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Princess and the Pea


It was a dark and stormy night when the guard answered the loud desperate knocking at the castle door. Opening it up he found himself looking at a bedraggled, yet beautiful girl. Her blonde hair hung straggling down her back, the linen gown she was wearing clung to her body like a second skin and he could feel his groin tightening at the sight of her firm, luscious curves. Blue eyes peered up at him through thick lashes that were dewy with raindrops.

"Well hello darling," he drawled, "And what can we do for you?"

Raising herself up with dignity, a hard task in that clinging and revealing gown, the girl replied in a soft yet firm voice, "I am the Princess Kerowyll from the Kingdom of Bran, I have come to meet the Prince Granthell."

Looking the girl over the guard was uncertain... sure the gown was made of fine material and there were jewels hanging from her earlobes... and she was certainly very beautiful; but who had ever heard of a Princess walking in the rain?

"Where's your entourage?" he demanded, not wanting to take a common girl before the Queen - the Queen was hard enough on the guards who let real Princesses in, much less a pretender.

"We were attacked by bandits," she replied, "They led a diversion so that I could escape, about half a league from here."

Well, the Kingdom was having a bit of a bandit problem. Perhaps she was telling the truth. And as the Queen had so far turned down all the real Princesses - that they KNEW were real - down as being false, he doubted that presenting one of dubious lineage could be much worse. At any rate, he didn't want to be at fault if this girl did turn out to be royalty - and worse, his future Queen. Not that he really thought she'd pass the test - none of the other real Princesses had - but it was better safe than sorry.


When they came into the Great Hall, the Queen and her son, Prince Granthell, frankly stared - along with the rest of the courtiers. It wasn't just that the gown was still clinging to her lithe and attractive figure (it was), or that she was soaking wet (she was), or even that the guard was looking somewhat nervous (he was).... it was just that she was uncommonly beautiful. Perhaps the most beautiful of the girls to be brought before the throne... and the unusualness of her lack of entourage as well as her disheveled state made for many more stares. Despite all of that, the self-proclaimed Princess Kerowyll kept her head high as she walked a stately gait forwards to the edge of the dais and curtsied gracefully to the Queen and Prince.

"What is this?" the Queen demanded, looking at the guard. But it was Kerowyll who answered.

"I am the Princess Kerowyll, I have come from the Kingdom of Bran to approach the Prince Granthell." Standing calmly and serenely, the Princess didn't react at all to the Queen's towering glare.

"And you expect me to believe that a Princess comes before us, in this lackluster state, and without her entourage?" the Queen was practically sneering.

"We were attacked by bandits, not half a league from here," Kerowyll replied evenly, "And my entourage distracted them so that I could escape and make way here by foot. If I am turned out then I must request a party to accompany me home where my father will be able to put together a force to recover my attendants."

The Queen's sneer lost some of its disdain as she looked at the girl who was dripping water on her marble floors. After a long moment of silence she said, "Well. If you are a Princess, you will first have to pass the test." Looking at her Chancellor she told him, "Prepare the room for the 'Princess' Kerowyll, and get her a new dress. She will dine with us tonight and then we will talk more on the morrow."

As the Prince watched the beautiful girl leave, her hair hanging down to where the dress clung to the curves of her ass, he cursed his mother. Many princesses had arrived at their castle, looking for his hand in marriage, and his mother played a dirty trick on every single one of them. He knew why she didn't want him to marry, when he did he would become King and she would no longer have sole rule over the Kingdom. In fact, she wouldn't have that much power at all... only that of the Dowager Queen. So, she insisted to the court that Princesses had the most sensitive skin of all, real Princesses would be able to feel a pea placed under 20 feather mattresses and 20 big downy blankets.

And so every Princess who arrived at court would leave in tears, completely unknowing as to why the Queen declared that the girl was not a REAL Princess. The court knew, but they believe the Queen. She'd even 'proven' it by doing the test herself. Of course, the Prince had peeked into the room and seen the Queen pinching herself all over that night to give herself bruises for the next morning. No one REALLY had skin that sensitive, but it was a good excuse for her to remain in power longer.

Gritting his teeth, the Prince glared at his mother. Not only was this the most beautiful girl he'd seen in a long time, the tightening in his groin responding to the way her dress clung lewdly to her, but he was tired of his mother's political machinations. It was time for this to stop.

That night at dinner, Prince Granthell poured the wine for the Princess Kerowyll himself. This was because he was slipping a sleeping drug into her drink, guarenteed to make her sleep throughout the night... but with an almost vague memory. Not asleep, not awake, and certainly not truly aware. If his mother could pinch herself to 'prove' she was a real Queen, then he could pinch this Princess to get a wife. And a beautiful wife she'd make indeed... not only that, but he liked her calm serenity and the kind way she treated everyone around her - even the servants. It was a sharp contrast to the imperious ways of his mother. Perhaps the Princess wouldn't like being drugged and pinched, but she would like being tossed out in the morning without replacement attendents even less. And she would apparently like to be married to him, all the trouble she'd gone to with getting to the castle. So it would even out.


That night Prince Granthell snuck into the sleeping Princess' room and climbed to the top of the ladder, looking down on her sleeping face. Fortunately the mattress' were quite wide - wouldn't do to have a sleeping Princess fall off of course, it was one thing to turn a Princess down and quite another to accidently kill or maim her. There was more than enough room for 10 people on it, much less just him climbing on beside the sleeping girl. Looking down at her he marveled at her beauty. Not only that, but the very kindness of her was visible even when sleeping, in the slight curve of her smile. He much preferred her to many of the other Princesses that had come before her; their haughty ways and snooty looks had annoyed him... how could a women be passionate in bed and be a good companion when they were always looking as though they smelled something awful? Perhaps his mother had been doing him a service... but she wasn't now, not by putting this sweet and joyful girl through the test that no one could pass.

As much as he didn't want to pinch her and give her bruises, he knew it was necessary. Gritting his teeth, he turned down the blanket... and gasped.

The Princess was sleeping nude... wonderfully and gloriously nude.... he thanked all the stars above that he'd slipped the sleeping potion into her drink. If she were to wake to him staring at her naked body he didn't know what she would do. Although he certainly knew what he wanted to do to her... especially right now with her laying here before him, a slight smile on her face and her round breasts rising and falling with each breath. She was stunning, perfectly flawless, from her ivory skin to the small patch of blonde hair on her mound.

Groaning, he lay next to her and ran his hand above her body, not actually touching her, just following the line from her collarbone, over her breast and down to her mound and smooth thighs. Damn she made him hard. Well... there WAS more than one way to give someone bruises... and she WAS going to be his wife soon... and he hadn't had a woman since his father died six years ago and his mother had taken over and kept him from seducing the kitchen maids. Perhaps tonight he could get some pre-marital relief... and make sure that this beautiful Princess became his bride.

Blowing gently across her chest, he watched as her perfect pink nipples hardened into little buds, looking like ripe fruit ready for plucking. Reaching out, he gently touched one, almost shuddering at the pleasure that just touching her gave him, he ran his finger around it and then pinched it gently. In her sleep, the Princess' mouth gaped slightly as she let her breath out in a sigh. He pulled his hand back like a child caught stealing candy as her body shifted slightly, spreading her legs open a little more.

Smiling at this small success, he reached out with both hands and began softly caressing her breasts, then began to massage them more firmly, feeling his dick ache in the confines of his trousers as he played with her body. Princess Kerowyll continued to breath deeply as he began to squeeze her breasts, and she actually let out a small moan when he lowered his mouth to suck on one pink nipple. Flicking the hardened nubbin with his tongue, he watched her face as her mouth opened a little more and she sighed. It would be so wonderful on their wedding night to do this and see her looking back at him.

Moving his mouth reluctantly off her nipple, he began to suck on portions of her breast, sucking very hard so as to draw the blood to the surface. He began to create hickeys all over her, her stomach, arms, chest, hips, and legs; it became almost a compulsion, to get another part of her body into his mouth for him to suck. After awhile, he found himself between her legs, staring hungrily at her pussy. It was glistening with juices, she'd become aroused in her sleep by all his attentions - and no wonder, her nipples were shiny with his saliva. No matter how many times he'd gone to another part of her body, he'd always returned to her nipples, nibbling and twisting them with his fingers. Now he could see the fruits of his success in her moist pink slit.

He couldn't help himself. Practically diving into her pussy he began to eat like a starving man, sucking and nibbling on her outer lips. The Princess began to moan, her pussy becoming even wetter as he wriggled his tongue in her virgin hole. Pressing a finger in, he ran into her barrier. Definitely a virgin. Although that was the normal state for Princesses, he almost sighed in disappointment. Not that he wanted a bride in any other condition... but something inside him wished that he would have been able to get away with relieving himself in that sweet hole.

And yet... just a little further down was another hole. Pausing in his ministrations, he looked at that crinkled hole, that tiny little pink rosebud. He'd never considered putting anything there before... would it be possible? Dubiously he looked down at the substantial bulge in his trousers. Surely that wouldn't fit into that tight little space. And yet... wasn't her pussy hole just as tight? Possible.

Curiously he leaned down... and flicked his tongue against that little star. Her body jerked in response, and he found that there was no bad taste there like he might have thought. It was just slightly more musky than her pussy. This time he gave it a much longer swipe, and then began to lave it with his tongue, treating it like he had her sweet pussy.

Princess Kerowyll seemed to like this a lot, her moans increased and she started to thrash a little on the bed. Wetting his finger in the juices leaking from her pussy, Prince Granthell pressed it against the hole he was currently licking; with just some firm pressure it gave way. Carefully he pressed in and out, working his finger slowly into that achingly tight space, watching it mimic the sex act with all the wrong equipment. She was very very tight and very hot. The expression on her face was kind of a grimace, as though this was slightly painful. Continuing to move his finger back and forth inside of her, he watched as her face slowly relaxed and then she began to moan again. Maybe this really would work.

Removing his finger from her bottom, he wet a second finger by rubbing it along the length of her pussy and then pressed the two into that tight hole. It stretched whitley around his knuckles, and she recovered even more quickly from this invasion, her moans beginning much sooner. Apparently it was quite possible to stretch out this darling little hole, and he began to get even more excited as he considered taking her in this improbable way. There was no barrier here for anyone to discover his invasion, and she certainly seemed to like all the attention he was giving her there.

Finally he was able to release himself from the confines of his trousers, and he groaned with relief as his dick sprang forward. Eagerly looking the ivory length of her body, he was even more turned on by the sight of bruised flesh mottling her body. Not because he liked girls with bruises, but because he knew that his mouth had put them there, a kind of territorial marking. Rubbing his dick up and down her pussy slit, he made sure to press it against her clit each time, and each time he did so her body jumped and ground her ass more firmly onto his fingers. He spent a few pleasurable minutes just wetting his dick with her juices, wishing that he could plunge into the heated hole above the one where his fingers were imbedded.

Pulling his fingers out of that aperture, he turned her over, using a few pillows under her hips to put that delectable ass up in the air. With her long blonde hair spread over her back and the pillows in front of her, he could see the side of her face, lips slightly parted with pleasure as he lined his dick up with that tiny hole. It gaped slightly from all the exercise he'd given it with his fingers, but it still looked ridiculously small compared to his rampaging dick. On the other hand, a woman's pussy hole didn't look all that large either.

Eagerly he pressed the mushroom crown of his member against the opening and pushed gently but firmly. As the very tip pressed in with a slight pop, her mouth opened even wider in surprise and she moaned, a slightly painful moan. Carefully he stopped all movement, not wanting to hurt her, even though his instinct was to plunge straight into this new and exciting place. It was wonderfully tight, it felt like she was squeezing the head of his dick off in the most pleasurable way possible. Gently, he began to saw back and forth, very slowly and delicately, pressing just slightly more into her body with each movement. The expression on her face never quite lost its pained look, but she didn't look like she was in any extra pain as he moved deeper and deeper into her. Finally his hips were pressed against the firm curve of her ass and they both moaned.

With infinite tenderness he began to draw himself out and press in, trying to be as careful and gentle as he could. With every thrust she seemed to get a little more used to the invasion, and after awhile she even started moving her hips a little as she moaned in her sleep. It didn't take more than that for him to start really pounding away, fucking her ass as he wanted to do to her pussy, riding her for all she was worth. This beautiful princess was belly-up in front of him, his future bride and the first woman he'd had in six long years, with his rampaging hard on stuck deep into her most private hole. The thought alone made him want to blow his load almost immediately.

Instead he hung on, reaching underneath her body to play with her tits as he tried to get more control over himself. He stopped thrusting, just letting himself sit completely buried in her body, although even though was incredibly pleasurable as her ass moved in tiny amounts against him and her hole clenched and unclenched around him, massaging his dick. Pinching her nipples, he twisted them and groaned as her ass reacted around him. Continuing to fondle her hanging breasts with one hand, he reached down with the other to play with her pussy, fingering her clit and groaning as that got an even stronger reaction.

Unable to help himself, he started to thrust again, wildly and roughly as his fingers pinched and flicked her clit. When she started to cum underneath him he couldn't take it anymore and his dick buried itself in her spasming asshole as he loosed a torrent of pent-up cum into her bowels.

Completely exhausted, he lay on top of her for awhile, his cheek resting against her back and his soft dick still in her ass. Eventually, before he fell asleep, he managed to force himself up and back to his room, extremely happy and pleased with himself for the bride he'd chosen.


The next day the castle was abuzz with the news that the Princess had been heard groaning almost all night, surely it was because she'd managed to feel the pea underneath the pile of mattresses and blankets! Perhaps they had finally found a real Princess! The news was confirmed when she came into the Great Hall, limping slightly and with what was visible of her arms and chest covered with roundish bruises. Even when she sat you could see that she had passed a hard night, and that every movement gave her slight pain. The Prince looked on with a most concerned look on his face - as well he should given that he had to hope his mother's whims hadn't caused lasting damage to his new bride.

All the castle celebrated as the Queen locked herself in her rooms and the Prince took the Princess to the church, to be married that day.

That night at the wedding feast, the new Queen murmured in her husband's ear, "I hope you don't think you need to drug me again tonight to get me into your bed."

The King looked positively dumbfounded as she smiled demurely at him.

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