

He shook his head, "I have been trying to do just that your highness. I hide in the fucking forest all goddess damned day, trying to avoid these lush curves that drive me fucking insane," the air suddenly rushed back into her lungs as one hand cupped and kneaded her breast, his thumb brushing back and forth across the hard point.

"You want the truth, that's what we were always told...that the goddess demands nothing but the complete and total truth from her servants. Well, priestess, here's the goddess damned truth. All that time I spend in the forest, it don't take that long to catch a couple of fish, collect a bit of fruit and wood. I spend most of that time thinking about you. Imagining what it would feel like to push you back into the sand and plunge my sword so fucking deep inside of you that neither of us knows where one begins and the other ends."

A soft gasp of surprise escaped her mouth at how accurately his fantasies reflected her own. She could not see the deep green of his eyes as he bent, the pale solitary moon and fire so far away did not provide enough light. But she could see the flames of passion, feel them tossing about in her tummy.

"And here's more of your truth, your highness. The little acolyte hides in the forest so that he can do that which is forbidden," he drew her tighter in his arms, pressed her fully against his body until her full breasts were mashed against the hard plains of his chest. "I swim in the waters of the pool there, your waters, Rata. And I touch myself. Rub my sword until its gift of life bursts forth. And I think of you. Think of being inside you when that happens."

His words unleashed something inside of her that she never imagined existed, a passion and a need that was completely feminine. She felt her waters, the nectar of her goddess, flow freely down her inner thigh. Her nipples tightened even more against his chest. As she stared up into his face, only a single word made sense and she found new appreciation for his use of it these past few risings, "Frig."

He shook his head as he released her, pushed her from his body, "Yeah, priestess, now you get it. Now you understand. The young and untried acolyte and the great and mighty High Priestess of the waters, what a fuckin' joke. I really do get this bastard god of Fate that the Morians worship, his sense of humor is just wicked."

He turned then and walked back towards the fire. She had never felt so alone. Not even that first morning in the temple garden. The evening air suddenly seemed cold as cold as his withdrawal. She watched as he passed their camp and the fire, as he headed towards the forest that had become his sanctuary. And try as she might the image of his hard sword in his own hand, pleasuring himself as she longed to pleasure him, was written in stone as surely as the goddess's teachings.

She looked out across the waters that glinted like gems in the pale moonlight. How long had it been since she truly found the peace she sought in them? Had she ever really found that which her heart craved most? She shook her head as her toes splashed in the waves as she toyed with choices and options.

But the truth was that she was Rata, the High Priestess of the waters, and she flowed with her destiny...with this dark god called Fate that she had learned about from the tablet. He seemed far crueler than her sweet goddess of life and love, but something about that darkness pulled her, appealed to her, drew forth her own darkness. As she turned her back on her waters and embraced her own Fate, following him into the forest.


Amorra danced before the clouds, "You go girl," she chanted as she threw her arms about her wide, embracing all that was life. The dark chuckle from behind stopped her.

"Don't let me stop you, sweet wife," Fate laughed as he leaned against his twisted throne of darkness. "I see that women enjoy, let me think, what were the words? Oh yes, porn for the gods."

She smiled, "And if I promise to be a good little girl, just this once, my love, will you not interfere with my work?"

The twinkle in his eyes gave her ample warning that her beloved mate was in as mischievous a mood as she was. "That will depend, my sweetness, upon just how good a girl you can be."

She tossed a glance over her shoulder at the images of her beloved priestess following her own mate into the darkness. She would do all she could to distract her sweet husband and channel his playful nature into more useful courses this night.

It was about time that one of her beloved truly tasted the sweet fruit of her love and life. And Rata had always been her most obedient, flowing with the waters of changes even as she did now. Yes, perhaps it was time that they both enjoyed a bit of the sweet rewards of service.

She bowed her blond head and slid gracefully at the floor. This time her arms crossed behind her back, her hands grasping the opposing forearms. This position always lifted her large breasts, presented them like the offering they were to her dark Master. "Yours as you please, Sir."

His hand laced through her hair as he turned her head back towards the screen, "If your beloved has learned her place as always as her mistress then you have my word, I will not interfere, my love."

She smiled and crossed her fingers behind her back. She hoped that Rata would remember all the naughty ideas that she had planted in her head these past few risings. "Yes, my Lord," she bowed her head in complete submission...for now anyway.

He laughed and it poured through her like the most blessed of her servant's pools. He only laughed for her. Her dark Master that took such perverse pleasure in fucking with the little mortals, in doing all that he could to destroy them, in the mind fucks as he called them, for her and her alone did he laugh and love. And in that moment, she felt and knew her true power as a goddess. That she could give this mighty warrior such a precious gift humbled her and exalted her. She was woman. She was goddess. She was his.

"And that my sweet love is the ultimate lesson that we all must learn; god and mortal alike. Power is not in the taking, but in the giving. Now turn and watch, see if your little priestess has learned that in her four hundred cycles." He brushed her hair softly with his hand, "And while you are on your knees, you can use that pretty little mouth for a different kind of begging, my salvation."


Leamus gave up. His arms practically ached; the wound in his thigh throbbed from the strain of the strong kicks that had propelled him back and forth across the small pool more times than he could count. But not even the physical exhaustion could erase the memory of how quickly her nipples had tightened...just at his stare.

"Fuck," he spat as he strode from the pool, the soft moss providing scant cushion for the rocks that would have cut his feet. No longer was cursing in his own language sufficient, he had to start cursing in Morian now too. He had studied it well; besides lust for her and hunt/gather their food there was little else to do. According to the tablet, Morian was a close cousin to several languages spoken by the natives of this small planet, so should they run into any it might be useful.

Of course, his primary reason for learning it and the Morian anatomy that was contained on the tablet as the man promised was so that if they were discovered he could protect her, kill as many of the sons of bitches as he could. Yes, he was getting quite good at cursing in his new language.

But he was growing tired of waiting for the other man to contact him. What if the man never did? What if they had been captured after sending him and Rata through that machine? What if he was not a friend at all? What if this place was all there was to this little planet? After all, he had only the man's words, a stranger, an enemy. How did he know that any of the stuff contained on that tablet was true?

He stared up at the moon, wondering what he should do this night. The idea of going back to the camp after all he had revealed to her caused his stomach to tighten in fear far worse than any he had felt during the battle with the Morians. Worse even than the fear he had known as a small child when his father approached him with that dark haze of drunkenness, his fists clenched ready for a fight.

No, this fear he had known only twice before: when he had found her in the hall outside of the priestess of the rock's chambers and when he saw her suspended from the altar of that bitch she called her goddess. But as deep as this fear was...deeper was his need to protect her, ensure her safety.

He would wait a bit; give her time to fall asleep before returning. Then he would rise early and prepare her breakfast before sneaking back here. Maybe he could even avoid her completely for a few risings while he figured things out.

He closed his eyes and shook his head, water flying like tiny fire flies in the moonlight. The whole rubbish thing about this dark god of Fate really got to him. The whole Domination and submission thing confused the hell out of him, and set something aflame deep inside of him. How many nights had he lain awake watching her sleep? How many times when he closed his eyes did he imagine her kneeling before him?

"Goddess damn it all," he cursed as he felt his body stir to life as it always did at the image. But he was not prepared for the soft caress along his thigh; his eyes flew open at the power of that touch. He instantly wished he had left them shut.

She knelt before him. It was every fantasy he had had these past days rolled into one. Her round curves gleamed in the soft light. Her hair fell about her face as she bowed her head. Her chest rose and fell softly with each breath, her breasts pouncing just slightly. Her knees were spread apart, her body fully on display for him. It was a familiar pose from the tablet, the one a slave used to offer her body in complete submission to her Master.

"Fuck," he cursed as his cock rose to full life. He threw back his head as he tried to gain some control of his mind, his body, any part of him. But the sight of the woman he had lusted for his fucking life, kneeling before him, offering herself to him was doing things to both that he had little control over.

He shook his head as he gave up trying. If the High Priestess of the waters wanted to play with the little acolyte, was so desperate to have her physical needs met that she turned to him, he was not going to look the dark god of Fate in the eye and turn him away.

His fingers found and caressed her chin; he lifted her face up to his. "You sure about this, priestess?" he gave her one chance to control Fate that he would not take. If she shook her head, if she turned and ran, he would find a way to let her go.

But he had never been more glad of anything than when she simply nodded her head without a word and bent forward. Her soft tongue licked along his hard length. He tried very hard not to move. To simply let her have her way with his body but the need was too great as he thrust slowly back and forth against her face.

He was not sure what he expected but the scalding hot wetness of her mouth enveloping was not it. "Fuck," he screamed as he fought to control his body. "Goddess damn it," he cursed as he picked up the rhythm that came naturally to his body, that rang through his soul. He knew he should slow this down, not rush anything, enjoy each moment and now of it mattered. Nothing mattered except the feel of her mouth upon his cock.

His fingers laced through her long hair. He had intended to pull her back, draw her off his hard flesh. Start again slowly, give them both the chance to enjoy and savor the moment. Instead he found himself hold her head firmly in place as his hips pounded out some ancient song.

"No," he raged to the dark god of Fate as he felt his body betraying him. He trembled in her hands as the hot seed spurted into her waiting mouth. He cursed even as he came, his legs barely able to hold himself aright. He closed his eyes and shook his head, cursing her goddess, the Morian god of Fate and any others, who thought that screwing with them was some fun game.

He swallowed back self-loathing and anger even as he felt her swallowing his life force. She licked softly at his flesh that refused to soften, even though it had just had far more than he had ever imagined possible. He was still raging hard as well as embarrassed.

He felt her slowly slide up his body. Her soft hands caressed the side of his face even as they had caressed that traitorous part of him. She framed his face, held his head in her hands. He could not avoid her, avoid this. Slowly he opened his eyes expecting her reproach. Instead her eyes danced with mirth, "Lesson one accomplished. You shall last far longer now. For your indoctrination."

He shook his head; she was the High Priestess of the waters. Did she not understand, she did not indoctrinate mere acolytes? He opened his mouth to make a denial; instead hers moved over his, swallowed his protests even as he tasted himself upon her tongue. It should have been disgusting, distasteful, but he drank it.

Drank at his power over her. The High Priestess of the waters had knelt before him, taken his cock into her mouth, and drank all that he offered her. And in an instant, his body was ready to go again. But this time it was not her mouth that he craved. He laced his fingers through hers, lifted them to his lips and brushed the back of her knuckles with a soft kiss. "Might I suggest the comforts of our home for that one then, priestess?"

She smiled and nodded, "So fuckin' wise. And it is Rata. The High Priestess of the waters died, if she ever truly was at all. If we are to become lovers, you should use my name."

He smiled down at her and swatted playfully at her bottom, "Then for the record, do not call me boy one more time. Or I will show you exactly what I have learned from that tablet on how to properly punish a submissive."

Her eyes twinkled in the light, "That is just so tempting, perhaps another time though. Right now, I think we are both doing way too much talking and not enough walking. Unless you want to make camp here for the night?"

"As tempting as that sounds I think I prefer our bed and the fire, so get that gorgeous ass moving, prie..." he shook his head as he caught himself. "Rata." But that did not seem right either. Another word echoed in his head. The giant had used it repeatedly the night that he had sent them here. But after reading its meaning in the tablet, he was even more reluctant to admit the very thing that felt so fucking right. Instead the word merely breathed its way through his brain as he took her hand and led her back the way he had come.

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