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Prince Charming Ch. 05


Hey everyone,

Thank you for being so patient with my slowness on this one. I've been very busy with my real life (remodeling, my job, etc.). I didn't mean to keep everyone waiting. This is the ending of part one of this story. I think there is still more to tell and that will happen as soon as I can but it might be a while. I'm not going to post anything until I know I have time to finish it, though. I don't like making people mad:( So here is the last chapter of Prince Charming...for now.


Chapter Five


An Ending for Now

Tommy ran, faster than he ever thought he could run, back towards their dorm room. He hoped like hell that Nick was there, he hoped even harder that Nick was alone. The thought of the other day, when Nick had kissed that boy right in front of him. He'd not understood at the time why he felt like his body was imploding on itself, why he'd run out and puked in the trees in the back of the building and spent all night sitting on a bench in the quad, crying and shivering and wishing he could scream, wanting more than anything to run back up the stairs and tear that dumb boy out of Nick's arms and yell mine!. Oh, he understood now for sure. There were no problems there.

How could I have been so fucking blind?

Now, the only thing Tommy could see was Nick's smile, feel the way that muscular warmth curled around him when they ended up in the same bed. He heard Nick's laugh and most of all, oh, most of all he felt that kiss. That one amazing, magical kiss that changed Tommy's world. He'd tried to push it down, tried not to feel it again and again when the image had jumped unbidden into his mind. But it was there. Nick's kiss had imprinted itself on Tommy's body and Nick himself had wrapped his way around Tommy's heart until he finally saw what had been right in front of him the entire time. Love.

I love him. And not like a friend, certainly not like a brother, but love him, love him. For real. I want to crawl into his skin and stay there, wake up with his taste on my lips, I want to never ever feel again like I do right now. Like I might have lost him for good.

Tommy's head reeled. He rounded the bend where he could finally see the windows of their dorm. His eyes lifted to the top floor, the room on the right corner where there was usually a dim light on no matter how late. The room was black. Shit, I'm too late!

He slowed to a dejected walk, eyes never leaving the darkened window. It seemed like a sign. Failure. Nick was gone, maybe with that boy, maybe with someone new. Gone. Tommy's heart wrenched in his chest. He picked his pace up to a slow, sad, jog, just wanting to be in his room, in his pajamas, feeling sorry for himself.

If he'd been paying any attention to where he was going, he probably wouldn't have run blindly into someone jogging in the opposite direction with a resounding thud and ended up sprawled on his ass on the sidewalk. Like the night could get any better. And then he looked up and it did. Thank fucking God.

"Nick? What--" Tommy couldn't finish the sentence. His voice clogged in his throat. Nick. There was no one in the world Tommy would rather see.

"What are you doing here, Tommy?" Nick sounded like he was halfway between laughter and concern.

"Coming home from the dance. What are you doing?"

"Coming to look for you."

Tommy thought he must have jarred his head when he fell.


He might have imagined it but it seemed like Nick deflated a bit. Tommy hopped up and went to put his arms around his best friend, but then remembered that Nick might still be mad at him. Nick solved that by reaching out and pulling Tommy close for a long tight hug.

"I'm sorry," he whispered in Tommy's ear.

"No. I'm sorry. I didn't mean all that dumb shit that I said. I was the jealous one, not you. I could tell Chase was after you and I wanted--shit. It doesn't matter any more."

Nick looked at Tommy sharply. "Why? What happened at the dance?"

"Nothing. Like, literally. Nothing. Chase is an asshole just like you said. It doesn't matter, though. I don't care. Nicky..." Tommy reached up and dragged the pad of his thumb down Nick's cheek. "I've been such a idiot."

"No you--" Tommy put his fingertips over Nick's lips.

"Yes I have. Seriously. I--" Tommy didn't know what to say. It was too soon, too scary, he was just realizing how much he felt for the beautiful guy in front of him. He leaned his forehead against Nick's chin. "I'm just so glad you don't hate me."

Nick lifted his face up so they were eye to eye. "I'll never hate you. I love you. We're family, right?"

That was enough to make Tommy lose control. He hated crying,

hated having Nick see him all broken and shaky but the utter relief that came with those words had undone him. "Love you too, Nicky. I'm sorry." His shoulders trembled.

"Nothin to be sorry about. C'mon, T. Let's go home."

That got a small smile from Tommy. "Not home for much longer, right?" He was happy that he could look forward to moving into their house again.

"Not for much longer," Nick agreed with a smile.

* * * *

It was sweltering, hot, god-awful East Coast summer and Nick hated it. He longed for the cool breezes of the California coast, wished he could step outside without feeling like he was getting hit with a wall of humidity. But that wasn't the worst part about the summer that never seemed to end even though it had just begun. The worst part, the part that tortured him, was the watching. The watching was killing him. And he couldn't bring himself to stop.

Tommy had taken it into his head right after finals were done that he needed to fix their yard. It had become slightly overgrown in the months that the home had been on the market, and starting with the afternoon that Tommy had come home with a new lawnmower and some simple yard tools wedged into the back of his car he'd been out there day in and day out bringing their yard up to his standards. Nick would help sometimes, but he got the impression that it was something Tommy really wanted to do on his own, so a lot of the time he just sat back and watched. He watched as Tommy dug and weeded, mowed and edged, planted and grew tanner and more muscular as the summer went on.

His hair had gotten hightlights--and the real kind, not those ridiculous stripes that came from a bottle. His skin had taken on a golden hue, and his shoulders and torso, while still slight, had well defined curves and planes from all of the work he'd been putting in out in the yard. Sometimes Nick wondered if he needed to wipe the drool from his face.

But he didn't get Tommy. There was something up with his boy and Nick, for the life of him, couldn't figure out what it was. For a while there after the night of the dance, Nick thought that things had gone back to the way they always were between him and his roomate. It took him a while to notice that there was something different. Before, Tommy would smile and laugh and hop on top of Nick like it was no big deal. The cuddling had been part of them. It was different though, since they'd fought and made up. Tommy still touched him, still came and sat close to him on the couch, but it was...tentative? Like maybe he wasn't sure if it was still okay. Nick tried to be as reassuring and touchy as he could be without telling Tommy right out that he'd be just fine with it if Tommy wanted to get naked and hop right into his bed. Shit. Not the kind of thought that led to watching Tommy in the yard and not getting a hard on.

Nick wriggled down into the cushion of one of their new lawn chairs and tried to concentrate on the book he was reading. He still wished he know what was going on in his best friend's pretty head. Soon, though, the sun and the heat and the effort of focusing on his book made his eyes close. Eh, might as well close my eyes. Watching Tommy all the time isn't helping anything.

* * * *

"You are such a lobster!" Tommy giggled.

They were sitting on the couch watching TV. Nick had slept on the deck chair longer than he'd planned without any sunscreen and was paying the price royally. He felt hot and his skin was tight and sore.

"You could've always woken me up, you know."

"I didn't know you were asleep. I had my music on and was all zoned out digging holes for those maple trees."

"Fine, fine." Nick smiled anyway.

They sat there for a while in quiet, watching Clone Wars cartoons

and basking in the breeze of the fan. Tommy was doing it again--sitting close and halfway cuddling but all hesitant like they were still fighting. Nick decided he'd had enough.

"T, what's up with you? You've been acting weird for weeks. We're cool, you know that right?"

"What are you talking about?" Tommy's big eyes went innocent and wide.

He was so full of shit. Nick saw past it in a second. "You know you're acting weird. Good try with the innocent look though."

Tommy blushed but he scooted closer on the couch and wrapped himself around Nick like he always used to. Nick hugged him back and trembled. Since Tommy had stripped everything off except his cargo shorts, he got to run his fingers over the bare silky skin of Tommy's back. Nick shuddered again, loving how good it felt to touch him.

"Ugh. Only you would get to touch me in this heat" He grumbled, trying to cover up his obvious shiver.

"Is this okay? Do you want me to move?" Tommy went to shuffle away but Nick tightened his arms.

"No, don't move. I've missed holding you."

Ever since they'd had separate bedrooms, Tommy hadn't gotten

into his bed in the middle of the night. Nick did miss it. He hadn't meant to confess that out loud though.

Tommy made a happy grunting noise and wriggled closer. "I've

missed it too." His fingers snuck up under Nick's shirt and ran along the waistband of his shorts.

"Tommy?" He whispered. The question came out like a breathy moan.

"Yeah?" His hand slipped around to cup Nick's hip, followed by a leg slung across Nick's thighs and lips nuzzling his neck and...Oh my god was that a lick?

"Wh-what are you doing?"

Tommy sucked gently on the curve of his neck. Nick's whole body burst into shivers.

"I'm showing you what was wrong with me."


"Have been going crazy. I thought it was only me until just a few minutes ago. It isn't only me, is it?"

Nick shook his head slowly, reeling from what he was pretty sure Tommy was trying to tell him.

Tommy shifted until he was straddling Nick and he could sling

his arms over Nick's shoulders. He leaned forward and brushed his nose against Nick's, back and forth soft and sweet. Nick couldn't take the teasing. He cupped Tommy's hips in his hands and pulled him closer then slip them up his back, loving the texture of Tommy's skin and how his touch made Tommy's breath catch. Their noses brushed again, he could feel Tommy's breath on his face, fingers in his hair, the touches teasing, so close, but...ohhhh. The soft brush of lips against his shot through his system like velvet lighting. Nick moaned and tightened his fingers on Tommy's hips.

"Nick, you gotta tell me now if this isn't what you want. I'll stop." The words were mumbled against his mouth between kisses.

"No stopping." Nick brought his hands up to cup Tommy's head, scratching gently at his scalp. Tommy shuddered and parted his lips, tentatively licking out and tasting Nick.

Yes, yes, yes!

The kisses were sweet, tasting, nibbling, brushing, touches that made Nick want more. Fuck that. He needed more. Needed to dive in deeper, to keep kissing Tommy forever. But when did everything change?

Don't ask questions, moron, just go with it.

But when they separated Nick found himself talking, the words coming out unbidden.

"When did it happen, T?" He paired the question with a kiss. Couldn't help it. Tommy sighed against his lips.

"I don't know. Always, maybe. I've never wanted to touch anyone

else all the time like I do with you."

"Not even Chase?" Nick couldn't help teasing.

Tommy chuckled and shoved at Nick. "Shut up," he mumbled

turning pink. "That was...I don't know what that was. Ridiculous?"

Nick chuckled, able to laugh at it since it was over. "Yeah. It was pretty ridiculous." He leaned his forehead against Tommy's again.

"I guess Chase was...just Chase. He was hot, totally unavailable and therefore safe as a distraction from wanting what I thought I shouldn't want."


Tommy gave Nick a tender kiss, slow and full of emotion. "Couldn't? I don't know. You're my best friend, my roommate. I was allowed to notice how gorgeous you are but other than that, guess my brain put you off limits." He smiled. "Except for the touching. Couldn't help that."

"Don't worry. I wasn't complaining."

Tommy trailed a light touch down Nick's arms until he could twine their fingers together. Nick shivered. He couldn't help the odd feeling that perhaps he was dreaming. Only the return of Tommy's lips to his, the physical, tangible connection made everything feel real.

"So what now?" Tommy's question was quiet, like he was afraid to ask.

"I guess that depends on what you want. I want you. I have for a long time."

"I want you, too, Nicky. I mean, I-I love you. I don't know what happens when you fall for someone you already loved as a friend. Or maybe I always loved you as more...I don't know." He giggled. "I'm babbling aren't I?"

"Am I making you nervous?" Nick was both flattered and dismayed.

"A little. More the situation than you, I think."

"T, it's just me. And the feelings might be new, or at least newly noticed...but us? We're just like always. Kiss me?" Tommy leaned forward and parted his lips, tasting Nick, winding their tongues together. The kiss was long, deep, deliciously emotional. It left them both breathing hard and grinning. "See? We fit perfectly, don't we?"

"Yeah, we do."

"So what now?" Nick repeated Tommy's earlier question.

"Um, now I get to kiss you whenever I want?" Nick nodded. "And

you come to the fourth of July with me up at the cape?" Nick nodded again, smile growing. "And--

Tommy was interrupted by the startling ring of Nick's phone. "Shit." He started shuffling them around. "Lemme turn this thing off." He reached in his pocket and silenced the call before settling Tommy back on his lap. "Where were we?"

"Deciding which bedroom to sleep in."

Nick grinned and went for a kiss, only to be interrupted by his phone ringing again, insistent and frustrating. He laughed and went for his pocket a second time.

"God this thing drives me nuts!" He was still smiling until he noticed the name on the caller id. "Shit, it's my house. I better answer."

* * * *

Tommy stood in the baggage claim, waving at Nick who'd just given him his tenth, no make that fifteenth, kiss goodbye. A heart attack. The phone call had been Nick's housekeeper calling to say that his father had a heart attack. He was in stable condition but Nick needed to go home and see him in the hospital.

"Call me tonight, let me know how he is."

"I will, T." Nick came back and enveloped Tommy in one more long hard hug. "I don't want to go."

"It's your father, Nicky. You go make sure he's fine, then come up and meet me at my grandma's house for the fourth."

He was leaving for the cape straight from the airport. It would've been weird to be in their house without Nick even if they had yet to spend the night in the same room together.

He missed sleeping in a room with Nick. Really missed it.

Sometimes he lay awake at night trying to hear the sounds of Nick moving around in his room across the hall. A few times he'd even been out of bed and creeping across the hallway before he told himself not to be a jerk and just go back to bed. Moron. He could've had Nick weeks before, instead of prancing around with his shirt off hoping Nick would make the first move. Now he was going to have to wait again. Sit up at the beach with nothing to do except count the days until Nick was his again.

"I'll be there. Wish I was going with you today."

Tommy grinned. "If you weren't leaving for California, we wouldn't be on the road to my grandmother's house tonight."

Nick's sunburnt cheeks flushed even pinker. "Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for you to look at me like that?" He groaned. "The injustice..."

"Hey, I'll still be here when you get back and I'll be looking at you like this the second you pull up to the cabin, and when you kiss me again, and the first night we get to really be together, and--"

Nick cut him off with an exasperated kiss. "I've gotta sit on the plane for hours. I can't have that picture in my head, it'll be torture."

"At least it would be some interesting inflight entertainment." Tommy knew it was all he was going to be thinking about during the long drive to his grandma's.

"T? There's something I gotta tell you before I go." Tommy's stomach plummeted.

"Please don't say you have a boyfriend at home."

Nick smiled and cupped Tommy's face with his free hand. "Nope. Just one boyfriend. Right?"

Tommy's stomach fluttered happily. Nick was calling him his boyfriend. "Right." He couldn't help the grin that spread across his face. "What is it?"

"It's not a big deal. It's just my fath--"

"Flight 674 non-stop to Los Angeles is boarding now. Last call." The announcement came over the loud speaker.

Nick's eyes popped. "Oh, shit! I've gotta run or I'll never make it to the gate."

"What were you going to tell me?"

"It's nothing. I'll tell you tonight." Nick leaned in, gave him one more quick kiss, and took off running for his terminal.

"Love you," Tommy whispered to Nick's retreating form.

* * * *

The drive to the cape was long, only about two hours in reality, but all Tommy could think about was Nick and how much he wished they were together that night. He wasn't sure exactly how much that 'together' would've entailed. He knew what he wanted for sure. God, he wanted it. Had for weeks--a whole lot longer if he was honest with himself. He wanted their kiss from that afternoon with nothing in between them, no clothes no awkwardness, no misconceptions. Just them. But he'd have to wait.

Tommy pulled up to his grandmother's cabin around ten. Cabin was a pretty loose term for the nearly six thousand square foot sprawling seaside home. He'd always loved coming there when he was a kid, and even though he wished he could be driving up with Nick by his side he did feel better just being somewhere where he was so comfortable. Since his father died, this place had been more of a home then the house he shared with his aunt and his cousins. The only thing that had eclipsed it was the little house he and Nick were making their own. Nick again. Tommy wondered it he was going to make it ten minutes at a time without thinking of Nick. It was only going to be a week or so before he saw him again. Hopefully. It would seem like forever.

* * * *

Nick stood in the door of his father's hospital room and tried to talk himself into going in. He didn't want to. At all. Melanie, the woman his father had been seeing for a year or so sat in one of the hard plastic chairs next to his bed. She'd been reading a magazine but it had slid to her knees when she fell asleep. Poor lady looked exhausted. Nick liked Melanie, a whole lot more than he liked his father actually. He wondered if she was waiting for a ring from his father. It wasn't going to happen. Michael Logan was way too protective of his money. He'd always said one marriage was more than enough.

"Mel," Nick whispered. She woke with a start, the magazine that had been propped on her knees slid to the floor.

Blinking sleepily, she arched her back and stretched her arms over her head. "Hey, Nick. When did you get in?"

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