tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrincess Alexandria

Princess Alexandria


Alexandria looked at herself in the oval mirror that stood off to one side from her bed. Her maids had already been; prepared for sleep she looked at her reflection one last time by the candle light, turning this way and that, the short lilac nightie she was wearing rising slightly from the movement, the silk brushing against her hips. Her long brown hair fell down to her shoulders and she pouted at the mirror, only to giggle at how it made her look.

Like some petulant child that had failed to get what she wanted, she thought.

"...Then again I suppose I am a bit spoilt." She said aloud to herself.

Alexandria, or to use her full title, Princess Alexandria of Corrongate III, was getting used to her new quarters. She had recently married a dashing prince and was living, or so she had thought, the fairytale life. The marriage had only been a week ago, a huge event; her extended family had come from around the world to wish her the best, which, combined with all the pomp and circumstance, the grandeur... the white doves, had her head still spinning. None of it made any easier by her husband's disappearance directly after the wedding ceremony. He had left a message with one of his couriers that he had to attend to some urgent matters abroad and would be with her as soon as humanly possible. It was all very mysterious and somewhat frustrating. She had been looking forward, though she would never admit it even to herself, to discovering her duties to her husband in the bedchamber.

She was entirely innocent, as a virgin should be, over what took place behind closed doors between a loving husband and wife. She knew that it made the serving girls titter and blush as she caught snippets of their conversation from time to time, but apart from that, nothing. Nervous about consummating the marriage, she had begun reading into the smiles and glances of her maids, giving their gestures a significance they most likely did not warrant. It was as if they were all privy to a secret she herself was exempt from.

She was a princess for goodness sake! She should not be left out from anything. Alexandria stamped her foot in front of the mirror, pouting for real this time. Almost as if the reverberation had set something off within the castle, she heard banging as the sound of doors below crashed open. Was he back? If he was, judging from the sound of the voices drifting up to her bedchamber, he sounded angry. Again she thought to herself how little she knew of her husband. Naturally it had all been arranged by her parents and though she had met her husband, the meetings had all been vigorously chaperoned making it nigh on impossible to communicate about anything other than the weather and the petty intrigues of court. He was a tall man, well-built, with flaming red hair; a steely countenance that gave the impression that he would brook no disobedience, worn as a knight would wear a helmet into battle, was across his face at all times. And so in her eyes he was an enigma, a man that at once sparked her curiosity as it did her fear of the unknown. Would he be gentle with her?

Imagining that he might very well come up to see her... to legitimatize the marriage, to claim her, Alexandria quickly sat down behind her vanity table and started to put make-up on. She wanted to look her best for him, but before she was half-way through, her door burst open and in he came. He took her in with one glance, saw what she was doing and frowned.

"Princess, do you know what time it is? You should be in bed sleeping, not preening yourself before a mirror. I need you to be alert when you conduct your housekeeping duties, not bleary-eyed and incessantly yawning."

"I.. I'm sorry. I thought...You might have wanted to... I was going to bed eventually! Though at first, taken aback by his criticism and his aggressive body language, she was unable to coherently frame a reply, but being unaccustomed to being spoken in such a tone, she defiantly spoke up and was now glowering from across the room at him.

Calmly he put his riding hat on the stand by the door, and causally shoved off his jerkin onto the floor. Walking to her side, he stood towering above her and was not surprised when he saw some trepidation enter her eyes.

"I will not be spoken to like that in my own home, nor by my own wife. You will find that I can be a harsh but fair taskmaster, but that by talking back to me or in fact expressively disobeying my commands in any way, you forsake yourself of the protection that I as your husband offer you. Do you understand?"

"I am not your slave! I am a princess and I demand to be treated as one! You have no rig--...."

She was stopped in the middle of her sentence by him as he picked her up with ease and carried her to the edge of the bed where he laid her, kicking and wriggling, firmly across his lap.

"I will treat you exactly as a princess should be treated. For even a princess sometimes needs to be reminded that she is still naught but a girl. And what happens to girls that are naughty? He asked with a slight smile as his hand strayed across her bottom.

"How dare you. When my..."

Stopping her protests with the palm of his hand, he began to soundly spank the princess, who writhing and squirming as best she could, was unable to escape her husband's chastisement of her behind. Alexandria could not believe what was happening. Needless to say she was mortified that her most private areas were being exposed and treated so roughly. She hadn't been spanked since she was a little girl. Her nanny had spanked her when she misbehaved and being quite an adventurous, wild-hearted spirit, she had gone over her knee more than once. But that had been ten years ago if not more. She was a fully-grown woman of nineteen years now and to be taken in such a way, even by her own husband, left her feeling vulnerable and... something else she couldn't quite put her finger on, excited? Meanwhile as Alexandria was trying to make sense of the feelings she was experiencing, her assailant's hand was tugging the hemline of her undergarments. Before she knew what was going on, he had tugged them down to her knees and was caressing her bare bottom which had already begun to turn a light shade of red.

"Well what do we have here?" He murmured as he hand gently squeezed and stroked her upturned cheeks. "I am happy that we've become acquainted on this footing, it'll make things much easier in the future now that you have an inkling of how I expect you to be around me: subservient, malleable and above all accountable for deeds that mustn't go unpunished."

Deaf to the sound of her cries and entries to desist he started afresh on her bottom, allowing his wide palm to resound loudly alongside her yelps. Soon she was crying like a little girl, making soothing noises he gathered her in his arms and held her; rocking back and forth while gingerly patting her back, he started kissing the nape of her neck.

Unsure whether she was angry at him or not Alexandria, purring under her breath, brushed the hair that had fallen over her face and met his kisses with her own. Their mouths met and, with the impertinent dominance she was beginning to associate with him, he explored with his tongue her mouth with such persistence she began to whimper. Suddenly he stood up; tumbling onto the floor, she looked up reproachfully at him.

"Hey, careful!"

He looked sternly at her and she piped down. Her bottom was still sore and she had no intention of being spanked again. When she followed the gaze of his eyes she saw with alarm that he was eying the riding crop that he had brought into the room with him.

"Please, no. Not that. I'll be a good girl." She looked to the floor in what she hoped was a submissive fashion and softly said, "I've learnt my lesson."

"Perhaps you have... very well then." He cupped her cheek in his hand. "Then it is time for you to fulfil your role as my wife." As he spoke his hand fumbled with his belt and he slid his trousers down. His cock was already hard. "There you go, Princess." Alexandria's eyes were wide as saucers as she stared at his huge member.

"You want me to.... put it into my mouth? Suck it? She gulped. But dutifully, afraid of the consequences of disobeying, leaned forward on her knees and stuck out her tongue to taste it.

"That's it darling."

Opening her mouth she slowly enveloped the cock, and with his hand at the back of her head, moved back and forth over it, caressing it with her tongue as she did. Letting it leave her mouth, she started licking his balls and by the groans he was making she knew she was doing something right. She went down his shaft once again and he violently seized her scalp, forcing her to deep-throat. She started to choke so he let her get some air. Panting, with saliva and pre-cum on her lips, she looked up at her lord and master for confirmation that she was pleasing him.

In response, he bent down and lifting her in his arms deposited her on the silk sheets of the bed. With care he lifted the nightie over her head, until she was lying naked in front of him. Shy, she tried to cover herself up. But he caught hold of her hands and held them akimbo, so he could feast his eyes on her splendid body. He then flipped her over and his eyes were rewarded with, no longer her blushes, but with her well-spanked ass. Getting his knees between her legs he managed to hold them apart and was presented with her virgin pussy. With one hand resting on the small of her back, his other explored gently the avenue from whence he was going to consecrate his marriage. She bucked underneath him as his fingers probed and delved inside her. Moaning, her face in the pillow, she thrust against his hand, realizing, as she did so, the spectacle she must be giving; no better than a common harlot she thought, but she didn't care.

"Now princess, I want you to relax. This'll hurt a bit. Can you do that for me?

Fear came flooding back as she realized what he was intending to do. She looked over her shoulder. He was positioning himself above her; she could feel the head of his cock brushing her opening. She braced herself. He thrust. A mixture of pain and pleasure assaulted her as he slowly but surely drove his cock all the way inside her, until he bottomed out and rested himself fully inside her. For a brief moment he allowed her to get used to the sensation, before he withdrew and slowly started pumping away. Clawing at the bed-sheets, she tried to clamber away. But he wasn't going to let her free. He was breaking her in and she had to be a good girl and endure it. The steady gyration of his hips, pistons flaring, creating an unalterable momentum that she was powerless to stop.

Without exactly knowing when, Alexandria realized she was rising in time with his thrusts; meeting him and clenching around his cock. Furthermore she was now moaning in pleasure, in ecstasy if anything. Noticing this, her master rose on his haunches so he could look at the pretty young girl that he was making his. Smiling in satisfaction at how she was loving it, he lightly spanked her red bottom some more, before lowering himself back down again. Kissing her hair, her neck, her fingertips, he continued to fuck her.

"Oh, God, harder!" She moaned as he intensified the rhythm. Just when she thought she could take it no longer, he moaned.

"I'm coming." He closed his eyes and released inside her. He rolled off her and she instantly curled around his naked supine body. As he stroked her hair she looked adoringly up at his face, on it was a faint smile, a piece of the puzzle, of the enigma, solved. She now knew what sort of man he was.

To Ally

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by wanderinggipsy06/19/17

his violent dominating sinks in too easily with his wife on the night of losing her virginity,before the act!!;))

Really!!;))teenage fantasy!!;)) his violent dominating sinks in too easily with his wife, Princess Alexandria,on her night of losing virginity?!;))i'll have to agree with anony!!;))

and your last paragraph?!more...

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