tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrince Gyllen Ch. 04

Prince Gyllen Ch. 04


Gyllen had woken up on an exceptionally lovely morning. Strong sunlight was breaking through the curtains and birds could be heard singing to one other outside from the window. As he sat up in bed, stretched and yawned, a rap at the door was heard. Gyllen quickly got out of the comfortable confines of his bed, threw on a gown and opened it to be greeted by Rob.

"Good morning, Prince Gyllen, sir!" The soldier said with a salute and a red hue forming around his face seeing his beloved master still undressed for the coming day.

"You know you don't have to call me 'prince' or 'sir', Robert. Especially after what we did last night." Gyllen giggled. "Anyway, what did you come see me for?"

"There's a woman at the gate. She claims to know you." Robert answered. Gyllen had a pretty good guess on who it might be.

"Is she a goblin named Min?" The prince asked.

"Well, I'm not sure about her name but she's definitely a goblin. Are you somehow acquainted with her, m'lord?"

"I am if she's who I think she is. Bring her in, I'll be changed in a moment."

"We can't, sir..." Rob gulped. "The king imposed a rule that non-humans can't be within the palace walls unless it's under some sort of special circumstance."

"Oh, blast Father and his foolish, outdated rules!" Gyllen went to his wardrobe, picking out several articles of clothing. "If she can't come and see me then I'll go and see her."

"I mean no offence, my liege, but what if she's an assassin just waiting to shank you once you get in reach?"

"I'll be fine. Besides, I'll have my big, strong soldier with me, won't I?" Gyllen winked over his shoulder as he was fetching his garbs. Rob blushed even deeper.

Gyllen had quickly gotten himself in presentable order wearing his typical high-class, expensive garments and walked alongside Robert to the castle's grey, stone wall. Behind the iron portcullis was a familiar green face, Min Fe, wearing her typical cheap, sleazy clothing and having an argument with an elderly guard.

"Look, there he is now." Min said to the sentry, indicating Gyllen approaching. "Oi! Prince Pussy! How you doin'?

"How dare you refer to the prince in that manner! You'll be strung up in the town square by tomorrow afternoon!" The bouncer angrily took hold of her arm.

"Let her go, Bestefar." Gyllen said through the gate.

"But, sir, she..."

"Let her go immediately. I know this woman." Gyllen interrupted the old soldier.

"Yes, sir..." Bestefar loosened his grip from Min's miniature limb.

"Thank you." The prince smiled. "Now would you please be so kind as to raise the gate."

"I'm sorry, sir, but the King Platina has..."

"I am aware of my father's laws." Gyl interrupted once more. "I wish to exit the palace in order to discuss important matters with this lady in private."

"But, sir...!"

"I am also aware of my mother's rules. I'll be five minutes if even that. An escort will not be necessary."

"Understood, sir..." Bestefar grumbled and ordered an apprentice soldier to work the winch to open the portcullis. Gyllen stepped forth to greet Min.

"Won't be a mo', Gramps." Min said to the old man before taking Gyl's hand and walking with him into the city.

"Bloody monsters..." Bestefar muttered under his breath though Min's keen pointed ears picked up on it. She flashed him a quick two-finger salute resulting in an even more pissed off expression on his face.

The two were soon out of ear-shot of any snooping soldiers and took refuge on a bench just outside a local park. Min had to jump up in order to sit on it.

"I must apologise for the speciesist attitude of the majority of the palace staff, Min." The prince said to his goblin companion.

"Ah, don't worry about it, Goldie. You get used to it in this city..." Min solemnly said. "Anyway, I just wanted to tell you me and me mates are havin' a little get together tonight in me room. I was just wonderin' if me favourite royal trap maybe wanted to hang out with us bad, scary monsters?"

"Oh, I would be delighted!" Gyllen squeed. "I don't think I've even been to a party that wasn't for a relative before."

"Yeah, I have all sorts of fun stuff planned. Just remember to wear yer disguise. Loads of make-up too."

"Yes, yes, I know." The prince reassured her.

"It's at eight, alright? Don't forget." Min jumped back down to the ground. "Cheerio!"

"Be seeing you." Gyllen and the goblin went their separate ways. Gyllen arrived back at the castle walls and somebody was waiting for him at the bottom of the steps leading to the main entrance.

"Gyllen!" Queen Helio called to him, still wearing her bedtime clothing and her black hair in an unbrushed mess. She flung herself into her son with open arms, holding him close to her being as if to shield him from something. "I woke up with the most awful feeling that you went out by your lonesome! Thank the gods I was right! What were the guards thinking about letting you leave with no bodyguard?"

"For Odin's sake, Mother! I'm fine!" Gyllen spent the rest of the morning convincing his doting parent that no harm came to him in the short time he and Min were chatting.

The clock ticked ever closer to eight. Gyllen donned his usual disguise and applied his artificial complexion by himself for the first time. He had seen his sisters do it countless occasions in the past without any assistance, how hard could it be? After all, if Kobber can do it, anyone can. He was steady with his fingers as he elongated his lashes, reddened his lips and rouged his cheeks. The prince admired his appearance in the mirror, making flirtatious, kissy faces and batting his eye-lids in a seductive manner to get into character. Goldie was ready to hit the town once more.

Gyllen was a professional at sneaking out the castle without a problem by now. With his trademark cloak hiding the embarrassing clothes underneath, he found his way into the Monster District, tried his best to avoid direct eye-contact with the locals and found Mrs. Hertz's Boarding House. He opened the door and was met by the friendly landlady sweeping the entrance.

"Oh, hello, dearie." She welcomed him. "Here to see Ms. Fe?"

"Yes, madame. Is she in?"

"Yup, her and five of her friends all packed into that tiny room. Do me a favour, dearie, and try not to be too loud with whatever it is you youngsters are doing."

"I'll relay the message, madame. Have a nice night." Gyllen walked up the stairs.

"Such a polite, young woman..." The ogress said to herself.

The prince struck the door to Min's room lightly with the back of his knuckles.

"Come in! It's unlocked!" A recognizable, feminine, lower-class accented voice said through the wood. Gyllen turned the knob and entered the chamber. Upon walking through the frame, the first thing Gyl saw were five tall, muscular, handsome, green men. These were orcs.

"'ey! she actually came!" One of them said.

"Damn, honey! You lookin' fiiine." Another spoke.

"Oh, hello...!" Gyllen greeted the group before recalling their faces, flashing back to his first blowjobs. "Weren't you all at the pub when I...?"

"We most certainly were, love." A third answered Gyllen's question before he could even finish his sentence. "I'm surprised ya even recognise us. I thought all 'umans 'ad a 'ard time telling us apart."

"Ah, no, of course not! You all have very unique looks." Gyllen said in a fluster.

"Aw, she's so sweet. 'Course, your cock-suckin' left us all 'ungry for a little more." The fourth said.

"Yer gonna be my first 'uman pussy, Goldie!" A fifth said, chuckling to himself.

"W-w-wait, I thought we were just going to have a party!" A flustered Gyllen said.

"This is a party! What else would it be?" Min said, sitting on her bed behind the gang of men, almost out of view. "Lemme introduce ya! This is Abe, Ben, Chad, Dean and Earl." She continued, pointing to each one in turn as she said their names.

"Min! Could I please have a quick word with you?" Gyl bolstered his way through the orcs to grab Min's arm and drag her to a corner of the room. He squatted down to whisper: "What the Hel have you been telling these people? Have you forgotten that I'm not actually female?"

"Look, Gyl, these guys have been buggin' me about seeing you again ever since our night at Khuuli's. And bein' the good friend that I am, I decided to hook them up with you."

"That's not the point! My reputation will be in ruin if they know my secret!"

"What reputation?" Min said. A significant blow was struck on Gyllen's pride.

"'Ow long are you girls gonna keep us waiting?" Abe spoke up. "I've 'ad a stiffy all day thinking about this!"

"Just let me handle everything, okay?" Min patted Gyllen on the cheek. The prince nodded and stood back up to face the five orcs, waiting for how Min was going to deal with this.

"Okay, boys, Goldie here is a little self-conscious about her body." Min started to speak. "She wants to know what you think of...this!" All of a sudden, Min had gotten her little, lime paws up Gyllen's skirt and yanked down his black, silk underwear to his knees. There was a long, awkward second of silence that seemed to last five minutes. Gyllen's heart sank. The orcs were shocked. Min just smiled deviously.

"She-she-she's got a thingy!" Ben finally broke the silence. "She's a bloke!"

"It's not very big but...!" Chad said.

"You sick wanker! You sucked me dick and you were a man all this time!?" Earl spat in disgust. "Fuckin' faggot...I'm leaving!" And with that Earl deserted the six others, slamming the door behind him.

"Eh, I never really liked him anyway." Min stated. "Anybody else have objections?" There was another quiet moment.

"...Not really to be 'onest..." Dean stated.

"Yeah, me erection hasn't gone down for some reason." Abe added.

"I think I'll make an exception for 'im..." Ben declared.

"Exception? I think 'e's made me bi!" Chad spoke.

"See, Goldie? All worked out in the end." Min slapped her friend gently on the bum.

"That was luck and you know it!" Gyllen responded.

"'ey, is it just me or does 'e look a little familiar now that we know 'e's a boy?" Dean asked the rest. Gyllen gulped, afraid that they finally figured his true identity.

"Yeah, actually, now that ya mention it..." Abe scratched his small scruff of a beard on his chin. "Blue eyes...blonde 'air..."

"It's Prince Pussy! I saw 'im in a parade once!" Ben shouted. Gyllen panicked and screamed inside his mind. He was frozen to the spot, his eyes staring into space. This was it. His life was virtually over. He got premonitions of his father disowning him, news spreading through the kingdom at an alarming rate of his cross-dressing antics, becoming the laughing stock for future generations, the history books will label him as 'The Harlot Prince'. What was he going to do?

"My gods, you're right! 'e's the prince's doppelgänger!" Chad stated. Gyllen snapped out of his trance upon hearing the orc state that he wasn't Prince Gyllen exactly but just a look-a-like. "'e's identical!"

"I get that a lot!" Gyllen blurted out followed by some nervous laughter doing his best to keep up the charade that he merely resembled the nobleman. "Me? A prince? That's just ridiculous! Royals don't do this sort of thing." Everybody else chuckled along.

"'e's a funny one. Funny and gorgeous, it's a good combination." Dean said. "But 'ow's about you use that mouth o' yours for something other than giggles now?" The orc loosened his slacks and took out what could only be described as 'monstrous' (Or 'non-humarous' if you want to be PC like Gyllen). A titanic, green sausage had been brought into Gyllen's sights, hanging low from Dean's crotch. Circumcised, fat, and a bunch of tightly curled hairs formed around the base, leading into a trail that went up to his navel. Gyl drooled slightly from the corner of his mouth, walking towards Dean without even thinking, his panties still around his legs and squatting down in front of the orc. The shape of his butt was well-defined from this position in his constricting garment. Gyllen took the penis slowly and carefully in his hands, holding it upwards and sticking out his tongue to lick the length of the underside a couple of times, getting it stiffer with each complete cycle. It was quite sweaty and even smelled a little but this just turned on the closet-slut like crazy. Blood was beginning to flow into the prince's own prick as he took the tip of the phallus into his hungry mouth, sucking on it like a sweet treat as he worked his mouth forward. The glans made contact with Gyllen's uvula to make him cough but forcing himself to take it just a little bit further into his gullet before taking it all out for a quick breather, leaving a coat of red lipstick over it. However, that was short lived when another equally large orc cock began to poke against his cheek.

"I'll just be buttin' in for a quick suck if ya don't mind, Goldie." Abe said down to him.

"Hoy! I'm not done yet, Abe!" Dean yelled at his friend.

"Boys, please! I can handle the two of you just fine." Gyllen said before looking at the two large dicks side-by-side and adding: "...I think." Gyllen took hold of Dean's shining, slabber-smothered penis in his small, white hand and fapped the orc off as fast as his arm muscles would allow on right side. At the same time, he had begun to consume Abe's own genitals, bobbing his head back and forth on the shaft, getting a little deeper than he did with Dean and using his tongue more to circumnavigate the bratwurst's girth.

"Me too, Goldie, me too!" Ben had butted his way inbetween his fellow orcs. Yet another cock was pointing at the prince's head. Gyllen sighed and and slurped away from Abe's newly crimson-tinted dick, leaving a saliva string connecting it with his mouth and soon filling his gob up again with a different piece of orc man-meat.

"The things I do for my subjects..." Gyllen thought in his mind as he swallowed the member. The prince also gripped Abe's cock, not wanting him to feel left out and jerked him off in time with Dean's. The prince was now servicing three men all at once and it was giving him quite the workout. Sweat formed on his brow and his lips made a funnel shape over Ben's penis, pumping away at the two other shafts, looking up with his big, blue eyes to see their reactions to his techniques, happy to see they were enjoying themselves as much as he was.

"I'm next!" A fourth voice said from behind. Chad was standing behind 'Goldie', masturbating his equally impressive dick by himself.

"Not a chance! Gold's already got 'er fill." Dean said to his friend.

"Come on!" Chad moaned. "Are you sure, Goldie?" Gyllen just shrugged in response. He was too preoccupied to give a proper answer. The prince then felt something pull on his luxurious hair from the rear and proceeded to get wrapped around something which would not take a detective to deduce exactly what it was.

"What are you doin'?" Abe laughed. "First time I've seen somebody get off on 'air."

"It's very smooth and soft..." Chad said. "I can get into this!" Gyllen's locks were his pride and joy. He has spent countless hours in front of the mirror with a brush to perfect his golden strands, painstakingly hand-washing his shining fibres almost daily and having expert Platinian stylists trim his mane. He was traumatised that somebody would just stuck their love-muscle into his graceful threads.

"Whatever happens, I hope he doesn't ejaculate into my tresses!" Gyllen thought. "Dear Gods, I'm being treated like a common whore...I mean, I AM dressed like one but still..." As Gyllen was getting played with in the four cardinal directions, somebody let out a large cough somewhere in the background.

"Hello? Aren't you lot forgettin' someone?" Min said, lying on her side atop her miniature bed. Her shorts had been discarded to the floor and she plugged her vag with her ring and middle fingers whilst observing the homosexual shenanigans playing out. "Chad, in the name of Donar, look at yourself! You're shaggin' fur!"

"But I really wanted to try Goldie..." Chad complained.

"Oh, I'm not good enough? Get over here, ya big whinger!" Min responded. Chad reluctantly let go of the gold strings, letting them fall from his shaft as he went over to Min who sat straight up as he approached. She immediately started to suckle on his cock, expertly servicing it with a mixture of her hands and mouth.

"Okay, that's enough." Ben declared, tearing Gyllen's mouth from his phallus with his hands on the side of the prince's head before quickly going around behind him and lightly pushing him onto his stomach. Gyllen nearly took down Dean and Abe with him as he was still keeping a firm hold onto each of their cocks. Gyl landed on his elbows and knees with his bottom raised slightly into the air. His skirt had automatically ridden up a little on his round, bubble butt to expose his cheeks with his testicular pair hanging below.

"Ow...what was that for?" The prince questioned.

"You almost made 'im rip our dicks off, Ben!" Dean griped.

"Look at that arse!" Ben said, ignoring the complaints of his friends, giving the prince's derrière a rough spank making it jiggle and its owner yelp. "Admit it, you've never seen an arse as good as this on a woman."

"Hey! I heard that!" Min said in the background, mouth half-full with Chad's member.

"Got any slime, Min?" Ben asked.

"Alright but you're paying me later." Min reached over into a drawer, pulled out a tube and threw it to Ben who caught it in his palm. He unscrewed the cap and twirled it around in his fingers, holding it upside down and squeezed on it. The lubricant oozed from the bottle's opening and formed a glob on Ben's middle finger. The olive digit then poked against Gyllen's puckered hole, sliding its way into the cavity as Gyllen whined and winced with it entering into his rectum.

"Don't tense up. Relax." Ben consoled the prince who took a deep breath before Ben reached as far as he could go with his pointer, twisting and turning it inside to cover all of the area inside, the anal walls sucking tightly on the appendage before the orc withdraw it then crammed on the container some more to ooze out some more of the translucent goo, this time getting a good dollop on his hand and using that to grease up his penis. Ben then cupped Gyllen's royal buns with his large mitts, using his thumbs to spread apart 'Goldie's' anus and propping his dark green knob against it.

"Ah! Please be gentle!" Gyllen said as he felt the big, warm bulb touch his lower entrance. "It's my first time taking anything in my bottom."

"Heh! been a while since I 'eard somebody use the word 'bottom' unironically" Ben chuckled to himself. "You're so cute, Goldie."

"Hang on, what about the slime I gave you the other day?" Min said to the prince. "Didn't you get shagged in the arse then or what?"

"Actually, I was the one taking charge so to speak..." Gyllen responded meekly

"Wow, you actually found a bigger sub than yourself?" Min raised an eyebrow. "I'm impressed."

"Don't worry, babe, I'll do it reeeally slow to start with." Ben assured.

"Oh, thank you very much, Mr. Ben." Gyllen replied.

"Gods, so well-mannered too. I love it!" Ben slowly moved his hips forward, not unlike what Gyllen did with Robert, and stuffed the princely rectum.

"Oooh! This feels weird!" Gyllen whined as his back-door was broken into. Ben thrust in and out of the cross-dresser, loosening his arsehole slightly so it could accommodate his big orc-cock.

"Fuckin' Hel! Goldie's way tighter than Min!" Ben exclaimed, huffing as he shagged Gyl.

"Because Min takes too many big dicks up her arse." Abe added.

"Is this just 'Slag Min Day' or something!?" Min said with a pissed off look for once. Gyllen was used to seeing her so cocky all the time that it was quite humorous to see her get annoyed so easily. She was lying on her back, awaiting for Chad to invade her cunt with his throbbing meat-stick.

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