tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrince Charming

Prince Charming


The small assemblage of nobles gasped in shock as Prince Thomas opened up the front of his trousers, baring a semi hard cock. The young prince had been meeting with some of the highest ranked nobles in the realm, discussing the current war that his father the king was waging on the nearby Amazon tribes. Thomas reached over to the noblewoman beside him, the highly ranked Lady Valeria. He grabbed a handful of her perfectly platted and tied up blonde hair and dragged her face down into his lap. Thomas's other hand grabbed his cock and guided it up between Lady Valeria's lips. A slight upward thrust of his hips and he shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Suck!" he ordered sternly as he pushed down on the back of her head, forcing more of his rapidly hardening cock into her hot mouth. Valeria gagged a little at the sudden invasion of the Prince's royal manhood as it jabbed towards the back of her throat. It was definitely not unknown in the realm for royals and nobles to use women to satisfy their sexual urges, but it was always peasants and servant girls. For the Prince to use a noblewoman of such elevation as Lady Valeria was an insult to her rank and status. Valeria didn't really have much time to be offended however as Thomas held two handfuls of her hair in his fists and pushed her up and down over his hard cock.

Of course if Prince Thomas had quietly asked Lady Valeria to become his concubine or mistress she would have accepted, that was a respected position that would increase her power and standing. But to be used like this in front of her equals, like a piece of meat, a receptacle for the Prince's lust was unheard of.

"Suck!" repeated the Prince and Lady Valeria immediately obeyed, he was after all her Prince, son of her King and to disobey him would be far, far worse than the insult he gave her by using her thusly.

"Good," murmured Thomas as Valeria's head began to bob of her own accord. Her cheeks hollowed as she began sucking in earnest, her tongue fluttering magically along the underside of his hard shaft. Valeria was very skilled at cocksucking, the King himself had indulged in her talents on a number of occasions, as had prince a couple of times in the past. But the lovely noblewoman had never allowed herself to be used like this before.

"Please continue with the briefing Sir Conrad," said Thomas, slowly stroking the top of Valeria's head as she serviced his cock, her carefully arranged hair now in disarray. Beneath his hand Valeria was fuming, the fact that the Prince was continuing the briefing as though she was not there offended her even further. It showed he did not value her opinion in the discussion (she could hardly offer her opinion with her mouth full of his cock) and it showed that he considered sex the only thing she was useful for.

Sir Conrad regained his composure somewhat, the eighteen year old prince's behavior, although extraordinary, was not unjust. The royal family had rights over every one of their subjects, including the noble families of the realm. Lady Valeria had every right to feel wronged, but she could not object to the Prince's wishes. The aged knight was the retired General of the realm's armies and military advisor to the King.

"The war progresses excellently your highness," said Sir Conrad after a moments more hesitation, "I would imagine our armies are sacking the Amazon Queen's fortress as we speak. The last communication we had from General Bairacali stated they had located the Queen's fortress and were attacking it today."

"Very good," nodded the Prince. Valeria was sucking hard on the head of his cock and jerking the lower half of the shaft with her hand. He pushed down on the top of her head as he spoke, forcing her to take his cock deeper, "How do you expect the battle to go?"

Conrad licked his lips, feeling a small stirring in his own loins as he watched Valeria take the horny young Prince's entire length, deep throating him with her lips wrapped around the base of his shaft and her nose pressed into his pubic hair. "It may take several days and it will be a difficult siege, but the result is inevitable. We outnumber them almost twenty to one, they will surrender."

"Good," said the Prince, he kept Valeria's head pressed down so he remained fully inserted in her throat, causing her to struggle to breathe. "Baron Pehlam I want you to begin making arrangements for the victory celebrations of my father's return."

"Yes your highness," said the portly noble. Thomas released Valeria's head and let her come up for air, after a moment he pushed her back down onto his cock, holding her head in both hands and moving her up and down rapidly over his shaft, practically fucking his cock with her mouth. "It will be a grand affair indeed," added Baron Pehlam.

Prince Thomas gave a sudden grunt of lust and his hips bucked up off his chair, slamming his cock hard into Valeria's submissive mouth as he exploded. Cum shot from his cock straight into Valeria's mouth and the noblewoman obediently swallowed rapidly. Thomas sighed with pleasure as he spilled his milky cum across Valeria's tongue and into her throat. She pulled back slightly from his cock, keeping the head trapped within her skillful lips, and started to stroke his shaft, milking more of his hot seed into her mouth as her tongue attacked the sensitive head.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Enter!" ordered the Prince as Valeria sat up from his lap, his cock still hanging from his trousers, sticky with cum. Lady Valeria wiped her smeared lips, doing her best to look normal, despite her disheveled hair and the angry grimace on her comely face.

A page boy, probably no older than the Prince entered the meeting chamber, glancing down in surprise at the Prince's unveiled cock, "Ahhh.." he stammered, taken aback, "I bring news your highness."

Thomas nodded and turned to Valeria, "Clean me," he ordered her, gesturing to his cock which was still sticky with his sperm. Valeria paled, glancing from the Prince's face, to his slimy cock, to the page boy standing nervously at the door. The beautiful noblewoman could not believe that the Prince wanted her to do such a humiliating and demeaning act in front of a low classed servant boy. Valeria nodded and swallowed, tasting the remnants of his cum already on her tongue. She then dutifully took hold of the Prince's shrinking cock and bent over, lifting it to her lips. The smacking sound of her sucking filled the otherwise silent room as she obediently cleaned the sticky cum from her ruler's penis. She licked and sucked at his dick, letting her mouth full with saliva to wash away the remaining sperm. Valeria wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, no doubt the page boy already had enough lewd stories to tell the other servants of her dishonor.

"Your news?" demanded the Prince, looking up from Valeria's bobbing head to the page boy.

The boy gulped audibly, tearing his gaze from the Lady Valeria, "Yes your highness. The first day of fighting at the Amazon fortress is over, we hold the fortress in our grasp. General Bairacali promises the Amazon's will surrender within the week." The boy then paused, obviously not finished, but seemingly unwilling to continue.

Valeria straightened, her demeaning task complete. She glared at the page as if daring him to glance in her direction.

"Speak boy!" growled Sir Conrad impatiently.

The boy shook visibly, "The General also brings bad news your highness," he told them, his voice cracking under the stress, "The King has been killed in the fighting."

All three nobles and the Prince were all shocked. Valeria gasped, her hand covering her mouth.

"The King is dead?" whispered Valeria, dumfounded, more to herself than to anyone in particular.

After a moments silence Baron Pehlam turned to Thomas, "You are the new King," he said as realization sunk in.

"Long live the King!" announced Sir Conrad loudly, falling to his knee's in front of Thomas, as he did so the other nobles and the pageboy all followed suite.

"I am the King," Thomas repeated to himself, a smile playing across his face as understanding dawned on him.

"God save the King!" hailed the three nobles and the page.

Thomas looked quite a sight, sitting there in bewilderment with the front of his pants hanging open, his shrunken and spent cock glistening with Lady Valeria's saliva. It was an auspicious crowning indeed.

Thomas's smile turned into a wide grin, "I am the King."

To be continued...

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