tagLesbian SexPrimal Innocence

Primal Innocence


Chapter 1

We have planned everything down to the last detail. The only things she does not know is when it was going to happen and that someone was going to help me. For you to understand why I need help, I should explain. Between us, our running joke is that I am her wimpy butch, which of course is said with love. Of the two of us, I do look more butch. I enjoy placing my hand on the small of her back as we walk, opening doors and generally making her feel protected and cherished, for she truly is. In public I do tend to be very protective of her and if given into stereotypes, I am butch. I know no one would believe it by looking at us, but she, though very femme, with long luscious hair, definitely has more butch traits then I do (at least mentally). This makes her submission all the more sweet. The truth remains however, that I am truly a wimp. So, in order to add the little extra fear factor that I wanted, I enlisted the help of a friend for tonight's scene. She has huge arms from years of physical labor, and a very powerful presence. Reinna would fill the role of abductor nicely.

I ran my fingers through my hair, then ruffled it a bit before looking in the mirror. I thought, "Damn, how I hate my curls." Just past my shoulders, my hair curls wildly around my face. The top, cut short, has natural body. I chuckled at the thought, "If I decided to let it grow longer, it could give a whole new meaning to Texas big hair." I live in Texas, Houston to be precise.

Tonight was the night we had been planning for the last two months. I know most Tops don't plan a rape with their submissive, but this one is to be our first, and I want it to be a scene. The kind that she could use her safe word for if needs be, and walk away from if it brought her to a place of true fear, the type of fear that leaves you horrified.

For the last two years we've played whenever the demands of raising four children have allowed. There never seems to be enough hours or days to get in all the play time we would like. That is why tonight is so special. The kids, having been packed up to their respective fathers for the weekend, left the house blissfully quiet. It was perfect for leaving us with the down time we would need after tonight.

I checked the mirror one last time before I turn and walk out. There waiting at the edge of our bed is Madison. I pause, taking in the sight that was before me. She is gorgeous, with long, thick hair reaching almost to her well-rounded ass. Man, I love that ass. Her breasts, while not large, fit nicely into the palm of my hand, respond to my slightest touch, and are still perky at the ripe old age of 37. More importantly though she is more beautiful on the inside then she is on the outside. I smile softly before I walk to her. I take her cheeks between my hands and tilt her head up so she is looking at me. My gaze holds her before saying, "I love you." Her smile reaches her eyes as she whispers softly, "I love you." Lightly letting my fingers brush over her cheek before reaching for her hand, I ask, "Ready?" She takes my hand and stands, nodding a few times. I can feel her pulse beating through her hand. Her heart is racing. I know without a doubt she is frightened. This is good, I want her slightly afraid. I also know that if I were to run my hand up her bare thigh to her waiting pussy, it would already be throbbing and soaked. And we would never get out of the bedroom. Groaning low and deep, then laughing out loud, I pull her towards the bedroom door.

"What is so funny?" Madison tugs hard enough on my hand until I stop, laughter still dancing in my eyes as I tilt my head so I can see her. "I was just thinking, Hon, we better get the hell out of here or I am going to take you now and forget about going anywhere." She throws her head back and laughs, deep from inside. Man, how I love seeing her laugh. "No problem," she replies "we can stay here." She looks almost relieved. "Oh, no you don't," my tone going from laughter to serious in 0.0 seconds. "It has been too long since we have gone out and enjoyed a night. Tonight we are going out." I release a soft groan as she presses her body against mine. "Are you sure baby? I will make it worth your while," she says as long fingernails trail down my arms and she wiggles between my parted legs. I feel my heart pound against my chest. "Yes," I reply, even though my voice betrays my desire. I take a deep breath, clasp her fingers again and turn, dragging her behind me, moving as fast as I can away from our bed.

We sit in comfortable silence as I drive to her favorite restaurant. My thumb lightly moves back and forth against the back of her hand as I sing badly off-key to a country song. A smile creeps across my lips as I silently laugh. I know she hates country music. I still wonder how anyone can live in Texas all their life and hate country. It is beyond me. I was born on the West Coast, lived there until I married and moved to Texas, and I like country. So, every now and then I make her humor me by listening. This was one of those times. I mentally go over the plans for the night in my head, silently wondering whether I will wait until after dinner to make her drop. I decide that the longer she is needy, the longer she is dropped into sub space, the more enjoyable for the both of us it will be. I am concerned though. I know we have talked about the difference between a rape scene and what we have done thus far. Always it has been from a position of love. Not that tonight would be any different on this point, I would make sure of that. I just knew that the words, the actions were going to be harsher then she had experience to date. I am concerned how it will make her feel when it is all said and done. I wonder where her mental space will be.

She does not doubt us, or my love, but there is a fine line when scening someone. A line that runs between pleasure in pain and just pain. I know some tops, on the sadistic end, do not care about the pain of their submissive. I am not one of those. For me, for us, BDSM has always been about enhancing, adding to us and our relationship. While not being into humiliation from either the top or bottom end, I know tonight would be different in this regard as well. I am less concerned about the physical pain, I know I can take her flying. Flying, soaring so high that the pain will be pleasure. I am not so sure about the mental aspect. I know I am going to have to watch her carefully.

I squeeze her hand lightly as I stop the car. Turning slightly I hold her gaze, "Madison, listen to what I am going to say. Think about it, then answer." I watch as she nods. Then I continue, "This is the last time you have to back out. I am not saying you don't have a safe word, you do. I am not saying you can't walk away from the scene, if it truly becomes terrifying. What I am saying is once it has begun, nothing but your best will do. I will take what I want, how I want, when I want for as long as I want with whom ever I want there." This last bit is a surprise to her, something I had not mentioned until this minute. Up until this point, it has always been between the two of us, neither of us being into poly or play parties. I watch her reaction carefully. I can tell by the slight tremble of her hand that she is afraid, yet excited at the same time. Her palms, usually so soft, are wet with perspiration, hers, for once, not mine. She replies, "I love you. No matter what you decide I will still love you. You are all I need or want, everything else is extra." I hold her gaze as I continue, "This is the last chance you have to stop what will happen to you tonight."

The air rushes out of her lungs as we sit there in silence. I do not say another word. It is out of my hands, the final choice must be hers. I wait as the music plays softly in the background, mentally going over all that I will do to her. My own body throbs, and I know I will cum by fucking her. It still amazes me, having had no experience wearing a strap-on before her, that I can cum simply by the pleasure that I give her as we make love. I mentally shake my head, bringing me back to the present. Her eyes are staring off into space as she considers what I say.

I can barely hear her as she speaks, "I trust you, Eli." That is all the answer I need.

Chapter 2

I can't get enough of her. I sit here with a silly grin as I stare into her piercing blue eyes, "You're gorgeous." I watches as she blushes, shaking her head, "No, but I am glad you think so." I reach for her hand, squeezing it lightly. My voice lowers into the lovers tone, "You are gorgeous and one day you will believe me." My eyes never leave hers as I smile softly. My thumb rubs against the back of her hand, it always does when I hold it. I love just the feel of her soft flesh beneath my touch. I reach for the water placed in front of me. Taking a long sip, I reluctantly release her hand and open my menu.

After ordering, my hand moves to her neck, gently massaging. I watch as she closes her eyes. I run my fingers through her hair, grabbing lightly at the nape. She leans her head back while releasing a soft moan. I smile knowing she is going to drop with little effort on my part. Slowly, I allow my fingers to comb through her hair. Moving back to the nape of her neck, I pull gently. My eyes travel down her body to her rounded breasts. Her nipples are erect, begging to be touched. I run my tongue over my lips, anticipating the moment I take them between my parted lips. I remove my hand as our salad arrives. The waiter places the plate between us as I snap my napkin open and place it on my lap. I smile my thanks as we start to share the meal. We always share, not because we're too cheap, but because we overstuff to eat all that is prepared. The salad is crisp, the Caesar dressing one of the best I have ever tasted. My free hand moves to her knee, slowly creeping up under her dress. I continue to eat as if nothing is happening under the table, barely concealed by the tablecloth. I notice her breathing changes. I begin to talk about the days' events, while my hand continues to roam higher up her thigh. Her legs part willingly and my pussy throbs. I take another bite of salad, my fingers finding their goal. Her fork stops in mid-air as my finger brushes against her clit. I feel it harden at my first touch. I continue on as the waiter comes to clear our half eaten salad placing the main course between us.

She is not interested in the meal now. I can tell by looking. Her mind, her focus is on not moaning, in keeping as quiet as she can while my fingers slide slowly into her waiting and ready hole. I begin to move my finger in and out slowly. Reaching for a fork, I don't miss a beat. "That's my girl," my voice soft as watch her. I feel her pussy grasp my fingers as they move faster. The sounds of my finger moving in and out of her wanton cunt echoes softly to my ears. She inhales harshly, I can tell she is wanting to cum. I remove my finger from her and bring them to my lips. She whimpers, slowly opening her eyes. My eyes do not leave hers as I suck the nectar off my fingers. Smiling, I cut a piece of enchilada and bring it to my parted lips.

Chapter 3

We hop on Hwy 59 towards downtown, my hand resting on her knee. My mind is racing. I know she is ready, her body on fire. In a few more hours, nothing will be more important to her than her release. It is at that point my plan, our plan, will begin. I turn into the parking lot of the bar. My whole body tenses in anticipation of tonight. I cut the engine and open my door. She reaches for hers, I turn my body slightly, saying sternly, "Don't." Her hand jerks away from the handle. "I am sorry," her voice small. I do not acknowledge her. I climb out and move to the passenger side of the car, opening her door. Her long legs peek out of the car first. Slowly she gracefully rises. I can tell she is uncertain. My free hand reaches for her pussy and I squeeze hard. She moans deep from within. "Mine!" my eyes not leaving hers as she nods agreement. "Yours." My only acknowledgment of tonight's coming events.

I release her pussy and reach for her hand. Locking the door, I slam it shut. My thumb once again moves over her soft skin. Paying the $8.00 cover charge, we walk into the bar farthest away from the street. I laugh softly as I gaze around. "What's so funny?" she asks as she looks at me questioningly. I smile, stopping to face her. "I was just wondering if it was drag queen night again." She laughs with me. We go out dancing alone about every two months or so. It never fails that the night we pick or what bar we choose, it is drag queen night. They are always raising money for something within our community. Not that we are offended, we just want to spend what limited time we have out enjoying our surroundings, in comfortable acceptance. Not that it really matters who is there, we never can seem to stay more than an hour before she is begging me to take her home and fuck her, and I am always more than willing to oblige.

Holding hands we walk towards the bar, she makes heads turn. I know she is not aware of it. I take a deep satisfying breath, smile at the bartender, and order two waters. Taking the drinks I hand a one to Madison. I lean back against the bar, placing one foot on the base of a stool. Nothing much is going on, and since this part plays country, I know this is not her favorite place. I take her hand and lead her to the door, out into the darkened night to another door. The blast of music assaults my ears. She walks in front of me. Pausing briefly to admire the view and hold the door for another couple before following close behind her. I place my free hand against the small of her back as we walk down the narrow hallway.

Once again as we enter, heads turn, especially the older butches. I have wondered what I would do if anyone made a true pass at her. A few have made a feeble attempt at getting her attention, but I have wondered when the time comes what I will do. I am not a fighter, and never have been. In my own way I am as submissive as she. I want so very much to please her. Not only sexually, but in day to day life as well. I know where she comes from mentally, where her marriage lead her, and nothing is more important than letting her know just how truly loved and desirable she is. Oh, but nights like tonight, my body, my mind, my whole being craves. I know I am in control, she has released that to me. I know where I am going to take her and in this I have no doubt. That is why I consider myself a Top, not a Domme. I am very good at taking her where she wants to go, where I want her to go, but the day to day living, of totally being in control, I could not do, not even if it meant pleasing her. It is not within who I am. Thankfully she does not want that either, or would she ever want it 24/7.

We move to the side of the bar as we enter and I lean back against the little shelf after having placed my drink there. Spreading my legs I tug her gently between them. She reaches behind me placing her drink next to mine. My arms wrap around her back as I look up slightly to gaze into her eyes. I just stare, not quite sure what she sees in me, but so thankful for the love that we share. I have looked my entire adult life for "the one" and here she is, nestled within the warmth of my body. My hands move slowly up and down her back as she presses deeper against me. My hands move under her hair, to the nap of her neck, combing slowly through the long tresses. Moving back to the nap of her neck I gently tug, leaning forward my hot breath is felt against her flesh. My voice is low and husky, "You like this, girl. Don't you?" She squirms against me and nods. I smile as I pull a bit harder. "MMM, close your eyes. Feel my body as it rocks slowly to the rhythm of the music with yours. Feel my hips press against yours. Feel my cock as it presses against your moist pussy. Know that all you want, all you desire at this very moment is for me to fill you. You not caring how I fill you, just that I do." Her body begins to tremble, I feel her knees begin to weaken, I know without a doubt that if I said get on your knees she would. Right here, right now, not caring who was around. If I unzipped my pants, letting the dick I picked out especially for the occasion spill out, she would suck it greedily because it pleases me.

I open my eyes, smiling as I notice several people watching us. My voice goes lower as I stare across the room, directly at Reinna. "Such a good girl. You like being my cum slut don't you." It was a statement, not a question but she answers anyway. "Yes, only for you."

My lips press against her neck, I slowly let my lips trail against her flesh as they open. Biting down not so gently I hear her take a sharp breath as she grunts delicately in pain. I press down a bit harder then release her. Smiling I lean back, "Come dance with me?" She smiles and nods, "Of course, do you need to ask?" I smile, knowing the answer. Turning, we make our way to the very empty dance floor. Mentally I groan, knowing I dance like a straight white girl. Outwardly I show no sign of the discomfort I am feeling within. I turn facing her. Thank goodness the song changes to a slow song. I wrap my arms around her and begin to sway to the music. Man, how I love to have her in my arms. Seems I never get enough of just being with her. For the first time I wonder if I can actually go through with all of the plans for the night. Some are going to make her very uncomfortable.

After making our way from the dance floor, we go back to our drinks. I once again spread my legs and tug her willing body against mine. I move my hips against hers, I heard her moan. She leans and whispers in my ear, "Take me Eli, please." I smiled and whisper back. "Baby, I promise I am going to take what is mine." I felt her tremble as she lays her head against my shoulder. We stand there for several minutes just holding one another.

Taking her hand, I lead her to the restroom. Waiting our turn, I tug her with me into a stall. I pressed her body against the wall, my lips meet hers hungrily. As my hands move up the hem of her dress, it collects in a heap around her waist. One hand moves between her parted thighs as she moans deep into my mouth. Three fingers plunge within the depths of her pussy, moving in and out quickly. She rocks against my fingers, the sound of me fucking her echoing in the small room. I pull my fingers out and break the kiss with a loud pop. I stare into the depths of her eyes. Someone bangs on the door, and yells "Come on I have to go pee. Take it somewhere else." I look at her and we laugh, opening up the door and exiting the stall. We smile at the women in the restroom as we leave. Reina is there, appearing to be waiting in line. I nod once to her as we leave the room.

I lead her out of the bar, laughing that we barely made an hour before it was time to leave. We make it about a block from the car before I stop. Snapping my fingers, I say, "Damn, baby, I forgot my cigarettes." I take out the car keys and give them to her. "Go ahead, I will be right back." I watch as she continues to the car, turning I see the black van come speeding around the corner. Squealing to a stop, the side door opens, and a figure dressed in black, with large, strong arms races out of the side of the van. The person places a hand over Madison's mouth, and grabs her by the waist. I scream, "Hey, Hey Stop! Someone help!" I run towards the van, arriving there just as the door shuts. The van speeds off. My heart is pounding. It has begun.

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