tagNonHumanPrimal Lust Ch. 01

Primal Lust Ch. 01


Authors Note: Here's a new story that I've been working on. Enjoy~


"Where in the hell am I?" Sienna Rhodes swore to herself as she drove down the abandoned, snow covered rode. Looking around, she didn't see anything that looked familiar to her. After having a seething argument with her parents about her college preferences, she decided to go out and take a long drive, only to get lost in the process.

Sienna shook her head, and pressed on the gas harder and accelerated down the rode. She clutched the wheel securely in her fists and squint her hazel eyes to see better out the window, as the snow began to come down harder on her car. She hastily turns on the windshield wipers on high. She ran a hand through her shoulder length, curly brown hair shivering as a chill ran down her back. Sighing, she looks down and adjusts the heat, along with turning on the radio, and soon soft jazzy music filled the air.

Glancing back up to the rode, she gasps as a huge wolf like dog appeared in the middle of the rode, its eyes staring straight into hers. She quickly turns the wheel sharp to the right, making her car slide against the frozen ground. She lets out a piercing scream as she loses control over the car and slides off the rode and into a tree. Her scream is quickly cut off as she hits her head against the wheel, causing her body to go limp only for a few seconds. She moans in pain as she re-opens her eyes and feels blood trickling down her head.

"Someone, please help me!" She cries out loudly, only to get an echo of her own voice in response.


The smell of blood fills Jeffrey Wray's nose as he stares down at the girl calling out for help inside of the car that almost hit him. His wolf let out a growl as the smell of her blood mixes in with her female sent. He winces as his bones contract into those of a human male, and his features that were once in the form of an wolf's, soon transformed into one of a man.

Jeff stood up from his crouching position at a easy six foot five inches. His dark black hair flows around his shoulders as he stands. His thick muscles ripple with every move. Hearing the female scream from the car causes his cock to twitch and harden as he stands there in his nakedness.

After stretching out his new human muscles, Jeff begins to walk to the now quiet female who was whimpering softly, laying her head against the wheel. He gripped the door handle tightly in his fist and pulled harshly making the whole door tear off the car.

Sienna's eyes grow wide as she watches the naked man rip the door from the car. She shakes her head and weakly tries to fight him off as he removes her seatbelt.

"Please don't hurt me." She whimpers softly as Jeff grips her and pulls her out of the car and into his arms, chuckling.

"Looks like you've done a pretty good job at doing that yourself." He says as he begins to walk away from the car. He lets out a growl deep within his chest as Sienna wiggles in his arms, brushing against his cock.

She stops abruptly as she feels his hardness pressing against her ass. Her wide eyes look up into Reed's lustful ones. His claws grow slightly, digging into her soft brown skin as he fights to control his primal urges.

"If I were you, I'd be still." Was all he said as he gripped her tighter and walked on. Sienna made no more movements fearing what it might cause him to do. And judging by the stiffness pressed up against her ass, she had an idea of what that might be.

Jeff kept his eyes on the white covered rode ahead of them as he made his way further from the rode and deeper into the dark forest as Sienna sat stiff in his arms. She glanced up at the powerful man admiring his hard and manly features. She bit her lip as she timidly opened her mouth in an attempt to talk.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked, pressing herself back into his naked chest sneaking warmth. Jeff glanced down at the girl and shook his head. He held her closer to his body, letting her have the heat from it.

"Home," He replied harshly.

"What about my car?" She mumbles tiredly as she lays her head on his chest. The blood loss from her wounds were causing her body to become weak.

"Don't worry about that, you wont need it." He says slowly as he watches her drift off to sleep in his arms. He held onto her small body in his arms already figuring out what he wanted to do to her once he fixed her wounds. Images of her stripped and bound to his bed flashed through his mind, making another growl of excitement grow from his chest.

"Yes, you definitely will not need it." He states, silently claiming her as his in his head. He continues walking with pictures of Sienna sucking his cock, riding it, and him plunging it deep into her tight pussy in various positions. His wolf agreed with him. "Yes, she is ours now to use and fuck." His wolf said hungrily in his mind.

A slow grin formed on Jeff mouth as they finally reached his two story cabin. His cock was throbbing powerfully once he finally stepped foot into his cozy home. He glanced around the living room as he made his way into his home. He caught what he was looking for and grabbed the first aid kit with one hand, while still holding onto Sienna.

He then walked towards the stair case that lead up to the second floor. There, was three rooms. He passed the first two, which belong to Jeff's two brothers, Kane and Alex.

Jeff chuckled as he reached his door. "Well, they will certainly like this treat." He thinks to himself as he opens the door to his room and makes his way in.

It wouldn't be a first that he and his brothers shared a woman. Those that knew them knew that they were very open with their women. And in their pack, it was not uncommon to see one woman mated to more than one man. Being the Alpha of the pack, Jeff along with the other Alphas in the States, as well as the elders in the council, enforced these new laws over a hundred years ago.

Glancing down at the woman in his arms, he already knew that she would be his and his brothers. Willing or not, he would have her. Then, he will share her with his brothers. With that thought burning in his mind, Jeff walked over to the red velvet king size bed and placed the young woman down on it. He took her wrist in his hand and hooked it to one of the hand cuffs at the head of the bed. Then, doing the same with her other wrist.

Smirking down at the woman, he felt his cock harden even more, almost painfully. "Not now, but soon." He tells his wolf that was on the verge of taking the woman where she lays.

Taking a deep breath calming his primal hormones, Jeff reaches over and opens the first aid kit. Opening it, he takes out a roll of gauze and begins to wrap her injuries. He then brings out sanitary wipes and wipes off the crusted blood around her forehead.

After about ten minutes of fixing her wounds, he stands up and walks over to his bathroom and sets the kit on the sink. He then walks over to the full length walk in closet, taking out a black long sleeved sweater, and a pair of dark jeans. After dressing, Jeff makes his way out of the closet and over to where Sienna lay sleeping.

Jeff gazes down at Sienna and quirk an eyebrow as he takes in her curvy form. His eyes roaming over her body, starting from her lushes hips. His cock stiffens painfully in his jeans, at the way Sienna's tight jeans hug her hips and thighs.

His eyes then move up, taking in the swell of her nicely shaped 36DD. He licks his lips, as he moves a hand up and squeezes it gently through her grey sweater. Closing his eyes, he removes his hand, let out a gruff sigh.

"Damn woman." He growls out as he walks away from her and over to the door that leads out of the room. Opening it, he takes one more glance at her, then closing the door behind him as he walks out.

Shaking his head, Jeff begins his way down into the kitchen, with intentions of making something to eat for himself and the woman for when she woke. "Food wont be the only thing I'll be eating at this rate." He thinks as his cock twitches at the idea forming in his head for tonight. Luckily, his brothers will be back in two days, which gives him just enough time to get his fill in before having to share her.

"Perfect," He says to himself as he begins preparing their meal in excitement as he thinks of his plans for his little captive for over the next few days.

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Good but

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