tagMind ControlPrimrose High Ch. 03

Primrose High Ch. 03


This is Chapter 03 of Primrose High. The story is heavily plot and character focused so I would suggest starting at the beginning if you want the full impact. There is a long build up that finally starts to pay off with more erotic content in this installment, with even more to come in the next chapters; hopefully it was worth the wait. There will likely be 2-3 more chapters before the story reaches its conclusion.

Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions, ideas and encouragement. It's a great motivator to continue writing. I'm writing this in hopes of others enjoying the story, and if I don't hear from you then I can't know that I succeeded in that. Please comment and let me know what you thought, any suggestions on ways I could improve my writing, and anything you would like to see in future chapters.

I hope you enjoy.

As always, all characters are over 18.

------ ------ ------

"I don't know what's going to happen next. I feel like this is my will or a suicide note. It feels," The person in the video closed his eyes and let out a long breath. Josh leaned in and stared at his computer and himself, a person he didn't know, brows furrowed, his mouth hanging open. "It feels very final. I want you, me, whoever, to know what happened, just in case." The doppelganger was serious now, and stared levely into the camera. "They got to Imee. She was right all along; she was right and I didn't listen. After I talked to her I drove to the school and searched the dumpsters, everywhere I could think. Thank god for the eco-conscious zombies. There was a bin specifically for e-waste and I found Imee's phone. It was smashed to pieces, didn't power on, but buried in the mess I found the microSD, and it still worked. I found the audio file of the interview with Willis and it started just like Imee had planned. The sound of the school halls, the sound of the office doors closing and the normal pleasantries. Then something weird happened. Then this... sound played. Willis mumbled something and told Christie to sleep; I guess she was in the office too.

"This sound, I don't know how to describe it. Mostly because I can't remember. There's this demo on YouTube from years ago with a virtual haircut where you hear 3D sound and it's as if someone is walking around you, talking, doing things. It felt an awful lot like that; a low melodic drone, rising, falling, pulsing. It was almost musical, or maybe like whale song, there was this hint of a rhythm or chords you couldn't quite follow as it was circling and rotating around your head. If you only listened a little longer you could figure it out. And then I jerked awake. I mashed my keyboard as I fell forward and that's the only reason I didn't get wiped right there. I worked my way back from the end of the recording. "You want to be a good girl. You'll feel so much better and be so much happier if you are. You'll be so much better off if you listen to me, Bethany." That's all Willis said, and that's all it took to erase Imee. Christie and Imme were ordered to wake up forget what had happened. I heard rustling and Imee stood up, cheerfully thanked Ms Willis and told her she would be reading over everything and she was so thankful. Christie sounded overjoyed. What a happy ending."

The Josh in the video sighed. "Now, my part of the story. I think this is going to work. Christie didn't just shut off when the sound started, she was ordered to sleep. I'm assuming, and it's a big assumption, but people who have been wiped must not be susceptible. I edited out Willis command's from the audio and put in my own."

Josh shook his head staring at his laptop, unable to think of a thing to say. This couldn't be real. Ms Willis hadn't done anything to him. It was a lie. He went to close the video but his hand wouldn't move to touch the screen, he tried touch the keyboard and his hand hovered in the air and slid away like there was some invisible bubble. Josh he tried desperately to throw the computer away from him but found to his horror that he couldn't move--his body betraying him--he couldn't take his eyes from the screen showing the doppelganger and its terrible lies.

"Now, I hope this doesn't kill you, me. In theory this is going to act like restoring from a partition. I don't have much time and I don't know anything; if contradictory commands might cause my brain to... crash, if commands given too close to each other can cause problems. I might be going to give myself a stroke or be turned into a vegetable. I don't know. I hope this doesn't hurt. And I hope this works. Not just for me, for Imee. She's gone and I have to save her. Maybe nothing will happen and I'll still be the newest of Primrose's alumni. If that happens I'm begging you to help. You have to realize that this is wrong. People are having their entire being stripped away without their choice or consent. It's evil. You can't let this happen. Please, please don't let it go on. Whoever you may be now, you were me a few days ago. Please, try?" the video pleaded, Josh bit his lip, fighting with all his willpower to just... hit... "Okay. Here it goes."

And Josh went limp.

Time passed.

He woke up.

And remembered.

He blinked, his eyes finally focusing. It was like waking up from a dream where the bizarre rules and world was accepted without a thought until something tilted and suddenly he was lucid and had the ability to question, to think critically, to see the truth. Josh slowly put himself back together like you do every morning climbing from that deep well of sleep, grasping at memories to pull you into the real world. And remembered...

...the walk to the office and the droning sound, his head dipping as Ms Willis told him to be good and obey.

"Fuck." Josh whispered.

...feeling so warm and soft and comfortable as everything went sliding away as Josh read from the school handbook. All his burdens and cares and worries, all his own hopes and dreams, fears and joys, one by one ceased to matter or to have any weight. The tiniest breeze from the turn of a page blew them away. To be good, it seemed, was to be a copy, a slate wiped clean.

Josh gritted his teeth. "Fuck..."

...Imee, sitting next to him on the bus. She was happy and smiling, only it wasn't her. That face didn't wear Imee's teasing smile or her mischievous eyes. The girl that stole Imee's body didn't have her flaws and fears, the little cracks that opened when she smiled and some of her inner self shone through. There was only the veneer, the thin, pristine coating of a prim, upright girl with nothing beneath the smile and nothing behind the eyes.

There were tears in Josh's eyes he rocked forward and grabbed his hair, "Fuck!"

He remembered his commands to himself. Programming languages were developed by people, and therefore human thought must have some similarities, he'd reasoned without any evidence. It was all coming back to him now, 'Go to the meeting with Willis, pretend to enter a trance and follow all orders you are given. Keep this computer safely in your possession until Saturday morning. Do not delete this video or realize it exists. Watch the entire video alone and with no chance of anyone interrupting or overhearing. Forget about anything that happened after you went to Imee's house until you went to sleep.'"

Josh remembered other things, things he didn't mention in the video, for his own safety. The hidden email set on a dead man's switch with the scant evidence he'd put together. The wiping process and its simplicity was terrifyingly dangerous, but if he was gone then someone must know about it. Josh walked to the back of the room and pulled two small folded slips of paper from behind the water heater. One had his name written on it, in his handwriting. He did not know what it said inside. The other sheet said, 'Imee'. Josh held in his hands the keys to both their souls and they felt so small. And yet looking at them felt like staring down the barrel of a gun. The smallest word or phrase could destroy their personality, change it totally and forever. Carefully he tucked the papers in his pocket. Josh let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding and sprinted from the basement.

It took only minutes to get to Imee's apartment in Beth's car. Josh screeched to a stop outside the apartment building and bumped up onto the curb. He was out and running before the engine had time to clunk to a halt. Two long bounds and Josh was up the stoop and his finger about to jab the button with Imee's number. He stopped short, breathing hard. She might report him if he was suspicious, and then everything would be over. Calm, he needed to be calm.

Josh closed his eyes and tried to recall what it had been like the past few days. The warm, safe, empty feeling washed over him and he felt himself slipping back into character. In a corner of his mind Josh could feel his true self nervous, jabbering, terrified to be trapped. But he wasn't trapped, he was safe, he was fine. He was a good boy. Josh tucked in his shirt and smoothed his hair before pushing the button.

Imee answered groggily, "Hello? What is it?"

"Bethany, it's me, Josh, I need your help. Can I come up?"

"Josh! What is it?"

"It's important Bethany, I need to talk to you face to face."

The door buzzed as the lock slid away, "Come on up, I'll do what I can."

Imee answered the door in a long flannel nightshirt, one eye was closed as she winced at the light from the hall. "Sorry I'm such a mess," she said, covering a huge yawn that made her jaw crack, "I didn't have time to clean up. Come on in, what's wrong?"

Josh walked in calmy and smiled, "Thanks for letting me up. Bethany. Alpha theta epsilon one charlie."

Imee's eyes fluttered closed and her arms fell limply to her sides. The codes they'd been given by Willis were long and boring, but probably secure. "Okay. You're going to return to your old self, Imee, you're going to..."

"Josh," Imee said, shaking herself and blinking. She took a moment to focus her eyes and then was staring at him hard, "My name is not Imee, I thought we'd talked about this, did you forget?" Imee held her head, swaying. "And what are you... I'm not... I'm no, different, I'm a good girl..."

Josh gulped and said the phrase again and watched as the puppet Imee's strings were cut. Imee's eyes drifted shut as the trance reasserted itself. "Bethany, can you hear me?" Josh asked.

Imee nodded.

"I want you to forget everything Ms Willis told you."

Imee gasped in pain as her knees buckled, "No! I can't... I can't do that. I'm a good girl! She taught me to be... I need, I need to be a good girl!"

Josh knelt to touch Imee's shoulder and she slapped his hand away as the trance broke. With her other hand she clutched her head. "You, you're not good, are you? You're a fake and a liar. I'm going to let Ms Willis know what you really are." Imee lurched to her feet and started towards the phone on the wall.

Josh went to step in front of her, "Imee, wait, please!"

Imee dropped to the floor and for a second Josh thought she'd fainted. Then there was a rising feeling as the floor suddenly rushed up to slam into Josh. He brought up his arms and caught himself hard only to feel Imee's leg, that had swept Josh's feet from under him, lash out and catch him in the stomach. The air burst from Josh's lungs and he fought the urge to retch.

Imee stepped over him and lifted the receiver from its cradle and started to dial. Josh crawled desperately towards Imee and raised his hand plaintively. She turned, lifting her leg to kick him again.

Josh rolled on his back, gulping desperately for air. Each breath was barely enough. He croaked Imee's phrase, almost unintelligible, as tears filled his eyes. There was a clatter as Imee dropped the handset and there was the long, beautiful, safe sound of the dial tone. For now. "Please don't hurt me." Josh gasped. He rolled over and pushed himself back up to his feet. Think, he had to think. The only commands Willis had actually given Imee was to be good, it would make her happy, and to listen to her...

The trance broke again and Imee groaned, tears running down her cheeks, "I'm a good girl, I need to..." As Imee reached for the telephone her knees wobbled and she started to slump.

Josh staggered to her and caught her in his arms, which only resulted in them both toppling to the floor. "Bethany... If you call Willis it will hurt me, right?" Josh croaked, speaking slower, each word the weight of a hand grenade.

Imee struggled and balled a fist to strike Josh. Her hand dropped softly onto Josh's shoulder as she went limp as the she drifted back into the trance. She nodded, shaking slightly in Josh's embrace.

"Ms Willis has never failed to make a student want to be good, right?" Josh asked

Imee nodded, her face a mask of silent pain. Her breaths were shallow and fast.

"I'm good now, right?"

Imee nodded again in his arms, sagging listlessly.

"So I can't lie to you. You can trust me. I can't have bad intentions. I want you to be a good girl too, I want you to be happy."


"You wouldn't be a good girl if you weren't first of all honest and true to yourself, right?" Josh said, trying to hold back the tears and keep the quaver from his voice. He held her close, squeezing her desperately afraid to let her go. Softly Josh kissed Imee's neck.

Imee nodded again, slowly, trying to pull away. She moaned and Josh couldn't tell if it was from the kiss or from the pain.

"You can't be honest or true to yourself if you follow someone else orders. You can't be you if you're following someone else command." Josh held Imee close, whispering hoarsely into her ear, "Bethany, please, go back to the old you, go back to who you used to be." Josh pleaded as he kissed behind her ear with the lightest brush of his lips.

Imee started to shake violently, thrashing in Josh's arms. "Imee! Are you okay?!"

Imee panted and said in a low whisper that Josh almost couldn't hear, "Feels... good."

She answered to her name, Josh silently thanked the heavens and cautiously continued, "It does doesn't it? You love how it feels to have me touch you." Josh slid his hands down over Imee's shirt and brushed his thumbs over the small swells of her breasts.

"You shouldn't... Oh!" Imee's nipples hardened between Josh's finger as he pinched them through the thin fabric.

"You're a good girl, Imee, and you like this. You can't lie to me, you have to be honest. It feels good." Imee groaned as Josh hands slid under her shirt, over her bare skin and his thumbs made small circles around her hard tits. Her nipples tightened and grew as he stroked them up and down with his thumbs. With each sentence Josh kissed along Imee's bare shoulder, slowly working up her neck. "Now let me touch you, don't think about anything, just focus on the feeling. Would a good girl enjoy something that was wrong?"

Imee groaned and slowly spread her legs, her hips start thrusting against the air. Imee's head was shaking back and forth and she moaned, "No, no..." Josh couldn't tell if it was in protest or agreement.

Josh slid on hand gently up Imee's legs and found her pussy hot and spread open. Her juices had wet the tops of her thighs. Josh's finger slid up her thigh and pressed against her lips before slipping easily inside her. Imee quaked in his arms, her head fell back and her mouth opened and closed as her face contorted in pleasure and anguish. "Are you a good girl, Imee?"

Imee nodded, eyes clenched shut, "Yes..."

"And this feels good?" Josh stroked Imee's nipple.

"Yes. Yes..." Imee groaned and pushed her chest out as Josh teased her hard tit.

"And this feels good?"

Imee's hips bucked and she fought back a groan as Josh's finger curled inside her and the tip grazed the small, special spot inside her. "Yes!" Imee almost shouted. "No, I can't, I can't... that's bad!"

"If it feels so good, and a good girl feels good when she's doing what she's supposed to then it must be okay." Josh started sliding his finger slowly back and forth over Imee's g spot. She let out a long low moan and spread her legs wide. The room filled with the smell of her hot, wet pussy. "You can't lie to me, your body is telling me everything I need to know. That means that Willis told you things that are wrong. Maybe she was confused?"

"Confused?" panted Imee, desperate for a distraction.

"She didn't know better. You're a good girl, but a good girl is true to herself. You need to be who you are without anyone telling you." Josh started stroking faster, his thumb brushing Imee's clit as his finger moved relentlessly inside her. Imee screamed, her back arching and her hips leaving the floor as she ground her drenched slit on Josh's hand. He could feel her vagina squeezing down over and over on his finger. "You need to be yourself. Go back to who you were, Imee, go back to the real you from last week. Ignore what Ms Willis told you, just be you." Josh kissed gently behind Imee's ear and her scream as she came made Josh's ears ring. Imee's vagina tightened as she clenched and pumped herself on Josh's finger.

Slowly Imee sagged back into Josh's arms, curling up into a ball. Imee shuddered and let out a low moan that rose and rose into a banshee's scream. She clenched her head, shaking, rocking back and forth as she let out high, anguished wails of pain. "Shit! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, I didn't want to hurt you, I didn't want to!" Josh yelled. He hold her, stroking Imee's hair as she started to sob quietly. She grabbed his shirt hard. "Please, please don't be gone. I thought I could have you back. I need you back." Josh whispered and tasted warm salt water as he kissed her. He wasn't sure if it was his own tears or hers. It didn't matter. Imee's soft, warm skin on his lips was the only important thing. With each kiss Imee sagged a little, the tension leaving her muscles. Softly Josh kissed behind Imee's ear. She lay still in his arms, the shaking had stopped, but her face was flushed and her breaths deep and rapid and ragged. "Bethany. Please don't be gone forever."


"Why what?" Josh asked, almost leaping up.

"Why are you calling me that?" Imee groaned, "What happened, why does my head hurt so bad?"

Josh whooped with joy as he threw his arms in the air. "Imee, are you, you?"

"What are talking about?" Imee blinked hard, "Why are we here? The last thing I remember I was in school... Shit!" Imee's eyes filled with terror. She looked down at Josh, down at herself, "Am I?!"

"I think you're okay," Josh said grinning.

"Why are you crying?" Imee said, reaching up to brush Josh's cheek.

"I'm happy, you doofus! And you kicked me really hard in the side."

"I did! I'm so sorry, I don't remember, I didn't know." Imee wrapped her arms around Josh and hugged him fiercely until she heard the sharp intake of breath as Josh winced. "I'm sorry! Gentle, I'll be gentle."

"It's okay. I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't want to change you. I promise I didn't do anything to you." Josh slowly explained to her what had happened and what he had done. How he'd managed to escape being wiped. He held up the sheet of paper with his name on it, "Imee, I trust you and I want you to know that I would never do anything to change you. I want you just how you are. This is my code. It will put me under and you can do anything, just like Willis. I want you to have it."

"Josh, I, I don't know what to say." Imee took the paper and delicately opened it. She laughed, "What does this even mean? What does..."

Josh woke to Imee yelling over him, "I'm sorry! I should have known better. I didn't realize you'd just pass out like that."

"What is your command, mistress?" Josh said in a monotone. He blinked slowly, staring through Imee with unfocused eyes.

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