tagNonHumanPrimal Urges Ch. 07

Primal Urges Ch. 07


Candace screamed in fear, struggling wildly against the large muscular frame that she was held tight against. But, try as she might, it was like fighting to be free from steel bands. A cold cruel laugh sounded over her head and she was thrown against the wall of the bathroom, one hand tearing her robe open. "Tomas," she screamed desperately, trying to crawl away, back into the safety of the bathroom. Claws raked over her skin and she froze for a moment, staring up at the dark shadow looming over her. "No..." she breathed, feeling her body respond to the memory of being taken by the werewolf that was her Tomas. But, this wasn't him, this rough stinking thing that was holding her beneath him. The voice was too cruel and cold, the fur to rough and greasy to be him. And even when Tomas's were had controlled his actions, there had still been an underlying gentleness to him. This creature was rough, his grip painful, his stinking breath bathing her face. There wasn't any gentleness in this man or his werewolf.

"That little simpering fool can't save you bitch, so shut up," the voice rasped, just as rough paws covered the softness of her breasts. He squeezed painfully, his claw tips piercing the tender skin above them. She whimpered in pain and protest and tried to twist away. The werewolf over her just laughed again and used his knee to force her knees apart. Candace shook her head in fear and denial, feeling his cock forcing its way into her fantasy induced soaked folds. He growled and started thrusting, with no care for her pleasure or how much he was hurting her. And hurting her he was. She could feel her tender passage about to tear with the brutal treatment it was getting and she fought harder, screaming for Tomas as she was raped. "I said shut up!" the creature growled, wrapping one paw around her long slim throat, stifling her screams for help.

Candace clawed at his hairy arm, fighting for breath now, for her life. Little dancing lights started to obscure her vision and she fought down panic. But, try as she might, she couldn't pry his grip even the littlest bit. Before long, she felt her actions slowing and finally stilling, her eyes seeing nothing but a growing haze that was turning quickly to darkness, her thoughts becoming slow and muddled. Her hands slowly slipped from his arm, down to the ground as she felt herself losing consciousness. But, before her world could disappear entirely, she heard a familiar growl nearby.

Hope sparked in her, to be flamed as the heavy weight and claw around her throat were suddenly gone. Candace lay there for a long while, just breathing in sweet life giving air through her bruised and burning throat. Dimly, she heard growls, grunts, and the sounds of large bodies slamming into each other not that far away. When her vision finally cleared, she pushed herself into a sitting position and cowered against the wall of the bathroom. By now, her night vision had kicked in and she could make out in the bright light of the now risen moon the two werewolves fighting in the clearing in between the two buildings. She pressed a fist to her mouth, horrified, but unable to tear her eyes away. The logical part of her screamed; screamed at her to run and to get into one of the buildings where she would at least have the semblance of safety. But, the more emotional part that seemed to be running her life lately kept her still, wanting to see what would happen to Tomas.

A part of her realized within moments that they were fighting to the death. And the prize would be her. Whoever won would get her, whether she wanted it or not. Muffling a soft cry of denial and fear, she hoped desperately it would be the small black form that was Tomas as opposed to the matted, larger, gray that was the strange werewolf. But, it didn't seem as if that was going to happen. The stranger currently had Tomas pinned beneath him, his teeth buried in his shoulder. "Please, oh please Tomas, win for me," she murmured, over and over again. Then, the other werewolf readjusted his grip, burying his long sharp teeth into Tomas's vulnerable neck. Tomas howled his pain to the heavens before slumping in the other's grip, going completely still. Candace screamed in denial and scrambled to her feet. "No! Tomas, please don't be dead," she screamed, running towards his fallen form, not caring about the other one.

But, before she could reach him, she was barred by a large gray body. "Not so fast," she heard that guttural voice growl. "You're mine now." She was scooped up and tossed over a large hairy shoulder, Tomas's blood and his streaking her exposed skin. The force of his shoulder digging into her abdomen knocked all of the air out of her, making her go limp as she struggled once more to just breathe. Tears filled her eyes as she stared at the limp form that was Tomas on the ground. A soft mantra of "No, no, no," fell from her lips as her new captor started out of the clearing.

The gray werewolf hadn't gone more then a hundred feet away from the clearing before tossing her to the ground. He grinned down at her, yellowed teeth glinting in the moonlight. She recoiled away from him, whimpering in fear. But, this only seemed to arouse him further; his cock, which was already half hard, growing to its full length. She shook her head, drawing her knees to her chest and trying her best to disappear. Horrified, she watched him stalk closer, knowing he was enjoying terrifying her, but unable to hide the reaction.

Pausing a foot away from her, Jacob inhaled the scent of her fear and body. He watched her cower against a tree trunk, the white robe shining in the moonlight as it fell down, revealing more of her body then she knew. Her eyes were large with fear, shining with tears, her lovely face pale and drawn. He reveled in the sight of her fear, the heady smell and sounds of it and let his beast take over. With a roar of triumph, he fell on his prey, his prize. His claws shredded the robe so she was naked beneath him, not caring that he was also leaving long bloody furrows in her soft skin. If anything, the metallic smell of her blood only aroused him further and he once more pushed her thighs apart to make way for his cock. He pushed into her dry unwelcoming passage roughly, holding her legs wide open for his large misshapen form. He heard her cry out in pain and he just grinned wider. He would use this little slut until she was begging him to die, and then he would use her some more.

Candace pushed at the lycan's chest fruitlessly. She felt her pussy tearing with his rough fucking. But the pain was nothing compared to what she felt at the idea of losing Tomas. Or to the idea of what was ahead of her in this...creature's custody. Closing her eyes, she let her hands drop, silent sobs racking her small frame. Blocking out what was being done to her body, she started remembering the past month. She remembered the way that Tomas had treated her, even in his werewolf form. Taking the time to make sure that she came before taking his pleasure; never pushing her more then she had wanted to be pushed. And he never hurt her any more then she could bear. She cried harder, ragged sobs audible now.

Jacob focused on the pale face of his new prey. The heartbroken and lost expression pushed him towards his orgasm, making his knot swell as he thrilled at the sight. He would enjoy breaking this one's spirit. And she was incredibly more attractive then the last few girls he had broken. And so tight around his cock, he added as an afterthought as he shoved forward, forcing his knot into her torn bleeding flesh. She screamed in pain, her head shaking from side to side. He just laughed and gave in to the pleasure, listening to the sounds of her pain and relishing them. He grunted as the first spurt erupted to bathe her womb, knowing how repulsed she was at the idea of him cumming in her. Before long, he had cum so hard and long that she had passed out from the painful full feeling of his cum locked inside her.

Collapsing on top of her, not bothering to hold off any of his massive weight, he caught his breath. As soon as he had, he braced himself and pulled from her body, wincing at the pain of his knot popping free. She screamed again, torn from the half aware state she had awakened to. The sound and sight of her pain was worth the minor inconvenience that it had caused him. Tangling a paw in her hair, he tugged her to a semblance of a standing position, ignoring her soft protest. "Stand up and walk, or I'll drag you," he growled, his muzzle right in her face.

"Let me go," she whimpered, trying to muster up her courage. But the cold look in his muddy brown eyes sapped what little she could. His response to her attempt at defying him was to turn and start walking, dragging her behind him by her long hair. She cried out, her hands flying to try and free her hair as she stumbled after him as best she could. Giving up on untangling his paw, she finally was able to place her feet under her and run after him, casting one last look back at Tomas's cabin.


Tomas groaned softly, lifting his head and looking around him. It was still night, and he was still in his wolf form, but he didn't know how long he'd been out. And with a sinking feeling, he realized that Candace wasn't anywhere to be seen. And when he took a deep breath, trying to scent her, he realized he wouldn't find her anywhere in the surrounding area. She had been taken hours ago by his defeater. And he was in no shape to even try to go after her. He would just end up dead for sure this time, and most likely have Candace join him in that undesired state. Dragging his torn, bloody and weak body towards the cabin, he howled his pain and loss to the cruel uncaring moon above, hating what he knew his beloved was going through at the hands of the other lycan. Once inside, his howls turned to little whimpers of pain and loss and the lack of blood in his system caused him to speed quickly towards unconsciousness.

Soft hands bathing his wounds the next morning is what woke Tomas. Frowning a bit, he tries to open his eyes, wondering if somehow Candace had escaped the other were and returned to him. But, the touch was wrong, the scent of the person not right. And the voice murmuring soothingly to him was too high pitched and uncultured to be his Candace. Disappointment welled up in his chest and he opened his eyes the tiniest bit, not having much strength for anything else. The blurred sight that met him was of a tall blonde female, but he couldn't discern much else until his vision cleared. "Who are you," he rasped, his voice damaged from the fight.

"My name is Susan. I was looking for my roommate, Candace, and I thought I'd find her here. But I only find you, bleeding all over that fancy carpet in the front room. It took an hour to drag you into here. I can't lift you onto the bed, but I guessed this was better then being out there," the voice prattled, still cleaning his wound carefully. Already it looked like it was healing, the curse helping him in that one small thing. "What in the dickens happened to you? And was Candace here? Did that guy have you both? Did you guys try to escape and he hurt you and take her? Oh, if he did, I'm gonna kick his ass! See that he never messes with me and my friends again. Candace is so naïve and innocent, she doesn't know how to deal with the world, nope, nuh uh."

Tomas winced and shook his head, instantly regretting the motion as his head pounded in response. "Shush please...I can't think with your incessant talking," he growled at her, wondering how his quiet well-mannered Candace ever put up with this girl on a regular basis. "How the hell did you find us?" he asked, and then held up a hand to still her answer "Never mind, I can guess. You followed the paper trail of her things, didn't you?" At her nod, he groaned, pushing his hand through the dirty tangled mess of his hair. "Candace was taken last night. But I'll get her back, as soon as I get better. You need to head back to the city as fast as you can, you hear me?" he ordered, his other hand lifting to test the wound on his neck. It would be healed enough by nightfall that he would be able to start tracking his beloved.

Susan propped her hands on her plush hips and laughed, a short mirthless sound. "Yeah right! Candace is stuck out here with you and some man who kidnapped her from you and you expect me to go home as though nothing happened? In your dreams dude; Candace is my friend! And I am always there for my friends. And if it's so dangerous, why don't you just call the cops?" she retorted, hopping a bit in place for emphasis. Tomas found his gaze pulled to her large breasts as they bounced enticingly under the skimpy top she wore. Cursing under his breath, he pushed himself carefully up into a sitting position and stared at the buxom beauty, seeing her for the first time as more then a blur of colors. Candace had not been kidding when she had described the girl as your stereotypical blonde. Her breasts were easily the largest he'd seen, but fit her frame, with its narrow waist and large hips. Her face was cute enough to appeal to all, but something about it just screamed sex. Maybe it was the way her golden ringlets framed it and the pouty lips. Either way, she was made for sex and knew it. Even as angry as she was now, she looked sultry and seductive and his body couldn't help but respond. Growling in frustration, he turned away from that blue gaze and pulled himself to his feet, hissing in pain as he did. "You shouldn't be moving with a wound like that!" the girl said, trying to push him back down.

Tomas shook her off easily and went to his kitchen, pulling two large steaks out of the fridge and throwing them on the counter. Within minutes, he had them prepared, just seared enough to take the bloody color off the top and he started to scarf them down, not using a knife and fork, just chewing them like a dog. Blood run down his chin and he felt her gaping at him in disgust, but he didn't care. The bloody meat would help him heal faster. And it helped sate the beast inside him, giving it something to focus on other then the sexpot behind him. When he was done, he took a towel and wiped himself clean before stumbling out the door to the bathroom. He needed to wash the blood off him, before his still human part rebelled the steak he had just eaten and he had to repeat the process. To his disgust, and secret relief, Susan trailed after him, still miraculously silent. "You should go home girl, before dark," he called back over his shoulder. But, the gruff tone was belied as he stumbled, his weakness getting the better of him.

Susan was there almost instantly, slipping under his arm and helping to support him. "Not while you need me and Candace is out there alone," she murmured softly. He grunted thanks, his mind turning to his little brunette as Susan helped him into the shower, shedding her own clothes and his and then helping to scrub him down. He finally just sank down onto one of the built in benches and closed his eyes, grief and shame threatening to overwhelm him. How could he let this happen? How had he not noticed the signs of another in his territory? Was he so caught up in the budding relationship between him and Candace that he couldn't even do the simplest things? And now, poor innocent Candace was paying for it, being raped over and over again because of his neglect. He wasn't aware a sob had left him until the small hands working over his body stilled.

Susan looked at the man, confusion knotting up her insides. This man was obviously hurting. He'd been at death's door when she had walked in three hours before. But he still insisted on going after Candy by himself. And if the look on his face was any sign, he obviously loved Candy. Love, despair, guilt, they and more were all there for her to see. But, if he hadn't taken her roommate in the first place, she wouldn't be in the danger she was in now. Susan didn't know the full story, but the look of determination and anger on this man's face told her plenty.

She also couldn't blame Candy for not wanting to come home. The man, even as hurt and exhausted as he was, was the most handsome man she'd ever seen. Definitely far better then the men she knew Candy usually brought home, not that there were many of those. Hell, she was wet just looking at him, and being naked next to him in the close confines of the shower was playing havoc with her body. But, until she knew where he and Candy stood, she would try and restrain her body's desires. Despite how enticing that thickening cock looked; or how much she would love to feel it plowing her tight pussy as the water streamed over them. Whimpering softly, she turned and left the shower, and him, before she did something she regretted. It had been far too long since her last boyfriend, that was all. But even as she thought that, she knew that wasn't all it was. The man was damn sexy, and until she had him between her thighs, her pussy was going to leak constantly.

She toweled off and resisted going back, even as her body burned and ached. "Can you get back inside on your own?" she asked, hoping he would say yes. And to her relief, he did, and she ran, back towards the cabin as though the dogs of hell were on her heels. She respected Candy too much to take her man. And she was afraid that was what would end up happening, as it had so many times in the past with other girlfriends. Pushing the thought from her mind, she went to work cleaning up the dirty bloody towels from the bedroom, trying to concentrate on the mundane task of cleaning. And it almost worked, until he walked back in. Instantly, her attention went from scrubbing the rug to his tall wide form. Licking her lower lip, she let her mind wander as he moved around the cabin and into the bedroom. Even after the door closed behind him, she still thought about him. Finally, she couldn't take anymore. Opening her legs wide, she settled back on the damp floor, her hair a golden semi circle around her head. Sucking one finger into her mouth, she tugged her short skirt up, and then pushed her tiny g-string down to her knees. Once that was done, her hand slid between her thighs and into her soaked hungry folds. She closed her eyes, picturing it was the handsome man's hand there instead as she expertly manipulated herself. She pinched her hard long clit, causing a happy moan to pour out from between her parted lips. Slipping two fingers deep inside, she imagined it was him, taking her, fucking her, making her scream in pleasure. And scream she did, unknowingly filling the cabin with her sounds of arousal. All thoughts of Candy and danger were pushed from her head as she concentrated instead on her orgasm and the fantasy of being taken by the silent angry man.

Tomas's head jerked up at the first scream. At first, he thought the other one was back. But all too quickly, the sound and words Susan was screaming sunk in and he groaned, covering his ears. She was fucking masturbating, in his house, and obviously thinking about him. His cock started to respond to the sound of pleasure and he cursed it as he tried to think of something, anything that would take his mind off the blasted girl in his living room. But, despite how he paced, and muffled his ears with his hands, he couldn't, his mind kept picturing her playing with herself in his home, replacing her with the sight of Candace playing in front of him, her grey eyes locked on his as she worked herself to climax at his urgings. Finally, he couldn't hold back and he nearly tore the door off as he opened it. The wolf was firmly in control now as he caught the girl, spread eagle on the floor, her head bent back, fingers buried deep into her nearly smooth pussy as her other hand tweaked her nipples. Tugging his pants open, he exposed the swollen length of his cock and fell atop her. Taking both of her wrists in his hands, he shoved them on either side of his head as he growled down at her. "You fucking little tease; playing with yourself in my house that I share with your supposed friend. You want to be fucked, fine, I'll fuck you. Any damn way I want, any where I want. And if I hear one bit of protest from that pretty little mouth, I'll just tie you up and keep using you," he spat as he positioned himself at her entrance.

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