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Prime Time


My name is John Schwinder and I'm a 68 year old retired man. My 2nd wife died last year from a length period of lung cancer. I'm active in the community serving on a couple of boards for local non-profits and doing some part time instruction at a local Sr Center.

I'm also a long term type II diabetic, so sex has been missing from my life for some time. Oh, I try masturbation but it is difficult to get an erection and even enhancing drugs do very little. I remember the good old days with wives and in between women friends but for the most part sex is past. Mentally I'm always notice good looking women when I see them and do a little imagination of what they might be like.

I live in an apartment with an aging cat and spend most of my free time on a computer reading erotic stories or sending emails between family and friends. About a month ago I went to a local park, walked around for a while and found a bench shaded by and old oak. Sitting there I watched others walking by and a gray squirrel bouncing around the lawn.

Lost in thought I was startled to hear a female voice saying, "Is this seat taken."

Collecting myself quickly I looked into the brown eyes of an attractive brunette. "No!" I said, a little more loudly than I would have under normal circumstances.

I eyed the lady in a multi print blue dress sitting down on the bench 3 feet to my right. She was middle aged, pleasantly plump and very neat in appearance. I didn't want to make her uncomfortable, but seeing what I liked, I also wanted to get as much information as possible too.

I offered an observation about current weather conditions and how nice the day was.

She concurred and added that we had been blessed with such nice days. Casually she added that she had seen me in the park on several occasions and wondered if I lived close by.

"Yes, I'm a little over a block away from my apartment," I said, adding "you must live or work close by if you were able to see me in the park."

"I believe we are probably in the same apartment complex," she said, pointing in an easterly direction.

I nodded in agreement and was searching for something to keep the conversation moving.

"One of your neighbors frequents the pool, as I also do, and she has mentioned she thinks you are a frequent gym user. She's said she has seen you going out regularly and returning looking a little sweaty."

I laughed, and said "That's almost too much information, but I've been going several times a week for a while. It feels good keeping these old muscles working and perhaps it will add to the quality of life down the road."

While we had been talking my eyes had been taking in more information on this mysterious lady seated on the other side of our bench. Her hair was short in what I would describe as a pixie type of style setting off the brown eyes and lovely face. Her body was firmly plump, nice breasts and full round bottom pushed against the benches back rest. Her firm legs were round leading to small feet with red painted toe nails in white sandals.

As we talked we introduced ourselves and Adell Martin was her name.

I looked at my watch and saw that more than an hour had elapsed and I needed to run so that I could make a scheduled appointment. I said a quick good-bye and excused myself hurrying to get away.

Several days passed and I found myself seated at the same bench, having totally forgotten the meeting, when once again I heard the voice requesting a seat. I smiled looking up into Adell's pretty face, saying, "Hi Adell!"

Adell, laughed and I felt that I noticed a slight blush appear, as she took her place.

"What's been happening?, I asked.

Same as the last time we talked easily covering the general topics of people learning more about each other. The more we talked Adell's body language began to suggest that this was more than just casual conversation.

During a conversation lag, Adell's eyes lingered on mine and a shy smile appeared as she said, "John, I might as well be honest." Pausing while her eyes searched for an indication from me, "These meetings haven't been by chance, I've been wanting to meet you."

Surprised and flattered, I began to rock backward, checked myself and rocked back, perhaps just a little forward of where I was earlier.

"I've always been attracted to older men, and I find you very handsome," she said.

Amazed I stared in disbelief that this lovely young woman would be telling me what I heard. Words failed and mouth agape I stared.

She moved forward up the bench, reached out and grabbed my right hand while placing her right hand on my knee; she looked closely into my eyes, saying "When I heard you were available I knew I wanted to meet you."

"Adell, I found my voice saying, you are so young and I'm so old. Why, would someone as young and beautiful as you be interested in a 68 year old man?"

"You don't move like a 68 year old man and you are very active in your life style, and as I said earlier I've always had a thing for older men."

As my brain processed this information my feelings went through A to Z. There was pain from the trauma of the death of Jane, fear of the unknown and anxiety of beginning something I wouldn't be able to finish. What ifs, Why's flashed in bright neon colors as my mind whorled.

Slowly the realization that a warm hand was holding mine and another rested calmly on my knee registered and I looked once again at the lovely brown eyes looking at me.

Finding my voice, I weakly said, "I guess there's no harm in learning more about each other."

A warm smile radiated like the dawning of a bright new day lit up the pretty face in front of me as Adell said, "Thanks John, I think we can have some fun!"

Scooting close to me on the bench our hips touched as she removed the hand from my knee.

We now spent time learning just who John and Adell were. Over the next several weeks we went places together, ate together and friendship blossomed.

One evening in Adell's apartment after a wonderful chicken dinner we sat at the kitchen table talking. I looked at the woman 25 years my junior and said, "I can't believe we are still finding it comfortable to be in each other's company. I thought you might have bumped into someone younger and would be making friends with him."

"John," Adell said, "I told you I have a thing for older men, and you are everything I thought you would be. Your intelligent, fun, and you definitely care, what more could any girl want."

"Well there is sex, I said."

"Yes," said Adell.

Choking up, my words came out tight and dry. "I'm afraid I can't offer much there." I looked away fighting back tears brought from failure I felt.

A hand gently caressed my shoulder and her words said, "We really haven't given that a chance have we?"

Warm lips touched mine and slowly pressed in. Our lips parted and once again touched something inside stirred feelings that I felt I couldn't feel ever again.

I reached out with arms hugging the firm body, our mouths opened and tongues probed. My hands slid over a back, arms and her rounded backside. Age suddenly didn't matter, as feelings bloomed.

I felt my hand being grasped, pulled and we moved up the stairs to her bedroom. There, we hugged and kissed as time stood still.

I felt my shirt being pulled from my pants, and soon it was pulled over my head. Then my undershirt was following along with my belt being unbuckled and zipper unzipped.

I reached behind Adell's back, unzipped her dress, pulled it from her shoulders and let it fall. All the while lips an tongues were unrelenting in their newly found warmth.

I unclasped Adell's bra, and it too was quickly released to the growing pile on the floor. Inserting a finger in the waist band of her slip I slowly pushed it over her hips and butt until gravity took over letting it float downward.

My other hand was rolling nipples between thumb and finger feeling them hard and bumpy. I broke off kissing and placed my mouth on a nipple gently sucking, swirling my tongue and softly biting. Adell moaned and through her head back.

I placed her gently on the bed, looked into her brown eyes and kissed her mouth as only lovers can. Tongues probed while firmly my hands found the shape of her lovely tits. She moaned in my mouth as our kiss lengthened.

My mouth now looked for her tits, kissing down her neck, over her shoulder and down to the white mountains pointing hard with excitement. Moans of excitement now increased along with my excitement increased too as the beautiful young body was seen.

I felt her mound and was rewarded with the silky feeling of her panties and also the feeling of a cushion of hair. Real women have hair! It has always been something I've enjoyed.

Rubbing over the mound I traced her slit, feeling and now smelling her sex smell rising above. Still kissing, sucking and nibbling on her tits, one finger found the band to her panties and as she raised her hips I gently worked them down.

I stopped, and sat up for a moment as my eyes swept her entire length. "A goddess!" I said.

Dancing brown eyes looked at me with a smile that would melt a polar cap.

My mouth found a nipple and my finger slid atop the moist slit hidden in her bush. Gently I opened her sex pushing my finger along the wet folds. Seeking the inner chamber and its womanly warmth I pushed in, being rewarded with a moan and warm breath on my neck.

I left her tits kissing downward over the soft but firm body. Downward ever downward seeking the tunnel I sought her inner chamber. Kissing belly, hair, mouthing hair and I gently pulled hair with my mouth. The aroma of her sex filled my nostrils as at last my probing tongue found and tasted her. She tasted woman, rich hearty, sexy, and complete. I found her hard clit, licked it and found a reward as her body pushed into my mouth while her being screamed "YES!"


"I LOVE IT, I LOVE YOU, AND I WANT TO CUM!" she continued.

I stopped, and she whimpered as I slowly went to her mouth. I kissed her, and whispered, "Adell, you're beautiful and all woman."

Dropping my mouth into her wet snatch I again took her clit gently between teeth and bit lightly as her hands pushed me deep into her inner self. Flaming eyes looked at her snatch as she brought forward snatch juice to fill my mouth, wash outward and cover her snatch. I licked, sucked and her hands pulled me inward as deep moans grew.

I pumped her snatch with two fingers and my tongue fucked her as deep as it could. Want took her as she searched for a path to the top. The moans became groans and the pressure from her hands pushed to make us one, feeling a movement from her snatch, the pressure from her hands ebbed and a cry rose from deep inside as more snatch juice washed out. "FUCK!" "FUCK!"

She shook, as her body trembled releasing the discharge of cumming. Perspiration shone on her face and lovely body with a brilliant smile covered her lovely face. Making motion with her hand curling a finger, silently asking me to join her I moved up to her face, she opened her eyes and softly said, "Now I take care of you."

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