tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrince Gyllen Ch. 08

Prince Gyllen Ch. 08


Let us turn back time a little, back a a couple days prior of the ending of the last tale to the night of Princess Jern's return to Platina. Queen Helio had uncharacteristically fled from her dinner without so much as a reason other than the need to "lie down". The dinner guests were baffled to say the least. Gyllen had sent for Robert to go and see what ailed Her Majesty and tried his best to calmly resume his meal, finishing off the last drop of his wine from his chalice. Pasiphaë the minotaur took note and promptly poured the prince another cupful.

"Ah! Please, Ms. Pasiphaë!" The prince protested. "One serving is more than enough to satisfy me. I am a tad of a...oh, what's the word...lightweight."

"Ah, a couple more won't kill you!" The minotaur insisted with a smile before refreshing her own goblet.

"Well...perhaps just one more couldn't hurt..." The blonde mumbled before he brought it up to his face, interrupted on the way by Pasi clinking her own container against his with a "cheers" before sipping the contents.

A couple of hours passed. Robert came back to update the prince on his mother's status though he could scarcely recall what was reported by the following day. Gyllen mainly just quaffed cup after cup of fermented grape juice, slightly buzzed as he slumped in his seat while eavesdropping on Jern's stories to Kobber. They seemed to be fairly unbelievable and exaggerated tales of heroic deeds and high adventures. Just how many handsome damoiseaux in distress one could ever rescue from dragons or evil wizards or whatnot within the timespan of a year. Still, the vivid descriptions she was giving of the many fantastical sights and landscapes she saw on her travels enchanted Gyllen.

Maybe it was just the current effects of the alcohol but the prince quickly began yearning to escape from the tiny island he inhabited and see the rest of the world while he was still young rather than spending his newfound adulthood within the the confines of the capital, anticipating the day that a wedding between himself and a princess he never met from a kingdom he had never heard of and shipped away faster than you could say: "Don't get a vote in this?" And that's if he was lucky. The realisation of which depressed the prince. He sighed, putting an elbow on the table with his head in his hand, keeping a firm hold of his chalice in the other as his eyes watered up. However, not a single tear fell. He sniffed and wiped his eyes on the sleeve of his robe and his despair quickly became determination. Clenching at the stem of his cup with a sudden look of conviction appearing on his cute face, Gyllen made a mental vow then and there: "I will go on an adventure to satisfy me for a lifetime!"

With conviction set in his heart, Gyllen experienced minor appeasement for a time as he pictured vistas of unspoilt green meadows, shimmering desert, an endless blue ocean reflecting the sun in the cloudless sky, etcetera, etcetera despite the young fool not even knowing the first thing about international travel. Still, the dream was enough for him at the moment as he grinned wide with his hazy, tipsy eyes. By the time he had returned from running lengthy simulations of these journeys in his head, he had saw that nearly all of the guests had left, including the three sisters and the minotaur female.

"Gods, how long was I daydreaming...?" He thought to himself. Many remaining orc warriors laid face down on the tables, snoring loudly after having too many to drink while the few ones still half-awake were still sipping away at guzzling at the last few drops of remaining ale in their mugs. The band was still performing although their tunes had became more slower and more subdued to compliment the dwindling celebratory atmosphere. It took the blonde a few notes to recognise the composition.

"Oh! I love this song!" He announced aloud, turning behind him to see the ever loyal Robert behind him, leaning on his pike, bored and tired from his uneventful duty. Uneventful until the prince spoke to him, that was. "Oh, Robert, darling~!" Gyllen becked him over. The guard quickly stood to attention, pretending he had been the entire time, as the prince addressed him.

"What is it, your grace?" The handsome soldier inquired.

"May I have this dance?" Gyllen requested in his groggy state. Robert blinked in bewilderment.

"B-beg pardon, sir?" The bodyguard asked, unsure if he heard the prince correctly. The trap did not vocally answer but stood away from his seat and held onto Rob's wrist, dragging him along to the centre of the hall with him, dropping his spear in the process with a loud clatter on the stone floor. Gyllen undid the straps of his helmet in a precision like manner, displaying his proficiency in stripping armour from a person since his time meeting with Min. He placed the headgear on a table before leaning in to peck Robert on the lips, unabashed that they were both in a public area with people watching.

A brief cultural lesson for you. While not against Platinan law, interest in the same sex was still considered to be something of a queer subject. Who knows how many citizens were afraid to come out of the closet in fear of non-acceptance from their friends and family. It was hardly ever even acknowledged outside of the more seedy, sleazy nooks and crannies of the country such as the Monster District where such things are slightly less taboo partly in thanks to the mixing pot of varying cultures and beliefs from all over the world.

A non-heterosexual royal, on the other hand, was unprecedented .And to top it all off, having a lover being somebody of common blood would rarely ever be approved of. Do not let those fairy tails where the pauper marries the princess or, in this case, prince. Such stories barely ever really happened. As a result, the semi-romantic relationship that had blossomed between Gyllen and Robert since their shared bath-time had been kept in the utmost secrecy. They have seen each other a few times since that night, usually when Gyllen was unable to make it to the Monster District and his cravings needed to be satisfied. Robert even had his share of turns topping. He was quite the natural at it too, able to hit all of Gyllen's sweet spots without much hints. Definitely somebody to keep around.

Yet, their shagging felt a little different compared to when Gyllen did it with orcs and gnolls. It was not exactly "better" yet he felt immensely more joyous when he did the dirty deed with Robert. Though the prince had never had a proper suitor prior (Thinking about it, Min was probably the closest thing) he was certain that the feelings he had for Robert was genuine love. Even without the sex, he looked forward to just being in his company and hearing how his day was. Mundane everyday events to most but to Gyllen, these were his insights into a more humble life that he desired. Who knows? Maybe he will just elope with Robert far, far away and live the rest of their lives as simple farmers.

At the same time, however, Robert had no idea of 'Goldie' and his adventures among the non-humans. Rob was sweet and all but, most of the time, the prince just desired something a little more hardcore that poor, sweet Robert just could not provide. Is it really cheating if they are not officially dating though? Gods know. What Gyllen does know is that Rob might not be too keen to find out the source of his affection was taking centaur cocks up his arse behind his back so he conveniently decided not to make any mention of the sort in their talks.

At the moment, he did wish to be together with Robert. The physical contact was comforting. It was not just the alcohol talking although it is what had given him the sudden burst of confidence to display their soft spot for one another so openly. Gyllen guided Robert's right hand, placing it onto his waist, a tad closer to his arse than was normal, which the soldier kept a firm hold on before the prince placed his own left mitt on Rob's shoulder.

"Gyllen...I don't even know how to dance...!" He whispered to the blonde. The two interlocked fingers with their hands and the prince was already tugging him along the floor in time to the tune.

"Just follow my lead." Gyllen replied. "One, two, step! One, two, step! One, two..." The prince mumbled the timing to himself, trying not to trip over his toes in his drunk state.

"'ey! Ain't that Jern's li'l bruvver?" One of the shit-faced orcs slapped his friend to rouse him awake to see the couple before them.

"Naaah, ya idiot! That's like Kobber or somethin', innit? I mean she's dancin' wiv a bloke an' all." The even hazier one slurred out.

"I 'spose...but I could swear Kobber wasn' blonde.."

They continued like this for several more songs. Robert was even starting to pick up a few moves towards the end but his endurance into the wee hours of the morning could only last so long. Robert had to do quit a bit of convincing to the intoxicated prince for him to be let go to rest for the evening, having to practically yank his hand from Gyllen's soft grip. The blonde was less than happy that his secret boyfriend would up and ditch him while still having a couple more songs left in him but with a wave of a hand he dismissed the guard though not before leaning in to give him a quick kiss on his unshaven cheek, to the witness of a few passed out soldiers and the band running low on steam, resulting in a sly smile from the prince's side and a blush face from Robert's. Excusing himself, the masculine guard left down the main corridor. Gyllen stumbled forward back to his table to finish his last droplet of wine before deciding to turn himself in for the night. The teen prince swayed from side to side as he fumbled his way to the exit, opening up one of the big wooden doors yet neglecting to close it behind him once he was out into the courtyard.

Gyllen faltered north-east towards the spire that housed his bedroom to rest his weary head for tomorrow, humming an off-key tune to himself that he had waltzed to earlier in the evening but before he opened the entrance to the tower, the blonde could hear a faint noise coming from around the curved walls that sounded a little like water slowly trickling from a bucket down onto the stone floor. Naïvely, the boy peeked behind the obstruction, squinting to see what the source of the noise was in the limited light of a nearby mounted torch. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could make out a large vaguely humanoid lump down low on the floor and hunched over, facing away from him. They seemed to be female with darker skin than that of a typical Platinan and with curls on auburn hair falling down her back complete with a pair of ivory horns glittering in the flame's glow. Even with his mind muddled with drink, it did not take long for Gyllen to deduce that it was Pasiphaë. Wondering what she was up to so late, the prince approached her as quietly as he could manage before whispering out into the silent air:

"Ms. Pasiphaë...?" The bovine woman turned her head over her shoulder with a jolt.

"Great Hera, Gyl! You gave me a fright!" She chuckled. "Eh...you caught me at a bad time, honey..."

"Why? What is it that you're doing?" The curious boy asked moving closer towards her to see why exactly she was in the position she was in, before she even had the chance to protest, to see a glint of a thin stream shooting out from between her thighs and piddling on the floor to form a puddle between the cracks of the cobble. "Ms. Pasiphaë! Are you urinating on the palace grounds!?" Gyllen exclaimed in shock.

"Well, I did say it was a bad time..." She defended herself somewhat with a shrug, not stopping her peeing in the slightest when talking to the prince. " I couldn't find any toilets. This castle is too damn big! So I thought I would do it in the corner somewhere out of sight...guess it wasn't as good a hiding place as I thought."

"Well, I suppose the latrine is a little out of the way..." Gyllen started, watching Pasi wee before him reminded him of how much wine he drank himself during the festivities as he felt his bladder began to hurt with the need to micturate. "Would you...do you mind if I urinate here too...?" He asked. It made a lot more sense at the time with his drunk mentality. Pasiphaë looked up towards the inquisitive blonde's face with a puzzled expression that turned into a naughty smile.

"...Sure." She answered after a short pause.

Gyllen started to lift up his blue robes away from his bottom half before tucking them into the sash tied securely around his hips. Pasiphaë kept an eye open to the side, watching the oblivious blonde as he stuck his thumbs into the waistband of white, tight-fitting birches he wore beneath his gown along with his undergarments. He slowly pulled them off his pelvis, uncharacteristically unabashed when his prick was brought out into the open as though the voyeuristic minotaur remained ever observant to his nudity, sucking on her lips with fervour from the lad's psuedo-strip tease. Once he has brought his trousers to his knees, showing off half of his smooth, light-skinned legs, the prince squatted himself in place. His pecker dangled between his legs with his rotund arse hovering just above the stony ground, Gyllen was more a sitter rather than a stander when it came to taking a leak and even when there was not a proper water closet available, he opted for this position. Maybe it was isolation from other boys his age that he never found out the more masculine way to piss. In any case, the teenaged royal relaxed himself and began to pee, the flow of golden liquid trickling out from the tip of his foreskin covering his cock. A small pool of yellowish secretion taking circular shape underneath his overhanging behind, having to slide his feet out of the way to avoid his boots from being stained.

The human boy and the bovine woman continued to wee in silent unison for a few more seconds, the only sounds being the tinkling of water against water. Gyllen, for whatever reason, then turned his head suddenly to the side, recalling that he was in the company of another. Another that just so happened to be extremely buxom. Then, as if by reflex, the prince's gaze shot down her curvy figure to catch a glimpse of the bounty betwixt her legs even if it was mostly covered by a carpet of deep red curls. In an instant, the virile boy's dick ceased its emission and shot up straight, the glans peeking out from the slightly pulled back prepuce. Gyllen's slowed reaction time meant he did not initially acknowledged his erection. In fact, it was until Pasiphaë commented on it, seeing how she was mutually gawking at the prince's exposed privates that he took full notice.

"My, Prince~!" She started in a sultry voice, just when finishing up her own toilet too. Turns out that Pasiphaë was doing a similar thing to Gyllen, eyeing up his thin frame just as she was finishing up her wee. "Isn't that a little improper for a noble~?"

"Oh, Gods! How embarrassing!" Gyllen declared, quickly trying to cover his shame using his robe though was prevented when Pasi gripped onto his wrist.

"It's fine...I don't mind~" The minotaur female flicked her finger on his sensitive sex, causing the prince to flinch while letting out a soft yelp, a small drop of pre-cum to fly from his urethra onto the stone floor underneath followed by a giggle from Pasiphaë.

"Adorable~" The older woman sighed out before she strongly gripped her hold around the tender shaft of the lad without warning followed by an unnerved squeak from the sheltered blonde.

"Pasiphaë..." He would groan out. Of course, by this point, being pleasured by another's hold was nothing unusual for the prince at this point though this time he was outside of his 'Goldie' persona and in awe at how daring the minotaur was to do such a thing to the prince of a kingdom. No doubt in thanks to her extensive alcoholic consumption earlier in the evening. Of course, it was also thanks to Gyllen's similar inebriation that he was letting her do it without much protest...well, part of the reason.

"This is what we call a handjob, Gyllen~" Pasiphaë hiccuped, speaking down to the prince in a patronising tone.

"Yes...I am well aware, Ms. Pasiphaë..." The effeminate teen sighed out while the minotaur slowly stroked on his shaft, his eyes closed and his face in a state of relaxation despite his legs shaking with nerves.

"Oooh, naughty, Prince~!" Pasi winked. "Where did you learn about it then?" She made small talk with the noble trap.

"Um..." Gyllen frantically looked around in an attempt to change the subject so he did not have to explain the time Min demonstrated her double-pawed pepper mill technique on him. Eyes drawn to tits "My, Ms. Pasiphaë! Those are a lovely set of breasts!"

"You've got a good eye, lad~!" Pasiphaë laughed, holding up her udders from the underside, lightly squeezing on them to put on a short show for the golden-haired prince. Gyllen was engrossed with her ginormous globes before he noticed a trickle of white liquid escape from out of one of her nubs, his eyes following it downwards across the mound in silent astonishment that the bovine female was beginning to lactate. The minotaur could feel her milk travelling across her flesh, looking down to confirm her suspicion.

"Oh, dear. Looks like I've gone and sprung a leak again~!" She exclaimed in a half-joking tone, intentionally squeezing on her tit harder to allow further fluid to pour forth. "You know, they say minotaur milk can sober you up~"

"They...they do?" Gyllen's face shot back up to Pasi's, his blue eyes lighting up.

"Erm...not really...still want to try?"

"Gladly!" The prince eagerly said. As soon as the second syllable exited his mouth, Pasiphaë pulled the lad towards her, resting him back-first across her bent knees as she remained in her crouched position. Gyllen's arms clenched across his chest as he rested on the non-human's lap while a massive mammary loomed over his head. Gyllen did little but just keep his look fixed at its volume, intimidated by its presence. After all, he was mostly accustomed to a pair of goblin tits. Min may have been relatively busty for her height but she had nothing compared to what Pasiphaë was rocking.

"Something the matter...?" The minotaur asked with a pout as the prince had not yet begun to start suckling on her.

"Ah! No, no! It's just...well...it's so big! I'm not too sure on how to handle it..." Gyllen responded resulting in a chuckle from Pasi.

"Just let Mama handle everything~" Pasiphaë reached one hand around the back of Gyllen's head and pushed it into her pillowy chest with a surprising amount of finesse and accuracy for one so drunk as the blonde's mouth was connected directly onto her hardened, dripping nub the first time. The noble trap's tongue tasted a lingering droplet of the bovine female's milk and discovered to taste quite similar to cow's milk though a little sweeter compared to that. In fact, it tasted so nice that Gyllen found himself starting to suck on the nipple, tugging at it with his lips and rolling his tongue around to sample more of the flavour. Pasiphaë let out a moan in reaction to the prince starting to nurse on her nipple. "You're a hungry little tyke!" She would say just as Gyllen reached up with one arm to squeeze his paw onto the fat orb to allow even more fluid to flood his maw, quenching his non-existent thirst.

The prince's lower half was still bared save for his birches hanging loosely around his ankles and exposed to the chill night Platinan air though it was still fully upright and twitching from his arousal that came with drinking from Pasiphaë's bosom. The bronze-skinned woman took notice of the poor penis being left unattended and, having sympathy for it, wrapped her palm around the phallus, gripping tightly onto the length. As proven in the past, the minotaur's strength was second only to Captain Jern in their squad so needless to say that it was quite the powerful, vice-like hold. She squeezed and tugged on on his cock roughly, unaware of the levels of muscle she was using in her jerking motions thanks to her being intoxicated, making Gyllen wince in partial pain, primarily pleasure, whimpering and groaning into Pasi's bust at the same time she was pleasuring his prick.

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