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Prince of Dragon Riders


This is my first story that I decided to post. Looking for feedback good or ugly just so long as it is honest. Not a lot of sex yet, more of plot then anything. I have the first 13 chapters done but am editing them one by one because each time I read them I find flaws. Anyways, enjoy and be honest.


A loud knocking echoed throughout the room. The young Prince rolled over as it sounded again. "Enter" he yelled. A young squire entered and bowed his head low.

"Breakfast is ready prince Maek. King Ademes has requested your presence this morning." While his head was still bowed not wanting to look up, his face starting to turn red from what he was hearing coming from the bed.

"Is that all?" The prince asked. His voice sounding annoyed with his breath becoming heavy.

"Yes, your Highness." The servant said while bowing his head.

"Leave then." Was mumbled as the prince pulled the covers over his head.

The sound of the door closing with a thud followed by giggles from under the covers. "So you think that is funny." The prince's voice said in a cheerful voice.

"Yes." A females voice continued to giggle from under the covers "Should I stop then your Highness, so you can eat?"

"Do continue" as he pushed the covers down revealing his naked body. He stared down at and took a deep breath as he saw blue eyes staring back up at him. He smiled at her as she lowered her head back down on his throbbing cock. She drew her tongue up in long licks on the underside of his cock a few times. She noticed the shiny drop of precum. He closed his eyes as the warmth of her mouth began to spread over the swollen red head of his cock. The sounds of her sucking filled the room as her head bobbed up and down with an increasing pace. He felt her hand cup his balls and gently pull on them, a moan escaping his mouth. He laid there with his breath becoming more heavy until he threaded his hands through her blonde hair and suddenly pushed her head down, pushing himself into her throat while he thrust upward. Her eyes shot open as she felt the warmth from his seed in her throat and she began to swallow, not able to breathe. He finally released her head and she gasped for air.

"I assume that was more to your liking?" She asked as she squeezed his cock from the base up, pushing the remaining cum from his cock. She took him in her mouth again and sucked what she had milked from him removing her mouth with a pop from his cock.

"Yes, yes it is. I wish I could wake up to that every morning" he said as she began to crawl besides him. She nestled in beside him and felt his fingers cup her left breast. He began to massage it and her nipple hardened. He pinched the nipple and it hardened even more.

Looking to their right she asked" Better then what she gave you?" As her eyes locked in at the dark skinned elf snoring besides them. Her lips turning upwards and face scrunching at what she saw. She knew the elf was attractive except for the long ears but didn't like the thought of another woman bringing pleasure to the Prince

"Some day you two will have to compete and then we will know once and for all, perhaps a tournament when we joust" He said smiling at her. "I think that everyone will enjoy that tournament especially myself" He added when she smiled back at him.

"When is the princess returning" her smile leaving her face again.

"Today before lunch.". He mumbled with his eyes closed.

She let out a long sigh. "I wish she was postponed so we could spend more time together." Her hands began to roam on his chest. She felt the powerful muscles under his skin as her hands slid down his stomach and found his flaccid cock. "Or delayed forever."

"She was not delayed and will not ever be spoken about as you just have." He stated his hand grabbing her wrists. "Do not let your jealousy get in the way of your thinking."

"I kno..."

He put his hand up stopping her "I will have you taken to the dungeon if you do not remember your place. She is to be my wife and one day the Queen." He said quickly while pushing himself up out of the bed.

He began to dress as she watched him. His body much larger then her's. His muscles could be seen moving under his tanned skin. His wide masculine chest narrowing to his torso. Not a bit of fat on his body but none of his muscles to huge. As he turned she saw his strong legs which ended in his cute butt. His back rippled with muscles. She felt herself become moist and her hand reached down between her legs as she rubbed herself.

"Never forget that you are a peasant and that is all you ever will be" he said while she jumped from being startled and stopping what she was doing.

"After being humbled with your presence all night I forgot my place my lord." She meekly said bowing her head.

He turned and left through the door, almost having to duck as he was over 6 foot 2 inches in height. "Clean up before you leave and use the rear tunnel." He said pulling the door as he left.

She slammed her tiny fist into the soft pillows as a tear began to form in her eye. She continued to beat her fist into the pillow bouncing the bed and waking the elf.

"Girl, you are so stupid." Another females voice said in a firm voice. "He is of royal blood and not even most of the Nobel's are fit to be wedded to him."

She looked over as the elf as her fists clenched in rage. "Shut it Nadith before I..I..I." Her voice trailing off to a sob. She threw herself down into the pillow and inhaled deeply. His scent still strong and fresh on the pillow which only brought more tears to her eyes.

"We are serfs, that is all we are and all we ever will be." Nadith said rising from the bed and stretching. Her long black hair braided behind her hair almost so long that it touched the crack in her butt. She stretched her legs one at a time the firmness of them showing.

"It just feels so right when he holds me." She sobbed raising her head from the pillow. She laid the side of her face down and took several more deep breaths.

"We are not the only females he has held before and will not be the last." The elf said softly as she tossed a brown dress to Rachel. "And I do know what you mean. "A smile appearing on her face." He is so handsome and excels at everything especially when it comes to a females needs."

Both giggled at this. "Besides you know as does everyone else that he is a dragon rider and once married the dragons and riders bind their souls together and the dragons souls bound as well."

Rachel watched the elf, her 5'10" slender body taller then her own. She wished her breasts were as small as the elfs as they were always hurting her back. Although hers not huge they did seem to get in the way while working and she often wondered what having very small breasts would be like. She then ran a finger over her nipple which was still sensitive.

"I am a dragon rider as well so we could be wedded." Rachel said in a whisper. "Although I am a brown dragon rider and he is a blue dragon rider so what would his dragon see in mine."

She let out a very long sigh before pulling the dress over her soft body. She stood up and slipped her feet into her sandals adding another half inch to her small 5'5" height. She pinched her nipples through the rough fabric and let out another sigh. She then straightened her dress and began to mess with her hair getting the knots out.

"I guess we should go back to the forge and fields and" her voice was cut off as a loud boom sounded followed by her body being pelted by rubble. She fell backwards from the force of a few large pieces that had hit her.

Picking herself up she heard several other loud booms. She glanced at the wall and saw a rather large hole. She quickly looked around and finally found Nadith's broken twisted body. She heard another boom, loud as the first one as she let out a loud shriek before collapsing on the floor her left leg feeling like it was on fire. She looked down and saw blood flowing from where her knee used to be. Darkness closed in as she heard the alarm bells sound in the distance sounding an attack and everyone to arms.

She had awoken once when she had felt someone pick her up. She saw the Prince's face and wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her on the cheek before she blacked out again.

"Kellenn" the prince screamed out. "Help!"

A Paladin came running to the Prince. "Sir it is not safe to be in the Palace right now."

"Then take her to the infirmy at once Kellenn." He yelled back. "Protect her the same as you would protect me."

"My place is beside you." Kellenn shouted back to overcome the sounds of yelling and people running as he took her lifeless body from the Prince's arms.

"You there, guard." Kellenn said nodding at a large brawny male. "Carry the royal concubine to the infirmy at once. Do not leave her side!" While shoving her body into the hands of the guard. The guard looked surprised and confused.

"NOW!" He yelled. The guard started to run down the hall and disappeared.

Turning on his heels Kallenn ran after the prince he had sworn to protect 20 years ago when Prince Maek had entered the world. Himself a young paladin at the time at 18 years old.

He caught up to the prince and led him to some stairs and opened the door. "Down, now." He said forgetting the formality that the prince was due.

He closed the door behind him and ascended behind the prince. "Go left when we are out of the tower, the armory was destroyed so we have to go around it."

Once in the great lawn both the Paladin and Prince ran from the palace to the middle of the castle. They stopped when they heard the bells ring announcing the attack was over.

"Let's go to the outer wall." The Prince said in a commanding voice.

"As you wish."

The Paladin lead them to the outer wall and up 4 flights of stairs. Reaching the top he saw many of the archers still having their arrows held in their bow.

Looking out the Prince shuddered. He saw miles and miles of bodies of humans and elfs with many green bodies throughout his people.

"Orcs." He hissed through his teeth.

"Yes your highness." Kellenn replied his voice broken at the site he was seeing. "Their tribe banner I do not recognize."

A gentle wind carried the smell of blood and the sounds of wounded men pleading for help from the battle field. "Send out a search group and rescue any survivors." The Prince said in a stern but disgusted voice.

"Your highness, we should refer to your father first. He has no doubt already issued an order but the orcs are not far away and they may wait for us to lower the gate to rescue the wounded before attacking again."

"You are quite right my old friend." The prince said while slapping Kellenn on the back. "You prove yourself wiser again."

They headed towards the palace the prince noting how much damage had been done to the castle. Arriving they went straight to the war room. Approaching the doors they saw the royal guards posted already. The royal guards separated when they approached and bowed their heads. Entering by himself the Prince closed and locked the doors behind them.

"It is a relief that you are alive and unharmed, your highness." He heard.

"Kellenn has much to do with that Marquis Saetha." The prince replied. "How many nobles did we lose?"

"We lost 15 Nobles. 13 Barons and Baroness and 1 Viscount." Baron Adwaer quickly said while bowing his head. "Unknown how many Knights and peasants at this time."

"You said 15 Nobles but only gave a count of 14."

"He spoke wrongly, Maek." As King Ademas's deep voice echoed in the chamber.

"Then who was the fifteenth?" The Prince asked noticing how his fathers eyes looked heavy.

A few minutes passed before the Prince asked again, this time annoyed.

"The last was royal." Marquis Saetha said very quietly. "It was Queen Tiria."

The war room was silent as the Prince took this in. He ran to his father who held him tightly. Trying to fight the tears that he felt forming from within. He buried his face in his fathers shoulder, no longer able to keep them back.

"Everyone out now." The King commanded. "Do not go far, And send for Princess Fianna!"

As the doors closed The King tightened his grip on Maek and held him while the tears poured down both their faces. Neither could talk both found comfort in holding each other. A wife to one, a mother to the other and the Queen for all was no longer with them.

A knock at the door broke them from their embrace a short while later.

"Enter." The King yelled out. As the Prince let go of his father.

Kellenn and Edmond entered. Both paladins had sworn to protect the royal family. As they both took a knee in front of the King and Prince it was Edmond who spoke first.

Princess Fianna is unaccounted for still your Majesty."

"We are sparing no one in the search for her." Kellenn said. "She was last known to have taken a horse from the stables earlier today. No doubt to meet with Princess Ramial in her journey to the castle in preparation of the union"

They both stayed on their knee and bowed their heads. Neither swayed or even flinched a muscle while waiting orders as to what needed to be done, their breathing remained calm from all their training.

"Arise you two, you would do more good to search for the Princesses instead of being here. The royal guards are at the door so we will not be needing your services for some time." The King said in a broken voice. "Send the nobles back in here in ten minutes."

"Yes, your Majesty." Both Paladins said in unison as they rose and headed out the door.

"We need to compose ourselves." The King said to his son. "We have to maintain confidence in the nobles or everyone will panic."

"Yes Father." Maek said as he took his seat to the right of the head chair. They both spent a few minutes drying their eyes with linens. The King seated himself just before everyone began to enter again. Waiting for everyone to be seated the King called for a servant.

"Have wine and food brought up at once. We will be here for awhile." The King hesitated then added "Have the Head of Arms sent here as well."

When the servant left everyone began talking at once. This continued for awhile until the Head of Arms entered the room and the King yelled for everyone to be quiet. No one spoke and all eyes were directed towards the head of the table.

"Have scouts sent out and have the surrounding areas searched. Also send out healers and priestess to the battle field. Heal those who can be healed and comfort those that are beyond healing. They deserve that at least. When all the scouts return open the gates and allow all the locals to enter. Prepare the bodies to be burned within their customs."

"Very well your majesty. We have already sent scouts out but only in the neighboring woods."

"Keep me updated every hour." The King replied. "Dismissed!"

The Head of Arms ran out the door slamming it very hard behind him. Everyone sat there staring at each other. They all felt the tension in the air and it felt so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Everyone jumped when the pages brought food and wine in from the kitchen and buttery. After the food was set out people began to speak but to those around them. More Barons and Baroness had arrived during this time. The Head of Arms had returned with his report and everyone quieted down again.

"Scouts have reported the orcs traveled North and have crossed the Tibi river. Total count is 430 injured, over 500 dead, and many missing still. A total of 250 Orc bodies have been recovered and are being burned. Local villages have started to arrive."

"You said they went North?" Baron Iberaa was the first to say anything. "This must be a mistake. There are no orc tribes to the North."

At this everyone began to discuss this at once. Each arguing and debating what should be done and what could have been done to have prevented this. This continued for 15 minutes until the Head of Arms threw a pile of Tabards on the large table. Everyone became quiet as they looked them over.

"Where did these come from?" Marquis Saetha asked. "They are not of any of the Orc tribes in the land, in fact the colors match nothing we have ever seen in the empire."

"I assure you that these came off the orcs, as you can tell by the stench." The Head of Arms calmly said.

At this time Viscountess Kara entered the chamber and walked to the head of the table and bowed. She offered her condolences for the Queen. After this she stood and addressed the assembly. "These tabards are the same as the Orcs who laid siege to the Castle of Thraimir 2 cycles of the moon past. The orcs at that time attacked by sea, not by land which is as rare as the orcs going North."

She seated herself beside Prince Maek and pored herself a goblet of wine before continuing. "This brings two rare and troubling issues. Orcs despise water and they are like snakes, they are cold blooded and need the warmth to stay active. They get cold they slow down."

Again everyone started to yell and argue at the same time until Baron Asach was heard above all others and he challenged Viscountess Kara to her right to be at the assembly because she was an elf.

King Ademes addressed this. "If she is not fit to be here then none of you are fit to be here. She is a Viscountess by the Duke Franches, my brother. If any should challenge my power then challenge now or hold your tongue." He waited and sat when no one challenged him.

While he was addressing the assembly Viscountess Kara had folded her hands in her lap and leaned over and whispered in the Prince's ear, "I heard you lost your concubines in the attack, if there is anything I can do to help ease your pain." With that she gave his thigh a squeeze. "You know what solar is mine."

The proceeding went back and forth throughout the day. Debating on what should be done and who should be attacked. The Head of Arms kept his reports to every hour but nothing was new except for the counts as they stayed rising. When the Prince was nodding off is when a flash of light followed by a sound of thunder roared throughout the chamber and could be heard all over the castle by all. When the smoke cleared there stood the Archmage Gweorcyn flanked by younger Mages Milin and Exodian. Their black robes lined with gold trim flowing in the breeze.

"Greetings your Majesty," Gweocyn said as he handed an envelope sealed with the royal wax seal of King Eladrieno. "I trust the seal will be enough proof that I speak for King Eladrieno."

He removed his outer robe and handed it to Milin before leaning heavily on his staff." It has come to the attention of the empire that Princess Raniel has been taken hostage by orcs on your land. We take this as an insult and any alliances are now postponed indefinitely pending the return of the Princess unharmed and pure."

He looked every Noble in the eye before continuing. "If she is not returned in one rotation of the small moon then we will take this as an act of war." He stopped momentarily and picked up the Kings stein and swallowed the contents."We await your reply in 3 nights."

With that there was another flash of light and a thunderous boom and the 3 Mages were gone along with the Kings stein.

The room was in an immediate uproar with everyone screaming what needs to be done. It got louder and worse until two of the Barons drew their swords in the chamber and began to fight. The sound of a horn calling the royal guards interrupted their squabble. They were quickly flanked by the guards.

"Take them to the dungeon and chain them for 7 days with no food or drink. After wards they are stripped of their lands, knights, and rank forever and exiled to the badlands." The King shouted in a frustrated voice. "They broke the code of conduct and are being punished more then fair, as they should be hung for their actions." At this the room quieted down and everyone returned to their seat.

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