Primrose Ch. 00


Bret was just trying to hold back the tears at this point. They always stacked this test against him. The Sisters at his sorority always made him drink a huge bottle right before classes start. Plus, they'd been forcing him to drink water since last night long before his scheduled bed time. At this rate, Bret would spend his entire time at Primrose University in diapers. Regardless of his chances, he found himself preparing for the Headmistress's office for the fourth time this semester. As he was to be in the Headmistress's presence, Big Sister Emily spent extra effort on his outfit this morning. This was among the most lavish ensembles he'd worn so far.

Like all of his outfits, it started with puffy diapers. This morning's variety was a soft pink throughout with tiaras, magic wands, and princess dresses patterned all over in darker pinks and purples. The diapers seemed to have an extra crinkle to them as Bret was forced into them. Bret had no choice, but to thank Big Sister Emily for putting two of these already quite thick diapers on him this morning for "extra protection".

The diapers, as always, further crushed his tormented 'manhood'. Bret struggled to even consider it that way anymore. In his two months here so far, he'd been subjected to weekly decreases in the size of his chastity cage. The device he currently wore was a hard plastic in neon pink. The sheathe of the cage had tiny plastic spikes on the inside. The women had decided not to lock this device. Bret had long since learned they watched constantly. The punishment for disobedience would never be worth the momentary relief he might find in removing it.

Big Sister Emily continued dressing him. She covered his diapers with a translucent pair of plastic panties that had extravagant pink ruffled edges. With the panties and diapers in place Bret's legs were forced slightly out into a desperate, pathetic waddle while moving.

Bret was then subjected to an underbust corset as he had been nearly everyday since his arrival at Primrose University. Today's was patterned to match his diapers perfectly. The coloring was once more soft pink with the darker pink and purple tiaras, dresses, and wands again. The fabric appeared to be fleece or something similarly childish. This didn't detract from the strength of the garment. It had a strong steel structure hidden underneath. While the corset wasn't as tight as some of things Bret had been subjected to, it certainly enhanced his shape. Thin waisted and comically large diapers. Big Sister Emily heard none of his complaints that morning though. Easily batting away his comments using the Headmistress' as a threat saying, "Headmistress this... Headmistress that...".

Next came a bralette once more matching the coloring of his diapers and corset. The bralette had the same pink ruffled edges of his plastic panties as well. The bralette has slits in each cup that allowed access to his nipples if his tormentors so desired. The material of the bralette was identical to his corset an uncomfortable, warm, and childish fleece. In keeping with the dress code for Sissies, Big Sister Emily helped Bret roll thigh high soft pink seamed stockings up his legs. Garters hung down from his corset awkwardly stretching over the bulk of his diapers to hold them up. After ensuring they were properly aligned, Big Sister Emily pinned a large pink silk bow to the back of each. Right at the top of the darker pink seams. Bret reluctantly stepped into his one inch heeled, glittery pink mary janes. He hated these shoes. Everyone made fun of him for how small the heels were, but the Sisters wouldn't give him higher ones until he was able to "stay dry".

Bret knew before he saw it that his dress would be bad because of how over the top everything else had been, but it really was worse than he imagined. It appeared that the Sorority had gone all in on trying to impress the Headmistress with Bret's outfit. Bret struggled to comprehend how they even explained the design to whoever made this for them. The dress began with a tight, thick collar of white ruffled lace that clinged to his neck. An over the top large dark pink bow sits right beneath the collar. The dress itself is a solid pink fleece identical to his other items. It had princess puff shoulders that were lined with the same white ruffled lace that the neck had. The bust of the dress appeared normal on first glance with vertical seams for style from mid shoulder down to the waistline, but close inspection showed hidden in the seams of the material two zippers. There was one zipper for each breast, and when paired with the bralette underneath this meant that Bret's nipples could be easily exposed while still fully dressed.

The waistline was the next issue. The dress was very high waisted. The waistline started almost directly underneath the bust Bret would have earned by now if not for his inability to stay dry. It was defined quite clearly by a "belt" of white lace. Worse yet, ten small jingle bells had been sewn into the white lace all around his torso, so that even the slightest movement was immediately obvious to anyone around Bret. From the waistline, the dress exploded outward in white and pink layers of petticoated perfection. But after it was seated on Bret, he realized just how short it was. It barely even covered half of his diapers. His stocking tops, diapers, and plastic panties were all clearly on display. The skirt of the dress itself rested elegantly on the layers of petticoats. It was bordered with matching white ruffled lace. The skirt was pleated and smaller bows matching the large one at the collar were attached every so often at the hem with more small jingle bells sewn into the bows. Bret would sound like an alarm was going off if he even breathed.

The final and arguably most important detail of Bret's dress was the back of Bret's skirt was entirely missing from the waistline down to where the hem should be! The dress was just designed to look complete from the front, but the back gave complete view and access to Bret's backside. Of course, Big Sister Emily deflated his complaints. Ensuring him it was just so the Headmistress would have an easier time checking him, but Bret couldn't help but think about how humiliating it would be to walk the mile across campus to her office dressed like this. The final piece of Bret's outfit was a large tote diaper bag in bright pink. He hoped that it only contained essentials, but knew better as he placed it onto his shoulder reluctantly agreeing to whatever was said.

Bret's hair was done up by Big Sister Emily next. She had his not quite shoulder length blonde hair done in pigtails with tight ringlets. Large bows matching the ones on his dress held the pigtails tightly. Another small jingle bell adorned each pigtail. Bret's makeup was always kept minimal. Just like his shoes, Bret wasn't allowed full makeup until proving he could stay dry. This of course lead to extra teasing from sissies and full Sisters alike. Big Sister Emily chose to brighten his lips with a light pink, glittery gloss. Minor amounts of glittery pink eye shadow accompanied his lips. Finally, a small dusting of blush to his cheeks in a strong red color. Bret still struggled with his new role in life, and even though this life wasn't something he chose, he desperately wanted to wear more makeup. The other sissies relentlessly teased Bret for his short heels and lack of makeup.

As Bret waddled through the sorority house that morning (desperately trying to finish the large bottle of warm, watered down milk that had been thrusted into his hands) the cooing and squeals of delight made the blush Big Sister Emily had applied meaningless. If Sisters from the sorority he served were behaving as such, the walk to the Administration Building where the Headmistress awaited him would be torturous. Bret finished the bottle as he waddled into the kitchen where sissy Alexa was cleaning. The other sissy paid no mind to Bret while Sisters were present, but as Bret left his bottle in the sink she commented, "Cute outfit. I love your heels. So... childish?" Placing extra emphasis on love and snickering to herself as she tottered about in the five inch stilettos that accompanied her classic black maid's outfit.

Eager to escape the direct influence of his many tormentors, Bret waddled quickly towards the back door of the building which sissies were required to use. While Bret was slowly adjusting to the sound of the jingle bells, it still attracted attention from various Sisters. Just as he was turning to close the door a particularly cruel soon to be senior, Nicole, smiled deviously at him with her hands behind her back. In her best mockingly, motherly tone, "I overheard Alexa's comments in the kitchen. I know it's tough being a wet little sissy, and having everyone laugh at you all the time, so I got you a new paci as a little surprise." With that she revealed what had been hidden behind her back.

The pacifier itself was glittery pink plastic. It looked soft and flexible. The coloring matched Bret's dreaded shoes perfectly. The pacifier was ornamented by a piece of hard white plastic with pink script writing with "Bret" clearly spelled out. Another insult hurled at him mercilessly. Bret had been prevented from receiving a sissy name due to his wetting issues. The bulb of the pacifier itself was a opaque clear colored plastic, but rather than a normal style bulb this was shaped like a large ballsack. Bret could only grimace trying to hide it as a smile as Nicole moved the item towards his lips. He spread wide knowing punishment would be substantially worse than submitting as she nestle the device into his mouth.

After a fit of giggles and laughter from Nicole, Bret posed quickly for her. Nicole couldn't help but smile at his slightly puffed out cheeks and the drool he was already fighting back. Bret meanwhile just tried to desperately avoid the awful plastic taste of the paci. Unaware his fighting it made it seem as if he was happily sucking the balls. After a few photos to her liking were snapped before she dismissed him. With that Bret curtsied as he closed the door (he never knew who was watching), and set off on his slow, waddling embarrassing walk to the Headmistress's Office.

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I'd love to read more about Bret and the Headmistress

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