tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrince Gyllen Ch. 12

Prince Gyllen Ch. 12


Let's rewind time a little from the end of the last chapter, back to when Min and Gyllen just split up their separate ways to scour the shore. As you may recall, Min went rightwards whereas Gyllen headed left. Let us take a quick gander at what she got up to by herself while the prince was entertaining a certain scylla. She was walking across the warm sands at her own easy tempo, periodically taking indiscriminate glances over her shoulders to keep herself savvy on the ponytailed blonde's increasing distance until he was completely out of sight, becoming just another body lost in the crowd. An impish smile adorned the female's face.

"Ace! With Goldie outta me hair, I can have a bit a' fun without his naggin'!" Min thought to herself, continuing her stride a few extra metres to be on the safe side, her wobbly parts persisting to wobble without a constraint. In the mean time, the goblin woman took the opportunity to subtly scout the smorgasbord of gorgeous human hunks of all shapes and sizes tanning their toned, shirtless figures or perhaps working up a sweat hitting a ball to one another over a net between them further up the beach or even resurfacing from the sea after a brief dive, dripping with water.

Her unfiltered glee aside, Min was also feeling an air of unease, able to sense many of the loungers' eyes trained on her as she passed them by. Normally, she would have been ecstatic over being spotlighted like this yet something inarticulate was off about the attention this time. "Somethin' tells me these guys aren' eyein' me up jus' for the T n' A...come t' think a' it, I haven' seen any other monsters about 'sides from the mermaids. Guess folks 'round here don' see other species too often. Hel! Might be their firs' time seein' a goblin in the flesh! Hmm...'spose that leaves me in a bit a' a moral jam...do I try t' give a good impression and show 'em that mos' goblins are not much different from themselves? Or do I risk warping their views on me entire race forever with the vile acts I am cravin' t' carry out? Shit, is this even a debate? Vile acts fer life! Jus' need t' put me plan into action..."

Min took a minor turn in her stroll and was now heading towards the ocean. Her green toes left imprints in the wet sand the closer she got to the water's edge while the foamy tide ebbed and flowed and faintly plashed underneath her feet. The red-haired woman's focus was then directed down to the ground, intently combing along the surface for something very particular.

"C'mon, c'mon...there's gotta be one somewhere..." The goblin girl would mutter to herself until she very nearly stood onto the very something she had been seeking: a freshly marooned jellyfish, transparent, pale blue in colour and half-buried in the sand with its fibres trailing towards the sea where it had drifted from. "Perfect! All I gotta do now is get in position..."

Min swivelled her neck from left to right, taking in a quick survey of the vicinity for anybody who might have still been eyeballing her. Luckily, it appeared the initial awe of her appearance had worn off as all the beach patrons she could spot had gone back to minding their own businesses. It also helped that she found herself semi-isolated from any other individuals by a generous margin. Without further delay, the shortstack dropped down onto her right-hand side facing upwards the shoreline, resting on an elbow while shifting her feet close to the beached blob but taking extra care not to actually make contact with it. Once she determined her pose seemed authentic enough, Min let out a large wail of artificial anguish that pricked the ears of anybody possessing functional hearing within her radius. It did not even take a second attempt before a small collective of curious males crowded around the diminutive emerald woman who just screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Please, kind sirs, I was jus' havin' a lovely li'l swim all by me lonesome then that horrid creature came outta the blue and stung me right on the back a' me feet!" Min wept as she looked up to the faces of the pack, crocodile tears welling up in her crimson eyes as she indicated the inert jelly by her lower end. Of course, the cutesy, helpless damsel act was merely that: an act to entice a few studmuffins over to her. She had a hard time keeping it up whilst holding back any devious smirking from materialising on her features. "I can barely stan' up now, never mind walk! Oh, won' ya help a poor girl out...?"

Despite her award-worthy performance, all the goblin was greeted with in return were expressions of uncertainty from the males. It was not until hearing some foreign mutterings amongst them that she realised the snag in her scheme.

"Oh, bollocks...I forgot...I don' speak Gaulish..." Min puffed her cheeks, feeling rather stupid about the whole attempt now. "Well, back t' the drawin' board..." She was about to give up the game but was halted from moving back to her feet by a single voice speaking up.

"Um...you are from Platina, oui?" A man asked, taking a step forward. He was tall, even by human standards, and possessed a short, dark haircut along with a little beard patch on his chin. His trim, bronzed physique was brandished without reserve as a pair of white shorts were the only clothing currently worn on his person. "I speak some Platinan...zough your dialect is a little unusual. I will do anyzing I can to help zo please feel free to just ask! I can even translate to ze ozers for assistance too if need be." Min's oculars fired up with zeal once more when this fine specimen of a man emerged forth from the solar glare like a guardian spirit. The gods must have been smiling on her that day.

"Oh, thank ya so much, mister!" The goblin broke out into a gleeful grin, nearly ruining the illusion before switching back to the pained façade at the speed of thought

"A quick question 'owever." He said. "You said you were just 'aving a swim, yet 'ow are you bone dry?"

"Erk! I was...er...it was a really quick swim!" Min ad-libbed a bluff. She knew she skipped a step somewhere in the stratagem and quickly changed the subject. "A-anyway...this is gonna sound a bit weird t' ask for... buuut I've heard urine works wonders fer jelly bites!"

"Quoi!? You are not suggesting that I relieve moiself onto your leg, are you? In front of all zese people no less." The human chuckled with a detectable tinge of unease. "Besides, I have 'eard zat is a common misconception."

"Yeah, well, we don' know 'till we try, eh?" Min responded, her limited patience running thin. "'sides, you did say you would do ANYthing to help, right?"

"Z-zat is true..." The man stammered. "But at least let me carry you somewhere more private first."

"You kiddin'? There's no tellin' how much it's gonna take 'fore it starts feelin' better! Better just do it right here, right now where the others can get easy access." The goblin rebuked. "Now 'less ya got a better idea or an empty bladder, get yer cock out and start peeing on me already! 'cept, a' course, yer too scared t' whip it out in front a' these guys 'cause they'll make fun a' yer length?"

The human male's apprehensive look instantaneously morphed into a slightly lesser apprehensive scowl upon being taunted. He spoke something in Gaulish to the rest of the huddled men. Min speculating he was relaying the predicament to them as it was followed up by a couple additional oversea utterances and a few laughs. There was a further beat of indecision from the now red-faced human as he grasped the hem of his trunks before shutting his eyes and tugging them off his crotch in a flash before he had a change of mind. His decently hung member swung loose once bared, the hairs at the base of which had been tidily pruned and a pale outline of his shorts was shaped around his pubis from where his tan did not reach.

Min's peepers were trained on the cock as it swayed before its owner halted it still by his hand, aiming the pink head in the general direction of the goblin's heels. Min chewed on her lower lip, trying her hardest to stifle her smile while she could feel her heart thump against her sternum. Just as she was starting to suspect he had been overcome with a case of stage fright, a stream of yellow fluid sprinkled from his dick's tip and spattered over the goblin's feet while letting out an exhale of alleviation. Warm liquid dribbled onto and between her toes, darkening her green flesh and being absorbed into the sand beneath as it trickled off. Sooner rather than later, however, the man came towards the end of his piss, the golden flow dissipated into its last droplets as the male was now left with hard-on in his hold that increased its longitude by an inch or two.

"Z-zorry! I do not know 'ow zat 'appened!" The human stuttered in regards to his spontaneous boner, his features now even more flushed.

"That's alright. I'll take it as a compliment!" Min winked to him after licking her lips in reaction to his titillation, taking pride in the assumption that she took a part in assisting him discover one of his untapped niches.

"Ah, m-merci...!" He responded with a wavering grin, pulling his trunks back up, adjusting his erection in an effort to make it seem less conspicuous though only succeeding in altering it from a vertical oblong lump to a horizontal oblong lump. "Zo are you feeling any better yet?"

"Me feet feel fine now but I think me legs are startin' t' go numb! The venom must spreading through me body! Quick! Get the next bloke over t' take a piss on 'em! In the meantime, jus' stand to the side and have a wank or whatever."

At the red-head's behest, The first man sidled out of the way for the second handsome human in line. This one was far more eager, already having his bottoms down before he was even in place, and considerably more endowed than his predecessor. Before she knew it, the goblin woman was feeling the second volley of steamy urine splattering against her left leg's knee as it laid atop her right before the torrent started to progressively journey upwards to her thigh, leaving a glittering trail on her lime skin in its wake before switching course, now heading closer towards her ankle. When the waste-water reached her shin, Min rolled herself over onto her belly, resting on her forearms as her emerald buns were fully displayed, hanging out from her bathing suit, the right cheek having some sand stuck to the surface.

"Make sure ya get both a' 'em covered, love~!" The goblin cooed, not wanting all that plentiful pee to be wasted on just one lone limb. Though he probably could not interpret her words, he did seem to decipher the meaning behind her switch in form as both legs received the same thorough treatment along their brief spans several times over with his leakage, reaching the ends to deal a mild tickle to the soles of her feet and rising as far up as to be able to drench her buttocks with a glossy sheen, washing them free of any granules. The strip of red bikini material situated in her rear's cleft got caught up in the hail as collateral, darkening in colour as it was dampened while a shallow puddle of piss built up in her thigh gap just below. After her bottom fraction had been substantially deluged, the second human's spritz petered off at last and was able to curb his stimulation to a mere half-mast before putting away his manhood. "Gods, ya mus' like yer bevvies, mate!"

"'ow are you feeling now, mademoiselle?" The first male asked, discreetly pawing at the protrusion in his swimming gear while he observed.

"T' be honest, I'm gettin' a sort a' tingly feelin' in me face and chest." Min fibbed. "Better do those too jus' t' be on the safe side. I think it'll hafta be a two-man job fer this one."

"But of course~" The human responded with, a hint of sarcasm heard even underneath his heavy Gaulish accent. Min had the suspicion that he had already caught onto her little pantomime by her fluctuated attitude a while ago and was only humouring her at this point yet the goblin persisted in playing along regardless, having far too much fun to drop any pretence just yet.

"I shoulda been an actress..." She contemplated, spinning herself back around, sitting upright on her glazed bottom this time instead of lolling on her side. She leaned back on her hands and outstretched her feet forwards. It was then when she saw the handful of volunteers had expanded without warning, growing roughly triple, maybe even quadruple, of its original quantity with more inquisitive humans drawn to the amassed assembly by the minute, a couple of which could be seen with their penises already whipped out in preparation for the chance of having a go with the goblinoid. It was not exclusively men who had been added to the cluster either as Min was able to discern a number of women scattered amongst the throng, few visibly fascinated by the spectacle, most ostensibly repulsed yet unable to avert their eyelines for how much of a brazen exhibition the whole scene was.

At the goblin's request, two more males were directed towards her to serve as her nurses for the following indeterminate duration: a clean-cut, fair-haired, older gentleman and adorable, brown-haired, youthful fellow. They posted themselves on the left and right to the crimson-irised female respectively, primed their proportionate phalluses in-line with her before easing the inhibition from their bladders to commence their sprinkling. The blonde started out excreting over Min's face, blasting the space square 'tween her eyebrows with his steamy, lemon-hued downpour dispersing across the rest of her features from the impact to her forehead. The goblin fastened her eyelids closed to avoid any stray urine droplets stinging her oculars.

The hazel-headed boy began to wee not too long after, landing smack dab into her generous cleavage space, clapping in contact with her thorax with the fluids seeping inwards and running down the cushiony valley to drip off once the opposite end was reached. Min brought her mitts back around to elevate her orbs from below, squashing the pair together, allowing the liquid to well up in the minuscule depression created by the compression before quickly overflowing, trickling down the front and outer sides in streams, soaking the flesh and the red straps that concealed her increasingly stiffening nipples.

With her perception provisionally blocked, the goblin's other senses were accentuated as a result. The most prominent feeling was the touch of ceaseless thermal golden showers from two distinct sources on differing parts of her figure, bathing solar rays while the wispy waves advanced and receded to a wavering tempo around her thick posterior parked in the moist sand. It was accompanied by the sounds of tinkling piss, the sea's tide, the squawks of the skyward gulls and the distinguishable gabble from the audience ringing in her pointed ears. Even the concentrated scent of pee, repugnant to many, only served to work in tandem with the other two senses to fuel Min's paraphilia to its pinnacle.

The green-pigmented female titled her head in a manner that had the lighter-haired man's yellow brook now directed to her lips. She unlocked her eyes to watch the male's urinating manhood and his reactions at the same time she widened her mouth, granting the sultry streamlet entry to grace her tongue. The sharp, bitter flavour of the urine battered her taste buds as the fluids were fleetly filling out her cheeks. The goblin gurgled the liquid, letting volume level steadily rise in her yawning maw until it was just shy of spilling over the brim, when she started to gulp it down as fast as it was coming.

Seeing Min quaff down the wee like it was apple juice, the darker-haired lad's flow ascended from her breast to her neck then eventually to her face. The goblin felt the drizzle pattering against her right cheek and was able to spot it within her peripheral vision, turning her head around to disengage from drinking the blonde's pee and meet with the other company present.

"Guessin' yer wantin' a shot too, pal?" She said after what remained in her gob had been guzzled down. She situated her agape mouth in the spout's path, providing the boy with the opportunity to deposit his waste-water down the goblin's thirsty gullet. While Min was occupied sampling the other male's piss, the blonde began to explore other spots on the non-human's skull via his sprinkle, targeting her fiery half-cropped hair in particular and saturating her tresses. Min barely batted an eyelash at this, as fewer things in this world possessed the ability to inflame the filthy goblin's passions quite like being used as a living urinal.

The emerald female cupped her sodden boobs, kneading them with her palms as aggressively as she knew she could handle, struggling to momentarily satiate the need to toy herself down below. She revolved her neck back to the left, stopping midway to compromise the span to her gob between the two men. The fair-haired male did not even require an instruction to redirect his flow to her maw. Min was now gargling down on both golden downpours blending together in her mouth, having difficulty to swallow it all at the rate they were filling her cheeks. Without a shred of guilt, the goblin then slipped the scarlet straps away from her bosoms to pinch and pull her deep green nubs just as if she was in the privacy of her own room.

The spectators hollered in unison, being the first flash of nudity seen from the odd, little, lime-coloured girl since she stepped foot on the sands. Seeing this, the two men reckoned it to be an invitation to douse her bust, instantly rerouteing their spouts from the goblin's freckled face to hose down her chest instead, taking a breast each and aiming for her sensitive, erect nipples in particular. Min shut her muzzle after it had been abandoned by the synchronised drizzles, tipping her head down to look ahead once again with cheeks ballooning with residual pee which was promptly scarfed in a scant two or three swallows.

The goblin woman smacked her lips after quenching herself and took a much-needed oral inhale for oxygen whilst rubbing the diverted piss currents into her supple mammary flesh, meticulously glossing every last square centimetre on the surface of her spheres over with smears of the yellow fluids up till the pair of streams dwindled away. A few leftover drops were shaken from their members and added to Min's already thoroughly marinated frame. They took their unceremonious leave yet the sopping goblinoid still had unhatched intentions tucked up her proverbial sleeve.

"Oi, Pierre! Me cunt needs some servicin' now." She barked to her interpretor. "Send another over me way, fast like!" The green shortstack was already clutching and furiously massaging on the bikini fabric between her thighs with her fingers and palm in agitation.

"Mon nom est Basile..." The Gaulish native corrected her. With a half-hearted hand signal and foreign call without even looking to see who he had directed it to, a slim girl with black, shoulder-length hair in a white two-piece swimsuit earnestly approached the goblin female to everybody's, especially Min's, astonishment.

"Now this should be interestin'~" Min conjectured just as the human woman was already standing over her with feet planted on either side of Min's legs, pulling her blanche bikini bottoms aside to expose her naked, freshly shaved slit above the stubbier girl then spread her labia with her fingers as to not hinder her urethra. "H-hey, hey! Hold yer hippocamps for a mo', sister!" Min loudly objected to the hurried procedure. Unexpectedly, the human seemed to have understood her, or at least grasped the broad meaning behind her facial expressions, hand motions and tone of voice as she staggered backwards before she was able to begin weeing.

The goblin pulled aside the band that concealed her crotch, following it up by bowling herself onto her back and then up on her shoulders as the rest of her miniature body below the collar shot up straight into the air while her elbows on the ground and hands on her lower helped her hold the acrobatic posture. The taller girl was positively perplexed by the unpredicted gymnastics spectacle at first but after Min bent her stubby legs towards her face and separated them far to the sides to flaunt her furry, glinting cunny, her reasons behind the manoeuvre became a little more clear.

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