tagMind ControlPrimrose High Ch. 04.5

Primrose High Ch. 04.5


Primrose High is a multi chapter story and while this current post has little to do with the overall plot reading previous chapters will help in establishing who the characters are. I recommend starting at the beginning. There is a long build up, so if you're waiting on titillating details push on until chapter 3. The story delivers eventually, I promise.

This is a side chapter, a separate point of view that doesn't appear in the main chapter 4 but happens over the time period. I cut this portion from chapter 4 because I didn't have a place that I could put it that didn't feel like it would drag things out and it doesn't fit into chapter 5, so long story short (ha) I decided to expand it a little-I thought this would be simple and the irony is that it about doubled in length with editing and elaboration-and polish it up a bit and post it anyway. Consider this bonus material.

With a minor retcon I tried to address the lack of the explanation of Josh and Imee's plan from chapter 4. If I could go back and edit then I'd make it clearer and add some more expository dialogue, character building, etc, but at least there's something here. I'll expand more in chapter 5, which is in the works and should complete the arc of the story I planned. Hopefully I'll hit a good compromise between erotic content and story/character development.

I'd like any critiques, feedback, comments, suggestions, what have you. I enjoy hearing back from readers and I want to know your thoughts.

All characters are over 18.


Josh paused briefly to rest between his marathon of pacing, "What if it doesn't work, what if they snap out of it? You noticed how the suggestions start to weaken when the arousal wears off."

Imee smiled, "Trust me, we're fine. With the instructions I gave them that won't be a problem. Just relax and wait, in a few hours we'll be able to have our answers."

Josh nodded and sighed, still unable to shake the worry. They could be discovered so much easier now. Ms McTigue and Christie may have been subverted but they weren't under Josh and Imee's control, and they weren't able to exercise discretion. If anyone they knew discovered what they were doing the trail would lead back to Josh and Imee. Their two 'converts' would no doubt happily tell the administration at Primrose about their new exciting study project. But it was necessary. Christie had been an unforeseen and but necessary addition. With Ms McTigue hopefully he and Imee could start to delve into the upper workings of Primrose. With teacher access to student information they could no doubt get access to the list of key phrases to the students, then possible to teachers as well. If they kept things quiet, if they kept things subtle, they could take control of the school before Ms Willis even noticed that anything was different. They could undo the changes, erase the dangerous information, hopefully, and go back to reality.

That was the plan anyway.

Imee had put it more bluntly when she'd first proposed the idea, "We're going to fuck our way to freedom, champ, just have a little faith. This will be easy."

So, that was the escape clause; seduce, subvert, subsume. Sex. It had gone well so far, despite the minor hiccup. Maybe it would work out. There was nothing Josh could do for now, however. So he stood up and started to pace. Josh couldn't stop wondering and worrying what the two women were doing now, if their spell over them was holding. Hopefully neither of them did anything to blatant.

- - -

"There is no zeal like the newly converted..."


Christie had been working on her homework since she'd left school. It had been a long walk but she still had a great deal left to do. She started in earnest the moment she walked through the door.

"Mom?" Christie yelled hoarsely. Before the door had closed behind her Christie's hand was already sliding into her panties. The fabric was soaked and clung wetly to her skin. With almost a mind of their own her fingers started to dance over her sex.

From upstairs Christie could hear her mother call back. "I'm here baby. I'm in a hurry though, I can't talk. I'm off to the gym, I forgot my phone. I'll be home soon!"

Christie marvelled at her nearly independent digits. They were so practiced already, so experienced at something she'd never dreamed she'd do. Her steps were erratic and shuffling as she walked to the kitchen, the feelings between her legs so intense walking became a challenge. Christie shuddered as one of her fingers slipped between her lips and slid up, up... There! She sagged and threw her head back, panting loudly. There was loud thudding as her mother's feet drummed down the stairs. Christie licked her lips and for a moment thought about straightening herself. The moment passed as the throbbing in her clit became to intense, too strong to ignore. She circled her love button slowly, then faster, stroking herself. A small moan escaped her lips and she leaned back against the cool metal of the refrigerator. She stood there in the kitchen, skirt hiked up high and her panties, soaked and dank with the smell of her sex, hung between her knees and her hand working like a machine over her dripping slit. Her mouth hung wide open as she gasped for air.

Her mother walked down the hall and past the entrance to the kitchen.

"I'll see you soon love, be good!" her mother called. The front door slammed and moments later Christie heard the sound of her mother's car pulling out of the driveway.

Her mother hadn't seen. If she'd only turned her head a tiny bit she would have seen Christie. Her mother would have seen her pussy, her mother would have seen her daughter masturbating...

Christie threw herself forward and screamed wordlessly, gripping the counter with one hand as she rose up on her tip toes, her hips, legs, ass shaking, as she came.

She slumped on the cool granite trying to catch her breath.

Christie thought about her homework, her extra credit. The paper with the notes was something she couldn't barely bring herself to look at. It was too much, it was too embarrassing. It was so embarrassing to have all those screw ups today and the questions she couldn't even bring herself to consider. But it was her assignment, she had to do her homework. A good girl always did her homework, even her mother had said to be a good girl. She couldn't skip this. She opened the paper slowly and stared, biting her lip. It was in her own hand writing, she'd copied down Bethany's-Imee's, Christie corrected herself-directions meticulously.

Imee had been very clear and patient. Christie felt so embarrassed about the way she'd acted, ignoring the instructions from her teacher and going on like that.

She felt her heart starting to pound. Shakily, she reached for her pen and placed a check next to "increased sexual desires." "I'm not normally like this, I should just calm down..."

The room was hot, too hot. Christie's blouse and cardigan were stifling and confining. She almost tore the buttons as she pulled them off from her. Finally they were open and the cool air on Christie's heaving chest helped calm her.

Christie stared down at the paper, wide eyed. This couldn't be her assignment, couldn't... And yet...

Christie felt herself perk. She looked down, her nipples were already hard, pointing straight out from her chest. Imee had taken her bra and told her not to wear one. They were such slutty nipples; Imee, was right. Christie brushed her fingertip softly over them and gasped. "I should stop, I should..." She started teasing her slutty pink nipples, softly running her fingers around them, pinching them, and slowly tugging at them. Christie grabbed her tits and squeezed them. Her delicious bubble gum tits, her big, sexy breasts. Imee was so right, they were amazing. They were meant to be seen. Her nipples shouldn't be hidden. Christie squeezed her tits hard and moaned, her hips giving a single hard thrust on their own. Christie hadn't realized it but she loved this, she loved being touched, loved feeling her pussy getting fingered. She groped for the pen and stabbed it at "increased sensitivity" She closed her eyes, fighting the overwhelming need in her. She couldn't stop, couldn't keep her hand from slipping between her legs, running through her bush-her golden hair matted and wet with her pussy juices-and stroking her lips, spreading, them, sliding her fingers inside and pushing them deep into her hole. One, two, Christie bit her lips and pushed... three fingers were in her, she thought, rolling her head in pleasure. Her hips were thrusting now on their own. Inside her vagina felt so open and empty, god she needed to be fucked!

She could have been seen by anyone. Christie looked at the wide open windows of the kitchen. Her heart slammed in her chest and Christie could feel her clit throbbing.

She grabbed blindly at the bowl on the counter and her hand came up with a cucumber. Her fingers could barely wrap around it. She stared at the vegetable for a moment-it was long, longer than her outstretched hand-not comprehending and then her hand, with a mind of its own, lowered the thick, green vegetable lower, and lower...

Their neighborhood was well-to-do, her father made a good living. Their neighbors drove slow on the street and anyone, if they glanced at the house, might see her in the kitchen pleasuring herself. Christie growled with desire as she stroked the smooth cool cucumber along her slit and felt her juices building up inside her. The proper, dowdy people of this street would see Christie naked...

Her pussy was on fire. Her pink lips were hungry, they needed to suck on something. They needed to be filled.

...they would see Christie naked, sweating, shaking. "More..." She groaned, "Increased capactity/stretching" Leaning back on the counter Christie panted, knuckles white as she clung to the countertop. She threw her head back and screamed. She wanted more, needed more! Christie shouted, a primal yell of anger and hunger and need and victory as she shoved the cucumber inside her. "Fu..." she bit the word off as she she stared up at the ceiling in wonder. She was so full, so tight, her pussy was stretched so wide. She was pumping now, stirring herself, shoving the green thick vegetable deep into her teenage pussy.

...her neighbors could slow, and stop, and stare in...

She couldn't stop, already she felt it building inside her, rising, cresting like a huge wave and she couldn't hold it back and more it was almost there and she needed it, her mother might be home at any moment but she didn't care, she needed it! Deep inside, stirring her, she felt it hitting her spot, driving her crazy with need.

...and watch her slamming herself in the kitchen, watch her fucking her own cunt with a thick, long green tool, watch her bucking hips as she came...

And she did. The orgasm came crashing down on her, throwing her head long onto the table. Her body clenched and she yelled again, thrusting her hips as she climaxed. She felt herself relax and release something and she heard a tinkle and splatter. There were a couple more check boxes to fill out, "Toys," "Multiple orgasms" "Squirting."

Christie rolled onto her back, licking her dry lips she let out a long sigh. The cucumber fell away onto the countertop, rolling along. It glistened wetly with her juices. Christie took a few breaths until her hands stopped shaking enough to write. She made a few notes on her assignment. Idly she licked her fingers. A tingle shot through her as the taste registered and Christie groaned and made another addition to the list. Christie looked down at her hands and slowly, methodically sucked each finger clean. Groaning in satisfaction she lowered her skirt and wrote a short note to her mother. Christie had some shopping to do.


Christie sat in her room hours later. Reports and papers were spread over her desk. Despite the workload from the other classes she hadn't stopped working on her main assignment. There was a knock at the door and Christie's mom walked in. "I thought you might be hungry sweety. How's your homework going?"

"It's going well, thank you." Christie said, taking the bowl from her mother and setting it on her desk.

"You sound out of breath baby, and your face is flushed! Are you feeling okay?"

Christie nodded, "I'm fine mom, I've just been getting a little exercise is all." Her mother had made salad; resting on top of the greens were cucumber slices.

"That's good baby, I won't keep you. I know you said you have a study group later. You should bring them over some time, I'm sure it would be nice to have your friends over."

"I'll ask them mom." Christie said, blinking slowly and drawing a deep breath. She tried to keep the quaver from her voice. "I really need to get back to work."

Christie's mom nodded. She took a slice of cucumber from the top of the salad and popped it in her mouth, "It's pretty good, very fresh. We only had the one left so I hope you don't me me stealing a taste. I won't keep you any more. Do your best!"

As the door closed Christie spread her legs wide. Under her skirt she was bare. No clothing, no hair, nothing to cover her but the juices that were now almost running freely from her open pussy. Imee had told her that she needed to make sure nothing could hide her vulva. People would have to look at it so they could study. Helping them study made her feel good. She wanted to help others so badly. She needed to help them. Helping people made her feel good, the best, really. Having people look at her made her feel so good... Christie caressed her smooth lips gently and circled the small green gem glimmered above her slit. Her nipples and pussy were meant to be pierced; there had hardly been only the smallest a pinch at the tattoo parlor when she'd had them pierced. Delicate bird-of-paradise feathers now rose from above her ass crack, slid around her waist and over her hips, encircled her, and then traced along the lines of her belly leading down to her sex. Even a few hours later there was no pain. This was how she was meant to be. It felt wonderful to have steel through her skin, to have ink showing off her body. Imee had said it would help draw attention to the important places to study. They'd be staring at her. Her classmates, her teachers, anyone. She'd have to spread her lips so they could see her hole. Her hole would have to be nice and wide so people could see it well, Imee had said. Christie ate a slice of cucumber and started to shake.

She wanted to help people study. Christie stood and turned and walked to her bed, slowly she pulled off pieces of her clothes. The sweater she had worn earlier that day was somehow too tight, the buttons popped free at the lightest touch of her fingers. Her breasts fell free and Christie sighed in pleasure. She was to help people study with her body, so she shouldn't cover it. She stood naked in her room. If she did, she'd be hurting their chances to learn.

The door wasn't locked, maybe her mother would want to brush up on her anatomy. Or her brother... Christie's nipples hardened at the cool air. Little silver rings dangled from the ends of her pink tits. Imee had said they needed to be marked too, so no one could miss them. Christie looked down and admired her new piercings; her nipples were so big, Imee was right, they were perfect for people to look at and study. Taking her tit in her hand Christie looked in the mirror and admired herself, the way her breast bulged between her fingers as she squeezed it, how her tit filled her hand and overflowed. Had she always been this big, or had she just never taken the time to notice? Either way her body was meant for others to study.

Study meant experience. Experience meant touching, tasting, licking. Christie lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Idly she circled her nipples and tugged her new rings. Her body would need to be used to touching, she'd have to be ready for whatever other's needed from her. Denying other people the chance to learn was wrong. So denying other people the chance to touch her was wrong. Christie pulled a hair brush from her nightstand and played the round, smooth handle over her cunt. She would want to be ready for them, she would need to be able to do anything they needed to learn. Christie's juices were overflowing and the soaked handle slid easily into her body.

It felt so good doing as her teachers told her, it felt so good obeying Josh and Imee. Christie couldn't stop, it had felt so good. Everything she's heard had been like an epiphany from deep inside her she'd realized that it was true, she'd just never looked at it from that point of view. She rolled over and found she was still stroking her lips. Christie closed her eyes and smiled at how things had turned out. She'd been so shy, so prudish. It felt freeing, it felt like flying, and not just from how it felt when she did her homework, when she touched herself. Josh and Imee had opened her eyes. Christie finally felt free and good and clean. Finally she could enjoy herself. Finally she could do what she'd always wanted to so badly. She wanted to help people.

Naked, ass in the air, a hairbrush protruding from her pussy Christie thought about her brother. He was in college, but he would be coming home to visit soon. She thought about him coming through the open door to her bedroom with his friends, them standing over her like she was now, watching her. She moaned into her pillow as she pumped the handle faster and faster in her wet, open lips, her other finger working her clit. They'd stand around her bed, looking down at her, watch her biting the pillow, see her hole gaping wide open, hungry to be filled, they'd drop their pants and pull out their dicks... Christie shoved her face deep into the pillow and bit it hard and screamed, shoving her ass as high in the air as she could, ready for any of the imaginary men to fill her, to use her, to take her and do whatever they wanted. Their cum would gush into her hole and fill her, overflow from her. Christie thought about Josh, his taste, the taste of Ms McTigue, the feeling and flavor and taste of their cum filling her mouth. She wanted to be owned, she wanted to be fucked, she wanted her body to be used up by others and left sore and open and soaked in juices. She wanted to be their property. Christie shuddered finally, clawing at the bed, shaking, and collapsed hard onto the mattress, her hips spasming as her orgasm washed away all thought.

She lay there a long time smiling blissfully at nothing. Rousing herself Christie looked at the time. She had to go.

She needed to get to her study group.

As Christie pulled out of her driveway she wondered if Josh and Imee would be pleased with her homework. A twinge of need and hunger shot through her groin. She hoped they would. She needed to please them. She needed to please her teachers, her... masters.

- - -

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin


Katie McTigue sighed loudly as she drove home, late, from the school. Principal Steward had droned on too long. Katie was of the opinion that the woman had come by her doctorate and principalship too young and felt like some self possessed, one woman force for change. Principal Steward didn't even see what was happening under her nose. Things had been changing for a long time. They were about to start changing a lot more.

Katie McTigue was driving slowly, carefully. It was difficult to maintain proper lane position with one hand between her legs. It had been difficult to do her homework with the meeting droning on endlessly. Josh had told her to stay aroused, that any time she started to doubt or worry or question their new teaching plan she was to pleasure herself and remember why it was such a good idea. Being away from him so long had made her doubt. Had she been right to do that? Twinges of guilt and fear and doubt-had she really forced one of her students to eat her out?!-had started to wear away at her resolve. Katie had had to squirm, carefully, rocking her hips and rubbing her pussy against her soaked panties, shifting her thighs slowly, carefully. No, this felt right. It was good, she'd taught Christie a valuable lesson on obedience AND anatomy. Heat started filling her groin and the urge to spread her legs was almost overpowering. Katie had been able to smell her own sex, it seemed impossible that no one else at the table noticed. No one had looked at her, no one had said anything. The thought of the other faculty noticing her teasing herself during the meeting had made her vagina clench. Dr. Steward needed to be taught a lesson on brevity.

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